All Grown Up Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Note: If you haven’t already, read All Grown Up, which is the prequel to this story.

A couple of years had passed since Kim and I had spent our first hot night together in over twenty years, but we’d stayed in touch and occasionally discussed how special that night had been. When her daughter elected to go to college in Colorado, I wasn’t really expecting an opportunity for another get-together because I knew that delivering her first-born to this new phase in her life would be extremely emotional for Kim. Because of that, I kind of hung back and stayed out of the discussions that came up on Facebook as freshmen orientation approached. Even when Kim said that she might need a ride from DIA to Colorado Springs because her daughter and husband would be arriving a couple days ahead of her due to her work commitments, I was torn because I didn’t know if I could be in a car with her for ninety minutes and be a good boy. Fortunately for me, Kim not only wasn’t expecting that but was hoping for something else entirely.

When she finally straight out asked me if I thought we could recreate the intensity of that night in Orlando in a car during a drive down to Colorado Springs, I knew we could get pretty fucking close. While giving the appearance of total innocence to everyone else, behind the scenes we were discussing how to make the most of the trip and where we could make a brief stop along the way. I was pleased that Kim had proposed taking advantage of our proximity and wondered to myself whether it wasn’t also going to be a stress release for her, as well.

On the evening of her arrival, I heard from Kim as I was on my way to the airport and it sounded like we’d be hitting the passenger pick-up area at pretty close to the same time. As I pulled into the covered area, I spotted her pretty quickly waving me down and pulled over. I wondered if the short sundress she was wearing had been selected for my benefit based on my reaction to the similar one she’d worn in Orlando.

“Nice sundress,” I said as I went in for a hug.

“I thought you might like it,” she replied, “and I’m wearing the exact same thing under it as I wore last time.”

I ran my hands down over her ass, not to check the veracity of her claim, but just to get my hands on it again while pulling her against the growing bulge in my shorts. We didn’t have the luxury of being able to stand there for very long with Denver being a very busy airport, so I let her go and threw her bag in the back of the Explorer as she hopped up into the passenger seat. As we rolled back out into daylight, she reached over to check on the bulge she’d felt and, although it had relaxed a bit, it started growing again as she massaged it.

“Am I going to miss any spectacular sights if I lower my head for a bit?” she asked, feeling my cock nearly at full rigidity.

“The mountains aren’t going anywhere,” I replied, “so knock yourself out.”

Getting up on her knees on her seat, she reached over to open my shorts and I raised my ass so that she could work them and my underwear down enough for my cock to spring out. She took it in her hand and pumped it before bending over and wrapping her lips around it, sliding them down. I moaned as she inhaled my cock and started to move her mouth up and down it while pumping the base. I was careful to maintain my speed along Peña Boulevard as I relished the pleasure of having my cock in Kim’s mouth again. I ran my right hand along her back and around to cup her swinging tit, gently tugging on her hard nipple through her dress. Looking over at the curve of her ass up in the air, I thought about getting my hands on it again and just found myself even more aroused.

Kim was going yalova escort to town on my cock and I quickly felt an orgasm beginning to build due to her superior oral skills. I knew that, in a different situation, she might make sure to draw out the pleasure she was providing, but I suspected because of how voraciously she was sucking my cock that this time she didn’t want to distract me from driving for too long. That certainly didn’t make it any less enjoyable and I felt as though I was savoring every bit of pleasure while still remaining focused on the road as we approached I-70. I could feel myself tensing up as my orgasm approached and tried to relax so that I wasn’t stomping down on the accelerator, but it wasn’t easy with Kim’s mouth working on me. We were hitting the exit for I-225 when I let out a loud moan and started to spurt into her mouth.

As I rounded the curve on the flyover, Kim was swallowing my load and nursing out all of the cum I had to give her. She raised her head as I was easing us into traffic and looked around as she wiped her mouth. There wasn’t a whole lot to see on that stretch of I-225, but the scenery would improve the further south we traveled.

“Spectacular, as usual,” I told her.

“If only ‘as usual’ could be more frequently,” she said.

“Two years was a more tolerable wait than twenty-two,” I pointed out, “How about showing me what is under that sundress.”

Traffic was stop-and-go, so I was able to get my shorts and underwear back up, but she wanted to be careful to only give me a show so she didn’t cause any accidents. Slouching against her door, she spread her legs and raised the hem of her sundress to show me that her pussy was shaved clean and smooth this time and highlighted by the tanlines from her bikini. I could feel the blood already attempting to return to my spent cock. She raised her dress even higher to show off her succulent tits and I knew that, aside from fucking her when we stopped, I was going to lick her smooth pussy and fuck her luscious tits. Because the Explorer was so large, I couldn’t reach over to stroke her smooth pussy, so I beckoned her closer and she lowered her dress and moved over closer to me while also fastening her seat belt. I knew the traffic would slow us down a bit and there was no reason she should wait until we got to Castle Rock before she received a little stimulation, so I ran my fingers over her smooth pussy as she let out a sigh.

She was very wet so I was able to alternately pump a finger in and out of her juicy pussy and lightly caress her clit. She had her eyes closed and her hips were subtly rocking while the occasional moan slipped out. I was able to keep us safely moving south as I worked her up and I knew that, despite it being in the Explorer, our stop in Castle Rock was going to be steamy and satisfying. I navigated us onto I-25 while my fingers continued to work their magic on her hot pussy but we hadn’t made it to Arapahoe Road when she gasped and her body started to shake. Her orgasm was longer and more intense than I had expected due to digital stimulation, but I suspect that she’d been building up since we’d first agreed that I’d drive her to the Springs and this was just the big initial release.

I licked off my fingers as she caught her breath then she smiled and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek. As we got further south on I-25 and the mountains were more visible, Kim was taking them in and asking questions which I did my best to answer.

“Where are we stopping?” ended up being one of those questions as we passed the exit for C-470 and E-470.

“Castle Rock,” I reminded her.

“How much farther is it?” she asked.

“Not much,” I replied, “We’ll probably be there in ten to fifteen minutes.”

“Good,” she said, “because if it was any longer, I’d probably have to suck your cock again in the meantime.”

I’d scoped out a few potential locations along the route from the airport to Colorado Springs and Castle Rock appeared to have the best possibility of parking somewhere and not being noticed even if we were fucking like crazed monkeys. We took the exit and I navigated us to parking area that would give us privacy without making the Explorer look suspicious. Once I’d shut the car down, we started to make out and grope each other in the front yozgat escort seat before agreeing to move to the back seat. I had her go first so I could push her dress up as she squeezed between the seats and massage her ass. Of course, with her pussy peeking out below her ass, I had to lean in and give that a lick as well. Kim stopped and moaned while I licked her pussy, then continued through to the back seat.

“You can just finish that up when you get back here,” she informed me and I had no problem with that. I was back there quickly and pushing up her dress as she leaned against the door, spreading her legs for me. I lowered my head and immediately started to lick her juicy slit, lapping up her flowing juices. She moaned and grabbed my head in both hands but she didn’t have to worry about me going anywhere before she’d cum; I was perfectly content to have my face between her thighs once again and would only have wished for more time to spend there. I slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy and put my tongue to work on her clit, causing her to moan even louder and start humping her pussy toward my face as I ate her. By this point, my cock was definitely ready to go again so, when she did cum, I was prepared to slip it into her as quickly as possible.

While I was eating her and giving her as much pleasure as I knew how, I was also relishing the opportunity to be between her thighs again because there was no way to know when I’d have another. It wasn’t the first time we’d been in this position in the back seat of a parked car, so the circumstances weren’t putting either of us off and, in fact, it was almost nostalgic. The longer I ate her, the louder she was getting and the more frenetic her movements as she got closer and closer to another orgasm. I was pretty certain that her orgasm was building so quickly because there had been so much anticipation not because she was in a rush to get back on the road. I glanced up and saw the passion in her facial expression, feeling glad that I was able to put it there.

She started to tense up, her back arching, as she approached the verge then went limp as her body shook while she came. I continued to lap at her clit and finger her now-even-wetter pussy, wanting this orgasm to be as intense as the previous one. When she finally went quiet and still, I raised my head and reached for the bottom of the row of buttons that ran up the front of her dress. I was probably about a third of the way up when she sat up.

“Get those shorts off,” she said and took over unbuttoning her sundress. I shed my shorts and underwear then slid over to the middle of the back seat while she straddled me. As she guided my throbbing tool into her pussy, I finished unbuttoning her dress and pulled it open, my hands going right to her tits. We both moaned as she lowered herself onto my cock while I caressed her soft, smooth tits and hard nipples. She sat there feeling it inside her for a moment before starting to slowly ride it. My attention was on her tits, studying her large areolas and hard nipples while my hands gently caressed them. Her pussy felt fantastic, so hot and so wet sliding up and down my tool as she gradually increased her pace. She was holding onto the back of the seat behind me and, as she rode me harder, her tits started bouncing and nearly hypnotized me.

She finally got my attention by grabbing each side of my face and turning it up so that she could kiss me. We started making out as she bounced up and down on my tool and my hands began exploring the rest of her body, sliding over her waist and hips and around to her ass. Remembering how she had responded to anal stimulation the last time we’d been together, I was thinking about slipping a finger between her ass cheeks to help her along. For the moment, though, I was just enjoying having her pussy sliding up and down my tool and the soft, smooth flesh of her body available for caressing.

When she pulled her mouth from mine and seemed to be verging on yet another orgasm, I did slip a finger down between her ass cheeks and massaged her asshole. It worked like a charm and she was suddenly crying out and convulsing as her pussy flooded my cock with even more natural lubrication. She’d lost her rhythm as she came and was randomly slamming herself down on my tool, which still felt pretty good ankara escort to me, but once she’d ridden out her orgasm, I suggested a change of position. We were limited by being inside the Explorer, but we agreed that doggie-style should work just fine. She climbed off of me while slipping completely out of her sundress and I backed up toward the door as she got on all-fours. I couldn’t help but lean down and run my tongue between her cheeks where my finger had just been and it sent a shiver through her. Straightening up as much as I could, I guided my cock back into her pussy and took her by the hips. I pulled her toward me until my hips were touching her ass then started to slowly fuck her.

“Make sure you don’t cum inside me,” she said, “I might have tough time explaining that away.”

I had every intention of cumming inside her, just not in her pussy and I figured some gum or breath mints could take care of any remaining evidence. In the meantime, I planned to savor her pussy for a bit longer before moving on to other stimulating body parts. Once I had a nice rhythm going, I moved my hands up from her hips to cup her swinging tits. Feeling their soft, smooth flesh in my hands again just aroused me further and may have resulted in me fucking her even harder, my hips smacking against her ass. I saw that she had reached down between her legs, I assumed to stroke her clit as I fucked her.

The longer I caressed her tits, the more I wanted to fuck them again, despite how hot her pussy was feeling. I ended up pulling out of her and asking her to turn over so I could fuck her tits and she willingly obliged. I straddled her and lay my cock between her tits then she squeezed them together. I started to slide my cock against the soft, smooth flesh and moaned because it felt so good. I was looking down at her tits squeezed together around my cock while her attention appeared to be on my cock as it moved in and out between them. I’d started feeling the stirrings of my second orgasm as we’d been fucking and it started to build in earnest as I fucked her tits but I was confident that I’d have enough time to thoroughly enjoy both her tits and her talented mouth before I blew another load.

I continue to slowly fuck her tits until I was feeling that my orgasm was pretty close, figuring that I’d already had my cock in her mouth for a while earlier so I would be okay if her tits and mouth didn’t get equal time here in the back seat. I savored the building pleasure the soft, smooth flesh of her tits was providing but, as I felt my cock beginning to swell even more in anticipation of cumming, I had to release her tits. I moved up and guided my cock toward her mouth as she grasped it with one hand and wrapped her lips around it. She pumped the base as she bobbed her head up and down on my shaft and I relished yet another level of pleasure.

With her oral skills at work, my orgasm was building very quickly from the moment her hot mouth engulfed my tool. I savored the pleasure while I had the opportunity but too soon I was pumping a load into her mouth. She swallowed everything I had to give and continued to milk my cock with her mouth until there was nothing left to give. I pulled out and we sat side-by-side in the back seat as I caught my breath.

“Thank you,” she said, “I really needed that.”

“No, thank you,” I replied, “I really enjoyed that.”

“We should probably get moving, though,” she said, “so I can spend some time with my daughter.”

She turned and reached into the back of the Explorer to retrieve something from her bag and I couldn’t resist running my hand over her bare ass. I didn’t know when, or if, I’d get another opportunity. When she sat back down, she had a bra and panties in her hand.

“Something else I’d have a tough time explaining,” she simply said and started to slip the panties on. I started pulling my underwear and shorts back on as well though my focus was on her. I watched as she slipped her bra on then retrieved her sundress and pulled that back on as well. Once she was covered up again, we hopped out of the Explorer for a breath of fresh air before climbing back up front and heading back to the interstate.

I had a contingency plan of stopping in Monument but, by the time we were approaching, I didn’t think either of us was feeling like we needed one last quickie. Our stop in Castle Rock had been highly charged and supremely satisfying. We were both in high spirits and that was good enough, although one of the last things Kim said as we were approaching Colorado Springs was “I’ve got to work on some excuses to get out here a few times during the school year.”

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