A Different Kind of Club

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As dusk was setting in after an eventful day of shopping and dining at a wonderful deli, neither of us is ready to turn in for the evening. Still hot from all the fun we’d had earlier, my pussy a bit sore but warmed with the pleasures of the day. We look at each other thinking the same thing; we want to party.

Looking into your eyes I can see the desire and know exactly what you want to do. “Shall we head to a club my dear” you ask. I smile without a word; answering your question.

Being my first time here I really don’t know what to expect. The people are so friendly, unlike my hometown. It is such a nice evening we decide to walk instead of drive to the nearest club. We stop in front of a brightly lit building with multiple decorative lights, mostly red I notice, and we enter the club.

A beautiful tall blonde with hair down to her tiny waist approaches us and collects our cover charge. It is a large sum of money for just a club, but you wink and assure me that it’s okay. It is well worth it. I trust you, and have from the beginning, so we enter.

The place is beautifully decorated in red and gold velvet plush couches and chairs aligning the heavily draped walls. The waitresses all dress in an animal themed costume made of leather. No two costumes were alike, with only the animal theme and lack of a top being the commonality among them. That and the fact they all had very large breasts.

We seat ourselves alongside another couple who are so busily pleasing each other they don’t even know we are there. I can’t help but stare as this woman is sucking on the man’s huge cock, taking it all the way down her throat, both of them moaning with pleasure. I look back at you and smile, and then I have to laugh because you have the look in your eyes that I have grown to love.

Our waitress is dressed like a tiger wearing only tight striped, crotchless shorts, and thigh high black and orange boots with at least a five inch heel. She has short red hair and a lot of eye makeup, but what was most noticeable about her was her very large heavy breasts and huge nipples. She bends over to take our order and shoves her tits in your face. I can tell by your expression you are already hard and will need to be taken care of soon. After she leaves, you turn to me and unexpectedly kiss me full on the mouth with enough passion to drive me to climax right there. I pull back a little because I love to tease you and I know you love to be teased.

The couple next to us is really going at it now, the woman is screaming out in pleasure as I notice muğla escort one of the waitresses, this one dressed as a zebra, is holding the woman’s ass in the air and fucking her with the biggest dildo I have ever seen. I’m sitting right next to them and can’t help but stare, in both amusement and awe. The short little leather mini hugging my body makes me feel hot and sexy and a bit bold. My thong is so wet now that I can no longer stand it, so I stand up and in front of everyone (not that they were paying me any attention) remove it and throw it over the man’s face. He looks up at me with surprise and desire, and grabs me by the waist while pulling away from the women. He sets me on his lap and enters me right away. I am shocked and look over to see your reaction, and of course, you are smiling loving every minute of it. This man is really large. I can feel him stretch my pussy wide open, feeling as if I’m being torn apart I start to protest, but he is stronger than I am, and I do love the pleasure he is giving me.

With my eyes almost closed, as I don’t think I will be able to handle much more, I glance over at you to see you fucking our waitress. Her head is on the soft velvet sofa, as you jamb your cock deep inside her. You are watching us the entire time you are fucking her, and give me a wink. Just then I start to climax and it’s one of the strongest I’ve ever had. The excitement of this stranger, not even seeing his face, and just feeling his cock violate me is more than I can stand. I scream out as I cum hard. My body is shaking and twitching in such a violent motion that when the man comes, it’s all over my ass instead of my pussy.

Upon opening my eyes I see you standing in front of me, rubbing your cock, as the man behind me pulls my head back by my hair. I open my mouth as you shoot your load, not missing a drop. I now get up and straighten my dress as it was around my waist the whole time, and excuse myself as I head for the ladies room. On my way there I notice there are a lot of different couples doing many different things, some I’ve never dreamed of.

I enter the ladies room and am surprised at how beautiful it is with matching lounge area, and full showers and mirrors on every wall. I am surprised to learn that to fulfill some people’s desires there is a window in one of the stalls that has a full view of the club and vice versa. I laugh nervously as I am not ready for that quite yet.

I start to clean myself up when one of the other customers tells me that I can have full shower access if I feel I need rhodope-mugla.org it. I assure her yes I do need a shower right about now. I strip off my dress, wipe the cum off it, and lay it on the back of the bench. I no longer know where my thong is and I don’t really care. I step into this very large open shower. Hmmm, no doors! Oh well! It’s not a big deal, and I begin to let the hot water engulf my sweaty body. I reach for the soap and feel another hand reaching for it too. She is quicker than I, so we just sort of giggle a little and agree to share. As I am enjoying the hot water I feel two hands caressing my breasts. This is what she meant by sharing. I don’t stop her because I am enjoying this very much. She is standing behind me as her hand moves down to my stomach and to my already clean shaven pussy. She starts to rinse me, and then getting on her knees, turns me around. I can feel her tongue licking and teasing my already swollen clit. I am getting so excited again. I did something I never thought I could do. I got down on my knees facing her and tongue kissed her hard and deep with the passion only two women can share. Taking the soap, I start to wash her pretty breasts, making her nipples really hard. I cannot resist the urge to bite them, so that is what I do, but not too hard. I don’t want to hurt a stranger. She quickly stands up and pulls me up with her as she leads me to the back of the room, away from the showers. Totally naked and still dripping wet.

We enter a small room with only a plush mattress on the floor and a single black light hanging from the ceiling. The room looks amazing, almost like a nice mushroom trip. She lies down and spreads her legs, and I immediately start to lick her clit and finger her already soaking wet pussy with two fingers to start. As she is moaning with pleasure, I can feel myself get more and more excited. As I continue to suck on her clit, and finger her pussy, she begins to buck her hips to let me know she wants it harder, and I am happy to give it to her. Peter would be in shock if he could see me now, me being the one in charge of this woman’s body, making it mine and doing as I please to it. I show no mercy as I am now fucking her with three fingers and rubbing my thumb against her butthole. I know she wants to cum and is about to, but I stop. Sliding up beside her I start to suck and bite on her hard nipples and my fingers find their way back down to her tight little cunt. Now I am really showing her no mercy and she begins to scream and moan with both pleasure and pain as she explodes all over my fingers. I take my fingers out of her pussy and put them up to my mouth, licking each one of them, then to her mouth making her suck her own juices off my fingers. We lay together for a bit, both of us resting before we return to our dates. I learned her name was Renee and this was her first time here too.

I’m all cleaned up and dressed, although my hair a little damp still, but I feel renewed. I join you on the couch and kiss you fully on the mouth and smile. I happen to glance over and the couple next to us is gone. Oh well! Now I have you all to myself I think with greed. We relax and sip our drinks, enjoying the music and the atmosphere. You have your arm around my shoulder and we are just enjoying each other’s company. We order another round of drinks, when I ask if you have seen where I left my panties. Laughing you ask, “Since when do you wear panties”? I playfully swat at you and said I had to because the dress was way too short without them. We can’t find them, and it doesn’t matter because the night is still young and far from over. I really like this club. There are no restrictions, and the people are very friendly, the friendliest I’ve ever met.

With plenty of room on the couch a lone man comes in and sits with us. He nods his hellos but doesn’t say anything. He looks a bit lost. Just the way I must have looked an hour ago. You motion for me to strike up a conversation with him. Jim, as it turns out is also from America. He too is vacationing in Canada. So, we have something in common, and talk for a bit.

Jim starts relaxing after a few drinks as you and I are getting almost hammered by now. I start to get silly when I drink too much and begin chewing on your ear playfully. I don’t feel the least bit shy anymore so you know what I am about to do to you right here and you unzip yourself, and pull your huge cock out for me to suck on. You know how much I enjoy your cock in every way possible. I’m kneeling on the couch with my ass facing Jim, hoping I am not embarrassing him too much, and start to suck your already throbbing hard cock.

I cannot believe it when I feel something warm and wet enter my ass. Seems old Jim is pretty relaxed with all of this himself. I continue to give you one of the best blow jobs in your life, as Jim is pumping away at my ass. I can feel his hands on my hips, pushing himself deeper and harder each time until he is about to explode inside me. I can feel his hot cum shoot inside my tight ass, as I feel you shoot your load into my throat.

Smiling, I almost head back to the ladies room, but am exhausted and we have only been here for three hours. So, I think it’s time to go back to the chalet for some real rest, as we have an even bigger day ahead tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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