Alex , Lucy: Strangers


I wait for you just outside London. The train is late, but I know it will be here soon. The third carriage from the front, that’s what we’ve arranged, and just as I start to feel a tingling at the thought of you, I hear the train approaching. As the windows flow past me, I look inside; and there you are, reading your newspaper, every inch the businesswoman.

I board the train and, as we’d hoped, the carriage is busy but not full. I glance around, pretending to look for an empty pair of seats, but finding none I approach you.

“Excuse me,” I ask, gesturing at the bag you’ve placed on the seat next to you. “Is this seat taken?”

“No,” you reply, just glancing at me as you take the bag off the seat, and I sit down next to you. There hasn’t been the slightest indication of recognition between us. I’d wondered if we’d manage to do this without smiling and breaking the spell, but we’re both in control, so far at least.

You return to your newspaper, and I take a book from my case. A man and a woman sit opposite us, across the table. Neither of them is reading; they’re just casually looking around and watching out the window as the train pulls out of the station.

As you read, you lift your newspaper slightly, and I glance at you. Keeping my book held in my right hand, and not lifting my eyes from the page, I drop my left hand down and move it across behind the shield of your paper, resting it on your thigh. I feel the warmth and softness of you as I rub my thumb around into your flesh. You do not react, except to move your attention to a different story in the paper. Are you reading it at all now, I wonder. I glance up at the passengers opposite. They have no idea what we’re doing. I look furtively around the carriage to see if it is safe to carry on, then start walking with my fingers towards the buttons that run up the length of your skirt. I undo one, then two; just enough room to let me slip my hand inside, feeling the smoothness of your skin as I gently brush my fingers over the inside of your thigh. I have to shift and wriggle slightly in my seat to help my stiffening cock work into a comfortable position in my shorts. Then, as my eyes focus on nothing as they pretend to read, I ease my hand slowly up the inside of your thigh. It is only when my fingers reach the lovely junction of flesh at the very top of your thigh does the realisation hit me; you’re not wearing any panties. My heart, racing already, jumps in my chest and I have to look at your face, just for a moment. A barely detectable smile crosses your lips for a moment as you move to another story in your paper.

My fingers worm around, stroking the smoothness of you, then brushing over your light fur. The tip of my finger feels the swell of your lips and I run my finger up and down along the length of you, wriggling softly, tempting you to open for me. I feel your thighs part slightly, and then my cock twitches as your wetness welcomes my finger as it slips just inside your slippery pussy, easing along your slit, stroking you, teasing you. I give a little cough and clear my throat softly, the nearest I can come to letting you know how delighted and aroused I am.

I stroke your wet flesh, easing my finger up toward your clit, and I groan aloud when my finger brushes against it. I turn my groan quickly into a cough as I rub softly, so softly, around your slippery smooth clit, so hard and fat and proud under my touch. I can feel your hips rolling softly into the seat, and I hear the siirt escort softest whimper from you. I glance across at you and there is a look of distracted concentration on your face as you try not to give yourself over to the feelings within you. I let my finger brush softly over the head of your clit, then move it down, slipping along the length of your pussy lips. I shift in my seat slightly to let my arm reach forward a little, then ease my finger deep into your smooth wet pussy. I worm and stroke inside you for a few seconds, then, knowing that we’re approaching the end of the line, I slip my finger out of you and out from under your skirt. Bringing my hand to my face, I scratch my head distractedly, then, with my hand casually resting against my face and checking that nobody’s looking, place my wet finger in my mouth. I hear a little sigh and a noise in your throat as you notice what I’m doing. The driver announces that we’re approaching the station, and you prop the paper up against the edge of the table so you can button your skirt.

As the train pulls in to the platform, the passengers gather their belongings and rise and shuffle along the carriage. Getting up to leave, we glance at each other and smile for a moment. We join the group of people gathering near the door to get off the train, and I move close behind you. The crown moves forward a little, then stops. I let my inertia carry me against you, holding myself there for a moment, pressing my hard cock against your backside. As I hold myself against you, I feel a trickle of pre-cum oozing out of me, then we part and we step down off the train. With a final glance and a secret smile, we part in the crowd.

A few hours later, I’m in a pub, sitting nursing a pint, my head dreamy and my cock half-hard at the thought of seeing you again. You’re in your meeting now, and I know I can’t disturb you, but I want you to know that I’m here, thinking of you. I take out my phone, and tap in a message.

“looking forward to tonight. aching to taste you, to fuck you.”

I send the message, knowing that your phone will beep in your meeting. I know you won’t be able to read the message straight away, but I hope you’ll guess it’s from me and that your mind can wander for just a moment to think of me.

That evening, I walk into the hotel and see you sitting at the bar. You’re dressed more glamorously now, in a silky blouse and skirt, and you’re wearing a little more make-up than you would normally feel comfortable with. You look… and the thought thrills me even as I’m embarrassed to think it… slightly slutty. You take a last sip from your long drink, and take a drag on a cigarette. I’ve never seen you smoke before, and it’s very easy to imagine we’re meeting for the first time.

The bar is fairly full, mostly guys in town on business, and you are attracting admiring looks. I sit on a stool next to you, and I feel the men in the room watch me as I sit down, feel their desperation for you to reject me.

“Would you like another of those?” I ask, gesturing at your empty glass. You look at me, playing the suspicious single woman to perfection.

“Yes. A gin and tonic. Double. Thanks.”

I order the drink, and one for myself.

I raise my glass to her. “So. You in town on business?”

“Yes,” you reply. “You?”

“No, strictly pleasure.”

We talk for a while, and as we talk, you turn on your stool toward me. I flick my eyes down to the sinop escort swell of your breasts and notice the subtle outline of your nipples. Not your usual bra, I think to myself. I rest my hand casually on your knee as we chat.

“So, do you have a name?” you ask me.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I do. Alex.”

“Well, I’m pleased to meet you, Alex. My name’s Lucy.”

We smile and shake hands. I place my hand back on your knee, but let it slide down to the inside of your leg, softly stroking as we talk, feeling my cock swell. I casually put my hand in my pocket and try to secretly re-arrange myself to make my arousal less obvious. We talk about nothing, idle chat, both of us knowing what we really want. I lean toward you.

“I have to tell you Lucy, and I hope I’m not being too forward here, that you look fabulous. Good enough to eat, in fact.”

You look down and smile. Then you look up at me and lean toward me.

“Why thank you, Alex,” you say softly.

I smile at you and lean toward your ear, whispering to you.

“I know we’ve only just met Lucy, but I wonder if we might be able to go somewhere a little more private.”

“You mean my room, for instance?”

I look seriously at you. “I’d like that. Very much.”

We stand, and you lead me across the bar to the lifts. I can feel the men in the bar lusting for you, hating me. We stand silently waiting for the lift. I want to touch your hand, to let you know that everything’s OK, but I don’t want to break the spell.

The lift arrives and we enter. The lift door closes and I turn toward you, moving closer. You lean back against the wall and I stand with my face inches from yours. I look you in the eyes, calm and determined, then lean to your ear.

“I am going to fuck you, Lucy,” I whisper.

“I know you are,” you reply.

We don’t smile; we’re too lost now, too desperate for each other. The lift arrives at your floor and we go to your room.

Once inside, we turn to each other and kiss, our mouths and tongues a rolling wet mess of gasping passion. I grasp at your breasts as we kiss, pressing them against you and squeezing them, adoring their fullness, feeling your bra through the fabric of your blouse.

I turn us around as we kiss and walk forward toward the bed. When you reach the bed, I reach down and lift your skirt up over your hips, then slip a hand down into your panties, kissing you hard again. My finger feels your lovely wet pussy again and I feel you moaning into my mouth. I drop to my knees and pull your panties down your legs, taking off your shoes before slipping the panties off over your feet. I stand and kiss you, pushing you gently backwards until you fall onto the bed, your skirt around your waist.

As you lie there, I take my shoes and socks off, then take off my trousers, my cock hard and proud, its oozings staining the front of my shorts.

I kneel down between your legs and slip my arms under your knees, lifting them up and apart as my mouth moves down towards you. I lick the soft smooth skin at the top of your thighs, making you sigh in pleasure and frustration. Then I run the tip of my tongue along the length of your pussy, swishing it from side to side, easing the lips apart, then pushing deep into you, fucking you with my tongue. I move up to lick softly around your magnificent clit, rolling it around under my tongue, sucking it softly into my mouth. I lick softly şırnak escort but with passion, my heart singing and my cock weeping at the joy of teasing and pleasing your delicious cunt.

I move onto the bed beside you, kneeling by your head. I grasp my cock, fiercely hard now, and begin to stroke, the head slick and shiny from the pre-cum dribbling out of me. You lift up onto your elbow and place your mouth over the head of my cock, sucking me deep. I reach down and unbutton your blouse as your mouth works its warm wet magic on me. My hips gently rock, my cock slipping in and out of your mouth as I spread your blouse open. Your hand reaches down and caresses your pussy as your tongue wraps itself around my cock. Your moans feel lovely on me as I slowly, softly fuck your mouth, feeling more pre-cum flowing from me.

An overwhelming desire to fuck you builds in me, and I slowly slip my cock from your mouth and move down to kiss you.

“Turn over,” I say, helping you up and around onto all fours in front of me. I see your hand reaching down between your legs and I stroke my hard aching cock as I watch you slip your fingers inside yourself then ease them out to roll them around over your clit. I take my shirt off as I watch you, then move up behind you, my hard cock straining to feel the warmth and wetness of your pussy. I slip my hand between your legs and slip my finger into you, stroking you and feeling your own hand teasing and rubbing your clit. I walk forward on my knees, pointing my cock down at you until I feel the head brushing against your pussy. You grasp my cock and guide me into you. Then I fuck you. There’s no other word for it. This isn’t “making love”; it’s fucking, pure and perfect. Slow and deep, then hard and furious. We moan together as we fuck, calling each other’s names, the juices from your pussy flowing out around my cock and down over my balls. Slowing my hips, I reach forward and up under the back of your blouse to undo your bra, then lean forward to cup your lovely swinging breasts as I fuck you, pinching and pulling at your nipples, making you shriek softly. I feel your pussy convulsing and your breathing quicken as your orgasm builds within you. I lean back up straight to fuck you as hard as I can, my cock pressing against the front of your pussy as it slams into you. You give great heaving gasps as you cum, and I softly fuck as your breathing settles and your orgasm subsides. I ease out of you, gasping aloud at the delicious feeling as the head of my cock slips from the grip of your soaking silky cunt.

“I want you to see me cum for you,” I say.

“On my tits. Please,” you tell me, gasping for breath. “I love it when you cum on my tits. I mean… when men cum on my tits.”

I move to kneel beside you and you turn to lie on your back, half propped on one arm to angle your lovely full breasts toward me, your blouse wide open and your nipples full and hard. As I stroke myself, my cock sticky and slick with our mingled juices, you lean forward and take the head of my cock in your mouth, tasting yourself, then you settle back again, reaching to softly finger your clit as you watch my frantic wanking, my cock aimed at your chest. It doesn’t take me long.

“Oh, God… Lucy… fuuuckkkk,” I cry, as I cum in great thick spurts. You moan as you watch the cum squirting and dribbling from me, wild blasts and ropey drools coating your breasts and neck. You trail your fingers through the messiness and around over your breasts, then put your fingers in your mouth and lick them clean, moaning.

You pull me down on top of you, and my chest presses against yours, my cum slimy between us as I kiss you, tasting myself on your lips.

We hold each other tightly in our arms and kiss softly, strangers no more.

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