After Work Fun between Co-Workers


I used to work as a CNA at a Nursing Home, surrounded by women all the time, most of whom were married or had boyfriends. Many of these women would rub up against me with their tits, or would casually brush their hand against my ass. It could be both arousing and frustrating sexually. I had some interesting times working that job…

My co-worker Angie had offered to give me a ride to and from work for a few days on second shift, til my car got outta the shop. She was a cute, short, thick bodied, brown haired woman, with dark brown, bedroom eyes. She and I laughed and cut up a lot when we worked together. Well, tonight was different.

While we were outside at the laundry room, she was relating how she and husband of three years were not having sex, and that she felt so lonely and disappointed. She was really down. ‘Come here’, i said, moving to give her a hug.

I put my arms around her and she instantly went to embrace me. I had meant to give her a hug, but instead she tilted her head up to kiss me. This was not my first liaison with a married woman. Angie and I started kissing very passionately. She was a very good kisser, putting her whole mouth into it, responding to every motion i made with mine.

Our hands kırşehir escort crept over each others bodies. I slipped one on her ass, and worked the other up under her scrub top and bra. Her breasts were very hefty, large, wonderful mounds to play with. She had grabbed my ass with one of her hands, and had worked the other around to my swelling cock, rubbing it through the fabric of my scrub pants.

We stopped kissing for a moment and just stared at each other. ‘We better stop before we get caught and fired’ she said. I agreed. Later, when it was time for her to take me home, she turned to me and said ‘Do you want to go park for a while?’ Of course, i said yes. We went to a park in town and pulled her car into a space facing away from the road.

She and I started kissing again. This time I got to see and fondle both of those hefty, wonderful, breasts. I kissed on them, sucked on her pointy nipples, and massaged the great roundness of those boobs. She moaned and groaned with appreciation. She needed so much attention.

I then got her scrub pants down to her knees so I could play with her pussy. It was hairy. It was as if someone let the grass grow up around the playground. Undeterred, kocaeli escort i found her magic button and started to gently caress it, and slipped my fingers around the lips of her pussy. She was already soaked. She may have come already. I soon would make sure.

I worked her pussy with my fingers, and kissed her mouth passionately. Then i buried my head between her legs, somehow managing to bury my face between her thighs, so i could use my tongue to lick her pussy. It was an awkward position, with my head between her legs, and my right shoulder jammed under the edge of the steering wheel.

Thank God for tilt steering! Angie moaned and groaned, grabbing my hair, and bucking her body a bit, slamming my shoulder into the wheel every time she did it. I held on! I was not giving up. She bucked extra hard and moaned louder. I came up for air, and plunged two fingers of my right hand into her soaked pussy box. I furiously worked that opening until a gush of pussy juices flowed out in a splash. Angie let out an exasperated moan, clutching at me with right hand.

I pulled my hand out, licked my fingers, and sat back in my own seat. My cock was rock hard. She could see the bulge in my pants konya escort and was reaching for it. I pulled down my scrubs to let her have it. She bent her body over and started to suck me off. It turns out that the mouth that was such a great kisser was talented in other ways as well. She worked my cock in and out of her mouth like a pro, savoring it at first, enjoying the head, and then pumping the shaft, finally taking in the full length of it.

She didn’t bother to stroke it, she just worked her head up and down the length of my hard shaft. i pulled her long hair out of her face to get a good view of the action. i stroked her pretty face, moaning in ecstasy as she got me close. ‘I’m gonna cum’ i told her, feeling the pressure building close to the top. I told her to warn her, but she just went faster. I came in her mouth, a big load. I shook and shuddered as it shot out. She didn’t stop sucking me til all the cum was all gone.

She finally brought her head back up. There was no cum left on my semi hard cock. She had cleaned it all off. We were both happy and finished, sweaty and tired. ‘I guess we better go’ she said, with a little smile. She drove me home. We repeated this scene a few more times over the next few days til my car got fixed. Angie and I soon lost contact with each other for a while, after she changed jobs. We later reconnected online.

Angie and i are still friends. She is still married, and now trying to be a good wife. I am trying hard to be a good friend, and not be a temptation in her life…

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