Affairs of State Ch. 04


The next few days at work developed into a pattern for Stacy; Clive would email her with work to be done, the work becoming more and more important as she proved her capability, and would fuck her, normally at least once a day. Every day she received a couple of missed calls from Rebecca as well as texts pleading with her to make contact; Stacy smiled at the thought of the older woman’s need to see her again – a scenario forming in her mind. She arranged to meet with Penny at the weekend; she had contemplated going with her to the wine bar where she had “bumped into” Rebecca but decided that was too risky in case she happened to be there. The thought of the transgender girl lying naked beneath her filled her thoughts on a regular basis and she made sure to initiate contact with Penny at every given opportunity.

Stacy was surprised to hear Penny’s tale of Clive licking her spunk off his fingers and wondered whether he would ever take it further. She knew that Clive considered himself an “Alpha” male and there was always the worry for him of any scandal blowing his chances of becoming Prime Minister – although with his sexual appetite, he was always leaving “skeletons” to be discovered. Still, if he ever did wander down that route, Stacy wanted evidence, preferably a video tape.

Checking Clive’s diary on Friday, she noticed that the House was not sitting and that he had the whole of the afternoon blocked out for a private appointment. She dialled his extension and waited for Beryl to pick up.

“Clive Samuels’ office – Beryl speaking,” came the familiar tones of the all too prim and proper personal assistant.

“Oh, hi Beryl – it’s Stacy,” she responded, “I was wondering if Mr Samuels would be in the building this pm?”

“No, he is not, Miss A,” – a term that Beryl had finally adopted for Stacy, having never managed to correctly pronounce her surname, “he will be in his constituency holding a surgery.”

“Oh, right – is he available now, as I need to see him before he goes?” she enquired.

Stacy waited as she heard, in the background, Beryl speaking to Clive. Beryl finally returned to the phone and told Stacy that Clive could squeeze her in. Putting the phone down, Stacy checked her make-up and applied some fresh lippy, undoing a button on her blouse to expose some cleavage. She left her office and made her way downstairs to the “Inner sanctum”, as Ben had referred to it on her first day. Walking past Beryl’s desk, neither of them acknowledging the other, she knocked on Clive’s door and entered upon his invitation.

“Clive,” she said, “when I heard you were out all afternoon, I just had to come. I need you inside me darling – I need to feel your huge cock ripping me apart.”

Clive looked at Stacy and smiled. He had never had a woman seem so desperate for him and he liked the idea that this woman worshipped him and his cock.

“Well then Stacy, never let it be said that I don’t look after my employee’s needs.”

He stood up and undid his flies, pulling out his limp cock. “Looks like it needs a bit of work to get it into a ready state to fuck you though dear,” he said, putting his hands on her shoulders and pushing her onto her knees. Stacy opened her mouth and started to suck on his cock, using one hand to stroke the base of it while the other held onto his arse to enable her to keep her balance. Her mouth started taking him deeper and deeper, until she had to remove her hand to enable her to take him all in. She could feel that his cock was now hard and had started leaking pre-cum; she pulled back, rising to her feet and slipping off her panties, dropping them on the floor.

“Where do you want me Clive?” she enquired.

“On the end of my cock, of course,” he responded, moving to his leather chair and sitting down on it, his cock sticking up at a slight angle.

Stacy walked towards him, kicking her panties under his desk, before straddling him and lowering her pussy slowly onto his waiting cock. She undid more buttons on her blouse and pulled her breasts out of her bra, offering them to him.

Clive leaned forward and sucked a nipple into his mouth, causing Stacy to moan. Her hips were rising up and down as she fucked herself on his cock; it wasn’t the biggest she had ever accommodated but it was a nice size and, with her in control, she could take as much or as little into her pussy as she wanted. Her pace increased, causing Clive to have to stop sucking on her breasts. He replaced his mouth with his hands and began to squeeze the delightful orbs, giving the nipples an occasional pinch. Stacy was in her element, riding the cock beneath her harder and harder as Clive fondled her breasts.

“Oh fuck,” she cried out as an orgasm ripped through her; her head thrown back as she enjoyed the sensations flowing through her. She kept ramming her pulsing pussy onto the hard cock inside her until Clive let out a groan; she could feel his cum flooding her pussy and she rammed herself down one last time, squeezing giresun escort her pussy walls to milk the cum from his cock.

Clive’s head fell backwards against his chair as he erupted inside her, his eyes closed as he savoured the climax of this latest sexual episode; silently thanking the gods who contrived to have Stacy at “Number Ten” during his visit that day.

After what seemed an eternity but was, in actuality, about thirty seconds, Stacy removed herself from his lap and knelt on the floor between his parted knees. She lowered her mouth onto his cock and cleaned it thoroughly, licking the mixture of their cum juices from the hairs around the base of his cock and sucking his balls into her mouth.

Rising to her feet, she said, “Your cock tastes better when it’s coated with my juices, Clive,” at which she turned around and walked out of the door and past a disapproving Beryl.

Clive was speechless. He had been saving himself for the wife of the head of his constituency, a thirty-five-year-old blonde with huge tits and an appetite for cum, but he could never resist a session with Stacy. He reasoned that he still had an hour before he left and with the travelling time of at least forty minutes, he should still be able to have her suck him off and then cum all over those massive mammaries.

Stacy returned to her office with cum leaking down her thighs. As she passed Ben on the way, he looked at her, “Would you like me to help you clean up?” he enquired, licking his lips.

She reached out and grabbed his tie and pulled him behind her, kicking the office door shut once they were both inside and sat on the couch, spreading her thighs.

“Okay, Ben, get down there and clean me up,” she said, as she hitched up her skirt.

Ben lowered himself to his knees and started licking the cum from the inside of Stacy’s thigh. He had lusted after this woman since first setting eyes on her and he was hoping that, by offering to clean her pussy, she would allow him to fuck her, or at least give him a blowjob. He actually found that he was enjoying the taste of, what he assumed was a mixture of Clive’s cum and Stacy’s own juices. When he had finished cleaning her thighs, Stacy stuck two fingers inside her pussy and scooped out a dollop of Clive’s cum, pressing her fingers into his mouth.

“Lick them nice and clean, Ben,” she cooed, “if you do a good job there might be another treat for you.”

Ben sucked on her fingers, making sure not a trace of cum was left on her fingers. When she withdrew her fingers, she grabbed his head with both hands and pulled his mouth tight against her pussy.

“Clean me out, Ben – don’t leave a trace of cum inside me and then we can see what else you can do for me.”

Ben was delighted to hear those words and thrust his tongue into Stacy’s pussy, pushing aside his thoughts that he was swallowing Clive’s cum, concentrating on what he believed would be his ultimate reward, to fuck her. He licked her pussy thoroughly, moving his tongue repeatedly in and out of her, cleaning her pussy to the best of his ability, the moans coming from Stacy’s mouth music to his ears. When he had finished, Stacy stuck two fingers in her pussy, bringing them out without a trace of cum, she smiled, “Well done Ben – that was a good first effort. Now, do you want to find out what else you can do for me?” fingering her pussy as she stared into his eyes.

“Yes, Stacy – what is it you would like me to do?” he enquired, his eyes staring between her thighs at the heavenly fruit before him.

Stacy lay on the couch and turned over, “I want you to lick my arse till I tell you to stop, Ben,” she stated.

Ben blinked twice, this was not what he had been expecting at all, but he looked at the two soft, round peaches with the darker pink anus slowly being revealed as Stacy reached behind herself and pulled her cheeks apart. He straddled her lower legs, and dipped his head down, kissing first one cheek, then the other before lowering his mouth to her anus. He initially just kissed her ring, getting his mind used to what she expected of him. He kissed it several times before finally poking his tongue tentatively out and licking around her anus. Stacy was reaching under herself and stroking her pussy and clit. “Put more effort in Ben,” she said, “don’t be such a wuss.”

Ben realised that his reticence was not going down well with Stacy and started to lick firmer; moving his mouth directly over her arsehole, he started to lick harder and faster. He found that he was starting to enjoy licking her arse and when Stacy told him to pull her anus open, he did so without a second thought and soon had the tip of his tongue buried in it. Stacy’s moans and words of encouragement spurred Ben on in his efforts and he was soon pushing his tongue as far into her as it would go, his hands pulling her cheeks as far apart as he could get them to open her up. Stacy’s moans became louder and louder until she finally gümüşhane escort let out a long cry and her body went limp. Ben continued to lick and Stacy realised he would carry on till she told him to stop. “Okay Ben, that is enough,” she managed to say between gasps for air, feeling an element of relief when she felt his mouth pull away.

Ben stood up and looked at Stacy’s delectable posterior, still shining wet from the efforts of his tongue. His hand reached to the front of his trousers and stroked his erect cock as he eyed her lying naked from the waist down on the couch. Stacy was watching Ben out of the corner of his eye.

“Okay, big boy, whip it out – let’s see what I’ve got to work with!”

Ben fumbled with the fastenings of his trousers, before undoing his zip and dropping his trousers and underwear to the floor.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” said Stacy, sitting up on the couch, “now, bring it over here.”

Ben shuffled towards Stacy as best he could with his trousers around his ankles, almost falling over in his efforts. Stacy stifled a laugh at the comical sight until Ben reached her at which point, she reached out and held his cock in her hand.

“Mmmm – nice and firm and warm,” she said, “now, what am I going to do with you?”

“Oh God Stacy, please let me fuck you,” implored Ben.

Stacy looked him in the eyes as she started to stroke his hard rod. “Not so fast, young Ben – you haven’t earned that pleasure yet – I shall have to think of how you can earn that particular reward.” After finishing speaking, Stacy spat on Ben’s cock and began to stroke his cock faster and faster.

“Oh fuck, not so fast, Stacy – you’ll make me cum.”

“That, Benny boy, was the idea I thought,” smiled Stacy, as she continued to stroke his cock, watching the pre-cum drip onto the floor. As Ben began to moan, her grip tightened and her hand became a blur, stroking his cock furiously until the cum started to erupt from it. Stacy took care to ensure that the gooey liquid landed on the couch. When Ben had finished cumming, Stacy released his cock.

“Okay Ben, one last thing today – clean up your mess.”

Ben looked at Stacy disbelievingly; he considered refusing but his eyes were drawn to Stacy’s fingers as she returned to fingering her pussy. The desire to fuck her overtook his reluctance and he knelt down, his tongue covering the couch were his cum had landed. To his surprise, he discovered that he liked the taste of his cum and eagerly lapped up what he could find, licking his lips when he had finished.

“There’s a good boy Ben – shut the door on your way out, won’t you.”

Ben stood and put his flaccid cock back in his trousers before turning and walking to the door. He turned his head to get one last look at Stacy’s snatch before opening the door and exiting.

Stacy sat on the couch for a few minutes, recovering from her sexual exploits before turning to the little red light amongst the lighting and smiling, before blowing a kiss in its direction.

The rest of the day passed without incident, or sexual opportunities, much to her chagrin, and she completed the tasks that Clive had set her. She received another imploring text message from Rebecca and decided to finally respond. Her fingers worked briefly over the keyboard of her phone, checking the message for any auto-correct errors, she sent two words, “Maybe soon.” In an instant, a message came back, “Please – I’ll do anything mistress.” Stacy smiled as she slipped her phone back into her bag.

At the end of the day, after Beryl had left, Stacy went to find Ben and asked him to unlock Clive’s office, advising him that she had inadvertently left her panties behind that morning. Ben dithered for a while until Stacy flashed her pussy at him and promised that he could fuck her next week at which Ben gladly let Stacy into the office. He looked like he was intent on staying with her so Stacy asked him to be a dear and check that she had locked her office. In the ten minutes that he was gone, she retrieved the logger and voice recorder she had planted on a previous visit and swiftly placed them in her bag. Ben re-entered the room as Stacy was bent over on the floor, retrieving her panties from under the desk. He walked up behind her and ran his hands up under her skirt, feeling for her arse.

“Naughty boy, Ben, I told you next week – I really have to get going tonight, I have a guest for dinner.”

Ben removed his hands, a sorrowful look on his face. “I hope you’re not just stringing me along,” he said, “I deserve some respect from you after everything you’ve had me do for you.”

Stacy looked at Ben’s forlorn face, stroking his cheek, as she said, “Benny boy, next Tuesday Clive is in the House all day – if you can get the time to visit my office, you can have it all – my pussy and,” she grabbed his hand and ran it down the crack of her arse, “my butt – that is a promise Benny – and us good Catholic girls never hakkari escort break their promises.”

Ben’s face flushed as his finger traced her anus; the thought of fucking her in both holes was more than he had hoped for and he was overjoyed at the prospect, making a mental note to ask Penny to cover for him for a couple of hours on Tuesday.

Stacy sat down in Clive’s armchair and made sure Ben was watching as she placed her feet in the leg holes of her panties and slowly pulled them up, making sure that he had a birds-eye view of her pussy before she pulled the gusset in place.

“Well, I think we are done here Ben, don’t you?” she stated, as she rose from the chair, “You can lock up again now.”

Stacy rushed home and checked the contents of the voice recorder; she smiled as she listened to Clive not only engineering large payments for handing out defence contracts but also divulging the details of his offshore bank accounts. With this and with what she had photographed in Clive’s office in his house, she was sure she had enough to satisfy her employer. She took out her phone and dialled the number, arranging a meet in a local park the following day.

That next day, Stacy made her way to the designated meeting point and sat on the bench, sipping at her flat white, watching and waiting patiently as various passers-by made their way through the park. At exactly ten o’clock, the courier arrived and sat next to her, she handed him the brown envelope containing the pictures and the voice recorder. He handed her a smaller brown envelope, “A bonus from the man, for good work in good time.” Stacy pocketed the envelope, rose and walked away.


Saturday arrived, the day of Stacy’s date with Penny, and Stacy decided that a little shopping trip was in order. She hurriedly showered and got dressed before leaving her flat and making her way to the underground station, where she caught the tube to Oxford Street. Stacy loved shopping and could easily spend all day browsing the fashion outlets down London’s most famous shopping street, but today she was on a mission and didn’t want to waste any time.

None of the “normal” shops had anything that took Stacy’s fancy for the evening ahead, so she decided to try out some of the “sex” shops. Most of the outfits were far too revealing for wearing out in public but eventually Stacy found an outfit that she felt she could wear; whilst practically see-through all over, with tiny patches of lace covering the body here and there, with a flesh-coloured bra and panties underneath, she felt it was a dress she could get away with. What Stacy liked most about it was the zip that ran down the front of the dress from the neckline right down to the hem. She took it to the changing-room where a woman in her early twenties was in attendance. Trying the dress on, she looked at herself in the mirror and decided a second opinion was in order. Pulling the curtain aside, she walked up to the attendant and asked her whether the dress suited her and fitted properly. The young lady looked at Stacy, realising that she had no underwear on underneath the dress; her face blushed as she found herself staring at Stacy’s prominent nipples.

“Yes, yes – you look amazing,” she managed to say, unable to remove her gaze from the breasts so openly on show.

Stacy did a slow twirl for the assistant, making sure to pause for a few seconds when her arse would be in the woman’s view. As she turned to face her again, she asked, “And does it look good from all angles?”

The young assistant, her face now bright red, looked at Stacy and whispered, “You look stunning in that dress – I only wish I had a figure like yours.”

Stacy checked her watch and then said, “Would you like to help me out of it? I think I need a hand with the zipper.”

The attendant looked around the store; there was only a young couple in, other than Stacy and they were looking at toys – her manager, Ruth, was attending to them.

She quickly followed Stacy to the changing room. “You mean this zip?” asked the attendant, Mandy, nervously, as she reached for the zipper that ran down the front of the dress.

“Uh huh,” said Stacy, as she revelled in the young woman’s nervousness, “that zip – it needs pulling ALL the way down,” she added.

Mandy looked outside the cubicle and then reached for the zipper, she gulped down a big mouthful of air as her trembling fingers pulled at the zip – her eyes following it down, widening as Stacy’s shapely body became even more visible – more available.

As she reached the bottom and had the zip fully undone, Stacy pulled the dress aside, revealing her sexy curves to the shop assistant. Stacy could tell from her reaction that Stacy was the more sexually experienced – she could also tell that the young woman was interested in her. Putting her hand behind Mandy’s head, she pulled her mouth down towards her breast, “Go on – suck on it – I can see that you want to.”

Mandy parted her lips, feeling as if she was in a trance, her tongue automatically flicking out and running over the nipple being proffered to her. Stacy took hold of one of Mandy’s hands and placed it between her parted thighs, holding it against her and rubbing her pussy with it.

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