Amorous Goods : True Love’s Path



A lifelong collector of goods and objects from far and wide has passed and left the entire collection and the business built around them to the only remaining relative, a niece on a career path of her own. Vikki has taken on the task of administering the estate and liquidating the business and collection. However, she has come to find out that many of the goods have been cursed or enchanted with amorous powers that affect those who encounter them. These are the stories of some of those encounters with objects found at Amorous Goods.

I’d been living in the city for a few years, I had a good paying job but I worked a lot of hours and it made it hard to really meet someone. There were a few attractive single women in my building but I never knew how to approach them or say anything more than ‘good morning’ or something in the elevator.

I always made a point to stop and talk to the building super whenever I saw him though, he was an older guy, always had a smile on his face and I could spend days listening to his stories. He was a merchant sailor for most of his life so he could tell you a joke or a story about anything and everything that always left me smiling too.

One Saturday afternoon he stopped me as I was headed out for a walk, the door to his office was closed so I hadn’t seen him as I passed.

“Oh, sorry Marcus, didn’t mean to startle you there,” he said, noticing me jump when he called my name.

“Oh is okay Jack, mind was in the clouds,” I replied.

“You mean you were too busy watching Amber’s ass in those yoga pants, I saw you,” he said quietly, playfully poking my arm.

“I… I am not going to deny that, you see everything,” we both laughed.

“You could just ask her out, you know, either her or the other 3 you just gaze at.”

“I don’t know a thing about her though.”

“Well that’s why you take her for coffee and ask questions. You know, it’s actually her birthday next week, you should get her a little something and use it as an icebreaker, ‘Happy Birthday, I got you this, want to come to lunch?’ I won over my first wife that way, losing her to cancer at such a young age broke my heart, why I joined the Merchant Navy all those years ago but I told you that story. Go check out Amorous Goods, it’s almost out of town, 52nd and Broadway, but tell Vikki that Jack sent you, she took over the place from her wonderful Mother. Tell her what kind of thing you’re looking for and she’ll put you right.”

“And you think it’ll work, just here’s a gift, come to lunch?”

“The rest would be up to you young man, what do you have to lose?”

I enjoyed my walk, I spent most of the time planning what I was going to say to her, I figured a nice pendant or something, she always wore such pretty ones and liked green crystals so I planned to get one and try Jack’s suggestion. I showered, ordered a cab and made my way to the store.

The store itself was small, one of those old, can’t believe it’s still around antique looking places but it was very clean on the outside. I made my way inside, the door ringing the little bell at the top of the frame as I walked in. A woman called out from the back ‘Be right with you’ so I looked around as I waited. There was a small table with a sign right at the entrance too, ‘Please put on gloves’ with several sealed bags that contained white cotton gloves.

I muttered ‘fucking Covid, bite me, my hands are clean’ and ignored it and started to wander around looking at stuff.

The store’s name started to make sense as I looked, a lot of the items were sexual in nature, ornate glass and other materials sex toys, clothes and many other things you’d associate with love and sex. I looked at one item, appeared to be a butt plug and looked like it was made of marble with what looked like a ruby at it’s base, I touched the stone to see if it was just glass and suddenly I was watching a vision in my head, a beautiful woman sliding it into herself then dressing in business clothes, snippets of her taking many different men as she wore it.

I pulled my hand away and the vision was gone but I was intrigued. I looked at a beautiful ornate Basque, deep red velvet and adorned with black laces, when I touched that, a vision of a man being helped into it, he was then dressed in a full drag queen outfit before snippets of him singing on stage before a cheering audience.

My curiosity got the better of me and I touched a plain looking vibrator in an ornate box, the vision from it made me dizzy and I almost blacked out, I was the woman being double penetrated while the vibrator buzzed away on her clit, the sensations overwhelming and before I collapsed, I felt my hand being taken and a woman held me on my feet as my vision cleared.

“Sorry I wasn’t out here, the gloves stop you experiencing those visions, just glad you didn’t touch the silver nipple clamps, it’s owner really did like pain,” she said.

“I… I th… thought they were for…” I stammered.

“Yes, ‘fucking covid’ as you put it, it’s okay. Escort bayan Here, drink this and do please put on gloves, you’ll feel better. I’m Vikki, is there something I can help you find?”

Jack didn’t tell me that Vikki was breathtakingly beautiful. She had long red hair, beautiful green eyes, the body of a supermodel and her voice was angelic.

“I… I’m Marcus, Jack said to tell you he sent me.”

“Oooh, how is that handsome old man, still always smiling?”

“I’ve never seen him without one.”

“Good, he was a very good friend of my Mother’s, really looked after her when she got sick. Anyways, what is it you’re looking for?”

“I need a gift really, something small I guess, a woman in my building is really nice, I’d like to give her a gift to break the ice, ask her on a date.”

“Aren’t you supposed to go on the date then get her a gift? You are taking love advice from Jack?” Vikki said with a laugh.

“Well, I uhm, I get kind of shy when it comes to these things and I, you know, it’s not really funny,” I replied, I was getting flustered.

“Oh come on, I’m kidding my dear. I have something you should try on, I know people say these copper bracelet things don’t work but mine is different, it will help your confidence and more. Call it a gift to go with your future purchase, if Jack sent you I know you’re good people,” she said, winking at me.

Vikki put the bracelet on my wrist, it felt amazing, like it gave me a surge of confidence and more, I was astounded.

“It comes with these instructions, read them on your cab ride home. When you know what you want to buy for your lady, come and see me again and we’ll find something unique and wonderful that she’ll just love,” she said, handing me a folded up piece of paper.

“I can’t buy something now?”

“You could but it wouldn’t be perfect, you have to sleep on it. Buying her a brooch or pendant she only wears to work wouldn’t be a great gift.”

“I never told you that’s what I was thinking.”

“Well if you’ve never been with her socially, just in the building, it’s what guys would see.”

“Well thank you for this, I’ll come and see you on Monday.”

“Good, have a wonderful weekend.”

I sat in the cab on my way home, read the first few words of the instructions and put the paper in my pocket, rub three times to activate… ‘yup, got it’ I thought to myself, figuring it was just one of those placebo type things, tell me it’ll give me confidence and boom, I’m suddenly confident. It did make me feel great though, I gave it the three rubs like it said then didn’t think anything further until I got into my building.

Jack’s office was closed, he was likely finished for the day but I got into the elevator at the same time a woman I’d never seen before did too. She was really cute, slim, short haired blonde in a blue summer dress and black stiletto heels.

Being the red blooded, constantly horny man I was, I looked at her and thought to myself ‘oh I’d love her to ravage me’, right as I thought that she turned and smiled at me.

“I have a couple of hours free before work, I’d like that, your place?” she said, moving closer to me.

I was stunned, I knew I didn’t say it out loud.

“Uh, what?” I replied.

“You think I’m hot and you want to fuck me, I’m game, I’m not seeing anyone, I’m clean, long as you have condom’s we can fuck, no strings. Is what you want right?”

“I uh, okay.”

“I’m Claire.”


I almost felt like I was in a dream, the woman kissed me then followed me to my apartment. I was thankful I kept the place clean but she wasn’t looking around at my furniture. Pretty much as soon as I’d closed the door behind her she kicked off her heels, pulled her dress over her head and unclipped her bra, putting both on the back of my couch. She was sexy as hell, she wasn’t wearing panties and had the most amazing ass, when she turned to face me I felt my cock harden, she had small but pert breasts and her pale nipples were pierced. She looked at me with a ‘get naked already’ look and I had never gotten naked so quickly in my life. She took my hand and pulled me over to my bedroom and sat down on the bed facing me. She leaned down and took my cock into her mouth and gave me a few seconds of oral to make sure I was fully hard.

“Where are your condoms?” she said, looking up at me.

I pointed at a box on my bedside table, she pulled one out and rolled it onto my cock then had me get on the bed on my back.

“Usually I’d have you eat me first but since we don’t really know each other and I’m already soaking wet we can skip it this time. You do have a nice cock though,” said Claire as she mounted me.

I always bought the ‘real feel’ condoms, they made wearing them with a new girlfriend more enjoyable and I’m glad I had them, Claire’s pussy was nice and tight, I felt almost like she was trying to milk my cock with each thrust but she was enjoying it. She didn’t slow down, I just enjoyed watching her breasts bounce Bayan escort as she fucked me and soon she was moaning in pleasure. It didn’t take her long to climax with her furious pace, she leaned closer to my chest, her mouth open as if in a silent scream then gasped ‘Oh Fuck Yes’ then ground her hips on my pelvis. When she came down from that she got off me and got on all fours and looked at me.

“S… sorry, I like to be in control so I get to cum, you can fuck me from behind, fill that up when you want. I’ll see you again if you last long enough to make me cum a second time,” she said with a grin.

I didn’t hesitate, I got behind her and admired her ass as I pushed my cock back inside her. She felt just as amazing, I knew I wouldn’t last long but I managed to hold out until I felt her cumming again, the sensation of her climax set me off and I pushed in deep and groaned as I filled the condom.

When I was spent, I pulled out slowly and collapsed with her on the bed.

“Now that was fun, I have to go shower, I live a few floors up from you, I’ll come see you sometime but no stalking me okay,” she said as I caught my breath.

“Sure, I’d like that,” I replied.

Claire kissed me on the cheek after she’d dressed then she was gone. I got cleaned up, showered and sat stunned at the whole encounter, smiling the whole time of course.

The next morning I made myself a list and took a walk to my local grocery store, it was reasonably quiet so I’d hoped to get in and out quickly. I was still in a great mood from my encounter with Claire the night before but had forgotten about the bracelet I was wearing. As I walked down the canned vegetables isle, a woman was bending over to pick up a can of tomatoes from the bottom shelf, she had a really sexy ass and was wearing yoga pants, I couldn’t help looking, thinking to myself ‘now that is a sexy ass this dirty boy would love to fuck’ and just smiled at the lady when she stood up as I walked past her.

“You, uh, can if you want to, go buy some lube if you don’t have any at home and I’ll drive us to your place,” she said to me.

I looked around, making sure she wasn’t talking to someone else.

“I uhm, excuse me?” I replied. She took a few steps closer to me.

“You admired my ass and thought you’d want to fuck it, I love anal but my husband won’t do it. I’ve a good couple of hours before he gets home from golfing, we have a kind of open thing but you can’t have my pussy, my ass is yours if you want it.”

“I… sure, I have lube at home.”

“I’ll be in the red Mercedes out front, don’t take too long okay, I’m almost done here.”

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, the woman was very attractive, maybe mid 30’s or so with a pretty curvy figure. The thoughts I’d had about her when she was bent over, I knew I didn’t say them out loud. I looked at the bracelet on my wrist, wondered if it was responsible but didn’t care and rushed to pay for the half of my grocery list that I had in my cart so I wasn’t keeping her waiting. I almost expected there to be nobody outside but waiting beside the red Mercedes SUV was the woman.

“You can put your bags at your feet, I’m Janice by the way,” she said with a smile.

“I’m Marcus.”

I got in and told her my address, the drive was only a few minutes compared to my 15 minute walk, she parked and followed me inside. Once in my apartment she stripped, leaving her clothes on the back of my couch then helped me pull my clothes off.

“I’m so glad you got me on a cleanse day, I’m super clean down there but you should still wear something. I’ll let you eat my pussy, make me cum so I’m relaxed for you but you can’t fuck me there okay?” she said, gently stroking my already semi hard cock.

“Okay,” I replied.

I was in a daze, Janice got onto my bed and laid back with her legs open. Her breasts were beautiful, I went to suck her nipples but she told me ‘just the pussy’ and gently stopped me. I got between her legs, she was waxed and very smooth. Her labia was already glistening with her juices, I ran my tongue over her lips then began to lick and explore her, listening for cues on where to lick more. After getting her more aroused with my licking, I focused on her clit and after a few minutes she gasped in pleasure and shuddered as she climaxed, her pussy soaking my lips and chin. She pulled away from me when she got too sensitive and looked down at me with a big smile on her face.

“Oh you’re good at that young man, put something on and grab your lube,” she said.

I wiped my mouth and got a condom and my lube from my dresser, she took the lube and put a generous coating on my cock once I’d put the condom on and put more in her ass. She got up and put my pillows under her stomach and laid with her ass sticking up. My cock was throbbing with my excitement, she really did have a beautiful ass, I couldn’t believe my luck at getting to have her.

“Take it slow until I tell you then you can pound away, I had my plug in all day yesterday but it has Escort been a while since I’ve had a man as big as you in there,” she said as I got on the bed.

I did as she asked and pushed my cock into her ass nice and slow. She was exquisitely tight and the warmth radiating from her had me wondering how long I’d last. Once I was deep inside her, my balls resting on her labia, she had me increase my pace. I was right about not lasting, I held out as long as I could.

“I… I’m not going to last..” I gasped as I slammed into her.

“Let me rub my clit, oh fuck, just like that, you can cum when I do..” she replied breathlessly.

I slowed a little but when she came again from rubbing her clit, I couldn’t hold back and pushed deep into her ass as I sprayed my seed into the condom, groaning loudly in pleasure. Once spent I pulled out slowly and collapsed beside her on the bed, grinning as I caught my breath.

“Good as you hoped?” she said to me as she rolled onto her back.

“Better, that was amazing,” I replied.

“You were wonderful, I really enjoyed that. Now, please go get me a damp cloth so I can clean up.”

I got us each a damp face cloth and put on my robe, she dressed quietly in my lounge. She got her keys then gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you again young man, I’ll come see you next time I have urges to be filled that way. If you happen to see me around, don’t approach me though okay, despite our arrangement my husband is a bit of a jealous one.”

“Oh, okay.”

She was gone a few minutes later, I stood in the shower, still grinning from my luck.

That afternoon I decided to treat myself and go out for a burger at my local bar and grill. I knew it would be busy but the service was always great. I’m not sure what had gotten into my head though, since my encounter with Claire and Janice I found myself almost hyper sexual and wanted every woman that I could see. I looked at a pretty brunette sitting alone at a table and thought about how I’d love to take her from behind with her leaning over it, she went red like she could hear me and just smiled at me. I quickly looked away only to see a gorgeous redhead and thought to myself how I’d love her sitting on my face, she looked at me and raised an eyebrow before walking towards me. She leaned close and spoke quietly in my ear.

“As much as I’d love that too, I have a girlfriend at home who enjoys that too,” she said then walked away.

I should have shut my mind up, I should have left and went home but I was rampant, my head cruder than I ever liked to be. 6 women, all gorgeous in different ways were the point of thoughts like ‘oh I’d love her to ride me until sunrise’ or ‘I’d love to see her on all fours before me’ and worse. I panicked when all of them walked towards me, they got close then all looked at each other.

“Why are you going to him, I know what he wants from me,” said the blonde.

“Fuck you, I know what he wants to do to me and I’m taking him,” said the tall black woman.

“All of you better step off, he fucking mine,” said the slim, petite blonde.

I’d never seen anything like it, the women started pushing and shoving each other, trying to push each other away from me. I felt an arm on my elbow and a woman spoke to me.

“You need to come with me, do not turn around,” she said and led me away.

Once I was outside I looked in and the women had all stopped, they briefly looked around then hugged then went back to their own seats.

“You almost caused a riot in there, Marcus my friend, you’re wearing something enchanted aren’t you?” She said.

I turned and looked at the woman, she was pretty, not the type I’d usually go for but thought to myself how much I’d like to fuck her. She was maybe 30, looked like she worked out.

“Ooooh, you are, where did you get this?” she said, grabbing my wrist and looking at my bracelet.

“From a store,” I replied.

“It won’t work on me, I wear protection crystals but you should find out how to stop it before it gets you beaten up. Did the store give you instructions or anything?”

“Yes, I read the first few lines, gave me how to turn it on, just rub three times.”

“Oh I doubt that was all, did you read the whole thing?”


“May I read them? I can see how you’re looking at me, I’m not crazy and I want to help you,”

“I uh, sure I guess, I’m kinda having fun though.”

“And what happens when you go to work or in a busier place than that? You’re broadcasting or something, it’s going to get worse.”

“Fine but I don’t want this to stop, I’ve been with 2 women in 2 days, I’m usually too shy to approach women even to ask for coffee but both times they approached me and it was for sex.”

“I should really see these instructions, I know what that is meant to do but you’ve not completed steps. I’ll wait in the lobby, go get them. Oh, I’m Abby.”

I got into the elevator alone but right as the door closed a couple got in, a tall, long haired brunette in a sexy summer dress and a well built guy in gym shorts and a t-shirt. I looked away but it was too late, I thought to myself ‘I’d love to fuck her while her boyfriend cums on her tits’. They both turned to look at me, his face was serious but she smiled.

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