A Continuous Growth Ch. 2

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The drive home from the cabin was a long and lonely one. For I could not get Master out of my mind, not even for a brief minute. When I got home I headed right for the bath. As I started to remove my clothes, I noticed the marks on my body. Each one brought a smile to my face, as I knew how much they had pleased Him to put them there. I started to caress the marks on my breast, my fingers running over them lightly. Down my belly my hand ran, I barely touched the outside of my pussy lips. The feeling was wonderful, they were still all nice and puffy, and swollen. I turned to look at my butt in the mirror, my eyes fixed on the little bruises, the red marks and small welts. I ran my fingers over them slowly, smiling to myself as I remembered the heat and the love that went into each one of them. As I looked at myself over and over again, I started to see a new beauty that I had never seen in myself before. Was this what Master had meant?

I went and got the camera. After playing with it a while I had it all set up, and I took pictures. Never thought taking a night school corse would help so much. I had fun, drank some wine and played with the camera. Shooting off a whole roll of film. Thinking the whole time this would make a nice gift for Master, seeing His love all over my body. I had shots of my breasts, my butt and my pussy lips, and I was sure that I got one that my ring would peak out of my lips.

I went for my bath, the phone beside me, in case He phoned. The computer on sound loud so I could hear Him if He signed on and wanted me there. As I soaked and relaxed, my hands went to do there work on my body. I never thought about it at all it was now just a normal thing to do if I bathed . My breasts all soaping and slimy, felt so good as my fingers tweaked and played with my nipples. Making them hard, as I stretched them, pulled at them. My hips started to move as my body responded to the way my breasts felt. I kept playing with my right nipple as it loved the attention, my other hand went to my pussy lips. Parting them and playing, with the inside lips, gently strokes up and down my slit. Teasing and taunting myself, slowly working my finger into my pussy. It was not long and I was moving my finger in and out of my pussy.

Getting myself higher to where I needed to be. My thumb pressing on my clit, wiggling the ring. But my butt wanted attention to, never felt that before. I moved to my side, pressing my body to the cool tub wall. My finger went to tease my little rosebud, I started to rock. My fingers working the magic, Master had taught me. My butt gave away, my finger stroking in and out of it, as my fingers continue to fuck my pussy, my hand pressing on my clit. The more I rocked the more water went every where, but at this point I did not care. My breathing was hard and laboured, my body wanting relieve. I fussed and pumped away, rocking, moaning I was going to cum. I could feel myself tightening up. My fingers being gripped by my ass and my pussy. One hard shove and both fingers went in as deep as they could go. Sending me, I moaned loud, my body in a small convulsion. I just lay in the cool water getting myself back together. Once I had some control over my legs again I started to get up. The phone rang.

I grabbed the phone, hoping it was Master. It was. We talked for a few minutes, He was home safe and sound. But He was tired. He was pleased I had done as I was supposed to. I could tell from His voice now was not the time to talk to much. He kissed me good night, and said to be on line at 2 am. I promised I would be. I decided to go to bed, as I went into the bedroom the camera caught my eye again. I decided against it and went for a nap.

I woke up a few minutes late, put on the coffee and ran to the computer. He was there and waiting. His mood was not good, as I was late. I knew I would pay the price later. We went to room and I took my place at His feet. He talked to a few, but not much to me, not even in private. The room played games, which I enjoyed so much. Word association and then they played truth or dare. When it came time for Master to leave me, I left the room with Him. We talked for a minute in private, and then I knew for sure that I was in trouble. But, I could tell from His type. I would pay in cyber land. Which as silly as it sounded, still hurt.

During the next three weeks there was much more learning. Via the internet, talking on the phone. We would talk for hours, many times a day. Master touched my life, in so many ways. I tried to explain it to some friends and some family. Surprising as it was most understood, this love I had for a man that I would see only once a month.

The day before I was to leave for the cabin, Master and I had a good talk. He left me nervous, of what was to happen. But I was sure, in His hands and with Him I would be fine. He said so much to me, and in such little time, that I hoped I could remember every thing. I smiled to myself thinking what would van escort happen if I forgot anything.

As I pulled into the driveway of the cabin, I could see a white thing flapping on the door. I sighed knowing that Master had been there already and left again. I got my suit case and went to the door, pulled the note off. It read….*You have faith in Me, now find it in yourself.* I opened the door, and looked at the table, I could see a beautiful red and white carnation laying there. My heart skipped a beat. My legs shaking, I walked over to the table suit case still in hand. I picked up the flower and smelled the aroma of it, I smiled, as I knew this was Masters way. His way to tell me things without words. I picked up the paper that was underneath the flower, and started to read it.

*littleone…..much depends on how you read and how you deal and accept what is to happen. 1. Remove you clothes as you stand there and read this, fold them properly. Then take them into the bedroom. Against the far wall you will see a bed that is made on the floor, there is a hook near the top, of this make shift bed. This bed will be yours if you do not follow and do as you are told. I know you wish to sleep with me, and that is my wish. But I will put you there if I must. Your clothes are to be placed at the end of this bed, neatly. 2. Go into the bathroom, run a SCALDING HOT bath, with bubbles. I want straight hot water, that way it will be just nice when the time comes for you to get into it. 3. On the counter is the enema bag, we talked of this. Mix it right. 1/4 cup olive oil and 3 3/4 cups warm water. Test it and make sure it is running. Then hang it on the shower curtin bar. 4. Lite the candles, all of them. 5. Go to my chair and wait. Take with you what you wish for me to use on your ass. As you will have your punishment before we start anything. 6. Remember I love you, and I will take you places, littleone. You gave yourself to me. You are mine and I will take you there.

I reread the note. Smiled as I was already nude. I moved my butt and started to follow the instructions. The clothes neatly folded where He wanted them placed. I looked at this cold looking little bed. I knew I did not want to be there. I knew I wanted to be in His arms where I belonged. I moved to the bathroom, got the bath ready, making it full of bubbles. As I picked up the bag I started to shake. As I had never done anything like it before. I had talked to a few of how wonderful it could be. But, I also knew how painful it could be as well. I trusted Master to make it a beautiful experience for me. I filled it carefully and got it ready. Hung it up and let a little squirt out. I lite the candles all over the bathroom. I smiled to myself, I think I had done as Master wished. I went to wait in the living room by His chair. As I heard the car pull up I remembered the implement to be used on my butt. I ran and grabbed the hair brush. I made it back to His chair just in time.

He walked in the door. I was on my knees, with my back straight, my legs slightly open, my breasts thrust forward, my hands laced behind in the small of my back. My head lowered and my eyes. I did not look up nor at Him. He walked right pass me not saying a word. I heard Him in the kitchen putting things away. He walked into the other room, I believed the bedroom and the bathroom. He came back into the living room and sat in His chair. I did not move. My heart was racing and I was scared, yet I was calm. His finger went under my chin. He lifted my head up a little and smiled. Then He grabbed me by the back of my hair bending my head back and kissed me hard on the lips. His tongue pushed into my welcoming mouth. We kissed with great hunger and passion. I wanted so to wrap my arms around Him, but I did not. As the kiss broke He did not let my hair go. He held it tight.

“Littleone you have followed my directions well. I am please.” His voice strong and sweet to my ears.

“Thank you , Master.” My voice nervous.

He picked up the brush, and smiled. Brought it to my lips, I kissed it. He did not take it away, so I kissed it again.

“Lick it, I want it nice and wet for your ass. I want every swat to sting. I want you to know this as punishment and not a game.” His voice almost cruel. His grip loosened on my head at the same time. I knew it was His love, I was about to feel.

I kissed the brush again, and started to lick it. Making it all wet, as wet as I could, covering it with the my own spit. He watched me closely and smiled as my tongue worked away doing what He wished. When it was ready He pulled it away from my mouth and let go of my hair. I knew it was time.

I bent over my head on the floor to the side , my ass high in the air. My hands wrapped around the back of my knees. My breasts pressed to the floor. I took a deep breath and waited. HIs hand touched my ass and my slit. I shook some at His touch. I knew what I was to get would hurt. But, I deserved it yalova escort fully. The first smack was a hard one, took my breath away. I counted it out loud as I knew I should. The next five in the same spot hurt just as much, and I counted each one. Master moved to the other cheek, and laid five on that one as well. Each one hurting as it struck, and each one counted out loud. What I did not expect, as Master straddled my body, was the brush on my pussy lips and my little hole. The first one brought tears to my eyes. I gasped and made a noise and I knew I should not have. As I said one , the next one hit me. Each one broke me down to crying more, Master have never hit me like this before. He swatted me ten times like this, till I was in tears. His hand came to my bottom, and He rubbed it gently, with His hand. Soothing it some as it tingled and started to burn. His lips lightly touches my cheeks.

“Good girl, you may now go back to your position.” His voice a little more to the softer side but still strong and firm.

“Yes, Master.” I said as I quickly moved back into the position I was in when He arrived. He put His finger under my chin, and turned my head up a little and kisses my lips softly.

“You , remember what we have talked about over the past few weeks? Are you still willing to try, as I will not force you. Nor will I be angry if you have changed you mind about anything. All I hope to do is to, is to help you grow, to teach you more about yourself. As well, as to teach you how to please me more.” His voice was calm, yet still very strong.

My head nodded as Master spoke. I knew in my heart and in my head that Master would not hurt me for anything. But, I also knew that some pain, pain I was not used to might happen as well. But it would be a pain, that would soon put a smile to my face. As well as a smile on Masters, because I had tried, or because I had succeeded. I was more than willing, as I had read everything I could get my hands on. As embarrassing, as it might be. The pleasure for both of us would be greater in the end. Master gazed into my eyes looking for the real answer, He knew it was the truth, I was willing.

“Lift your hair, littleone, and hold it high.” He said.

I did as I was told. His hands went to my neck and He removed my gold collar. I gasped, I almost cried as I seen Him lay it on the table beside Him. He reached beside the table and pulled out a soft black collar with rings on it. He placed it on my neck and did it up. I sighed with relief, knowing that I was still His. He then attached a leash to it and tugged on it. A waves of panic set in over me. We had spoke of this, but never said we would try it. He wrapped it around my breasts binding them, it was a long leash, and in seconds I could feel it tightening. I watched wide eyed as He did this, not saying a word. Once He was finished, wrapping it on my breasts, He attached another leash to my collar. It hung between my breast. My hands were still in my hair holding it and my position had not changed. My breast started to get a little pink, Master flicked the nipple with His fingers. I jumped a little, but could feel the warmth in them already. He then took the loose leash and started to tap each nipple a couple times with the end of it, almost like whipping them. It brought more warmth to them both now. I liked the feeling as it spread threw my breasts. Then with a slight tug of the leash, my head was brought down a bit.

“Follow me.” He said. I started to get up. “No, you will crawl. You will be in total submission. This is what we talked of and this is what you will do. Now, you may remove your hands from your hair and follow me.

“Yes, Master.” I said as I moved on to all fours, I was shaking. I wanted to cry I felt so bad being on all fours like an animal. I moved as quick as I could. Master was slow in letting me keep up with Him. As we got closer to the bathroom the more my breasts started to throb a little, or numb I was not sure. I could not raise my head right either or it pulled on them to much. As my ass wiggled , my breasts, hurt more, but it was a hurt of a different kind. Once inside the bathroom, my learning would really start. As, I crossed the door way a new panic set in for a brief moment. He pulled the leash so I would stand up, as I did my breasts pulled my head down, I was standing in front of the mirror. They were pink starting to turn red, yet I was pleased with what I saw.

The panic went away, I just wanted Masters touch. He dropped the second leash so it fell between my breasts, it was a beauty I had never pictured in my mind before. I just stood there and looked at myself, much like I did the first time I seen Masters marks of love on my body. There was a peace there, that only I could feel. I watched as Master folded a towel and placed it on the counter. I listened as He spoke to me, and I listened well. For I did not want to sleep on that floor, I wanted to be with Him.

I yozgat escort laid my head on the counter on the towel as instructed. My breast fell and hung from my chest, this really awakened me. As the colour was now red, such a beautiful red. The feeling was so different, almost like each breast had a nipple clamp on the whole thing. I guess the bindings were just that in a way. I spread my legs wide, and pulled my butt cheeks open wide. My head was turned so I could not see what Master was doing. I heard the drawer open, and Him doing something, I was just not sure what. His finger touched my little hole and I jumped, it was cold and wet. I knew in a second it was KY. Then I felt the small plastic piece being stuffed into my hole. I thought it might hurt, but it did not, it was a little uncomfortable, but that was all.

“Alright, now littleone, your ass is going to be filled. I want you to take a deep breath, and then relax. The more you relax and stay clam the faster your ass will fill. I am going to start now.” He said.

“Yes, Master.” I replied. No sooner had the words left His mouth and I could feel the liquid entering me. It took like seconds and I thought I would bust. It came out so fast, or I thought it did. I started to wiggle a little bit.

“Don’t move, stay still.” He barked at me.

I nodded yes. My hands starting to shake a little. My breasts starting to ache a bit. I kept taking deep breaths and listing to His words. It did not take long and i had it all in me.

“Good girl, you have it all. Now the plug.” He said His voice was almost sweet. In one swift motion He pulled the tube out and plugged my ass with a medium sized butt plug. I stayed in the position He had me in. He pulled my hand to the plug. “Hold it there, for a minute.”

I heard a clicking sound. It was a timer. Then I felt something soft on the area around my butt plug, which was a face cloth, I later found out. Master started to rub the small of my back, then the sides of my tummy the hung. His soft tone in His voice, made me feel wonderful. His hand touched my breast, first the right one, pulling it, then pinching it. I could not help but to moan. It was an incredible feeling. Then He moved to the left breast doing the same. I moaned more, a little louder than the last time. Master told me to let it out, not to speak but enjoy the sensations, my body was receiving. He then took the loose leash and smacked at them lightly. He told me to play with my clit. My hand moved to it, I could not believe how wet I was. I started to play and follow His instructions. Rubbing it, pushing on it hard, then pinching it, stretching it. The more I played the more my ass wiggled. The pressure was getting hard and I was starting to cramp some. Master knew this and talked me threw it, making want to hold it all that much more. With out warning, Master hand came down on one ass cheek, cause me to jump and gasp. Master slapped them a few times on each cheek. Each slap making them warm all over again. My breasts smashed into the cabinet. I almost screamed as it hurt, I could not see the colour of them, but they we hurting. I was starting to hurt everywhere. But not a hurt , hurt and aching hurt, a warming. The cramps did hurt, and my legs were starting to give out.

“Five more minutes my love you can to this. Breathe deep, that’s it. That’s my girl.” His voice in a controlling mode.

HIs voice guided me, at all times. I listened and did as I was told. His hand went back to the small of my back and soothed me. The timer went off, He took my hand and placed it on the cloth telling me to hold it. I did this, I really thought I was going to pass out, any second now, as my legs were about to give out. He took the leash and tugged me upwards so I was standing upright again. I looked at my breasts, they were almost purple. He bent His head down and kissed my nipple. I let out a noise that had never come from my lips before, then He nibbled on it a bit and pulled at it. I was almost dancing I want to let go so much. He then went to the next nipple doing the same. More noises came from my lips, and I wobbled, like I was going to fall over His hands went to my waist and held me tight.

“Now, love, I want you to hold that plug tight into you as I take the bindings off your breasts.” He said to me His eyes not leaving my face.

As the leash was being unravelled, I did scream, my legs started to give out again. My body tightened and I came, I came so hard, that I started to go down to my knees. Master grabbed the leash and held it tight. I was shimming and moving all over the place. My eyes must have rolled in the back of my head, as it was the most intense feeling I think I had ever had. But, I never let that plug go. My body was so warm, I was breaking out into a sweat. This was unbelievably, the most wonderful experience I had ever had.

“That’s my girl , let it go. But hold that plug, let it take you, let it take you to a new high.” His voice was full of excitement.

I was panting and shaking so badly. I was unsure if I was still even there. It almost seamed like a dream. As soon as I came down, and was in a little more control of my surroundings, Master spoke to me again.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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