An Enigma


Four nights away in Oxfordshire was the idea, visit some places and enjoy ourselves.

John always likes me to dress nicely, and for the trip down, chose a grey fitted shortish sweater dress, baby pink stockings, and my heeled ankle boots, he also chose my six strap black suspender belt, which he loves because the bumps show through the dress, but we were going straight to the hotel so I didnt object.

We stopped at service area on the way, I did notice that quite a few guys in the cafe area were taking a good look at me, something that John found amusing.

Anyway we made very good time and were very early, so John suggested that we go to Bletchley Park, the code breaking museum, this wasnt planned for today, and I wasnt dressed for looking around , but John was quite keen so thats where we ended up.

It was a crisp cold but bright day, so I popped on my fur gilet in the car park and off we went.

John always reads stuff faster than me, so always ends up waiting for me to catch up, we did the main Hut C together, but then I suggested that we meet up in the Hut 4 cafe around 2pm.

Then I could look around at my own pace. Now you probably all know there is lots to see at Bletchley, also there are quite a few stairs, and lots of displays , I had to be very careful as I tottered around in my heeled boots, my dress clung and rode up at every opportunity, and on several occasions I noticed Escort bayan guys taking a good long look, even I noticed that at some points my dress was above my stocking tops and I had to pull it down.

Any way around 2pm I ended up at the cafe, John wasnt there , so as it was cold I went in and bought a coffee, now Bletchley attracts a lot of guys, as opposed to women, and as I walked to and from the servery, I was aware that I got a lot of looks, so much so I thought that I was flashing and nervously pulled at my dress..

One guy in particular gave me a beaming smile, I smiled back.

John turned up and we chatted about what we had seen. We decided again that we would meet at closing time at the main admission area, and do our own thing for the remaining time.

John finished and set off to explore, I finished my coffee and went to the loo, I made sure that my stockings were properly pulled up and that I looked respectable and left the cafe .

As I got my bearings outside, the guy who smiled walked up to me, and made some comment about how good the museum was. We chatted a little, he seemed a nice chap, it turned out he was there by himself, he was aware that I was with my husband, and was amused that we chose to look around by ourselves.

I dont quite know how it happened but we ended up walking together. I actually thought he was a very nice guy a little older than me, Bayan escort in his fifties. He was funny, and interesting.

He asked lots of questions, stuff about did I like vintage things, clothes etc.

I was probably naïve but I felt very relaxed with him, and ended up telling him that I had lots of vintage dresses and shoes, even that I also wore nylons when dressed in the style.

We checked out more of the huts and the secluded garage area, even against the rules getting into the lovely Packard car that was there, it wasnt locked. For me this was a mistake, to get in I had to pull my dress up a long way, treating David to a perfect display of my stockings and suspenders, getting out was even worse, as he helped me out, his view was directly up my dress, I assume he liked my pink panties.

However being a gentleman he said nothing, just smiled .

As we walked I did notice that he became more tactile, his hand around my waist, occasionally guiding me through displays with a hand gliding over my bum.

We ended up in the old concert hall hut, near the main gate, its isolated from the main huts and a bit out of the way. It was also a bit darker in the hut. David continued to chat as we walked around the displays. He guided me to a display at the far end partially hidden from the main door, again his hand over my bum. I turned back towards the door and found David directly in Escort front of me , we were very close our bodies almost touching; I was taken completely taken by surprise, when he took me in is arms and kissed me hard on the lips; I didnt recoil, my lips opened and I felt his tongue exploring my mouth, it was amazingly sensual, held me close to him, his hands now exploring my body.

I felt him reach the hem of my dress and with both his hands pull it up over my panties, I remember gasping as he pushed his hands into my panties forcing them down to my thighs around my stocking tops.

Gently he turned me to face the wall , my hands resting on the display cabinet , my bum sticking out, I must have looked a sight , bum cheeks framed by taught suspenders, panties stretched tight around my thighs, rocking on the soles of my heeled boots.

He was forceful as he pushed into my pussy . I couldnt open my legs any further they were held by my panties, it didnt matter he just pushed gently and he was fully in me.

Here I was being screwed by a stranger, behaving like a tart and loving it.

It didnt take him long to climax, I could feel his cum flood into me.

He just kept going and very soon I was on the edge of orgasm.

We re-arranged ourselves and even kept chatting as we walked back to the entrance. John was there, I even introduced him to my seducer, John shook his hand while his cum trickled out of my panties down my leg, soaking into my stocking top.

I did tell John as we drove back to the hotel, he confirmed my story when he slipped his fingers under my panties and felt the sticky mess left in me.

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