An Evening In


It was a long week for Megan, the days seemed to drag on so slow, but she figured it was just because of the short days of winter. It was the short days and the long dark nights that seemed to always make Megan swell with a kind of nervous tension that would ultimately turn into horniness. It was this horniness that made Megan notice a couple of younger men standing in the next check out line at the grocery store this morning. Perhaps it was this horniness that caused Megan to laps into a quick daytime fantasy about those two young men that she had to shake off when the cashier handed her the change from her purchase. It didn’t matter what caused it Megan knew that she was horny, and she needed some relief.

The street lights had just come on, and Megan stood in the front window of her house and thought of how strange it was that at four thirty in the evening it’s already getting dark. Just then there was a knock at the door, it startled Megan and she chuckled at herself as she walked to the front door. Upon opening the door she remembered that her kids had a planned a sleep over for the evening with her friend Wendy, and her daughter. This thought of this sleepover slipped Megan’s mind, and she was able to chat a bit with Wendy while she got the girls and their accessories together for the sleepover. Wendy had rented movies and wanted to take the girls to get some goodies so there was some urgency in their movement. When Megan closed the door behind them she found herself alone in the quiet confines of her house. Megan got a devilish grin, and quickly plotted for an evening of sex with her husband.

First I have to surprise him Megan thought to herself as she went to the closet and started pulling out the sexy clothing she kept hidden for just such an occasion. Sexy or slutty she queried in her head. “Slutty” she said out loud with a big smile crossing her face. She decided that a movie and some snacks sounded really good, and quickly laid the slutty clothes out on the bed, and headed for her car keys.

At the movie store Megan ran into several people she knew, most of which were just out looking for something to pass the time on this random Friday night. The movie selection was ok, but Megan had fire in her veins, and she wasn’t actually interested in watching the movie, just letting it set the mood. With this thought she gathered up a few goodies, and headed for the checkout stand because she knew of just the place to go to get a movie that would do a better job setting the mood.

Megan didn’t have to drive very far down the road before she came to the adult video store that seemed to stand out so painfully in front of the old bowling alley, and pawn shop. Megan was always afraid that she might see someone she knows in the store, and that thought alone has kept her from gracing the doorway of the small shop for years. Tonight was no different, as Megan found herself stuck in the seat of her car contemplating the many other ways this night could still go as planned even if she didn’t go get a dirty movie. He would give me shit she thought to herself about her husband. If he knew that I wasn’t going in for fear of seeing someone “I know, he would give me shit” this time saying it out load to help persuade herself.

Megan exited her car and walked across the quiet parking lot to the steps of the adult video store. On the front door there was a sign that said “no minors” and someone scribbled below it a picture of a coal miner wearing the typical minor’s hat with a light on it. Megan chuckled at the sign, and was happy that it served to nicely break the ice on her way into the store. Megan entered the store and found it to be a lot nicer on the inside than it appeared on the outside. The floors seemed to have pretty new carpet and there was no detectable smell, something she convinced herself that these types of stores would have. Her eyes took in the vast array of porn that decorated the shelves and aisle ways. Megan herd a man say hello, but all Megan could do was smile back at him. She wasn’t trying to be rude, she was just nervous. Megan saw the DVD’s and made her way to the shelves that would hold the subjects that would peek her husband’s interest. As she went through the DVD’s Megan started to get aroused by the pictures that were displayed on the back of each DVD. The pictures would have men with such big cocks buried deep into the sexy little pussies of their porn star partners. Each new image would cause Megan to melt just a little bit more into the deep recesses of her brain. Megan was picturing herself as the girl in the movie, and the huge cock was being rammed into her tight little pussy with the kind of reckless abandon she so loved. Megan could feel her pussy getting wet, and she realized that her breathing was getting shallow. Megan quickly grabbed the one that she wanted and headed to the checkout.

Just then the door to shop opened with a clattering of bells that jingled each time the door opened, something Megan knew she hadn’t noticed Onwin on the way in. Entering through the door was three young men that at first sight of them caused Megan to stop in her tracks. The three young men entering the store were three men that Megan had known for a few years now. Incidentally each of these men had frequented Megan’s fantasies for a couple of years now. Megan was panicked by the sight of the three, and quickly retired to an area of the store that was a little more concealing. She watched as the three men walked around looking at the various movies, and adult toys making jokes as they went along. Megan felt liked she was trapped she looked for a way out of the store, but it seemed that no matter how she looked at it she was stuck, and worst of all she was standing in the orgy section of the DVD’s with no clear path to the door.

For whatever reason, maybe it was the surrounding, or just her forbidden desire Megan thought about the things she could do to the young men. She thought about how Todd made her feel so important anytime they talked, and how she seemed to be the center of his world when she talked to him. Megan pictured in her mind how Derricks’ chiseled hard body would look hovering above her while he plowed into her with his cock. She had seen pictures of Derrick with his shirt off, and even though she had told her husband Derrick didn’t look that great she knew how much she wanted to feel his skin against hers. Brett was the loudest of the three in the store, and Megan often thought of how she was attracted to his sexuality. Brett had an air about him that seemed to cause Megan to think dirty thoughts of him.

Megan decided that she needed to just come out of the shadows of the orgy DVD section and try to make her way quietly for the door. Megan had reasoned with herself that even though the three men were just boys to her at 21 they were in fact 21, and that should make them all as adult as they need to be to understand that she is shopping for a DVD for her husband! In an effort to make a quiet and still hasty exit Megan headed for the counter and set the DVD’s down as quiet as she could. She could hear the men in separate parts of the store still giggling about movie names like Cram Her vs. Cram her, and When Harry fucked Sally. The store clerk asked Megan if she had found everything she was looking for, and she politely responded yes.

At this point Brett walked around the corner of a large DVD display stand and saw the sexy woman at the checkout counter. He quietly motioned to his friends to come and take a look at the sight he was taking in.

The three young men all lined up along the same stretch of aisle way to view the woman that just by being where she was made her sexy to them. In an instant Megan blew her cover by turning around one last time to make sure that she had not been spotted by the boys. In a moment of uncomfortable silence their eyes all met. Megan did what she could to smile with an impish attempt at acting embarrassed, and the boys just laughed. Each person knew why the other person was there, and all in one moment of laughter the embarrassment for Megan flew out the window. She smiled at the boys and said “hey what are you guys doing here?”, and the boys smiled back, but only Brett spoke saying “no, the question is what are you doing here?” the laughter seemed to kill the uneasiness of the situation and before too long the four of them were talking like they weren’t even in an adult store.

The laughter and fun was interrupted when Megan realized her phone was ringing, she looked at the screen and saw that it was her husband, so she motioned for the others to be quiet. Megan answered the phone, and talked quietly so that the boys could not hear her. Her husband was telling her that he had to miss the flight home that evening, so he would be stuck in LA for another day. “Another day” Megan said with a bit of alarm in her voice, but you said you would be home tonight. Megan didn’t realize it but the boys could all hear both sides of the conversation. They could hear what she was saying to her husband, and at the same time hear the distant but audible voice of her husband’s responses. In an effort to cheer Megan up, and un-knowing of her current situation her husband said that she could always just go crazy with a vibrator tonight. Brett, Todd, and Derrick all looked at each other, and the word vibrator became a hot word that suddenly caused each of them to stir with the thoughts of Megan using the vibrator all alone.

Megan got off the phone her spirits now visibly broken, and told the guys that she was going to hit the road, and call it a night. By the time she got off the phone the man behind the counter had already rung up her purchase of the DVD, so Megan paid for the movie and headed out the door. When Megan left Todd turned to the other two and announced with no sense of discretion that he knows where Megan lives. “No shit” resounded Brett, and Derrick at the same time, Onwin Giriş and the three of them laughed at the comment. “You don’t understand” Todd went on to say, we can watch that shit from her window. Brett and Derrick just smiled at each other in agreement, and then exited the store in a somewhat reserved haste.

Once back at the house Megan went into her room and decided to go ahead and change into her slutty outfit that was just supposed to be for her husband. Megan decided to go ahead and continue on with the evening that she already had planned, and she slipped the DVD into the DVD player, and turned the TV on. In her haste Megan didnt realize that she had grabbed the DVD that she found in the gangbang section. Megan lit a couple of candles and moved back to her bed to push the start button on the DVD player.

The movie plot seemed to be a good one, and the idea of it perked Megan right up. In the movie a moving van pulled up to the front of a large mansion, and the lady of the house comes out and starts barking orders to the four men that were moving her furniture in. the woman was tireless and bitched about how long it took the men to get there, and how slow they were to get the truck up the driveway. The men did the best they could to not yell back at the enraged woman, and continued to slowly move the furniture into the house. When it came time to move the huge king bed into the master suite it took all four men to maneuver the bed frame and two large mattresses into the room. Once the bed was in one of the men laid down on the un-made bed and relaxed for just minute, but the bitchy homeowner walked in, and saw this. She screamed at the man to get off of her bed, and to get out of her house. At this point the four men had enough and decided to take action against the angry homeowner. The man that was lying on the bed stood up, and grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around so that she was facing the bed, and then with one slight push was able to force her to the bed. The three other men got the idea, and started to undue their pants. The woman protested the attack, but the man that shoved her to the bed told her to scream all she wants this house is secluded, and no one would hear her for miles. The woman continued to fight the advances until she found herself sitting naked on the bed with four enormous cocks moving in on her.

By the time the movie got to this point Megan had removed her panties, and her pussy was already glistening with the oncoming wetness caused by the arousal she was feeling from the scene taking place in front of her. Megan laid on the bed picturing her in the situation that was taking place on screen, and she couldn’t help but think she probably wouldn’t protest the treatment at all. Megan decided that she really wanted… no that she needed to get fucked, so she moved over to the closet to retrieve her favorite dildo, and brought it to the bed with her.

Outside the house there was a whole other story going on. Brett, Todd, and Derrick had been parked out in front of Megan’s house for about the last twenty minutes. The three of them had been arguing about weather or not they would sneak around back to try to peek through the back window. Derrick told the other two that he wouldn’t be a part of their little plan of being a peeping tom. You don’t want to go see that Hot Milf, Brett said with a bit of anger in his voice. Yeah she could be fucking herself with a big dildo Todd added with as much of a question in his voice as Brett had anger. Brett got out of the car, and headed to the side of the house and peered over the gate. Todd stayed in the car for a few minutes more while he made sure the coast was clear, and then he bolted across the lawn almost stride for stride with the impressions left in the yard by Brett’s steps. The two of them looked back to the car, and Derrick finally couldn’t watch as the two were obviously going to leave him behind and go try to take in the show. Derrick quietly exited the car, and closed the door so that no one could hear. In an instant Derrick was now standing next to the other two.

The gate opened and the three were able to enter the back yard without any trouble. The next problem would be to cross the deck without being spotted by the family dog. Brett again went first, and was able to slip past the large sliding back door undetected by the dog. Derrick followed, and then Todd. All three of the young men were now standing just below the large bedroom window. In the shadows Todd spotted a large ladder, so he quietly moved over to retrieve it. The three of them worked together to quietly prop the ladder against the side of the house. Once the ladder was in position Derrick started to walk up the ladder, but Brett grabbed his arm and softly pulled him back down. Brett argued that this whole thing was his idea, so he was going up first. Derrick still apprehensive of the whole idea stepped aside and let Brett slowly move up the ladder.

Once at the top of the Onwin Güncel Giriş ladder Brett peered through the half opened blinds at a site that before this night he could have only dreamed about. Lying on the bed wearing a sexy black silk, and lace piece of lingerie was Megan, and she was glued to a hard core fuck flick that was playing all too loud and clear on the large TV. Brett continued to scan the scene, and he could now tell that Megan was busy playing with her pussy, her fingers were moving slowly against her clit while she stayed mesmerized by what was going on in front of her. Brett’s pants immediately showed his cocks reaction to the show he was watching, and he could hear Derrick and Todd whispering their complaints below. He signaled for one of them to come up, and after a quiet scuffle Derrick made his way up the ladder. The two boys were able to stand side by side at the top of the ladder and view the sexy woman that was giving herself pleasure right in front of them. Derrick couldn’t contain himself his hard on was straining against the fabric of his jeans, so he unzipped his pants and let his cock fall free from its confines. Brett protested briefly, but then realized the Derrick was just doing what Brett wanted to do. Brett moved back down the ladder and let Todd go up.

As Todd climbed the ladder he came face to face with Derrick’s rigid cock, and could see that Derrick was slowly stroking his member. Todd reached the top of the ladder, and could now see Megan lying on the bed slowly fucking herself with her fingers. Oh fuck was all Todd could say, and his cock swelled to an uncomfortable stage in his pants. “Hey guys” Brett quietly whispered up the ladder as he signaled for the two to come back down. Derrick and Todd inched back down the ladder so that they were face to face with Brett. Without even thinking about how dangerous his idea was he whispered to the other two “I say we go in and fuck her”. We can’t just go in and fuck her Todd said with a bit of concern in his voice. Why not, we know she is home alone, and with that Brett headed back across the back deck towards the gate. “I have to fuck her” was all Derrick could add to the conversation.

The three boys quietly made their way back around to the front of the house. They made their way up the front steps of the house, and before they ever knocked at the front door the dog started to bark. After the first knock there was nothing, but the three knew that Megan was home, so they knocked again. In a bit of a panic Megan put on her bathrobe and headed down to the front door to see who was knocking. When Megan reached for the door lock she could smell her own pussy juices that lingered on her fingers. She slowly opened the door, and as soon as she saw that it was the three familiar faces she opened the door fully to let the three in. When the door was closed the sounds in the bedroom from the movie that was playing on the TV echoed through the house. Megan just smiled, but not a word was spoken between the four. Brett turned and headed up the stairs, and Todd grabbed Megan’s hand, and had her follow. Derrick followed, and as they got to the end of the hall Derrick had already maneuvered the bathrobe off of Megan’s shoulders and it slid to the floor.

The four of them were now in the bedroom Megan was wearing hardly anything at all, and in addition to the gang bang taking place on the TV, there was also a large dildo sitting on the bed. Todd took the lead and plowed into Megan with his mouth, the two of them kissed with an animal magnetism that Megan needed. Megan could feel Derricks hands caressing her legs up and down her thighs, and up around her ass cheeks. Megan was not wearing any panties, and her pussy was now dripping down her leg. The two boys continue to caress her body while they skillfully remove the little bit of clothing still hanging on to Megan’s tight little body. Brett finally breaks the silence and tells the other to bring her over to the bed. Brett reaches over and turns the TV off, and makes a comment about having their own gangbang. Megan lays naked on the bed while the three young men move in on her each one of them removing their clothes with a business like urgency. Brett is the first to get to her, and she raises her head towards his mouth as she desperately needs to kiss someone. Todd moves so that he is kneeling at the head of the bed his cock now hard as a rock and pulsing next to Megan’s face. When Megan and Brett separate from their hot kiss Megan sees the cock and brings it to her mouth and starts to suck on Todd’s cock like she has never done before. Derrick was at the foot of the bed watching this action until he was completely naked, his hard cock standing strait out in front of him. Derrick moves in on Megan’s pussy and starts to slowly lick at the sweet nectars that have been leaking out for the past few minutes. Megan reacts to the tongue on her pussy by arching her back, and reaching out for Brett’s cock. Brett moved up to the head of the bed as well, so that he was now on the other side of Megan with his hard cock sitting just inches from the face fucking that Todd is giving her. Megan sees that Brett’s big cock is being ignored, so she switches to his cock, while she strokes Todd’s member to keep him hard.

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