An Average Geek Ch. 1


I was always an average kinda guy. Average name, Rick, average height, 5″10′, average weight, 185, average looks, short brown hair, brown eyes, not bad to look at, but no Greek God, average house, average parents, average grades, average car. Hey what can I say, I’m average. Well there is one thing not average about me, and all you guys know how important it is to us. Our package. I have just shy of an 8 inch dick when I am totally erect. Yeah that is above average a bit, but so is my girth. I measure 8 1/2 inches around. I have seen very few dicks quite as thick as mine. My libido is above average, too. I beat off sometimes 3 times a day if I am not stretching out some wonderful woman’s pussy.

I have an average kinda job, nothing exciting. I run my own computer consultant business. I go around to small business or homes and help people learn how to use their computers and different programs. I get them up on the internet and then help them learn how to use the web, email and make web pages. Not too exciting you might think. Well you’re right – it’s not, but let me tell you the perks are great. Wanting to plunge my rod into sweet slit all the time means I am always thinking of sex. I also love walking around an office or a house with my hard on clearly visible. Being thick, depending on what I wear, I can make sure the secretary or lady of the house can think of nothing else but my tool. And girls, let me tell you I know how to use it. I also know how to use my tongue and fingers, so most of my referrals don’t come from my computer skills, but my skill at making a woman cum.

The first time I realized I could have fun doing more than teaching someone how to use Windows, changed my whole outlook on my career choice.

I had gotten up that morning with a hardon like normal. I pulled the covers down, looked down at my erect rod and watched it sticking up needing relief. I got comfortable and wrapped my hand around my shaft. I just kinda started squeezing it at first at the base, and then moving my hand up I massaged it till I got to the head. I lightly pinched the head and then stuck my finger in my mouth and got it wet. I lightly rubbed my finger around the flare of my cock head, then up over the middle, rubbing a sec at my pee hole then down the other side to just under the base of the head. I kinda tickled lightly down the shaft and then gripped it and began to stroke it. I reached over to my clock radio which also has a cassette player and hit the play button.

I had made a recording of one of my more vocal girlfriends one time and this was my favorite way to jerk off in the morning, listening to her talk to me as I started at her neck, then breasts, working down to eat her till she came and finally putting my rod in her sweet pussy and riding her till she was screaming.

As I listened to her tell me how hot my mouth was on her nipples, I returned to my hard dick and began to jack off. She was so sexy and I could see and feel everything she was talking about as I did it to her. Needless to say, by the time we got to the point in the tape where I was fucking in and out of her bringing her to her climax, I was ready to cum. You could hear her rhythmic ungh ungh as I pounded the breath out of her. Our bodies were making a slapping noise and you could even hear the squishing of her wetness as I thrust in and out. When she started in a low voice to say ohh, ohh, ohh, I knew she was getting close. As she began to really scream as she came, my sperm came shooting out of my dick, two large streams up in my neck and then a few drops shot on my belly and finally I was just oozing sperm dripping down on my fist. I rubbed the jizz all over my prick as I began to start softening. Well now I could concentrate on getting up and getting ready to get to work. I had a 9:30 appointment at the office of a new accountant to set up Windows on his computer and give the secretary lessons in using it and the new programs they were to be running. I showered shaved, ate and headed to their office.

Wow, Escort bayan I was glad I had whacked off that morning, as this girl was really hot. She had long brunette hair, huge dark eyes, and a shape to remember forever. She was in a really see through shirt with a kinda tube top which only accentuated the size of her breasts under it, and a short skirt. Long beautiful legs ending in high heels that lifted her incredible ass up perfectly. But, I was here for business. I was shown to the computer, and got to work. I installed the programs got everything configured ,and went to lunch.

When I got back, I informed Rachel I was ready to give her the guided tour of her new system. At first I had her sit next to me as I ran through some things to show her what they looked like. She sat terribly close, and I was having trouble concentrating. As she asked questions, she would lean close, her tits brushing, and sometimes lying on my arms. I began to get erect. As I was showing her one screen, she leaned way over and put her hand on the seat, right between my legs to steady herself as she pointed at an icon. Her wrist was brushing the fabric covering my balls. She stayed leaned over like that a sec and before she straightened back up, she bent her elbow and part of her arm pushed down across my balls and onto my erection.

She obviously liked what she felt under her arm, and she turned her face to me, and inch away and said “you’re cute”. I know I blushed like mad. As she got up, she pushed her arm into my dick with a bit more pressure. She stood and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I got some water. When she came back, I stood up and told her it was time for her to drive. She sat down and I put her through a series of tasks using the mouse and some of the features. Every now and then she would get excited at doing something and reach over and squeeze my leg. Each time she seemed to get closer to my now evident hardon.

Well, finally she turned around one time, and this time, put her hand square on my dick. Here eyes got wide as she grasped it through my pants. She said “sorry”, but didn’t move her hand. She moved her hand out to the tip of my dick, and then back to my balls. Then she said “look, I just had to see if that was all you in those pants. I know it’s not very professional, but you looked like you had a major piece of meat in there, and I just had to check it out for myself”

I told her that was fine by me, but to be honest, she had me in a bit of a state. Her hand had not left my lap. I reached down, placed my hand over hers and helped her as she rubbed my meat. She took her free hand, and unbuttoned that shear blouse and then took my other hand and placed it on her covered breast inside her shirt. I took all of the breast I could in my hand and began to squeeze. In my palm, I felt her nipple harden. I took my fingers and tweaked it through the tube top. Oh, man her breathing changed and it really turned me on. I reached for the other breast and got that nipple hard, too.

As she continued to masturbate me in my pants, I reached in the top of her top and put my hand inside it to feel the skin of her tits. Her skin was just like cool marble, so smooth. As I traveled farther in, I felt the puckering around her nipple. And then that hard little bullet itself standing up so hard for me. I asked if her boss was coming back anytime soon, or if we could enjoy this exploration a bit further. She said he was gone for the day, she was here just to learn the new stuff, so if I felt like continuing, by all means, I should.

First order of business was to free my poor hardon. I undid my belt, pulled the zipper down, reached inside my boxers and pulled out my erection. I loved the look on her face as she saw it for the first time. She just stared at it as it waved around in the empty air. I was rock hard with a purple head, just waiting for the start of what was turning out to be my most favorite job. I told her it was time for me to get a look at some of the Bayan escort goods, and she stood up, went to the door, locked it and as she turned around, she tugged her top slowly down until more and more of her breasts were exposed. There was a bit of the dark puckered at the start of her nipples. Finally one nipple popped out, then the other. Finally she pulled the top down till it was around her waist. What incredibly beautiful breasts. They were so round and white compared to her dark tanned skin. They were perfect shape, a good bit more than a handful, but not too big. And not that nasty look of being anything but natural.

As she walked over to me, I watched them dance on her chest. My cock was dancing, too. She came and sat on my knees, where she could get a hand on my thickness. She wasn’t even close to getting it all the way around. She leaned forward and offered her breasts to me. I leaned in and took her left nipple in my mouth. I sucked on it for a few minutes while running my tongue over it. Then I let go and began to lick all around her breast. She had both hands on my prick, exploring all of it. She reached in my boxers and hauled out my nuts. Her breasts were pushed together between her arms and I licked my way to her right nipple. I sucked on it and loved it with my tongue, and then licked up to her neck. I kissed and licked her and felt her shudder as I licked down the middle until my tongue was between her pillows.

I wanted my rod there. Her skin had gone from cool to hot and she had perfect cleavage to surround my pole. I have never tit-fucked a woman before, but I had never seen such perfect breasts till now. I stood up and she kept her hands around my rod. I pushed some of the books and other stuff off the desk, and leaned against the edge. She leaned down and tried to take me in her mouth. She could just get the head in at first. After a minute she was taking in about 3 inches, but that was it. She began to lick all up and down my pole, getting it really wet. She went under my pole and began to lick my balls. Then she opened wide and took one nut in her mouth, rolling it around. My hand flew to my prong as I began to stroke as she ate one nut after the other. Finally I let go and pulled her up. She started to stand, but I stopped her before she got all the way up.

I took my dick and pointed at her chest. She got the idea. She leaned a breast in close, and I rubbed the head of my dick up against her nipple, going round and round. Then I began to rub it over her breasts until they were coated in precum. She leaned farther in and placed my rod in her cleavage and then pushed her boobs together. I began to push my cock through her breasts. She craned her head down and stuck her tongue out and I got a tongue bath on my knob as I fucked her tits.

She got tired holding that position and I decided it was time for more. I pushed her back stood up and took her waist in my hands. I pulled her to me and kissed her for the first time. I took one hand and placed it on her ass the other went for a breast. She had her hands up under my undershirt and was raking her nails across my back. I could taste myself on her tongue. I was really fired up, but I wanted to find out what she tasted like. I made love to her mouth with my lips and tongue for a few minutes more, then turned around and lifted her up on the desk.

I reached down and took her shoes off one by one. I rubbed her stockinged toes and massaged her feet as I leaned forward to lave her knockers again. I drew my fingers past her ankles and began to rub and touch her calves. She was sensitive behind the knee, but I didn’t want to tickle her, so I didn’t stay there too long. I ran my hands back down to her feet, put my dick between her feet and pulled them around it. She rubbed her feet all over my dick and down on my balls. I took my hands and began to travel upwards again. It was time to head for that heavenly place women have that few men can resist.

I ran my hands up her thighs and under her Escort skirt. Ahhh, skin. She had on garters holding up her stockings. I ran my fingers under the garters and then under the tops of the stockings. When I got to the inside of her thighs, I began to trail my fingers upwards. Before I actually got to her cleft, I felt the heat. I ran my fingers outwards about an inch from where I thought her cunt would be. I traveled back in and up another half inch. I touched and tickled that skin between her stocking tops and her mound, and I felt her trying to hump forward to get me to touch her finally. Her feet still held my dick, but I stood slightly and placed it between her thighs, pushed them together and began to push between them. My hands went to the hem of her skirt and I began to lift it. I continued to tease the top of her thighs as it went higher and higher. I could see the tops of her stockings and the blue lace garters that held them. I unhooked the garters and rolled the tops down. I put my dick back on her bare skin now and continued to hump between them.

Now it was time for some serious business. I parted her thighs, and lifted her skirt more. There were beautiful blue panties with a soaked crotch. I love a woman who gets soooo wet in anticipation of sex. I could tell she was shaved except for a tuft of hair left above her slit. Sexxxxxy. I love to go down on a woman, shaved or unshaved, but there is just something about bare lips that really turns me on.

I reached out a finger and ran it from the top of her soaked slit to the bottom. She thrust her mound at me. With a finger from each hand, I put them under the edge of her panties in the middle of her crotch. I rubbed up and down, feeling her wet smooth lips on the backs of my fingers. She was moaning now. I leaned my dick forward and rubbed the head up and down her slit. Oh yeah, she liked that. More precum was making her panty crotch even wetter. I pushed at the material trying to get in the opening of her hole. She pushed hard against me. My knob was squished tight against her panties and I could feel her pussy throb. I reached up to grab her nipples and I pulled on them. My other turn on is a woman who is sensitive to nipple play. Well she didn’t disappoint. She was squeezing her thighs and moaning and pushing hard against my hardness.

I began to pull harder on her nipples as I tried to rub my knob over her slit. I reached down with one hand and positioned my knob on her clit. She had a huge clit. Wow I couldn’t wait to get my lips around that. Anyhow, I returned to her nipples and began to thrust against her protruding clit. I kept a rhythm along the right side of her clit, rubbing it through her panties. I was alternately pulling pinching and rubbing the flat of my hand against her nipples. I leaned in and touched my lips to hers, lightly running my tongue around them. I pulled her upper lip into my mouth and sucked on it, then got her lower lip and sucked on that, still running my tongue over them. Finally I leaned hard against her, my cock pumping her clit, my fingers pinching her nipples and I stuck my tongue inside her mouth and we kissed and kissed. Her movements were getting sharper as she thrust against my prick, her breath rapid against my mouth.

She moaned louder and was kinda going up and down now rubbing her nub against my knob. A few sharp breaths and she was cumming. I pinched hard on her nipples, and then left her mouth and put my teeth on her right nipple and bit. I pushed her other tit close and with a slight turn bit the left one. Then I flicked my tongue out and laved at both together. She was still cumming and saying things as she rode it out.

Finally she slowed down, and I left her nipples and kissed her again. She was hungry. She just devoured my mouth. I felt like a king. I love a woman who can cum without actual penetration. It is so incredibly erotic, and it makes me feel so powerful. At most times in sex, the woman has the power, so I like the feeling of making her sink into ecstasy. Now though the urgency in my dick was beginning to take over. I needed to get off. I needed release and the time was now to return the power to her and see how she would bring me to the point of release.

To Be Continued…

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