Amy’s Dungeon

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Big Tits

His heart was racing as her leather gloved hand grasped one of the spokes of the wheel and gave it a tug. The spinning words became a blur, the plastic flag hitting the spokes creating a rapid clicking sound that filled the room, reverberating off the walls and ceiling. The seconds crept by and the wheel began to slow, the rapid chirping clicks becoming less and less frequent.

As the wheel slowed to a crawl he began to take guesses where it would stop. It looked like it only had a few more clicks left. It passed by 30 minute flogging and public humiliation and lost almost all of its momentum. It would probably land on one of the next 3 wedges he thought to himself inwardly groaning at the options: 1 month chastity, switch roles, and post orgasm tortue. Switch roles was an appealing option but, as it was 1/10th of the size of the other two wedges, he discounted it. He prayed it had enough momentum to make it to the post orgasm tortue wedge. He wasn’t sure if he could take another month of chastity.

Time seemed to move in slow motion as the wheel passed over public humiliation and rolled into the chastity wedge. His heart sank, he could tell it didn’t have enough momentum to make it to the next wedge. He looked up and to the right of the wheel and he saw her mouth turn upward into a sly smile down at his caged cock. She saw what was going to happen as well.

She was already getting excited as she drank in the desperation lining his face. Another month in chastity! It would be the longest he had ever gone! It would also be good training for the permanence of the cage in the future. Her mind reeled thinking about his cock, never able to get hard again. It would be the ultimate display of her dominance to enforce that for him.

Wait…was that another click?

She spun around her contemplation turning to shock as the wheel came to rest. The plastic flag was sitting there, in the middle of the smallest wedge on the wheel. Switch Roles.

I can’t believe I put that on there. Oh well. He will probably come off like a total sub and fail at domming me anyway.

She retrieved the keys to his cage from her necklace and knelt down to unlock his cock. Once the ring and the sheath had been removed, he massaged his cock. His erection was quickly massive, especially for the first one in a month. Cock size was definitely not the reason this one became a sub she mentally quipped, taking in the impressive length and girth. Fully hard now, he stood up from the chair looking down at her. She stayed on her knees.

“How may I serve you master.”

Smiling up at him she was shocked when she saw his hand flying towards her. The stinging on her cheek was a new sensation. She knelt there in stunned silence as the sparks of pain erupted through the left side of her face.

“You will speak when spoken to. Do you understand?”

The tone of his voice was stern and looking up at him there was a serious look in his eye. It was an odd contrast to the submissiveness and deference that usually characterised his face.


Her other cheek exploded from the force of his slap. She considered using a safe word but her competitive and dominant side overruled the pain. She wasn’t going to ask for mercy from her sub. She was sure whatever he could dish out she could take.


The left cheek was stinging even more now. Her thoughts were apparently taking too long for his liking so she blurted out what she supposed he wanted to hear.

“Yes Master.”

A broad smile broke his face.

“Good Girl, but you are still going to be punished. To make sure you really understand.”

He sat back down in the chair and patted his lap.

“Lay face down across my lap.”

She stood up and layed down, having to readjust a bit so her breasts were not being squashed by his thigh. Once she was in the right position she turned to look up at him. He grabbed her by the hair and pushed her head back until it was facing the ground.

“You will look down and not at me until I tell you otherwise.”


“Do you understand?”

Her cheek stinging from the spank, she cursed herself mentally for forgetting to answer.

“Yes Pendik Türbanlı Escort Master.”

“Good girl. Now, you are going to count to 10. If you miss a number we will start over. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”











Her thoughts were losing their coherence as the pain started to overwhelm her. She couldn’t believe that was only 5 smacks so far. The fiery pain on her ass may as well have been a thousand little hornet stings.



The 6 was accompanied with a little yelp as he smacked a little too low and part of his hand hit her balls. It seemed he realized what happened and he gently stroked them, his fingers making his way down to her shaft. Within seconds the gentle stroking of his hands had her shaft stiffening. The pleasure from the stroking was beginning to mix with the pain in her ass creating an odd pairing as her brain attempted to sort out the contrasting feelings.





After each number now, he reached down and stroked her cock a few times.



A bead of precum glistened on the tip of her cock, collecting until it fell onto the back of her thighs.



The pain and pleasure were creating a thundercloud of arousal that continued to build in her crotch as he stroked her faster. She started panting as her orgasm built and right before she was about to cum, he stopped stroking.

Fuck! Did he know I was about to cum?

As if reading her mind he grabbed a handful of her ass and said,

“Now now, I don’t want your naughty little cock cumming just yet. You need to earn that.”

“Please Master, I was so close. Fuck!”

Wait, what am I saying. I need to keep control…


“I don’t remember asking you if you were close to cumming nor do I remember telling you that you had permission to cum.”

“I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry … what?”

“I’m sorry Master!”

She nearly screamed it as the pain washed over her.

“Good girl, now get back on your knees.”

She obeyed awkwardly, getting off his lap with a little push from him. As she began to gingerly kneel back down he caught her arm.

“Actually I need you to do something first. Strip down.”

The gloves came off first, they were elbow length and faux leather each one tossed to the side without a care. Next she unzipped the corset down the middle, her breasts staying high and perky on her chest as it fell to the ground. Lastly, her thigh high latex boots came off reducing her height by a solid 5 inches.

He stood up next to her, now taller and looking down at her. She was a little shook up by the way his chiseled muscles and massive cock contrasted with her petite frame and significantly smaller member. She looked up at him to see a smirk playing across the corners of his mouth.

He noticed the stark contrast up close as well and when she looked up at him he grabbed her. He pushed her head down and she was forced to look at their cocks next to each other. One bulging with veins, thick as her arm and the other soft looking and as thin as two fingers.

“Try to put both your hands on your cock.”

She tried and wrapped one hand around the base of her cock her thumb and forefinger almost at the head. When she added the other hand, the end of her head came just up to the midway point on the width of her hand.

“Now mine”

She easily wrapped both hands around his cock although her fingertips were unable to touch. Her second hand was still a ways from his cock head so, keeping her second hand in place, she moved her first hand up and with a thirds hand width there was still a small part of his tip hanging past.

“You see the difference?”

“Yes Master, yours is much bigger.”

“More than double the size. You see, I was going to lock that little clit up in chastity. I just don’t think we have any cages smaller enough for you.”

“I’m sorry Master.”

“You’ll need to do more than apologize. Get on your Pendik Otele Gelen Escort knees.”

She knelt down and started to grab at his cock, to steady it so she could begin to suck when


Fuck! I should have waited for instructions…

She stared up at him, her eyes swimming a little as the pain blossomed back in her cheek.

God he is being brutal

As if reading her mind again, a flash of concern rippled across his face. She immediately squashed down the pain and put on a brave smirk. He seemed reassured and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her open mouth onto his cock.

Stretching her mouth, the large slab of meat thrust inside. Her tongue worked furiously across the back of the head of his cock spinning circles of saliva as she endeavored to work off her punishment with her tongue. The constant in and out of the first half of his cock was quickly making her jaw ache from the effort of keeping it open that wide.

Luckily for her he groaned and pulled her as far down as she could go on his cock and began pumping a furious load into her mouth. Pump after pump of cum shot out as his hips bucked. Her mouth too full and unable to swallow it all, the cum started leaking out of the corner of her mouth.

How the fuck he is cumming so much!

Oh shit, he was locked up for a month, that’s probably why he came so quick. Lucky for me I guess.

As his orgasm subsided, he released the iron grip on her hair and she came up sputtering cum.

“Clean it up.”


“You are going to clean all this cum up. I don’t wanna see a drop anywhere.”

“Yes Master.”

She couldn’t really believe what she was doing but she wasn’t really wanting to get smacked anymore so she got to work. First she used her finger to get all the cum that had dripped down onto her neck and breasts, spooning it up to her mouth. Then she saw some had leaked onto the floor. She reached down to scoop it up with her finger when she heard it.

“No, use your tongue.”

Inwardly sighing she bent down and licked the floor tasting some dirt and salty cum. She supposed that she had tasted worse things in her life. Her eyes raised and saw a glistening soft cock hanging above. Rising to her knees she took it in her mouth, it seemed still much larger than her own even in its softening state. She licked every inch until the glistening was from her spit instead of from his cum.

As she leaned back, the cock popping out of her mouth, he suddenly pushed her down onto her back. Following her down to the ground he kissed her hard, their tongues meeting in a salty embrace. His hands roughly grabbed her breasts, twisting her nipples in another delicious melding of pain and pleasure. They writhed for a while getting hot and sweaty, their cocks hardening as they brushed against one another.

She lost control suddenly, her cock spurting and her mouth open and gasping. The constant edging, humiliation, and nipple play had been bearable but then his cock found the right spot right on the back of her cock head and she surrendered to the pleasure. His writhing and kissing immediately stopped and he put an arm under her, flipping her over onto her hands and knees.






The 5 hard smacks mixed with the pleasure of her ograsm. Her little cock spasmed some more, shooting even more cum onto the floor. He grabbed her by the hair again and pushed her face into the puddle. Her tongue shot out and licked up more cum, slightly sweeter than his.

Once she had cleaned up the cum off of him as well he picked her up and put her in the chair. Restraints locked her wrists and ankles to the chair, not allowing her to move an inch.

“You are going to have to be punished now, for cumming without permission. Such a bad girl thing to do.”

He wheeled over a contraption that she knew only too well. She had used it on him many times.

If only I had spun the wheel a little harder. He’d be getting strapped into that. Maybe I’ll like it

“Come on, let’s get this little cock hard again, I need to strap you in.”

He used one of his hands Pendik Ucuz Escort to rub her soft cock. It took several minutes but she slowly began to stiffen again. Within another few minutes he had her cock sticking straight up, ready to be engulfed.

A plastic tube went over her cock and the sound of an air pressure machine filled the room with a dull roar. The mechanism attached to the side of the tube started to move as the pressure built. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down.

The tube stroked over and over again. Constant pleasure blossoming through her brain. She didn’t know how more she could take. It had only been… fuck.

How long has it been since he turned it on?

She tried to think but every time she came close to the thought, the stroking and the suction flung her brain back into the pleasure of her cock. She looked up at him and saw his new smirk was back.

He is really enjoying this. Enjoying tormenting me and my cock. Hell, I am too…

“Alright, you survived the first 5 minutes without cumming. Now as I said, the machine is going to run for 20 minutes total. Whether you cum in the next minute, or in 14.”

5 minutes?! I’m already on the brink of orgasm, how can I hold it for 15 more minutes. Fuck fuck fuck. I have to try.

She didn’t make it.

At the 7 minute mark she came screaming. Moaning and twisting but unable to move she started whimpering as the stimulation continued. She had never felt anything like it.

I can’t take 13 more minutes of this, fuck it’s going to kill me. My cock feels like it’s going to explode from the overstimulation.

Relishing the look of her body as her breasts heaved with the screams and moans of pleasure and pain. Her cock looked so small in the large plastic tube as it spurted until it was empty. It tried to soften to escape the stimulation but that failed and after a few minutes it got hard again. She came again at the 18 minute mark only managing a single spurt of cum from her spent cock.

I can’t. I can’t. I can’t think anymore.

Her mind melted away and she just kept whispering and pleading to be let out.

“Please, Please, Please, Please.”

Over and over, the only word she had left.

Suddenly it was quiet. Her thoughts began to reorganize and her blurry vision began to refocus. Someone was saying her name with a worried tone. Repeating it.

“Amy, Amy! AMY!”

He said shaking her. She turned to him bleary eyed, seeming to recognize him for the first time after exiting the chair and machine.

“Hey there you.”

She slurred out lamely as he held her steady.

He hugged her tight, crying a little.

“Are you okay? Did I go too far? Fuck fuck fuck im sorry babe.”

He stroked her hair for a few minutes his look of concern softening as she snuggled in close on his chest. Once she was able to collect herself a little better she turned to him and smiled.

“You did great honey. I’m honestly kinda impressed. How are you feeling? Are you okay?”

He smiled big and hugged her so tight she thought her ribs would break.

“Hey! Hey! I need air, you big goof!”

Flicking him on the forehead she giggled. Then she reached up a finger and caressed his cheek and kissed him deeply pouring all her love and passion into the embrace. Breaking apart he helped her up the stairs into their bedroom and turned on the shower.

After a long shower, they laid down in bed utterly exhausted.

“Oh my god it was so much effort, I don’t know how you do it! Constantly ordering you around and thinking about creative ways to punish you was so hard!” He said curling up on his side as she wrapped her arms around him from behind.

“You either! It was so hard to remember when I was allowed to talk, where to look, everything to avoid being punished. I about damn near lost my mind during the milking machine punishment.”

“God I love you so much.” He blurted out reaching back to caress her thigh.

“I love you too. How’d I get so lucky with such a good boy for a partner?”

Cooing the words good boy in his ear as she stroked his hair. Gently caressing each other and re-assuring the other they were okay, they collapsed into a deep sleep.

1 month later

He watched her spin the wheel noticing that it looked a little different than last time. The realization of what had changed only became apparent when the clicking finally stopped on one of the 3 new wedges. All 3 read…Switch Roles

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