A Turkish Delight Ch. 02

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As I sat in my hotel room I pondered my future and what may lie ahead. My passport had been seized and I was not able to leave Turkey nor could I tell anyone about my plight. It was late afternoon when a courier arrived at my hotel with a large white box. He rang the bell and upon answering I was greeted with a broad smile. His expression changed, as I was not the person he was obviously looking for. He thought for a minute and then blurted out,

“Package for Miss Smith.”

I reached out and told him that she was not here at the moment and that I would take it and see that she gets it. As I closed the door I carried it to the bed as my thoughts flashed at what it might be.

I opened the box and it was covered with tissue paper and there was a note and as I started reading it my stomach began to be tied in knots. The note read.

Enjoyed the first of many future encounters.

“You will remember what I have told you and will obey me.”

“You are to wear the enclosed items and you will be ready by 7 pm this evening.”

“A car will pick you up and you will join me for dinner at the Turkish Embassy.”

“You will do what ever is required to entertain anyone at the dinner and if for any reason you disobey my instructions you will be punished.”

It was signed Captain Anwar.

My stomach tightened further as I pulled the tissue paper to one side and examined the packages contents. Inside I found a long red flowing evening gown, which had a slit that ran all the way up the thigh almost to the waist. There was also a pair of silk sheer stockings, a pair of 4” red strappy heels, together with a red ¼ cup lace bra and a pair hi-cut red lace panties. I was to be his lady in red and I could feel my body tingle at the thought.

I took all afternoon to shower and prepare and I had never concentrate harder on making my makeup perfect. I would be a lady in red with black hair cut in a pulp fiction style. I would apply my foundation, peach eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner and finally a deep rich red lipstick with and extra coating of lip-gloss. As I applied the last of my makeup I looed at my self in the mirror and I liked what I saw. Soon the phone rand and the operator told me that my car was here. As I made my way down to the hotel lobby all eyes seemed to be on me. The valet took an extra look as I handed my key to the desk attendant and when I slide into the rear of the cab he got a very good eyeful of my stocking encased thigh and a hint of my panties.

He closed the door and the car made it’s way to the embassy. I entered and was greeted at the door by my escort Captain Anwar. He was dressed in his full uniform and the leather belt across his chest looked stylish with a hint of perhaps it could be used to discipline me. He took my hand and ushered me to a quiet part of the building.

“You look stunning my little cock whore.”

“You remember what I have told you”?

“Yes,” I replied.

“And what have I instructed you to do”?

“I am to bursa escort entertain anyone at the dinner.”


“You are to do what ever is required Understand you slut.”


“Now the Ambassador is my brother and he has also acquired a taste, the same taste I have and I’m sure you will accommodate him.”

“Yes I understand.”

“And you will be required to be discreet as only a few know your secret.”

“Yes,” I again replied.

Captain Anwar had me take his arm as we walked into the assembled guests. There were eyes on me as soon as I entered the room and I could see that there were women who didn’t approve of having someone dressed like s cheap hooker amongst them. As we walked the line and were greeted I for the first time this evening met the Ambassador. He was exactly like his brother in every respect only a little more overweight. His wife stood beside him and she was a lot older and her looks were very plain indeed. We now stood before him and he took my hand pressing it to my lips. His wife was deeply involved talking with the guests behind us and she was unaware of the conversation.

“So my dear you are Christine.”

“Yes sir,” I acknowledged trying not to make direct eye contact.

“My brother was right,you are stunning.”

I felt myself blush as I struggled to fight the revulsion I felt as I watched his eyes undress me.

“He also tells me you have had some training already in being a woman.”

I again hide my eyes from his view.

“Yes Sir I have,” I stammered.

“Well I look forward to the opportunity of further training you.”

“Anwar take good care of my new prize.”

“But of course brother,she will be in very good hands.”

Both men laughed and my stomach knotted in horror of what the two of them had in store for me.

The evening progressed and I found myself drinking everything I could hoping that perhaps if I were drunk enough I would be able in some way to tolerate the two of them touching me.

Throughout the dinner Anwar continued to push his hands up my thighs. His touch repulsed me and when he pushed my hand to his crutch and had me unzip him I thought I would vomit. I released his cock and was stroking him slowly and he grinned at me like a cat that had just captured the mouse. I could feel his cock ooze precum as I continued to stroke him. It got too much and I made my excuse that I needed to go to the ladies. I hurried out and had time to myself to compose myself. I applied some lips gloss and headed back to the dinner. As I passed the last door in the large hall it opened and the Ambassador stood there holding his hand out.

“Christine,” he summoned.

He took my hand and pulled me into the room locking the door behind us. It appeared to be his office as I noted a large wooden desk and chair along with other office furnishings. He pressed me to his mouth on mine and frenched me as his hands gripped my buttocks through my dress. I squirmed like some innocent schoolgirl çanakkale escort and he withdrew his had raised slapping me violently with the back of his hand.

“You fucking whore,” he yelled.

“You have been told what you are to do haven’t you slut.”

“Yes,” I blurted out.

“Then whore if you don’t want to be disciplined then you will do it.”

He grabbed my shoulder and again pulled me to him. His mouth was again on mine and I let him do, as he wanted. His hands dug deep into my buttocks as moved them up under my dress stopping at my panties.

He again released me and then pressed my shoulder pushing me down in a squatting position. My face was level with his crutch and I waited his commands.

“Take it out my little cock whore.”

I fumbled with the zipper and soon pulled his cock free of the restrictive garment he wore. It was bigger than his brothers and twice as thick. It had large veins, which seemed to be pulsating and ran the length of his shaft. The head was a large mushroom shape and a deep purple in colour. My eyes fixed on it and I couldn’t help myself as I watched it grow large in my hand.

“Ah I see you like what you see my little slut.”

My gaze continued on it and I was brought back to reality with the sound of his voice

“Now use your tongue and lick it and if I feel teeth I will hurt you bad.”

I began to lick his cock head tasting the precum as I rolled my tongue over the head and down the shaft. He was moaning as I used my tongue to stimulate him further. It seemed to grow even bigger at the attention I was giving it and I soon realise that it was well over 10 ‘’ in length and about 3” thick.

I had never seen a cock like it as I continued to stimulate him with my tongue

I heard the door, which I thought, was locked close behind and soon realised that someone had entered the room.

“Ah my brother,I see you too couldn’t wait to sample my new prize.”

It was Anwar who made his way to a large chair that would give him a good view of the proceedings.

“Yes my brother and you were right,he does make one fine looking woman.”

“And I also have to say he will also make a good cock sucking whore as well.”

Anwar unzipped himself and he pulled his cock free, beginning to stroke it as he watched his bitch service his brother with her mouth.

He was now in control as I continued to use my tongue on his cock.

“Now my sweet, lick my balls.”

“Oh yes that’s it, do it do it too me.”

“You know what my brother and I like most about bitches like you”?

“It’s the fact that you already know what pleases a man.”

“Women have no appreciation of how much men enjoy having their cock sucked and you do, so you already know how to suck.”

“Now open that pretty slut mouth and take my cock and again if I feel teeth my brother will enjoy punishing you.”

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide to take his cock.

“Open your fucking eyes didim escort slut,” he hissed.

“I want you to watch my cock enter your mouth.”

I did as I was told as he pushed his cock over my lips and into my mouth. My jaw ached as I opened wider than I had ever done before. I could feel his cock head at the back of my throat and I heard Anwar from the back of the room.

“I have taught her to deep throat already so the bitch should know how to do it.”

“Be patient my brother.”

“I want her to first get used to the size,then she will be deep throating me.”

I continued to do as I was told as Anwar was getting a good show. I had covered his cock with my saliva and I assumed he was going to cum in my mouth and make me swallow or he would be happy to just shoot it overt my face. I worked fevouserly massaging it with my lips and mouth.

He stopped and pulled out of my mouth leaving me somewhat surprised. He took my wrist and pulled me to my feet.

“Turn around.”

I complied with his command and he pulled my wrists roughly behind my back where he bound my wrists and elbows tightly with some plastic ties. Next he inserted a ball gag in my mouth then steered me toward the large desk. He pushed me face down onto the leather surface of the large merogony desk and kicked my ankles apart. His had made its way again under my dress and to my panties, which he pulled to one side. His cock head was then pressed against my opening and he steadied me for its entry. I arched my back as he pushed further into me again stretching my love hole wide. This time there was less pain and I thought to myself that the fucking I had had some days before by Captain Anwars, Lieutenant had done its job.

I could hear him grunt as he pushed and pulled trying hard to get inside me. I rocked back and forth on my heels as I braced myself and found that I was actually trying to make his entry easier.

He was almost in and he pulled back, then pushed past until I could feel his balls just touch my buttocks. He started to fuck me pushing and pulling in and out of me. He forced my head down hard on the desk, which pushed my backside up higher. He was no riding his brothers bitch as Anwar watched from the side. He watched the expression of pain on my face and in my eyes as I was beginning to accommodate him. He told me to keep my head down hard as he gripped my hips pulling himself deeper and deeper into me. I could see my reflection in the freestanding mirror at the end of the room and asw myself being raped by another vile person and again against my will.

He continued the assault on my body until the scream started deep in his throat and with one last thrust he came in me shooting his cum deep into my anus. He continued to pump and pump until he felt there was no more to give me.

Anwars cock exploded as he came watching his brother cum inside me. His thick sticky liquid shot high into the air splashing down on his uniform.

Anwars brother pulled the ball gag from my mouth and pushed me to my knees forcing me to lick it clean. I could taste myself mixed with his cum and I was again repulsed. He released me from my bindings and ordered me to the bathroom to fix my makeup and I should return to the party however I would come when he called.

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