A Trip to the Mall

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Following my instructions, you approach the sales girl at the Victoria’s Secret counter. You ask politely for “something special” and she leads you to a section of their most revealing outfits — high cut skimpy lace panties, half-bras, sheer slips, and more. You select a flimsy white lace bra and matching panties, as well as white stockings.

Entering the changing room, you close the door and quickly strip.

Remembering my instructions, you change into the lingerie and slip off your string of pearls. You wrap them around your index and middle fingers, and then use your other hand to pull your panties aside.

Your pussy is already soaked, you’ve been getting wetter over the last hour as you began to follow each step of my instructions — putting on your pearls, going to the mall, selecting an outfit, getting the pearls ready, and now… preparing your camera. Sliding your camera phone from your purse, you ponder a few different poses, wondering which I would like best.

Finally you decide to take a few shots, knowing that the more thought you put into this, the harder I will fuck you when looking at them… You pull your panties aside and slide two fingers into your soaked cunt, holding the camera close to catch a clear picture. Then you place a leg up on the bench istanbul escort and take a few more photos — your smile, your tongue, your hard nipples…

You look down and take a picture of my favorite angle — looking down the front of your panties as you hold them open, showing me your pussy.

You want desperately to cum after your photo shoot, but it wasn’t on your instruction list. You admire yourself in the mirror and shrug the top of the bra off to release your beautiful tits.

Your nipples ache to be sucked…

Your fingers pinch and pull at them, tugging until they are almost painfully hard. Your knees begin to buckle as you feel your pussy contract. You want to be cum so badly right now.

Sighing again, you change back into your clothes. Leaving the store, you spot me waiting for you in the food court.

You saunter to me and give me a slow, soft kiss before pressing the phone into my hand. I glance down and smile wickedly. Taking your hand, I practically drag you into one of the chain stores…

Turning down aisles randomly, as soon as we’re out of the beaten path, I kiss you hard and squeeze your ass cheeks as you start to tell me all the details. I hold a finger to your lips and wink.

I pull you into an out-of-the escort bayan way aisle, pin you against the wall and rip open your shirt so I can tug at your sore nipples. I push you down into a squatting position, using one hand to hold your wrists and arms above your head.

You look up at me, pleading for what you know is coming next…

“Please…?” you whimper softly.

I take out my aching cock rub it’s hardness against your lips so you can taste my pre-cum. Holding it by the base, I smack your giggling face until you moan desperately, begging me to put my cock in your mouth…

I then begin fucking your pretty face… giving you the throat reaming you so sweetly deserve. I look at the images on the camera phone, slowly sliding my hot shaft into your mouth as I admire your poses.

To remind you of how sexy you are, I whisper my favorite perverted pet names for you… “Fuck slut”, “Cum whore”, “Dirty bitch”, “Cum junkie”, “Cock whore”…”My little Cum Slut”…

I hold myself at the brink of orgasm until I say one that really makes you moan long and hard, then pull my cock from your mouth to slide it across your smiling lips.

I release your wrists and grab a handful of your hair so I can fuck your sweet mouth harder. You moan throatily, Kartal escort enjoying the feeling of being my forced to suck my cock in a semi-public place, aware that you may be discovered at any moment.

With a low growl of animal lust, I pull my cock out of your hungry mouth. You pant for a few gasping breaths, biting your lip and looking upward with pleading eyes.

Your eyes shining, you dreamily whisper only one word in a hoarse voice…


You struggle forward, trying to recapture my cock which throbs only inches away from your lips. I hold your hair firmly, denying you. You gaze up again, whimpering disappointedly.

With an extended growl, you feel my grip tighten in your hair, pulling your head backward.

Your eyes locked on mine, you need no instruction.

You push the soft flesh of your breasts together and a moment later I begin to shoot thick ropes of hot cum across your full mounds and almost painfully hard nipples. Your smooth skin is a willing canvas for hot, wet lashes of sperm… painting you into a picture of wanton lust.

You stay in that position – squatting in front of me, holding your cum-splattered tits.

I use the head of my cock to smear the warm sticky cum in circles around your nipples… pausing occasionally to slide my length into your open mouth so you can taste me…

Darting your clever tongue forward to lap kitten-soft licks of cum from the underside of my shaft, you ask in a seductive voice…

“Please… will you let me cum, too?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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