All Grown Up Christmas Ch. 04


All Grown Up — Interlude

Jenny’s Experiment

Jenny walked into the student housing “pod” ready to be disappointed. She was away from home for the first time, and would be living with three strangers, but at least not her tomboyish tween little sister Kelly. Each student would have their own bedroom, complete with study space, and one common room, with a tiny kitchen at one end, and a bathroom at the other. Despite assurances by the colorful brochure, she had noticed the pictures of the unit itself were all drawings, which inspired very little confidence. All four women would share the two bathroom sinks and one shower stall, and taking turns wouldn’t be much fun, she thought wryly.

She was brunette, a natural brunette, she joked with herself. She had lightly tanned skin and thick luxurious black hair that fell down to the middle of her back. Her breasts were full and large, and the nipples only four boys so far had seen were large and dark, very responsive to fingertips and gentle kisses. She thought her hips were a little wide, but she’d had two hard cocks inside her in high school, neither boy complaining about her hips, width or otherwise. There was no one feature that made her beautiful, but taken together men found her breathtaking.

She had gotten to the pod first, and selected the room closest to the bathroom, tossing her suitcase and duffel on the bed. There was also a common co-ed bathroom on the floor, rows of sinks and stalls, but no showers, or, thankfully, urinals, in case the pod’s bathroom was busy.

Taking in her room took seconds. The walls were a bilious shade of institutional green, tolerable in short stretches. A single bed was at one end, with an industrial style lamp and nightstand shoved up against it, and a small desk with a matching lamp on the opposite end. A tiny window, a vertical slit maybe nine inches wide, split the room, standing mute sentinel over the three-drawer dresser, and that was it. The switch by the door, she found, turned on the fluorescent fixture centered in the room, which had a teeth-gritting hum to it; she switched it off immediately.

The other three arrived through the afternoon, and the last to arrive was a voluptuous and very talkative redhead. She introduced herself as Celeste, and took the room next to hers.


“Brrr! F-fucking cold in there!” Jenny saw how cold through Celeste’s sweater. The redhead’s nipples were obvious, and her cheeks too rosy for being indoors by half. She shivered and grabbed a blanket to curl up on the sofa. Glaring with good humor at her friend, she added, “No wonder nobody took that room! The other night I thought Bobby”—her third boyfriend in as many months—”woke up with a hard-on, but it was just frozen stiff!”

Jenny chuckled, but didn’t like the cramped, chilly space, either. It was their second January in the dorms, and this year was much colder than last. Mom and Dad’s big mansion back home had been more wonderful than she had realized at the time, and living with three other women wasn’t for her. “I have an idea, Celeste. Are you tired of being one of the ‘pod’ people?”

Celeste snorted. “So fucking done. What are you thinking?”


By spring quarter, Celeste had moved on to boyfriend number four, and both young women into a more spacious student unit across campus, an actual apartment, two bedrooms, a full kitchen and more spacious bathroom, with a separate and well-defined living room. It was usually reserved for grad students and married couples, but both their parents had agreed to chip in on the new digs, and Celeste’s father had some pull with the campus. While it wasn’t as big as her parents’ house, it was actually slightly larger than the ‘pod’ they had shared with two others, and Jenny could at least stretch without barking her knuckles on either side of her room.

Celeste stormed in and slammed their new front door. “He’s an asshole,” she groused to no-one in particular, and stormed to her room. Jenny gave her a few minutes, and knocked softly.

“Hey, Celeste, can I come in?” The muffled noise may have been a yes, and she took it that way. Celeste was sitting hunched over in the middle of her bed, fists clenched in fury, glowering at the wall. “Celeste?” Jenny sat next to her friend, and put a sisterly arm around her shoulders.

Celeste sighed and relaxed slightly into Jenny’s side. “I’m done with him.”


“Yeah. Socialist asshole. Caught him fucking Stacey this morning, walked in on them while he was balls deep in her cunt, and he didn’t even pull out. He said it didn’t mean anything to him, just ‘sharing the wealth’. She didn’t like it either, punched him in the balls before grabbing her clothes and walking into the hall to put ’em on.”

Jenny had no idea who Stacey was. “Fuck, Stacey was putting her clothes on…”

“In the dorm hallway. I think there was still some cum drying on her, but she was too pissed off to notice.” A lone tear made its way down her cheek. “Fucker!”

They sat together ardahan escort until dusk, Jenny holding her and letting her vent.


Wine is great! Jenny was happy, and more than a little tipsy. Everything was a pleasant, fuzzy haze. She and Timothy had broken up last week, each one bored with the other but unwilling to hurt each other’s feelings, until they finally talked about it and decided there was really no future there. The last thing she wanted on her twentieth birthday was to sit around moping, and Celeste had talked her into a party at a friend’s house.

The little house was filled with pot fumes, too. Contact high!, she exulted. For the first time in months she felt really alive and relaxed, not just stressing over school.

“Jen!” She hadn’t noticed Celeste creep up on her, but was so happy to see her.

“Celeste!” She threw her arms around her, and crushed her to her chest. Their breasts met awkwardly, and Jenny moaned a little at the brief contact. Celeste couldn’t have heard her over the music.

“Jen, let’s get you home. Us home.”

It wasn’t like Celeste to be the death of the party, but Jenny was beyond resisting. In the foyer, she suddenly remembered something. She turned towards Celeste, and kissed her on her lips. Celeste looked stunned, but kissed back. “Just wanted to know…” Her voice trailed off, and she drowsed in the car back to their apartment.


Still in the thrall of the party’s after-effects, Jenny slept until noon. She popped one eye open and was thrilled the shades were still drawn, and a faint throbbing reminded her of how many glasses she had drunk last night. Saturday, so no classes. That comforted her, but a rumble in her tummy reminded her it had been yesterday at lunch when she’d had anything more substantial than peanuts and bar mix.

Stumbling first into the bathroom, then to the kitchen for some food, she saw Celeste sitting with her legs crossed, barefoot on the couch, a couple of books on the table in front of her. She was wearing denim overalls, much more than Jenny’s halter top and panties. Toast and a little bit of juice seemed a prudent start, then she made herself a single scrambled egg and settled on the couch by Celeste.

“Hey, back from the dead! Happy day after birthday!” Celeste’s smile was warm.

She didn’t quite wolf down the egg, but the satisfaction of getting some food down was almost as good as…last night? “What happened?”

“You had a little too much to drink , and a couple of other things, and I just wanted to get you home safe.” The concern was evident in her eyes, and something else.

A barely recalled memory came to mind, but she couldn’t believe she’d done that, and shook her head to loosen the thought, make it fall out of her head entirely.

“Jen, what did you want to know?” She was still making notes, eyes fixed on the pages in her lap.

“Know?” None of that made any sense.

Celeste looked directly at her now. “You said you wanted to know something. Right after you kissed me.”

“No…I did?”

“On my lips, just as we were leaving. It was nice.”

Oh, fuck, I’m turning lesbian for my roommate… “Um, I kissed you?”

“Yes, but I figured it was you being drunk and thinking I was a guy. But it was a nice kiss.”

“Why would I do that?” Her voice was plaintive, almost whiny, and she hated the sound of it in her ears. It reminded her of her sister Kelly, who always wanted what her big sister had, and complained when she didn’t care to understand the years of difference between them, their relative maturity.

“You didn’t say. ‘S why I asked, Jenny.”

“I’m sorry, Celeste. I didn’t mean… I mean… Fuck…”

“Do you remember? Any of it? The party, the wine, the drive home? Kissing me?”

“Um…yes.” She remembered pressing her lips, slightly parted, against Celeste’s, how soft and desirable they were, and how much she’d wanted to do it again.

Eyes still boring into hers, Celeste pressed for more. “Did you like it?”

“Fuck. I’m so sorry…”

“For what? It was nice. Did you like it?”

Jenny hesitated, not sure of the right answer, then admitted, “I did.”

“Okay, I want to know something myself, now.”


Celeste took the papers off her lap, neatly stacked everything on the table, leaving nothing on the couch between them, and slid over so the sides of their legs were touching. She turned to face Jenny, one leg up on the cushions, the other dangling to the floor, and put her palm very gently on Jenny’s cheek, turning her face to hers. “Call it an experiment. Will you like it when we’re both sober?”

Then she leaned in and kissed her.

For two hours, it was all they did. Their hands were on each other’s faces, and around their backs, and holding each other, but Jenny didn’t want to move too fast, didn’t want to commit to their experiment just yet. Celeste was equally tentative, and didn’t want to make another first artvin escort move after leaning over to lock lips with Jenny.

And so they just kissed.

Later, they went to their separate rooms, and Jenny wore a shirt and peach panties to bed. Two in the morning, she still tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Finally, she went to their bathroom, and, in front of the mirror, tossed both items on the floor and masturbated, watching her fingers explore the places Celeste had respectfully not gone. Jenny wished she had, and watched in wonder as her fingers drove themselves in and out of her twat, disappearing within the thick black curls and coming back out shiny and slick. She’d played with herself before, of course, but this was her first time doing it in the mirror. Her orgasm was a silent scream, eager as she was not to wake Celeste, and a little apprehensive of her own restraint if her roommate watched her cum.

Celeste had beaten her to the bathroom by an hour or so, fantasizing about Jenny, wishing they had gone further, perhaps all the way, and watched her own fingers on and in her pussy. Her orgasm was a closed-mouthed affair, barely keeping the moans caged in, watching as her body shook with the delayed satisfaction, and she did it again just before dawn, whispering Jenny’s name with her second climax. More daring than she had thought possible, she had left the bathroom door ajar, just in case Jenny heard a noise and came to investigate. Celeste admitted this to her a month later, and Jenny loved the thought of it.


Saturday they stayed in again, the third time in as many weeks. Mostly they just quietly kept each other company. Kelly had watched Celeste flirt with a foreign student, blond and Slavic, with blue eyes and well-muscled, but she didn’t look really serious about it, or him, and so she stayed in. During the week, they avoided doing more than hugging each other hello, but all three weekends they spent the evening hours making out, on the couch or one of their beds. So far only shirts and bras were ever sacrificed to the floor, and Jenny loved the feel of her roommate’s slightly larger breasts against hers, and the feel of her nipples in the open, not under clothes. They also always made out barefoot. Neither one a virgin, though they behaved like young teens in the first blush of love, expecting their parents to walk in and shame them for their needs.

Jenny found Celeste gorgeous, not just beautiful, but gorgeous. The redhead carefully avoided too much sunlight, reluctant to singe her alabaster skin with a tan. She sported a spray of freckles to either side of her nose, just below the jade green eyes that mesmerized her when they made out. Her breasts were maybe a cup size more generous than Jenny’s own, the nipples smaller and pinker, very sensitive to her kisses and tongue.

She’d seen Celeste naked several times, stepping out of the shower back in the housing pod. Back then, Jenny had studiously ignored her nudity, not from embarrassment, but giving her some illusion of privacy in the decidedly not private living arrangement. Now she found herself reflecting, often, on the flash of pale skin, her full buttocks, and the lush, auburn bush blanketing her pussy. Neither of the other two roommates, who she’d also seen naked, had gotten her attention, or cared to. Jenny yearned to see the other woman naked now, wanted to really see her all over and drink in her beauty without pretending not to see.

Celeste cupped her breast, kissing between her cleavage, trailing her tongue over both nipples. Jenny responded by slipping one hand under Celeste’s waistband, touching the very top of her voluptuous buttocks, and kept her hand there for several minutes, savoring the smooth skin under the panties, squeezing her buttock tenderly, and drawing shuddering breaths at the palm on the side, then the front, of her tit. They both wanted more, but still waited for the right moment.


Two nights later, they ate dinner and started a movie. Both knew they wouldn’t remember what they watched, and the windows and blinds were firmly shut all over the apartment, against anyone who might somehow peer in the second story, or overhear them frolicking on the couch. Neither one of them had acknowledged what they knew deep down was probably going to happen. The movie played for a while before the two of them ignored it utterly and started kissing again. No makeup, since they weren’t trying to attract someone, and their clothes were a final barrier.

“You are very kissable, Jenny…” She proved it with a long, slow kiss which Jenny accepted with open mouth, delicately stroking Celeste’s tongue with her own for long minutes. They weren’t really sure who took what off first, but a sweater wound up on the floor, accompanied intermittently by a bra, a shirt, both pairs of pants, another bra, article after article drifting to the floor. Finally, Jenny hooked a thumb in Celeste’s waistband and slid the skimpy fabric over her bottom, aydın escort exposing the creamy skin to her fingertips. Celeste got up and took them the rest of the way off, and helped Kelly with hers.

Hands all over each other, they caressed and kissed each other’s nipples and bottoms and played with their pussies, delicately stroking and exploring each revealed expanse of skin. Jenny was still in wonder at how much she liked, no, loved, the other woman’s touch, and gasped when Celeste’s fingers found her snatch, and worked their way inside her, delicately sliding in and out, slick with her hot juices. She responded with a passionate French kiss, gripping the redhead’s ass tightly before her orgasm tore through her. Jenny often came while petting or during sex with boys, but this was a whole new level, tantalizing and forbidden and thoroughly wonderful. She shook for a full minute while the breath whooshed in and out of her heaving chest.

Celeste giggled, and Jenny pulled back slightly, frowning. “What’s so funny?”

“We’re still wearing our socks. Like we don’t really want to be naked all the way, just in case someone comes in, and we can say ‘but we’re wearing socks!'” She dissolved into giggles, and Jenny followed suit. They held each other, laughing and kissing, always more kissing, for several minutes loving the feel of their bare skin against each other.

Eventually, their mood calmed from silly to happy, and Jenny was the first to speak. “God, I feel so naughty…” It came out wistfully, with a hint of erotic fervor to it.

“You don’t like feeling naughty?,” Celeste teased.

They kissed again. “No, I love it. It’s just so different. Making out with a guy there’s just one way things are going to go after a while. I love going to that place, but sometimes I like to take a side trip with someone I trust.”

“You still have socks on…”

“So do you!”

Celeste stood, and drew her socks off, one at a time, almost a striptease, and leaned into Jenny. “I’m going to take your socks off now.” It was the sexiest thing Jenny had ever heard. Celeste caressed her thighs, then down her calves, gently peeling first one sock, then the other, off her ankles and feet. “Now we’re all the way naked.”

“We are, but why?”

Celeste leaned forward to kiss her again, a long, languid, loving kiss, then she started to run the tip of her tongue down Jenny’s chin and neck, between her breasts and past her bellybutton. “Because I want you completely exposed when I do this…” Her tongue trailed to Jenny’s clit, then her pussy, and she started to kiss and lick.

Jenny started quivering the moment Celeste’s mouth touched her pussy. Her experience with cunnilingus had been limited to one boyfriend, whose oral skills had been very tentative and only hinted at the pleasure now making her whole body tingle. Celeste was tender but not tentative, making love to her labia and clitoris with her mouth, and gently but firmly penetrating her hole with her tongue. This was, she thought, the right way. She wondered if the redhead had done this before, and realized it didn’t matter.

I want to do this, have this, all night long. Spreading her legs, swinging one over the back of the sofa, she made more room for Celeste to continue, and had to stifle her moans, anxious not to interrupt the flood of sensation she enjoyed, even for a moment, or have anyone know how wonderful it was, except Celeste.

For several minutes, the redhead did nothing but lick her slit up and down, up and down, with a glorious and leisurely rhythm, over and over, carrying her further to the edge. It felt better than any of the four or five cocks and more pairs of fingers she’d had up inside her, and she never wanted it to end. Fuck…I could do this forever… Her friend, now her lover, continued her tongue play, progressing at last to her throbbing clit, sending sensual jolts of electricity up Jenny’s spine, radiating from her slit and her clit all over her body. Celeste took her clit into her mouth, and sucked it all the way in several times, to Jenny’s mounting delight.

She came suddenly, shaking and moaning, unconsciously gripping the top of Celeste’s head, not so much directing her as feeling the direction she was going, shuddering with the orgasm. After a few minutes of slowing her tongue, letting the brunette slowly warm down from her climax, Celeste moved so she was on top of Jenny, and they shared a long series of kisses, savoring the moment.

Breathlessly, Jenny whispered, “Celeste, that was fucking intense. Wonderful… I can’t believe how… Fuck, baby…” Still panting, “Fuck… How many times have you done that…before?”

Celeste stroked Jenny’s bush. “Counting just now, once. Ever.” She kissed Jenny and let one of her fingers slip inside her pussy, just one knuckle deep. “But I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of weeks. Constantly. I wanted it to be…”

“…Perfect,” finished Jenny. “It was, Cee.”

The movie had long since ended, with the obligatory car chase and passionate kissing by hero and heroine on the small screen; they barely noticed in the haze of their mutual lust. Walking hand in hand to Celeste’s bed, they lay there naked and happy, holding each other in the afterglow of what had to be, in Jenny’s estimation, the best orgasm ever. They slept well past dawn.

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