April Plays Capture the Flag

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Last September, the top fraternity at my college held its annual Capture The Flag game, where it invited all of us sorority girls to compete in teams with the guys. The winning sorority got to drink free at the fraternity’s formal party that spring, so it was a very high stakes game.

My sorority chose me and my best friend Christy to be our sorority’s representatives this year, mostly because we were dating two guys from the fraternity. “April and Christy are the best chance we have to win that formal party,” the president had said at chapter, “so everyone give them your support!”

On the morning of the CTF game, the whole sorority set out for the park for the pre-game picnic. Most of the girls wore nice fall dresses, but Christy and I had decided to wear sexier, tight shorts and tanktops to get in the favor of the guys. Because it was still very hot, we also wore bikinis underneath, just in case we wanted to get some sun or if we thought it might help our chances to show off some skin.

After the fraternity president explained the rules of the game, all the sororities took turns taking pictures with the fraternity guys. When the fraternity guys came up to our sisters to take the picture, my boyfriend Brian and Christy’s boyfriend Keith saddled up to us.

To be honest, I was planning to break up with Brian. I didn’t really like him, he was nice but boring. The guy I really liked was Tim, who was nearby Brian and me for the picture. He was so incredibly hot and looked like he was at gym all the time. I think he liked me a little bit, too, since I always caught him checking me out whenever I was hanging out at the frat house.

The photographer took a few photos of all of us smiling, and then one of the boys shouted, “Hey, April and Christy, the game this year is shirts and skins!” Everyone laughed, even though I’m sure they had said that to every sorority that morning. But Christy and I were prepared for it.

“Okay!” we shouted, and started pulling off our tanktops. The boys all sucked in their breath, thinking we were actually going to get topless. But we weren’t just going to show our boobs to the whole park, and once our bikini tops popped into view we could hear a little disappointed groan from some of the guys. Still, once they realized that we were still two girls in just bikini tops, several of the guys cheered.

Suddenly Keith got really mad. “Come on, Christy, cover up! Jesus!” he said angrily to her. Christy was shocked by how pissed he was. I was about to defend her when suddenly Brian turned to ME and said, “Yeah, you too, April!”

I guess he wanted to feel like a big man in front of Keith, too. Some of the guys told them to calm down, as Christy and I angrily put our tanktops back on. For the rest of the pre-game party, Christy and I fumed at our boyfriends.

When the photos were done, the fraternity president announced that the game was going to begin in twenty minutes and that the team should get in their places and go over strategy. Christy and I got a final pep talk from the sorority president (“Get that flag!”) and we headed off to join our team across the park.

We were walking into a woodsy part of the park when we heard someone shout , “hey, girls, wait up!” Christy and I looked back. The photographer was running up to us, holding a huge sign.

“Hey, girls, listen, I didn’t want to ask this when your boyfriends were right there, but, you see, the fraternity wants to make a big deal out of this event to recruit pledges next year. So, the guys were all wondering, would you girls mind doing some more poses for us with this sign?”

He handed us the sign, which had the frat’s letters and “Capture The Flag.”

“Sure, I guess,” Christy said. The two of us held up the sign and smiled for the camera.

“Well, that looks great, but it’s a fraternity thing, so skin is always great, and since you girls were already wearing bikinis, would you maybe mind…?”

I looked over at Christy. She was obviously still upset at how our boyfriends had yelled at us, so I thought maybe this would be a good way to reassert herself. I guess she was thinking the same thing about me, because we both said, “Sure.”

The photographer grinned and said, “Great!” We pulled off our tanktops and shorts. Now in our bikinis, we held the sign between us and smiled at the camera.

“This is fantastic!” the photographer said, and started taking pictures. “You girls look great, so gorgeous!” Christy and I blushed a little, it’s always great to hear that.

The photographer took several more shots of us doing different poses with the sign. “Thank you guys so much!” he said. Christy handed him the sign back, but he cut her off.

“Hey, you can say no if you want, but would you mind a little more daring pose?”

I wrinkled up my nose, as did Christy. “It wouldn’t be anything naked!” he said, seeing our faces. “But maybe just the idea of you being naked?”

“How so?” I said.

“Well, for example,” he said. “Maybe a photo of you girls holding the tuzla escort sign in front of you, with your bikini tops draped over the sign?”

“So we WILL be naked,” Christy said.

“Well, it would be behind the sign,” the photographer said. “I wouldn’t take any topless photos, and I wouldn’t even see you naked. I can turn around.”

Christy and I hesitated for a second, but I decided that if it was just going to be implied nudity, there wouldn’t be a reason not to.

“Okay,” I said. “But turn around first!”

He turned around. Christy turned to me and whispered, “Are you sure? We’d be topless in the middle of a park!”

“I know, but we’re deep in the woods,” I whispered. “And he won’t see anything.”

Christy shrugged and started untying her bikini top. As I untied mine I stole a quick glance at her boobs. Hers were a little smaller than mine, but looked perky and great. Her nipples were small and almost the same color as her boobs, while mine were a little bigger and more pink and puffy.

We held up the sign and draped our bikini tops over it. “Okay, you can turn around now!” I said.

The photographer turned around and grinned. “Oh, mine, you gals look incredible! This is even better than I thought it would be!”

He started snapping photos as Christy and I smiled, holding up the sign.

“Can you lower it a bit more? So your bare shoulders show,” he said. We lowered it down a little lower, so that our cleavage was almost visible. Anyone looking at the photo would know we were definitely topless.

“Great!” he said. “Could we also try not smiling, but looking a little surprised?”

Christy and I made a look like we were shocked that we ended up topless behind a sign that said “Capture The Flag.” He took a few more photos and then said, “Not to push my luck, but could I get maybe the bottoms draped over the sign, too?”

Now it was my turn to be reluctant. “I don’t think so.”

“Tell you what,” he said. “I’ll make it so that you girls drink free at every frat party at the university club for the rest of the year.”

This made us hesitate, since the drinks at the club were very expensive and very good. I was still reluctant, but Christy seemed more willing. “We’re already this far,” she said to me. “Turn around!”

He turned around. We dropped the sign, exposing our boobs to the woods. Quickly we pulled down our bottoms and grabbed the sign and held it back up again.

“Okay!” Christy said. The photographer turned around and started taking photos again. Christy and I stood there completely naked, with only a sign covering our modesty, while he snapped pictures of us smiling and looking shocked and then looking coy.

Finally he said, “You girls are the best. Could I get one last shot of one of you wearing a bikini and holding the other girl’s bikini top, like you stole it from her? She’ll be behind the sign looking upset.”

“I’ll do that,” Christy said. Before I could react, she let go of the sign and grabbed both of our bikinis. “Hey!” I said, but she was already putting on her bottoms.

Then, to my shock and the photographer’s delight, Christy stepped away from the sign before she put her top on! He got a great look at her naked boobs as she casually untangled her top and that slid it back on.

“You look incredible,” he said, grinning a mile wide.

“Thanks,” she said to him, smiling. “Now how do you want this?”

The photographer posed us with Christy holding my bikini top and smiling at the camera, while I looked angrily at her holding the sign. Now that I was the only one naked, I was incredibly self-conscious. I held the sign tightly against me while he snapped photos.

Suddenly I heard a whoop behind me. “Whoa, NICE, April!” I spun around to see several of the frat guys from the other team. Capture the Flag must have started and they were already advancing into our territory. They had walked up behind us, and seen me totally naked from behind!

“Get out of here, guys!” I shouted, holding up the sign, but they didn’t move.

“What’s going on?” one of them asked. “Can we join in?”

The photographer suddenly said, “Guys, this isn’t funny, you’re making them feel vulnerable. Get out of here.”

He must have been a high ranking member of the frat, because they quickly said okay and left. I turned around to thank him, but it was only then that I realized that when I had turned around I had given him a full and long view of my naked backside! He had seen my entire naked back, including my butt!

He saw me turn red as I realized it and just smiled. “Thanks so much for everything,” he said. “You girls can ask any favor from the frat until you graduate. I’ll turn around so you can get dressed.”

I was so impressed that he was such a gentleman about it that I decided to give him a favor instead. “It’s okay, you’ve seen so much already,” I said, and I dropped the sign.

Just like that, I was completely naked in front of this guy. His eyes almost burst out of their göztepe escort sockets, and he stared up and down all over my naked body, taking in my boobs and tummy and bush. I slowly and calmly changed back into my bikini, very aware of how my tits jiggled and wobbled as I moved. I felt a brief satisfaction over Christy, who thought she had been so naughty with just showing him her tits. I could naughtier than her, I was happy to show.

After I put back my bikini, the photographer thanked us again and let us get back to the game. We put our tanktops and shorts back on and went to join our team.

When we reached the base, the captain split us up and assigned me with Barry, one of the guys in the fraternity. I sighed. Barry was cute but he was a real horndog, and the kind of guy who always thought he was flirting when he was just being annoying. But I wanted to win the game, so I kept a stiff upper lip and walked over to him.

“Hey, Barry, let’s go,” I said.

“Ooh la la, April! Alright, this is gonna be fun!” he said. I groaned.

Barry and I started down the our assigned path to try to find the enemy flag. Within a few minutes, Barry started talking about how hot and cute I was. I just ignored it as best as I could.

Finally he went too far. “Hey, April, when can I see your tits?”

“What?!” I sputtered. “Never, you pervert! I’m dating one of your frat brothers!”

“Aw, come on! I heard you gave some of the guys a peek at your butt,” Barry said.

“You heard wrong,” I said. I guess word got out fast. If only he knew that I not only did that, but also showed another guy my whole front, he would have flipped out.

I hoped that would be the end of it, but Barry kept pleading as we talked through the woods. I kept ignoring it until he suddenly said:

“Aw, come on, April, let me just see your tits for a second. You gave Bill Tyron a handjob last year, I’m not asking for that!”

My face reddened. “Who told you THAT?” I said, trying to keep a cool face.

“He told me!” he said. “He told everybody in the dorm!”

I sighed. I was hoping Bill wouldn’t talk about that, but I guess boys are going to brag. Freshman year, I was walking back to the dorm from a party and saw Bill in the lounge. He was reading a philosophy book that I was also reading for a class. I stopped to talk to him about it, and it ended up with us having a long talk about life and knowledge that lasted for several hours. Things got a little flirtatious and I ended up giving him a handjob right there in the lounge. It was probably a stupid idea to jerk him off where anybody could walk in and see, but it was so late at night that I wasn’t very worried about it. I didn’t think he’d go telling people about it, though.

“Just show me your tits and I won’t ask for anything else,” he said. At this point, I started to consider it, just to shut him up. But I knew boys, and I knew it wasn’t going to stop with seeing my boobs. He was just going to get hornier and keep hassling me unless I put a stop to the whole thing right there. If I wanted to win this game, i knew what I had to do.

I stopped suddenly and turned to him. “Barry, are you better at keeping your mouth shut than Bill?”

His eyes lit up. “Of course! If you show me your tits, I won’t tell anyone!”

“I’m NOT showing you my tits,” I said, and reached down for his belt. “I just want to shut you up.”

Before he could realize what was going on, I had unsnapped his shorts and pulled them down. Like I suspected, his cock was rock hard and bulging through his boxers. I reached into the fly and pulled it out. It was nice and a good size, although nothing I would write home about.

“Whoa, wait, April, are you serious?” he said, and then gasped as I wrapped my mouth around his member.

I wanted to get him satisfied and done as fast as possible, so I started sucking as fast and hard as I could. Barry moaned as I pumped his shaft with my hand. “Oh my God, April, this is incredible,” he said. “You’re so hot, you’re so fucking hot.”

I just rolled my eyes and kept sucking. After another minute, he started groaning harder. “Oh, suck it, April, oh God, I’m about to cum, I’m about to cum!”

I started sucking his cock even harder and suddenly I felt him spurting cum into my mouth. “Ohhh, ohhhh, oohhhhh yeah!” he groaned as he fired one, two, three loads out, and I quickly swallowed them down.

Finally, he buckled his knees, exhausted. I let his cock plop out of my mouth and stood back up.

“Jesus, April, that was the hottest thing in my life!” he said, panting, his softening dick still hanging out. “But, but what about Brian?”

“Don’t tell him, dummy!” I said. “Now can we get back into the game and you please stop hassling me about showing you my tits?” I asked.

“Definitely!” he said. “…but, but you still can show me if you want!”

I rolled my eyes again and walked through the woods. Barry ran behind, struggling to put his dick back in his pants.

We walked for a few üsküdar escort more minutes until we ran into Mike and Eric. I didn’t know Mike very well, but he was a very cute guy and I had noticed him at parties before. Eric I knew pretty well, although unfortunately so.

A couple months ago, just after I started dating Brian, I had spent the night at the fraternity house with him and the next morning I took a shower in one of the bathrooms after he had left for class. I accidentally left the door unlocked and Eric walked in to take a shower himself. I peaked out of the shower curtain just as he dropped his towel, and the two of us made eye contact just as he was totally naked. I got a good look at his cut body and big cock, and he didn’t even bother to cover up once he saw I was staring. He just walked up and pulled open the shower curtain, exposing my dripping wet, naked body.

He stepped into the shower, and even though I had just started dating Brian, I stepped aside and let him. He ended up fucking me right in the shower twice, once from behind and then with him standing me up against the shower wall.

We hadn’t talked about it since, but just seeing him there made me blush furiously.

“How are you guys doing?” Mike asked.

“Eh, we’re okay,” I said, glad to look away from Eric.

“What do you say we split up in new teams?” Mike said. “April and me, and Eric and Barry.”

“Okay!” I said, brightening. I’d be happy to get rid of Barry.

Barry protested a little bit, but the rest of us agreed, and Mike and I turned a hard right and started walking down another path. We chatted as we walked, trying not to be too loud. I learned that Mike was a pretty nice guy, and he was charming, although not very funny. Still, it was a welcome change from Barry. Why did I always give the losers blowjobs?

After a half hour, we came upon a clearing. In the middle of it was Tim, my crush. He was wearing a wife beater, his incredible muscles glistening in the sun. I almost didn’t even notice, but suddenly saw that he was guarding his team’s flag!

Mike and I crouched down behind a tree and looked at the situation. The flag was next to Tim, at the top of a standing pole. He had done a good job positioning himself in the center of a clearing, since no one could approach him without him seeing it a hundred feet away.

“We need a way to distract him,” Mike said.

I knew exactly what to do. “Go run around to the other side. When you hear me call out his name, run up and take it,” I said. “What are you gonna do?” he asked.

“Like you said, I’m gonna distract him,” I said, and winked.

Mike grinned and nodded, and took off. I waited a few minutes until I thought he had gotten around to the other side, then stood up and walked toward the clearing.

I pulled my tank top over my head and untied my bikini top. I figured nothing distracts boys like boobs, and frankly I wouldn’t mind showing him my tits. Who knows? Maybe it would even lead to something after I broke up with Brian.

I leaned against a tree and crossed my hands behind my back and pushed out my chest. I shouted “Hey, Tim!”

Tim looked over and his mouth dropped opened when he saw me, leaning topless against the tree. His eyes went straight to my tits.

“Whatcha doing?” I asked, as innocently as I could. He didn’t even respond, he just stared so hard at my bare boobs it felt like he was boring a hole through them. I started to get a little flushed at the attention, and a little turned on.

Suddenly Mike, who had been sneaking up behind Tim the entire time, grabbed the flag and started running away with it. Tim spun around to see Mike and started chasing him.

“Go, Mike, go!” I cheered, jumping up and down a little. It made my boobs bounce a little, which made me suddenly self-conscious that I was half-naked in a public park. I reached down to get my bikini top and tanktop.

I looked up again, and I suddenly saw Tim running straight at ME! I stared at him for a couple of seconds as he got closer and closer as fast as he could. I finally realized he was chasing me and I shrieked, turned around and started running.

I barely got ten feet before I tripped over myself and fell onto the ground. I turned around on my back just as he jumped on me, laughing, grabbing at my shorts.

“Where’s the flag, you trickster?” he said, grinning and groping.

I started laughing, too, and even forgot that I was topless and on my back, giving him a perfect view of my bare tits. “Get away from me, you nerd!” I laughed, slapping at him.

We were rolling on the ground, pushing and slapping and pinching until suddenly his mouth was on one of my breasts, sucking on my nipple while his hand pinched my other one. I gasped at the sudden sexual rush.

“Oh, Tim,” I gasped out. “Tim, we can’t, I have a boyfriend!”

Tim didn’t listen, he just kept maniacally groping and sucking my tits.

“Tim, stop, this is wrong!” I protested, and Tim pulled away from me. For a second I thought he was going to stop, but instead he just pulled off his shirt. I whimpered at the sight of his incredible jacked up body. He saw my reaction and promptly grabbed my shorts and yanked them down my legs along with my bikini bottom. I was totally naked!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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