After Hours


Bryan waved at his departing colleagues as they stumbled out of the bar. “Get home safe! I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” he called after them. One of the figures gave a vague hand wave and disappeared across the threshold with a small stumble.

“And then there were two,” Jess said with a smile, drawing his attention back to present company. Jess’s slim, petite frame was daintily perched on the stool next to him, her long, slender fingers wrapped around the base of a martini glass filled with an unidentifiable pink girly-girl drink. She lifted her glass toward Bryan. “Cheers. To outlasting everyone else at happy hour on a Thursday.”

Bryan gave his drink a quick swirl and touched his glass to hers, then moved it to his lips to drink.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Jess exclaimed, stopping him. Brian looked up over the rim of his glass and arched an eyebrow. “You have to look me in the eye when you do that, or else, you know…”

“I know what?” he asked.

“Seven years of bad sex.” Jess giggled and locked her big, brown eyes with his.

Bryan nodded solemnly. “Well, I suppose we can’t risk that,” he said. He tilted his glass back and again touched the rim of hers. “To no bad sex.”

“No bad sex,” Jess agreed, and they sipped from their drinks. Bryan made sure that he stared into her eyes until their drinks both touched the bar again. It was a moment too long, a second too intimate for coworkers. Jess gave a nervous smile and her eyes went back down to her drink as she brushed her brown hair back over her ear. Neither spoke for a moment, then they both started simultaneously.

“Jess, I—”

“You know, Bryan—”

They stopped mid-sentence. Bryan resumed first. “Jess, I can’t stop thinking about what you said back in Dallas, when we made that trip for the Morris account.”

She’d done more than say, really. On the last night of the trip, after one two many celebratory drinks, she’d turned up at his hotel room door wearing nothing but an oversized T-shirt. When he opened the door, she immediately leaned up, stood on the tip-toes of her bare feet, and kissed him. He remembered the intoxicating scent of her, mingled with the saccharine taste of cherry and alcohol in her mouth from whatever she’d been drinking.

But nothing more had happened. Caught off guard, he had stammered out something about being coworkers and not wanting to make things complicated. Her eyes had welled up with tears, and her already-petite frame suddenly shrank as her boldness became embarrassment. She’d fled without another word.

Jess stirred the swizzle stick in her drink, her eyes narrowing. “I don’t remember saying much that night,” she countered, bitterness in her voice.

Bryan sighed. “Sorry. I’m not much good at this. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry. You just caught me off guard, and I reacted pretty badly.” He trailed off. He moved his hand down from the bar, and laid it gently on her thigh. Her body tensed as if she’d touched a live wire, then relaxed and she leaned in, putting her free hand over his.

“Who says you get another shot?” Jess asked, her face now inches from his and her voice low.

He had a sudden cognizance of the same smell of saccharine sweetness on her breath, and he could hear every word despite the noisy chatter in the bar. “Mmm… well, the beautiful woman sitting here next to me seems like she might be offering an olive branch. I’m asking nicely. And she just guaranteed me seven years of no bad sex.”

And then he closed the last two inches between them and kissed her. His mouth was filled with the same taste of cherries, and he could smell the scent jasmine in her perfume. Of its own volition, his hand started to rub lightly on her thigh, pausing at the hem of her dress before moving back up her long, slender legs.

When they finally broke, she looked at him with eyes that sparkled in the dim light. “Fine,” she said with mock exasperation. “But this time, I’m not coming to your room. You’re coming to mine. Your tab closed?”

Bryan fumbled through his wallet and threw a $20 on the bar. “It is now. Would it be trite to say, ‘Do you want to get out of here?'”

“Mmm… no. Since you covered my tab too, no.” She took him by the hand and led him through the Thursday evening crowd to the door. “I only live a few blocks from here, but let’s take a cab.” She reached down to open the door to a cab waiting outside the bar for a fare.

“Why don’t we just—” Bryan began. Jess cut him off by roughly pushing him up against the side of the cab and pressing her body into his and then kissing him hard, forcing her tongue inside his mouth. She ground into him with movements that were imperceptible to anyone watching, but that he felt acutely as the blood rushed to his groin. She moaned softly and he felt her hand grab through his pants at his rapidly hardening cock.

After a long minute, she separated from him, and the same wanton boldness that Bryan had seen in Texas was back. “Any istanbul escort questions as to why we’re taking a cab?”

“Nah-uh,” Bryan gulped. He somehow found enough presence of mind to open the door to the cab, and he gestured to the interior. “After you, madam.”

Jess slid in, and she deliberately let her dress ride up her legs. Bryan stared and gulped again as he caught a glimpse of the edge of her lacy black panties. He got into the cab and closed the door.

“415 East Harbor Street, corner of Harbor and Green,” Jess told the cabbie. She turned and flashed Bryan an evil smile. “And we’ll tip you a bit extra if you take the scenic route.”

The cabbie nodded at her via the rear view mirror and winked as he pulled the cab out into city traffic. “Yes ma’am. There’s too much traffic on Harbor anyway. I think the expressway might be best this time of night.”

“That sounds perfect,” Jess muttered as she swung a long, pump-shod foot across the cab and straddled Bryan.

She attacked him then, yanking him into her. He buried his face in her neck, kissing first just below her ear. She threw her head back at that and mewed her approval, her hands blindly fumbling for the buttons on his dress shirt. Bryan slowly worked his way south, kissing down her neck and then kissing down along the plunging V of her dress’s neckline.

Jess moaned again, and her hands worked under Bryan’s shirt now, caressing his hard chest. Her hands ventured lower, now fumbling with his belt. Bryan slipped the dress off her shoulder, taking the strap of her bra with it, revealing the pale flesh of her breast. He kissed that too, and tugged it down to reveal her nipple. It hardened as he took it in his mouth, and Jess groaned out her pleasure, arching her back and grinding her hips into his lap. Even through the layers of fabric still separating them, he could feel the heat of her pussy, and his cock twitched in anticipation.

She had undone his belt by now, and her hands groped between them, and when she found the elastic to his boxer briefs, she pulled down. His cock sprang free, and she immediately wrapped her fingers around it and began to stroke him.

It was Bryan’s turn to groan his appreciation, and he slid his own hands down and pushed her skirt the rest of the way, until it bunched up around her stomach. He slid his hands up and down the edge of the black lace panties, and he could feel the moist heat emanating from her pussy.

“God, Bryan, don’t tease me!” she begged. As if to underscore her point, she increased the speed of her ministrations on his cock. He jumped at the sudden increase in intensity, and obligingly slipped a thumb under her panties and began to rub up and down her pussy.

His thumb was slipping inside her without any resistance, even though he was trying just to brush over her lips. She lowered her face to his and kissed him, hard. Their tongues dueled, and she pressed him harder into the bench of the cab.

His thumb, still exploring beneath her panties, came to rest on the hard nub of her clit, and began to rub small, quick circles over it.

“Ohhhh!” she cried, putting one hand onto the cab’s rear deck to steady herself, and pulling herself into him with the other. He found his face buried between her breasts, and he inhaled her aroma as he felt her body tense under his assault. She buried her face down by his ear, and growled into his ear, “God. I’m gonna… Unnnngh!” Her words trailed off into a grunt as he felt her body shiver and release as she came.

She collapsed into him in a heap, whimpering softly from the intensity of her orgasm. But when she sat up, her eyes blazed with a feral lust. “Fuck this, I can’t wait,” she muttered, and she pushed her panties aside with one hand and used the other to position his cock at her wet entrance.

Jess sank onto him with a single motion, burying his cock all the way into her pussy, and they both groaned their pleasure. Her warm walls gripped at him, and she felt his hardness filling up every part of her.

He raised his hips up, pushing further into her, and she gasped with the sensation as his head hit her cervix. Then she pulled up, and felt the emptiness as his cock backed out, leaving only the head inside her. They lingered there for a moment, what felt like a long moment but must have been only an instant, and then she pushed herself all the way down and she felt his hardness fill her again.

They began to fuck in earnest now, she rocking her hips down onto him, and him thrusting deeply to meet every fall of her hips. The sensations washed over him, and he could feel the familiar stirrings of an orgasm begin far off.

“Unh! Unh!” Jess buried her face in his shoulder, trying to stay quiet as she rode him with an urgency that frightened him. “Yes! That’s it! God, don’t stop!” she urged.

Deep within her, she felt the tension begin to rise, and her orgasm start to barrel toward her like a izmir escort wave. He thrust in and out of her, over and over, the rhythm driving her higher and higher, until the tension was unbearable, and the wave of her orgasm threatened to sweep her away.

“Ahem!” the cabbie’s voice shattered their singular focus. “We’re here, ma’am.”

“Goddamn it!” she punched the roof of the cab, her orgasm snatched away from her by the rude intrusion of reality.

The cabbie seemed cowed. “Sorry, miss. The meter was still running while we were sitting here, I didn’t want to…” Apparently, they’d been sitting outside her apartment for a few minutes. Without dismounting Bryan, she reached across the cab, fumbled in her purse, and threw two $20 bills through the slit in the plexiglass. Jess gave a small growl of frustration as she opened the door and climbed off of Bryan with an audible wet plop. She pulled her dress back down as she climbed out.

Bryan fumbled to cover himself, his still-hard cock suddenly exposed. “Um, thanks. For the lift,” he managed as he pulled his zipper closed.

Jess leaned back into the cab and grabbed Bryan, yanking him roughly from the cab. “Don’t bother with the belt,” she growled at Brian. “I’m going to be fucking your brains out again in a minute anyway. ” Then, she leaned back into the cab again and put another $20 bill across the plexiglass with a sweet smile that was the polar opposite of her lust-filled growl at Brian a moment ago. “Sorry,” she said to the cabbie. “I didn’t mean to be a bitch. I just need to get his cock back inside me. Thanks for the ride!”

The stunned cabbie waved at her mutely as she shut the door, and she dragged Bryan up the steps and into her brownstone building. She threw open the outside doors, and led the way to the top of the interior stairs. They paused in front of the door, and Jess turned the deadbolt, then fumbled on her key ring for the keys to the knob.

The keys fell out of her hand and onto the floor. Jess cursed and bent down on one knee to pick them up. Then, she looked up at Bryan, eyes gleaming. “Can you be quiet?” she asked.

Bryan nodded mutely. Without a sound she undid his zipper and pulled aside his briefs, allowing his still semi-hard cock to spring free. Jess lowered her head to his engorged member and kissed slowly along his shaft, then licked him from base to tip. Bryan groaned with appreciation as he felt the wetness of her mouth and the moist friction of her tongue run along his cock, sending rushes of pleasure exploding into his consciousness.

Jess took him in her mouth then, her head beginning to bob slowly up and down. Bryan moaned again with pleasure, and he put out a hand against the apartment door to steady himself. “Oh, god, Jess, you do that so good,” he managed. She moved a little more enthusiastically now, taking four inches into her mouth and then letting it slide out until just the tip was in before descending again and sheathing his cock in her moist mouth.

Bryan felt his pleasure start to glow hotter, and his orgasm begin somewhere far off. He grunted his approval, loudly enough for the neighbors to hear, but he was beyond caring as this woman that he had fantasized about since the day she had set foot in the office gave him the most amazing blowjob of his life.

He realized, somewhere dimly in the back of his consciousness, that she was now taking all of him in her mouth, and that her mouth was firmly nestled against the base of his cock. His head felt the tightness of her throat, and his cock twitched with the knowledge that she was deep-throating him.

Jess looked up at him, never disengaging his cock. Her hand was between her own legs, reaching under her dress and her fingers drawing furious circles over her clit.

Bryan felt his orgasm rising closer, and he could feel the warmth beginning to spread through his tensing body, a sure sign that he was approaching the point of no return.

But with a primal urge, he realized that he didn’t want to cum in Jess’s mouth. He had to have her. Bryan took his hand off the wall and guided her head off his cock. “What? Did you not…” Jess began to ask.

Bryan cut her off by reaching under her arms and pulling her off the floor, then pushing her roughly against the wall. Jess gave a small squeal of surprise and delight, and his hands groped at the hem of her dress, pushing it up to her waist. Jess, clearly on board with the plan, gave a small hop and wrapped her legs around him, and he felt her pussy lips part to accept his throbbing cock.

He thrust up into her, her wet pussy accepting most of his length, and Bryan let gravity do the rest, letting her slide down the rest of the way until he was deep inside of her. Jess gasped with the sensation of his rock-hard cock filling her up, and she could feel every inch of him inside, throbbing and warm and hard.

Bryan pulled almost all the way out of her, and then thrust up hard, izmit escort pushing her into the wall. Pulses of pleasure shot from Jess’s pussy through her body, and she gasped with the sensation of him bottoming out, the head of his cock bumping against the entrance to her womb. He pulled back again and again he thrust into her as deeply as he could, gravity helping as he shoved as much of himself into her as he could. Jess again gasped at the sensation, this time moving her own hips slightly to take as much of him as possible.

They began to move against each other with an animalistic lust, and Bryan felt her velvet wetness encasing his cock, over and over as he probed into the deepest parts of her. Jess began to slide down the wall, and he put his hands under her ass to steady her as he continued to pound into her pussy.

Jess could again feel her orgasm welling up inside her, and she cried out her encouragement to him, all thoughts of waking the neighbors long gone from her mind or Bryan’s. “Ungh! Ungh! That’s! It! Don’t! Sto… ahhh!”

Her voice rose to a pitch and volume that Bryan hadn’t heard before as her pussy clamped down on his cock in a violent orgasm. Jess buried her face in his shoulder, trying to muffle her screams of pleasure as the orgasm racked her body. He continued to thrust up into her through her orgasm, as her pussy pulsed around his cock, growing even wetter as she came.

His thrusting had reached a breakneck pace, and he could feel the pressure building past the boiling point. Jess’s small frame bounced up and down with each hard thrust, and gravity sent her entire body down onto his cock, pushing him all the way, it seemed, into her belly. Jess’s own body was tensing with his, and she could feel herself bracing for a second orgasm, hot on the heels of the first.

“Oh, God, Bryan! I’m— ungh! I’m—oh, God!—I’m gonna cum! Ahhh! Again!” Jess cried out, her words punctuated and broken by moans and gasps of pleasure. Bryan, as close as he had been after Jess’s amazing blowjob, was surprised he had lasted this long. Jess’s cries sent him past the point of no return. He pistoned into her harder and faster, grunting now with each thrust.

“God. Jess. I’m gonna cum!” He grunted out.

“Yes!” she cried, still gasping for air after her own orgasm. “Cum with me!”

Somewhere in his haze of pleasure, dimly, Bryan grasped at common sense. “Can I cum inside you? Are you…”

“Yes! Cum inside me, baby! Cum for me! Cum with mee—aiyeeee!!!!”

Her words were too much for him, and his long-delayed orgasm hit him like a freight train. She came at the same time, her pussy clamping down on his cock as he gave one final thrust that seemed to fill her completely, and he groaned out his pleasure as the first spurt of his cum splashed off of the back of her pussy.

Jess buried her face in his shoulder again, this time biting down to stifle her screams. Bryan was vaguely aware of pain, but his pleasure was so overwhelming that he could focus only on the massive orgasm he was having. His cock twitched inside of Jess again, filling her up with even more of his hot seed. Over and over, he shot his cum inside of her as her pussy trembled around him. Their orgasms seemed to go on forever, and they lost themselves in the bliss of the moment as the world narrowed to include only them.

And then they were in the hallway again, her dress bunched up at her waist, her perky tits heaving as she gasped for air in an attempt to recover. Her hair was a mess. Bryan’s pants were around his ankles, and he found himself trembling with the effort of continuing to hold her up. He moved one hand from her bare ass to the wall to steady himself against the rocking aftershocks of his orgasm. They were both covered in sweat, and panting hard from their exertions. His cock was still semi-rigid inside of her still-wet pussy.

“Holy shit!” Jess giggled. “That was…”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “Holy shit.”

They stayed there for a moment, breathing hard, until their reverie was broken by the sound of the deadbolt across the hall clicking open. The door swung open and an older woman in a pink bathrobe and slippers peeked out.

“What on earth is that racket—” the woman’s eyes went wide with shock and both hands went to the “O” of her stunned mouth.

Jess giggled and peeked out from behind Bryan, then waved a hand at the woman. “Hi, Mrs. Berenstein. This is my coworker Bryan. We were just coming from happy hour.”

Bryan suppressed a snicker at her pun. Jess looked at him, opening her brown eyes as wide and innocently as she could, and batting her eyelashes a few times for effect. “Bryan, sir, thank you for walking me home. Would you like to come inside for a cup of coffee?”

Bryan laughed. “I’d love that, thank you, miss. A cup of coffee sounds delightful.” Jess slid off of him then, his cock sliding out of her with a slurp, and smoothed out her dress. Bryan pulled up his pants and held them loosely at his waist.

Jess turned the doorknob lock and opened the door to her apartment. Bryan followed her inside. “Good night, Mrs. Berenstein!” Jess called out as the door closed behind her.

Mrs. Berenstein remained rooted to the same spot, agape and staring at Jess’s closed apartment door.

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