Another Brief Encounter

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Rocco went into the hotel bar. He hadn’t been in this particular hotel before, but it was a four star rating, and the cocktail bar was well furnished. Being early afternoon, however, there were very few people in. The lunch-time drinkers were back at work. But the one he was looking for certainly wasn’t here. He had another good look round, but no – Daphne wasn’t here. Ah well, maybe she’d be a bit late.

He glanced at his watch. Spot on 2.30. She might have had cold feet. Anyway, he’d wait a while in case she turned up. Pity. And he was getting nicely sexed up in anticipation – that pic she had sent him of her vulva, inner labia thrusting out from the confines of the outer lips, was terrific. Where the hell was Daphne?

Daphne – not her real name he supposed – was a writer whom he’d met on the internet. Having read a few of her submissions, Rocco decided she was a highly sexed woman with a vivid imagination. He got in touch with her, and to his delight, she replied to him. And their subsequent exchange of email got more explicit, until he was persuaded to send her a pic of his cock.

Now, Rocco was very proud of his penis. And he had every right to be. A thick eight-inch specimen, with a very pronounced rim to the head, was most attractive to the women. He exercised it whenever the opportunity arose with a willing lady, which was fairly frequently. But when there were no partners around, he masturbated with enthusiasm, watching his sperm shooting from the eye of his cock onto his belly, in large splashes of starchy pools. It gave him much satisfaction to see it, and it was a photo of such an event that he sent to Daphne, hoping it would impress her.

And impress her it did! So much so, that Daphne took a few pics of her own genitals. She’d never done this before, although many of the shots were not really up to her usual standard, she did manage to select one or two decent ones of her close-up pussy, her juices clearly visible, to email to Rocco. The sight of her oozing genitals, gave him an instant erection. He could not resist the urge to release his stiff cock from his shorts to masturbate as he gazed on those luscious labia. The sperm soon spurted over his loins!

He sent her a message to tell her what the effect of her pic was and suggested that they meet up so that she could taste the delights of his monstrous cock. Daphne was mesmerised by this wonderful penis – dying to get it into her mouth – though she doubted that was possible. Still, she was sure she would be able to accommodate it in her vagina. And thought it would be fun trying. But she would play hard to get for a while. She didn’t want to seem too keen. Besides, it could backfire. Converting email sex to real-life sex wasn’t always a good idea! Eventually she sent him a portrait, and said she’d meet him ion the cocktail bar of The Royal the following Thursday afternoon at 2.30.

Rocco was, of course, over the moon. He booked himself a room and travelled down from London to spend the day in her home town of Leicester. As the morning wore on, he got more sexed up thinking about those luscious labia. Very soon he would be able to take them between his lips and nibble them. Wonderful! Then he would split them open with his cock before ramming her deep and hard with all eight inches. She cry out with lust – they usually did!

But she wasn’t there! Oh fuck!

He got himself a glass of wine whilst he waited. A lady at a table on her own was watching Rocco, until she spoke quietly to him.

‘Been stood up?’

‘We-ell! It’s beginning to look that way.’

He looked the lady over. She was probably in her early fifties, he thought. But very smartly dressed, with well groomed platinum-blonde hair, an attractive face with smallish nose and large eyes. At the moment she was smiling pleasantly at him.

‘Well, you can join Antep Escort Bayan me for a drink if you wish. I’m not waiting for anyone else. I’m Mash by the way.’

‘Thanks. I’m Rocco.’ Rocco ordered two more glasses of wine, but the lady called over to the waiter.

‘Make that a bottle, John.’

Rocco raised his eyebrows. ‘Are you a local, then?’ He was studying her figure. Well built, with a large bust it seemed. He wondered if she fucked. Well, nearly all women do, but… would she fuck with him? No… she looked far too sophisticated and elegant for a casual screw.

‘Yes. I have a studio flat near by. I’m a fashion photographer. I’ve just ended a commission – so, having a quiet drink to celebrate.’

‘Ah, what sort of photography?’

‘Fashion – some classy nude stuff as well.’

‘Sounds interesting.’

‘Come and take a look when we’ve finished the wine if you’re up to it.’

And so it was that Rocco found himself unexpectedly with a well-groomed lady, rather older than his usual preference, but still… his internet date hadn’t appeared, so no point in wasting the journey. Rocco was interested in photography as an amateur, particularly in taking snaps of his very handsome penis at full stretch. But he didn’t tell his friend that! They chatted about photography over the remains of the bottle of wine, before they stood to leave.

This as the first time that Rocco had seen the lady properly, and – yes! – she had a large figure with an ample waist and wide hips. Well, they can’t all be a young size 10 with blonde shimmering hair, he thought. It takes all sorts…

At the studio flat, expensively though simply furnished, Masha took Rocco’s jacket, hanging it over the back of a chair, before removing her own coat. Beneath it she was wearing a wrap-over white blouse and flared skirt. Rocco saw the uplift bra holding the ample breasts of this rather attractive lady.

Masha handed Rocco a portfolio of nudes, whilst she opened bottle of Neuf du Pape 2001. He was awestruck as he sat on the settee, leafing through the portfolio of nudes – women and men. His attention was particularly drawn to a set of nudes of a very heavily pregnant woman! She was gorgeous! And he looked with envy at the camera equipment.

He took the glass of vintage wine from her and sipped it.

‘Now,’ Masha said, switching on the screen as she sat herself beside him. A few clicks and a slide show of images began to flick across the screen at 5 second intervals. ‘Here are a few private shots of some of the girls, though I do get commissions from a few of the hairy galleries.’ Rocco’s eyes were wide open! ‘And look at these chaps,’ she added as some naked studs appeared sporting strong erections.

Masha glanced down at Rocco’s lap. Yes, there was the tell tale bulge. He was getting the message. He’d be ready for her proposition.

‘How would you like me to take some of you?’ she asked with a smile, placing her palm over the bulge in his lap and gently pressing the hardness. Rocco turned to smile at her.

‘Why not? And what about you?’

‘Oh, there are plenty of me already. Another click of the remote changed the folder on the screen, now showing a close up of a blonde hairy vulva, inner plump labia thrusting their way our of the confines of the vulva between open, stocky cream thighs. Rocco watched as the images changed, showing the model bending over, her buttocks pulled apart to reveal the puckered rear entrance above the large vulva, with its dilated vagina oozing its starchy juices.

Masha leaned over to unbutton and remove Rocco’s shirt. ‘Come on big boy. Let’s get those trousers off and get down to business.’

Rocco stood, unclasped his waist-band, unzipped the fly and allowed the trousers to shutter to the ground before stepping out of them. Mash folded them before placing them over the chair with his jacket, whilst Rocco peeled off his underwear. He was standing in his socks and shoes, with his circumcised penis thrust out before him. Not fully erect, but still an impressive sight for Masha.

‘Wow,’ she remarked, ‘that’s pretty big. And what a helmet.’ She thought she’d like to take it in her mouth, but it looked rather too big for her. Instead, she picked up a camera and started to take shots of the penis, as it continued to grow until it stood at a forty-five degree angle to his belly – all eight inches of it. The rim of the helmet was really pronounced, with a bead of liquid already forming at its tip. As she clicked away, her juices flowed freely at the thought of sinking that monster deep into her vagina.

‘Sod this’ Masha muttered, laying down the camera and unfastening her blouse. Shrugging it from her shoulders, she unclasped the fastening of her bra., lowering it in the palms of her hands to allow the large orbs to settle onto her rib-cage. Rocco’s eyes were glued to the expansive areola, tipped with dark nipples, like thimbles.

Falling to his knees in front of her, Rocco quickly unbuckled her skirt, unhooking the side fastenings, allowing it to drop round her ankles. Her peach knickers had side bows, which were easily opened, allowing him to remove them. Her generous loins were open to view – the moderate covering of pubic hair over the pelvis, the clitoris peeking from its hood beneath the central tuft.

Although she had seen many naked cocks in her professional capacity, it was some months since Masha had been actually screwed. And that was now her only thought. Oh, yes, she’d like some oral, but to hell with it. A good hard fuck is what she wanted right now. She pushed Rocco to the ground and straddled him. Her vagina had a capacity not many cocks were able to fill fully. This one was made for her!

Throwing her leg across Rocco’s lap, she kneeled over him, positioning her eager vulva over the oversized head of the cock, peeled the labia apart with finger and thumb, and slowly impaled herself, sighing with complete fulfilment as the monster pushed apart the wet, fleshy vagina. Her juices were running freely.

She had almost forgotten what supreme joy it gave her to have a cock filling the crevice nature had designed for it. Slowly. Gradually filling her vagina. It was bliss. Fully embedded, she remained sitting with the cock resting in the fleshy container made for it, her ample buttocks resting on Rocco’s thighs, relishing the ecstasy. It was a cock designed to fill her. There weren’t many that had been able to do that.

‘Mmmm! Wonderful,’ she muttered. ‘You have such a lovely body. Smooth and marvellous.’

She became conscious of Rocco’s hands cupping her breasts. As Masha sank his cock into her, squeezing her inner muscles, he weighed her full breasts in the palm of each hand, massaging and kneading them. The nipples were full and hard. Her heart was thumping hard.

‘Beautiful breasts. So soft and firm. You are a gorgeous creature, Masha,’ he whispered. ‘You have a lovely body, made for shagging.’

Masha wallowed in the attention. She slowly rose and fell on the cock, concentrating on each little flicker of sensation from within her sensitive vagina. Her muscles flexed, exploring the contours of the intruder, fuelling the delicious tensions stirring inside her loins. She rocked up and again, now in a continuous movement, lifting herself to the very tip of the shaft and sinking to its fullest depth.

‘Oh, yes! Yes!’ she moaned quietly. ‘This is unbelievable! Your cock is absolutely made for my vagina.’

Eyes closed, her mouth set in concentrated grimace, Masha eased her loins up and down on Rocco, increasing the pace of the rhythm little by little, focusing her mind on the growing turmoil throughout her nervous system. Weak muscular spasms jolted her limbs. Tension mounted in her legs and thighs. He breathing became unsteady. The spasms got stronger.

‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’

By leaning over Rocco, Masha had presented her breasts close to his face. He latched his lips first onto one stiff nipple for a prolonged suckle, then the other, his hands grasping the rising and falling heavy buttocks. The moment of penetration had given Rocco that supreme feeling of elation he always had when his cock first penetrated a woman’s vagina. Masha’s was surprisingly accommodating, and well lubricated, tucked away in those plump outer labia. A large vagina giving a wonderful fit, the muscles clenching on his shaft, which he knew would soon raise him to near ejaculation if he wasn’t careful.

‘That’s fantastic,’ he assured her, his fingers of one hand now dabbling with the rim of her rear passage and the other fingering the labia. She was very wet with her oozing juices. He started to jerk his loins in rhythm to hers, lengthening the stroke with each thrust, relishing the supreme feeling of delight in his cock as it slid back and forth in her wonderful vagina.

Masha was now panting and writhing with a growing tautness in her muscles. The whole of her loins were shaking with a craving for relief. Her trembling legs were straining to reach that wonderful moment when the tension snaps. It was blissful agony. She desperately wanted her orgasm, yet wanted the sensation racking her body to last forever. It was sheer ecstasy for her.

She was whimpering and moaning. Snatching at her breath. Bouncing furiously on Rocco’s cock. She was out of control!

‘Oh, my God! Oh, yes! Let me come! Please make me come!’

In desperation, she pushed her hand between their bodies, and with stiffened fingers, frantically grappled at her clitoris, seeking the final thrill of orgasm. But it wouldn’t come! It hovered on the brink, driving her to distraction. Her fingers got more and more frenzied in their action. The delightful agony was unbelievable!

‘Oh fuck me hard darling! Hard! I’m coming! Coming! Oh shit!’

These were words not usually heard from her lips, but when Rocco pushed his middle finger deep into her anus… that was it! It triggered the orgasm. Masha’s body jerked violently. Her whole body shook and trembled. Huge spasms, one after another, shuddered her loins and thighs. It seemed to go on forever! Masha gave a long silent scream.

But it was more than Rocco could withstand. As Masha stabbed onto his cock, her body thrashing around, the spring within him tightened from his toes. Contractions rippled up his legs and into his thighs. Muscles tightened. A powerful convulsion slammed his loins. His cock exploded with an almighty jerk, spurting the contents into the deepest reaches of Masha’s vagina.

Masha collapsed onto Rocco’s body, exhausted and relieved. Her body positively glowed with pleasure. It was far, far better than she had expected. It was heavenly.

‘I didn’t have the chance to withdraw, darling’ he whispered. ‘Sorry!’

‘Never mind’ she said. ‘I’m safe. Did you enjoy screwing a more mature female? A bit older than your usual screw?’

‘Gosh, yes! But you were great!’

As they lay together recovering, Masha said that she had something she wanted to say to him.

‘I have a confession to make. I hope you’re not cross with me. But I think I should tell you that I am really Daphne. The girl you were waiting for.’

‘But… ‘ Rocco spluttered.

‘The pic I sent you was of my niece, I’m afraid. She’s rather younger than me. I thought you might be put off if…’

Rocco started to laugh. ‘You cheat!’ he cried as he rolled on top of her.

Daphne, or Masha, lifted her thick thighs as high as she could, parting them wide, allowing his still erect eight inch cock, searching for her vagina, to sink its whole length deep into her. They fucked another hour at least.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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