Adventures in Heaven Ch. 01


I have always seen the humor in being named Heaven. It’s like by naming me that my parents hoped that I would be forever innocent. Wouldn’t they be shocked! Running my own business leaves me precious little time for relationships, but I love sex and relationship or not I just gotta have it. My methods of finding partners may not be traditional, but then nothing about me really is.

I met Nick through the personals in an adult magazine. He sounded hot so I left him a message on his voice mail and waited for him to call me back. It didn’t take long. He had a smooth voice with a deep southern drawl that made me think of warm honey. The kinds of voice that got your pussy wet when you think about it whispering in your ear. We spoke only a few times before deciding to meet.

We decided that I would drive down to visit since he was on call that weekend. As I made the long drive down, my mind kept wandering to all the things we would be doing very soon. A deep throbbing ache between my legs increased as each mile marker flew past. Moving in my seat in an attempt to get more comfortable, the rough fabric of my jeans rubs against my clit only making the ache worse. A few miles away I called him from my cell for final directions.

Pulling into his drive I wonder how long it would be until this need of mine was taken care of. I could feel the incredible heat and wetness become almost unbearable. I wanted to rip off my clothes the çorum escort second I walked through his door. It swung open as I walked up to it and there he stood looking so damn hot. Stepping through the doorway, he brought his lips to mine in a gentle kiss that soon became hot and wild as tingles swept through my body. A small groan of need escaped telling him that I needed more. His arm wrapped around my waist pulling me tightly against him and I feel his hardness, his need was as great as my own.

Without breaking our kiss my back was pressed against the door and his hands slide under my shirt, gliding over my breasts and pulling on my nipples causing me to gasp in pleasure. My hand slides down his belly and then to his hard cock. All I can think about is getting it into my mouth. To feel it thrusting over my tongue. On my knees before him I undo his jeans and slide them down. Licking my lips I bring him to my mouth. He groans as I slowly work up and down, relaxing my throat until I have every delicious inch. I feel him get even harder as I place his hands on my head. He thrusts with long slow strokes deep into the back of my throat. He gasps as I work his cock with my tongue, I’m desperate to feel him fill my mouth with cum. He thrusts faster and harder and begins to throb. Then his hot cum is jetting into the back of my throat. I almost can’t swallow fast enough as he continues to thrust. His body denizli escort is trembling with the pleasure. I softly lick him until he is calm again.Still catching his breath he tells me to take off my clothes and lay back on the floor with my legs spread. Wanting his pleasure even more than my own I quickly do as he tells me. Kneeling between my spread legs he smiles as he gazes at my wet pussy. He tells me I must do everything that he tells me to. I eagerly agree. Gently using his finger, he feels the hot wetness of my need. Avoiding my clit he slides a finger into my aching body and my muscles tighten around it. I thrust my hips against his hand needing release.

Removing his finger he sits back and tells me to stroke myself. To show him how I play with my pussy when I think of him. He stares as my fingers rub my pussy, sliding a finger inside myself and then back up to my clit. I feel the pressure begin to build up and work my fingers faster. He lightly strokes his cock and tells me to cum. That he wont touch me until I do. Rocking my hips I get ever closer until he tells me that he wants to lick the cum from my pussy. As I reach the peak of orgasm he pushes my hand aside and sucks on my clit. rubbing his tongue over it and sucking on it he again slides a finger into me as I continue to cum. Hot cream covers his hand as he works me over with it. He tells me to get on all fours and brings my diyarbakır escort hips down to his face. I cant help but press against his mouth as he tongue fucks me. The pleasure yet again building up inside, ready to take me once again to a powerful orgasm.

Now he kneels behind me. The hot tip of his cock barely nudging the entrance of my pussy, teasing me. Rocking his hips only allowing an inch inside me before pulling back he asks me if I want his cock inside me. Thrusting back into him I whimper, wanting him to fill me. Again he asks me. I moan a desperate yes and he laughs, asking me how much I want it as he continues his teasing. I am begging him. Begging him to fuck me as hard as he can. In one thrust he slides the entire shaft of his cock into me. He gasps in pleasure and begins slow steady thrusts. I rock back to meet each one and he tells me how good my tight pussy feels. His thrusting becomes harder and I beg for even more. I rub my clit as he fucks me harder. I tell him how good his cock feels inside me as I begin to cum again. I feel him throb deep inside me and he fucks me harder still. He wraps his hand in my hair and pulls my head back asking me if this is what I want. He tells me to cum again for him, that my tight pussy feels so good. As I start to cum again I hear him groaning. With both hands on my hips pulling me back as he rams into me, his hot cum fills me. Wave after wave course through me as he continues to shaft his cock into me. He’s calling out as his cum continues to jet out of him. I keep stroking my clit and cumming over and over. We collapse in exhausted bliss trying to catch our breaths. Unable to speak from the sheer power of our first fuck. And smiling as we ready ourselves for another round.

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