100 Centimetres – Experience 13

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Authors Note:

Teasing is like a story. I hope you enjoy this one my love.



I was dreaming. Dreaming of the most passionate, pleasurable sex. After our shower experience last night, it had sent my body into a state of absolute want and need to be taken by you over and over again. When I awaken, I see that you aren’t laying next to me.

I could hear the water in the bathroom as you had your morning shower. I thought that maybe I could get away with playing while you were distracted. I was so horny after my dream this morning and my clit was begging to be touched. I quietly move my right hand to my pussy, my fingers rubbing up and down my wet slit before moving up to circle my clit. I bite my lip to stop myself from moaning as I circle faster, my fingers dipping into my wet core, my orgasm fast approaching.

I came very quickly but must not have been as quiet as I thought. When I opened my eyes after riding the wave of pleasure, I see you standing in front of me, your lower half wrapped in a towel, water still dripping down your chest and catching in your chest hair. I instantly pull my hand away from my pussy, the pleasure I felt replaced by fear and regret.

You pull me from the bed, and ask me what I had done. Your voice was threatening and loud. Your face was as ominous as a storm cloud. How I knew I had made such a grave mistake. My face gave everything away but you insisted on me confessing to it. Confessing how I, your submissive, came without your permission. Not only that, it was also the fact that I had done so without you even being present in the same room. After quietly and shakily confessing to all I had done wrong, you drag me by my hair into the kitchen.

You command me to bend over the white marbled kitchen bench with my hands behind my head. Your voice is full of authority and does not carry any gentle tones it usually possesses. I knew what I did was wrong. Not just wrong but disrespectful of our bond as Master and submissive. You tell me to move my legs apart and to stay still. I am not allowed to make a sound as you administer my punishment.

I stand there for quite some time, silent as a mouse, bent over and waiting for you to deliver my punishment. The first strike from the riding crop definitely took me by surprise. I could feel my skin start to redden where the crop hit me on the back of my left thigh. Then another one of my right arse cheek, one on my bare exposed pussy. They just kept coming, the painful stinging, never knowing what area you would whip next. I was in a world of pain. I don’t think it was the lashes as such, more so the humiliation of knowing I had disrespected you and disobey per you.

I had to bit my lip most of the time, at some point ısparta escort drawing blood, so that I didn’t cry out or whimper. I could disappoint you anymore today. My soul couldn’t bear it. You were also deathly quiet throughout the whole time. I could feel your eyes burning into my skin, calculating where you would strike next. After some time, I did not know how long, you tell me to turn and face you and that my punishment was now over.

‘Do you understand why you were punished? Your body belongs to me. Your pleasure belongs to me. You do not get to cum unless I give you permission to do so. Do you understand? I will not be so lenient on your punishment next time. This is your first and your final warning’. Those were your words that I heard. I looked at my feet, hanging my head as a sign of respect for your position as my Dominant. I reply that I do understand and that it will not happen again.

There are tears in my eyes and my body is shaking from the punishment I received. The guilt and regret I had been feeling since I played without permission was almost unbearable. You could see my bottom lip quiver and pulled me into your warm embrace. You soothe me by rubbing circles into my back and whispering loving words to me. I cried into your chest for a good few minutes before pulling away to look at you and meet your eyes. You wipe away my tears, kiss my lips softly and then my forehead.

‘Now get in the shower and put on what I have laid out for you on the bed’, you say, spanking my arse one last time. I quickly go to do as you say. Once in the shower, I massage my sore skin, red marks covering the lower half of my body. I wash my tangled hair and my body. I leave my hair to dry naturally, wrapping it in a towel as I go into the bedroom to see what you have laid out on the bed. There is a white bikini that leaves little to the imagination and a pair of camo shorts and a dark blue tank top. A pair of Roman Sandals completed the outfit.

I place some light makeup on and also a treble clef charm necklace. When I go to find you, you are sitting on the outdoor lounge. I quickly go and sit at your feet, waiting for further instruction. We sit there for a while, you stroking my hair, admiring the view and listening to the various birds that lived in this tropical part of the world.

‘Let’s go for a drive’, you say, helping me to my feet and kissing my forehead. I follow you to the car and wait patiently as you opened my door and waiting for me to be inside before closing the door. After getting in the driver’s seat, we set off to our destination. Your hand rests on my thigh, gently stroking it. I revelled in your touch. So gentle after earlier this morning. I needed your reassurance and kars escort care after my punishment as I was feeling quite vulnerable.

We drive until we reach the beach. The beauty and uniqueness of lovely Cairns is that it is where the rainforest meets the sea. How beautiful it is. I didn’t know that you had packed the car full of beach towels, umbrellas, sunscreen and an esky full of cold drinks. When arrive at the beach after a brief walk down through the rainforest, there is barely a soul in sight. Before us lay sandy white beaches covered in shells. Seagulls in the distance and the ocean, a deep blue.

After setting up our towels and beach umbrella, we lather each other in sunscreen. Especially I as I am notorious with getting sunburnt on my pale white skin and the sun was shining brightly. After finishing putting sunscreen on my face, I turn my head to look at you. You have a mischievous look on your face and no sooner was I about to ask what you were up to, you rush over to me, picking me up and run with me into the ocean.

The ocean water is so refreshing but one cannot help think about their poor hair. I surface, my long curls covering my face, making me look more like a mop then a person. I can hear your laughter as you swim over to me, pushing the hair out of my eyes. The look of pure mischief and joy in your eyes is one I will cherish forever. We don’t get to spend much time like this together.

I wrap my arms around your neck and my legs around your waist as you pull me in to kiss you. Time was quite endless at that moment. The soft lapping of the waves, the gentle breeze from the wind, the distant sounds of seagulls and it was just yourself and I. And maybe a crocodile or two. I didn’t plan on telling you that though I smile to myself.

With your lips locked on mine, I feel your tongue push its way into my mouth, dominating and wrestling with mine. You squeeze my arse and I can quickly feel your erection pushing against my bikini bottoms. Your hands move to the string of my bikini, quickly undoing it, releasing my heavy breasts from their clothing. You squeeze them, tweaking each of my nipples, pinching them, flicking them, watching my face the whole time.

Carrying me back to the shore, my legs wrapped tightly around your waist, you lay me down on one of our beach towels, your lips hungrily taking one of my hardened nipples into your mouth. I mewl in absolute delight. You quickly remove my bikini bottoms and also your board shorts. Your fingers tease my pussy lips, making them become swollen with need. You knew that though.

You motion for me to roll over onto all fours. I do so eagerly, your fingers wandering over my arse and thighs, kissing the red marks from earlier today. You kastamonu escort start to lap at my pussy, causing me to become instantly more wet. I am such a slut for you. I was gripping the towel as your tongue works incredible magic on my clit, making me a moaning, wet mess. When you grip my hips and thrust your cock deep inside of me, it quite literally takes my breath away.

You start pounding into my wet cunt as I am on all fours, fucking me like the slut I am. I rock my hips back into you, meeting your every thrust. I tighten and untighten my pussy muscles around your thigh, hard cock, causing you to growl and fuck me even harder. ‘You belong to me slut’, you growl into my ear as you pull me up by my hair. ‘The pleasure I am about to let you feel belongs to me’. I nod and whisper, ‘Yes Master. Thank you Master’, as you ram harder and faster into my now quivering cunt.

You dive your hard throbbing cock into my wet, tight pussy one last time before releasing your load of thick, potent cum inside of me. You then hiss through closed teeth for me to cum. I do so immediately, a series of quakes overtaking my body. My arms betray me and make me sink into the towel as my pussy grips into your cock, clenching and unclenching as we both go to the highest high.

My vision becomes blurry and I just lay there under you, your now softening cock still inside of me, my body still quivering under you. Enjoying the post orgasm pleasure. Knowing that I had obeyed and pleased you. You pull out and leave me with a mixture of both of our juices running down my thighs. I am too tired to mind. Just floating on a cloud. You cover me in a towel and let me sleep for some time.

You awaken me some time later and make me drink some water. We go back into the ocean for some time, washing off the day’s activities before going for a long walk on the shoreline. As you hold my hand, we walk for what felt like kilometres and we just talked. We laughed. We were silly. It was very enjoyable and a perfect way to spend a day. Arriving back at our towels, you decide that I have had too much sun for the day and it is time to leave the beach.

We drive until we reach the esplanade. We then walk, passing an ice cream store, both looking at each other, clearly thinking the same thing. A Dulce de Leche ice cream for my Master and a strawberry sorbet for myself. We find a seat to watch the setting sun. The horizon lit with colours of purple, orange and pink. How breathtaking it is. I cannot imagine a better way to spend my life then by my Masters’ side.

Even though I was disobedient this morning, we spent a wonderful day together as Dominant and submissive. Your instruction continues to pave the way to myself becoming a better submissive and for our relationship and bond to become stronger. On our walk back to the car, you place something in my hand. It’s another piece of the measuring band. My eyes meet yours, pure happiness and joy reflected on both of our faces. Time to go home to our northern continent.

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