An Unexpected Shift Ch. 02

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“You’ve very good, pet, and now you will experience what a good pet gets,” Sam purred, and kissed her lightly on the lips. Fire ripped through her as he did, and she felt his broad fingers touch her sides, the gentle massaging of the finger—mounted vibrators warmly caressing the sides of her breasts. Brittany felt herself melting against Sam’s lips, closed but still somehow enervatingly delicious.

He broke the kiss, slowly drawing back, quiet serenity still lying on his face, an approving grin on his soft pink lips. Brittany shifted, spreading her legs further, pushing her pelvis forward, pointing it more outwardly, and murmured, “Please touch me, sir.”

Sam took in a breath, and smiled, almost yawning, and, with a grin, retorted “Pet, I am already doing so.” He fingers traced the lower rim of her small breasts, and circled up, the trembling vibes rounding the rim of her areole. Brittany’s eyes widened, and her mouth formed an gasping ‘O’. She leaned—halfway fell—back onto the couch, her shoulders and head sinking into the leather cushion. Sam gently slid his fingers to her nipples, pinching each between a pair of vibes.

Brittany’s hips began to buck, lifting her pelvis with each one, flinging droplets, one by one, of her wetness at Sam’s feet. “Calmly, pet, calmly,” he told her, and, as if guided by the steadiness of his voice, her hips slowed. She bit her lip, and reveled in the shock, as his vibrating fingers pinched and massaged her nubs. His naked digits stroked the sides of her breasts, gently stroking the light skin, the tinted vibes not losing their focus.

Brittany closed her eyes, and bit harder on her lip, stifling a moan. She felt her breasts pulled straight out, her nipples being stretched and pleasured, pinched and shaken, tightly clamped between vibrating hardness. She heard a rustling, and felt Sam shift. By the time could gather herself enough to open her eyes, and look to see what had happened, he was already back, precicely when he had been. Struggling to hold back the urge to thrust that suffused her pelvis, Brittany quietly peeped “Sir, please penetrate me. I want to cum for you.”

Sam smiled broadly. “I thought you’d never ask, pet. Understand, however, that it’s not yet time for what you are thinking of, pet. But don’t worry. You are about to feel something not altogether unlike what you initially intended to, this night,” he narrated, putting a quizzical look on Brittany’s face. She whimpered as his fingers released her nipples, but silenced herself the moment she saw what he was doing. With a few deft motions, he secured the strap on, the six inch vibe humming nicely, his larger member standing erect above it.

Sam gently removed the vibes from his fingers, and clicked them off. As Brittany quivered, he placed two fingers at the base of her slit. “Hold still, pet. This won’t hurt a bit,” he instructed, and stroked up. A tiny shriek came from her throat, as he stopped immediately short of her clit, then took has fingers, and rubbed them on the head of the dildo. “Very good, pet. I know you can do this,” he assured her, and repeated the process again. A third pass, and a fourth, and the vibe was sopping. Brittany felt tears welling up in her eyes—the stroking and nipple play brought her intense pleasure, but not orgasm, and the tension was unbearably painful.

Her voice Pendik Esmer Escort shaking, Brittany peeped “Please, sir. Let me cum for you.” Blinking, when she say no reaction, she continued, pleading “Please penetrate me, sir. Please.” Sam smiled, and slid the finger vibes back on

With a soft tone, and his bright eyes shining, he spoke again. “Shhhhh, pet. Don’t sound too eager—it is unseemly,” Sam chided. He turned the finger vibes back on. Her eyes brightening at this, Brittany arched her back, lifting the pert, small spheres up and forward, happily. Sam smiled, and supported the bottom of her breasts with his vibed fingers.

Holding his fingers in place, supporting, his face, not losing its warmth, abruptly took on an even more emphasized aura of command. “Now, pet, you are going to orgasm, and that is because you are a good pet, and good pets get certain prerogatives,” Brittany hung on his every word, nodding solemnly as he spoke. “But, if you want me to give you more, you must contain yourself as long as you can. Patience will get you everywhere, and everything,” he added emphasis to the last word, and Brittany smiled joyfully. “Do you understand, pet?” he queried. Brittany nodded quickly. Sam cocked his head, and his smile retreated. Catching herself, Brittany nodded more slowly, with greater solemnity. Sam’s radiance returned.

The tickling, caressing sensations of the jiggling tips slid up the underside of her breasts. As Sam’s fingers pinched her nipples, her legs stretched out, squirming against the pleasure. He rolled the nubs again, pulled them again, tugged on them, and Brittany bit her lip in resistance. Walking forward on his knees, slowly, Sam gently placed the tip of his cock on her slit, and, at the same moment, the lubed strap on touched her asshole. Her mouth flew open, again, in an ‘O’, and she let off a pulsing gasp, and then another, her resistance rapidly failing.

Pushing slightly forward, Sam’s cock slid upward, to lightly touch her clit. As he did so, the very tip of the vibe entered her ass, rumbling, massaging. Two tears dropped from Brittany’s eyes from the pain of restrained pleasure, and, taking pity, Sam leaned forward. He kissed his pet lightly on the lips, and, the moment they touched, pinched down hard on her nipples, and pulled them close. Taking her cue, Brittany came. Her pussy was empty, but it contracted and spasmed anyway. A flow of wetness tricked down, redoubling the lubrication on the vibe. She screamed into Sam’s mouth, a bubbling gurgle thanks to his tongue’s strokes against her own. It took every fiber of her strength not to buck her hips, but she understood that doing so was Not Allowed.

Brittany’s spasms of pleasure pulsed through her with every heartbeat. She felt sweat beat on her body, she felt her pussy grip down on a cock that wasn’t there. She felt her asshole clamp on the tiny tip that had begun to penetrate it. She shuddered with each throb, reveling in the restrained glory of an orgasm, before, with a sigh, leaning back, stretching her nipples further. For a single moment, she contemplated her position—handcuffed, tied to the couch, with her own strap on beginning to penetrate her ass, and the man she brought home to be a sub dominating her more completely that she ever had owned her lone sub. She breathed in deeply, exhaled, and Pendik Eve Gelen Escort then heard Sam’s voice again.

“That was very good, pet, very good. You lasted longer than I thought you would. Now, you may feel a modicum of pain, but, I assure you, it is for the best. Take a deep breath, pet,” he suggested. Brittany took in another deep breath, then screamed as she felt Sam press into her. She flung her body forward, and her head on Sam’s shoulder, as she felt his wide cock slide inside her pussy. She’d never been with a man nearly as large as he, and it hurt as he pushed inside her, the head of his cock stretching her from within, stroking her insides, rubbing the ridged mound of her g—spot. The vibrator was easier—she’d never had something quite that large in her ass, but her last and only sub had loved those rare occasions where she let him fuck her ass (but never, of course, cum in it).

Sam [italics]shhhhhh[/italics]ed into her ear as she nuzzled into his shoulder, moaning as he edged deeper into her, calmly talking to her, keeping her grounded as he pushed deeper and deeper inside her, still pinching on her nipples. She felt herself filling, the shaft of Sam’s cock lumbering into her, the head touching the deepest point in her, and pushing back, stretching her, and she grew taut around him. The vibe attacked her ass from within, and her nipples screamed as the finger vibes stroked and caressed her swollen, sore nips. His cock pushed deeper and deeper… the pain grew sharper and sharper, like a razor wrapped in the orgasmic pleasure of his cock. It was almost unbearable.

Brittany didn’t know how she did it, but she felt Sam’s hair crumple against her groin, and the leather of the strap—on press her cheeks. Sam whispered sweet nothings in her ear, and released her nipples. She heard a plastic ‘click’ and belatedly realized that the caps that had been rolling her nipples doubled as clamps, when snapped together. She felt his large hands spread across her small back, and he began to thrust inside her. The vibe filled her ass, shuddering her, sending quivers up her spine. Her nipples screamed as the clamps attacked her. Her arms flailed in their cuffs, not trying to escape, just thrashing with pleasure. Lastly, she felt his cock pumping in her.

Brittany felt Sam’s thrusts go deeper. He would slam into her, his cock penetrating her further than even the most daring dildo she’d ever tired had reached. He’d pull himself a few inches out, with a slick sound, the top edge of his shaft stroking her clit, then pump back in. Every thrust grew deeper, every plunge drawing both dildo and cock out of her, then plunging back in. Again and again he rammed into her, arcing the angle so that the dildo stayed inside her. Her pussy throbbed, and contracted painfully, as the rim of his head tickled and stroked her spot, and his tip slammed against her cervix, plunging against her A spot. The clamps crunched and massaged her nipples, and her mouth became an ‘O’ again, wetly pressing into Sam’s shoulder.

He felt her mouth, and understood instantly. He pulled himself almost fully out of her, leaving just the head of his cock inside her, wide as a half—dollar at the head, and his rumbling voice tickled her ears, “I told you. Hold it in, pet. Hold it in as long as you can. I know you can do it, pet,” Pendik Evi Olan Escort he encouraged her. He slid a bit further into her throbbing depth, then began to pulse in and out, rubbing his rim across her g—spot, over and over, massaging the mound. He took one hand off her back. The clamps were driving her nipples mad, the vibe, about an inch of with remained inside her, assaulted her innards.

“I don’t know if I can do it, sir. You’re so good. You feel so nice inside me. Sir, I’m going to cum again, soon. I’m so sorry sir!” the words pulsed out between gasps, slowly, haltingly, as stroke after stroke from Sam’s head caressed her spot. A kiss landed on her ear.

Sam, in his tenderest tone yet, told her “Don’t worry. I know you’ve tried, pet. I’m going to give you an orgasm now. You’ll know when to succumb. And, when you do, hold nothing back.” Her cheek rubbed against his, nodding, as her tears streamed down her cheeks, and down his back. Mid—nod, she screamed, as he thrust forward, and his free hand pinched her clit. Nine inches sank inside her, deeply. His thick fingers pinched and pulled [italic]hard[/italic] on her clit. The vibes madly struck her ass and nipples, and, in a confused shatter, Brittany lost control.

Her gush caught her utterly off guard—she had never had one before. But the combination of stimuli, the depth of the fuck, the pleasure on every nub and cavern of her pleasure, and the deeply erotic pleasure of her submission simply overwhelmed her. As her vulva was utterly filled by his cock, she felt a release deep inside herself, pouring through and out of her with the deep relief and ecstacy of the most visceral catharsis, the most fundamental, primal pleasure Brittany had ever experienced. She felt a splash pouring against her thighs and belly, only belatedly realizing that the massive flow was her own. She thrashed and slammed against Sam’s body as the orgasm danced through her, the jet of liquid from her subsiding. Her scream petered out, and she gasped, before resuming a loud, sharp moan.

Still moaning, she felt Sam release her clit, and remove the clamps from her nipples. Her legs quivering, she felt the vibe slide out of her ass, and his cock remove itself from her. Sam instructed her, “Pet, I am very pleased with your performance.” As her last twitches subsided, she head him unclasp the vibrator. “I thought you would be able to do that. I am proud of you, pet. I think you deserve a taste of what you accomplished,” he concluded, and stood up.

Sam’s long, dripping cock hovered right in front of her face, gently rising and falling with each breath he took. “Lick it clean, and do so properly, pet, and I’ll untie you, and give you even more fun,” he wickedly intoned. Those words alone prompted a trickle of wetness out of Brittany’s pussy.

“I don’t know how to thank you, sir,” Brittany whispered. Slightly louder, she gathered her wits enough to continue, ” You gave me a screaming, squirting orgasm, and now I get to taste myself, and lick your beautiful cock? I don’t deserve you, sir!”

Sam grinned, and stroked her ears. The simple, platonic potion felt like a tongue across her labia—it gave her a sexual thrill more visceral than most of her earlier lovers couldn’t get in hours of fucking. He didn’t say anything—his warm grin was approval enough. Just staring into his eyes, Brittany thought she might cum—but she knew he would be disappointed if she did. She turned to the matter at hand, and stuck out her tongue. The first droplets of her own wetness streamed down her throat, and she felt an erotic thrill. She couldn’t wait to see what pleasure would come next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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