A Lesson in Shame

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“Oh shit! The time, I gotta go!” Meg glanced at her watch with a start, giving Scott an affectionate kiss on the cheek and heading for the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Scott didn’t say anything, reaching out and grabbing her arm firmly, pulling the hassled girl back towards him, his expression unreadable. Meg squirmed in annoyance, flashing her dominant friend an impatient look and squealing, “Scott, I’m late, I gotta go!” She wanted to get out of there before he made her pay for that cursed little slip of the tongue. She forgot how strict he was about language.

His fingers gripped her chin firmly, pulling her flushed face towards him and demanding in his soft, but unnervingly stern way, “Meg, look at me, now.”

She dropped her hands to her sides, suddenly submissively still as she slowly lifted her gaze to meet his. She knew he didn’t tolerate cursing. It just slipped out.

He held her gaze silently for a moment, letting her fidget nervously, his disapproval at her language choice clear in his intense blue eyes. His palm suddenly slapped firmly against her cheek, the sting causing her to gasp out loud, the flush of chastisement already tinting her cheeks burning deeper into her flesh. She bit her lip, gulping softly and keeping her eyes locked to his. She didn’t dare lower her gaze, the shame flooding through her feeling sharper than the slap had.

“You’ll be punished for swearing,” Scott stated matter of factly, releasing her chin.

Meg muttered under her breath and broke the gaze, staring down at her feet, her cheek still burning.

“Say you are sorry,” He ordered.

“Sorry sir…”

“I’ll think of a suitable punishment for you tomorrow.”

* * *

She knocked on the door softly, almost too softly, almost not wanting him to hear her so she could just go home and forget her upcoming punishment. She hadn’t meant to curse, damnit, it had just slipped! Never mind the fact it often slipped…

The door clicked open and Scott stood there, his expression serious and intent. He motioned for her to come in and walked into the center of the room. The straight backed chair was already there, seeming oddly large and menacing for something so innocent.

Meg took a deep sigh and followed him, closing the front door behind her. He stopped in front of the chair and she noticed the pair of clothespins on the hard wood seat. She expected a spanking, but judging by the presence of the chair and the clothespins, she would be getting a bit more of a reminder than a warmed bottom.


The command was simple, instantly causing Meg to pale and stammer out a protest. She bit back the words as she looked at him, arms crossed and waiting and decided it was best to obey. She slipped out of her silk button down shirt, dusty blue tank top and black slacks, standing there looking at him pleadingly in white satin panties and bra. She hated being totally naked, so completely vulnerable.

“Undress, Megara. I won’t tell you again.”

She flushed at the sound of her full name, fumbling with the clasp on her bra and releasing her small perky breasts. The nipples tightened to attention beylikdüzü escort in the chilled air of the room. Her panties followed, revealing her smoothly shaved pinked lips. She stood silent and straight before him, nervously ready with her arms at her side, the flush of her sudden nudity tinting her skin.

Scott picked up a clip, running a finger oh so lightly over her quivering breasts, pinching the hardened nub of her nipple firmly between his fingers and drawing a gasp from her lips. The clip snapped firmly into place, pinching the sensitive flesh between the flats of the wooden sides. First one, then the other, until both nipples throbbed angrily against their unforgiving ornaments.

“First, you are going to tell me why you are being punished,” Scott’s voice was low and stern, yet sounded like a loud echo in Meg’s ears. She struggled to focus on him, ignoring the fresh pain in her nipples as she murmured her admission.

“For swearing.”

Scott raised a brow, gripping her chin firmly again with a slight tug. Meg hmphed defiantly, eyes wide as she stared back at him.

“That is not how you answer a question Megara. Try again.”

She gritted her teeth, knowing he would feel the silent defiance in his grip, but he ignored the act, dropping his hand from her chin and twisting the clips on her nipples instead. Meg yelped and spat out, “For swearing SIR!”

He acknowledged her correction by relaxing the twist, and continued.

“It’s not appropriate for someone so sweet to swear, is it?”

She felt her heart skip a beat at the unexpected compliment, deepening the shame that coursed through her. “No sir.”

“You are going to explain to me why it is not appropriate right now,” He informed her. “You’re going to wear those clips for me and start informing me why it is wrong for you to swear.” He paused to run his fingers along the biting clips, pinching them open to allow the sensation to renew its vigor once the clamps resumed their bite and continued, “If I am not happy with your explanation, you’ll have to give it more thought and we’ll repeat this tomorrow.”

Meg fidgeted, chewing on her lip and searching her brain for an answer that would please him. The discomfort in her nipples and his stern, expectant stare did nothing to help her find what she wanted, and the pause stretched out, silence heavy in the dim room.

“I’m waiting…”

“It is not appropriate to swear because it is unladylike, rude and unnecessary. I could have chosen other words that were more appropriate.” Meg whimpered and paused, struggling for more when Scott interrupted her train of thought, “Keep going. I want some depth here. I want to know why it is wrong to swear. What makes it rude and unlady like?” he demanded.

“It’s just crude….I don’t knowww…!” She whined, the clips seeming heavier and tighter with each passing moment. The weight of the expected answer she couldn’t seem to grasp was far heavier.

Scott sensed this and smiled in sadistic amusement at her predicament, “I trust you are feeling those clips now…it has been five minutes,” he informed her.

Meg adana escort grit her teeth again and answered stiffly. “Oh yes I’m feeling them, hard to think about much else.”

“If that’s the best explanation you can give me, you’ll be wearing the clips a lot longer little girl,” he chastened her, bringing her mind back to the looming expectation.

Meg groaned at the threat. “I just could have picked words that were not as explicit and foul.”

“What kind of energy do you put out when you swear?” The lectured quiz continued, denying her any chance to push the pain anywhere but to the front of her mind. Her answers came shorter and quicker as the minutes ticked by.

“It’s negative,” Meg mumbled.

“That’s right,” Scott agreed, watching her struggled gasps cause her breasts to rise and fall sharply with each breath. “What kind of images do you give people when you swear?”

Meg sniffled and groaned, pondering an answer, her misplaced panic intensified by his continued questions.

“Eight minutes now…” He informed her, almost as an afterthought.

“Unsophisticated and immature,” Meg finally answered. Her nipples were screaming now, her mind racing with pleadings to remove the clips that never reached her lips. She wished desperately she had remembered how much he hated swearing and chosen her words more carefully. The lecture seemed unending, slowed down by the sharp reminders dangling from her breasts.

“and swear words are very ugly images, aren’t they?” Scott continued sharply.

“Yes sir.”

“and they sound ugly, don’t they?”

“Yess…” She hissed in miserable agreement, the shame burning her cheeks as his words bit into her mind almost harsher than the clips bit into her throbbing nips.

“You are far too pretty and nice to be putting out that kind of energy and images,” he chided her, his voice softening a tone. “I trust you’ll remember this from now on.”

“Yes sir, no doubt,” Meg agreed, sniffling and fidgeting, silently begging him to stop the torment.

“Stand up straight,” He ordered suddenly, the softened tone of his voice hardening again. “Hands behind your neck, thrust your breasts out.”

Meg complied, wincing as she laced her hands behind her neck, her auburn hair clinging to her neck and her body trembling slightly, breasts thrust out to display their punishments.

“One more minute, you are to be silent and to think about your punishment. The next time you swear in front of me, this will be far worse,” He warned. “When the minute is over, I am going to give your bottom a little attention as a reminder to why it is not a good idea for young ladies to swear.”

Meg silently struggled to contain her whimpers, torn between wanting the clips to come off but dreading the jolt of torture the increased blood flow would surely bring.

At the count of the minute he reached for the clips, stopping when she flinched away and giving her a look that clearly demanded she remain still. Meg got the message and stood still, squeezing her eyes shut and yelping as Scott pinched the clips off. She kept her eyes closed as she gasped for breath, her nipples afyon escort swollen, flushed, and thoroughly punished.

Scott rubbed Meg’s nipples softly, letting her catch her breath. “I hope you learned a lesson. That was twelve minutes.”

Meg sniffled and unlaced her hands from behind her neck, rubbing her eyes wearily. She peered up at Scott through long lashes with a shamed look, murmuring quietly, “I’m sorry I used such language, sir.”

He nodded, accepting the apology, unbuckling his belt as he spoke. “I’m sure you are, but we are not done yet. I want your legs spread, your hands on the seat of the chair, and your bottom in the air. Now!”

Meg watched dazed as Scott unbuckled his belt, pulling the thick faded leather through the loops of his jeans and doubling it over with a snap. Meg hadn’t noticed he had been wearing a belt, as he unusually didn’t. It seemed he had dressed for the occasion tonight. Meg gulped and refocused her attention on his words, scampering to get into position as his tone rose sharply, her pale bottom high in the air.

Scott wasted no time, landing the first stroke full force across the submissive buttocks before him. The belt connected to her pro-offered flesh with a loud CRACK, followed quickly by a surprised yelp from Meg. She remained in place, her head lowered and hair falling over her shoulders to frame her face. He could tell she was biting her lip hard with the effort to remain in position.

“Count them Meg, and thank me for punishing you.”

Meg took a deep breath, “One sir…thank you for punishing me sir.”

Scott continued to bring the belt down across Meg’s bottom, each stroke just as hard as the last, leaving angry red welts across her once-pale globes. Meg started sobbing at the forth, her voice quivering as she counted each one. By the eleventh, the counts were barely a whisper, her bottom throbbing and welted.

“Eleven sir….thankyou…for punishingme…sir,” she whimpered, her palms gripping the sides of the chair tightly and knuckles white, the words running together, broken with her own choked sobs.

“Stand up, look at me.”

Meg stood up hesitantly, confused by the uneven number of strokes. She turned slowly to look at him, her face flushed and tear-streaked. She started to put her hand back to rub her punished bottom, stopping herself just in time.

“Lace your hands back behind your head, present your breasts for me, chin up,” Scott ordered.

Meg groaned softly and complied, ready for her punishment to just be over with. The last stroke landed directly across her breasts, a fast, sharp stroke that woke her numbed nipples right back up. She yelped and laced her hands tighter into her hair, struggling for her voice, “Twelve sir, thank you for punishing me sir, I’m so sorry…”

Scott set the belt down on the chair and pulled Meg into his arms. Her breasts throbbed hotly against his chest, and he ran his hands gently over her sore bottom. She cried quietly in his arms, burying her face into his comfort.

“Don’t do it again, understood.” It wasn’t a question.

Meg nodded tearfully, still clinging to him and murmured the honest answer she knew he expected never the less, “Yes sir…understood.”

She did understand. The throbbing in her breasts and bottom was hardly noticeable compared to the lasting ache of shame that disrespecting him left lingering on her mind.

Lesson learned.

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