At The Office

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It was dark outside and the building was nearly deserted. Rose wasn’t used to working so late but her boss was still here and so she was stuck at her desk until he decided to leave. She stood up for the umpteenth time and tiptoed barefoot to the conference room to peep through the slightly ajar door. She sighed. Her boss Andrew was still at the head of the conference table presiding over the meeting. The company had recently been awarded a major contract and things had been very busy around the office.

It was barely two weeks since Rose began working at Taylor Construction as Mr Taylor’s secretary and she was already considering quitting. Mr Taylor hired her, knowing she had no background in architecture and quite frankly, no interest in the boring day to day work of the business. She had made no friends so far and everybody kept their distance, suspecting she was sleeping with the boss.

Andrew Taylor, the African-american chairman/CEO of Taylor construction was indeed her lover. Rose felt he made it pretty obvious by hiring her as his temporary secretary until the real one returned from Maternity leave. Nobody was stupid enough to believe that Mr Taylor in his infinite wisdom, would hire an out of work wannabe actress as his confidential secretary. For goodness sake, almost everyone working here had at least one ivy league masters degree to their name, but she had no college degree to boast of. She barely finished high school before deciding to skip college and become an actress.

At 18, She packed up her meagre belongings from the tiny town she grew up in and followed her dreams to New York city where she imagined she’d be immediately snatched up to become a star on broadway. Three years later and with nothing much to show for it, Rose was still a struggling aspiring actress sharing a tiny apartment with Abby, her South African roommate who had a similar story. A few months ago, she met Andrew the rich young bachelor behind one of the city’s fastest growing architectural firms.

Andrew was a very intelligent man and very devoted to his work which made keeping a girlfriend much too difficult for him. To make up for his constant absence, he quickly developed the habit of spoiling Rose with expensive gifts. Being extremely jealous and possessive, Andrew despised Rose’s ambition of becoming an actress and tried to monitor her as much as possible. The perfect opportunity Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort came along when Anne his longtime secretary had taken her maternity leave. Rather than hire a random temp from the agency, he asked Rose to fill the position and she reluctantly agreed, knowing this was just another excuse for him to keep her where he could monitor her at all times.

She made her way to his office just opposite the conference room and shut the door behind her. The room was dark except for the lamp on his large mahogany desk and Rose was glad for the privacy. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall in her stockinged feet, Rose had a mane of curly brown hair and warm hazel eyes. Her ample 34C breasts stood out proudly on her chest, slightly exposed underneath the sheer blouse she wore. She decided to rest her eyes for a minute as she lay down on his brown leather couch. Who was she kidding? She was fast asleep within minutes.

When Andrew found Rose fast asleep in his office, he couldn’t help but smile to himself. The meeting had ended a few minutes ago and when he noticed her absence from her desk he wondered what the woman was up to. Poor thing, he thought. He knew he had been overworking her and felt guilty for a second. The guilt soon faded when he noticed the position she’d fallen asleep in. Her long legs were slightly open revealing just a hint of her inner thighs. Her full lips, still stuck in her trademark stubborn pout, the outline of her delicious breasts clearly visible from the sheer top she wore. Andrew found himself getting aroused. The sight of his lover sprawled so sexily on his couch looking so completely vulnerable was too enticing to resist. Luckily, the building was nearly empty as the last of his staff were just heading home after the meeting.

He moved over to the couch and sat beside her sleeping form. He started to wake her by kissing softly on her lips and down her neck. He eased himself onto the couch beside her and placed his arm around her waist kissing and touching her all over.

“Mmmmmmm” she moaned, “hey baby. I thought that meeting would never end…” she whined. He chuckled.

He grabbed a handful of one perky breast through her see through top and assaulted her lips with his. Rose moaned again and Andrew relished the sound, thinking of nothing but how to get her all wet and ready for him. They were no strangers to office sex, as they often stayed back after hours while he was working on one project or the other, Rose’s tempting body serving as a very welcome distraction.

His other hand moved to her exposed thigh, caressing along the inside. He always marveled at how soft her skin felt against his rough hands.Tonight was no different, Rose felt exquisite under his palm and he quickly moved up to her hot moist center. Never one to play dormant, Rose reached for his collar, absently undoing his tie while she enjoyed his ministrations. He stroked her gently through her panties and soon their kisses turned passionate. After undoing all the buttons on his shirt, Rose reached for his belt buckle. At this point, her skirt was bunched up around her hips and the bows holding her flimsy top together were completely undone, leaving only the burgundy lacy bra cupping her sexy breasts exposed to the cold air, and his hot lips. He reached behind her back to unclasp her bra.

By this time, she had his belt loose and his pants unzipped. She reached in and pulled out his big chocolate monster. He grunted as she squeezed his hard dick in her small hand, stroking the length up and down. Deciding to return the favor, he pushed her panty to the side and slipped his large middle finger into her wet pussy. She moaned out loud in pleasure “oooooooh baby. Mmmmmmm”

He quickened the movement of his finger, fucking her in a steady rhythm imitating the actions that his dick would soon be performing.

Bra finally discarded, he leaned over and sucked one luscious mound into his mouth, nibbling gently on her nipple. She was on fire in his arms, rotating her hips around on his finger enjoying the sweet sensations of his wet tongue on her nipples. Soon he was whispering in her ear; “Naughty girl, you like my finger in your pussy don’t you?” she moaned in response.

“Mmmmmmm Uh-huh”

Every little sound she made, sent him into a frenzy and her small hand tugging on his engorged penis had made him so hard and turned on. He increased the speed of his finger in her wetness fucking her harder and biting gently on her nipples. He used his thumb to rub circles on her clitoris, heightening her pleasure. He could tell when his lover was nearing orgasm, for her breathing quickened and her pussy began to contract around his finger.

“Oooooooh! Yessss! Mmmmmm” she screamed out. Andrew was glad the office was empty otherwise Rose’s screams may have alerted the entire building to their lovemaking. She wasted no time in springing into action after her orgasm.

Kneeling on the carpet between Andrew’s legs, she swiftly grabbed his hard length and sucked it into her warm inviting mouth. Andrew clenched his teeth, grunting in pleasure. No amateur, she knew just the right way to combine her hot mouth sucking and her hand jerking and before long, her lover was groaning and thrusting fervently into her talented mouth.

“Damn, girl” he groaned, lost in pleasure.

When he couldn’t take anymore from her wicked tongue, he lifted her up into his arms and carried her over to his desk. Both stark naked, he carefully balanced her plump ass on the edge of the table, and spread her legs wide before him.

“I need you baby, gimme that big dick. Fuck my pussy hard”

Rose didn’t need to ask twice.

Andrew was already sliding the head of his monster dick along her dripping slit. Rose moaned in pleasure as his thick head spread her open. Andrew relished the snug fit of her juicy wetness around his sensitive head. In one swift motion, he stuffed his entire shaft into her tight pussy.

“Ungghhh” she exclaimed.

He began ramming her soft pussy with his hard manhood, his balls making a slapping sound with every hard thrust against her ass.

“That’s how you like it baby?” he inquired, grabbing her bouncing breasts.

“Oh yess baby, give it to me hard”

He obliged her request, pounding harder into her pussy, driving her crazy with pleasure. He moved one hand to her clit rubbing furiously while the other hand tweaked her nipple.

His hips moved rapidly, driving his hard penis into her drenched pussy.

Knowing he was approaching climax, he began driving into her deeper and deeper, sending her over the edge.

“Ohhhhhhh Fuckkkk! I’m coming baby!” she moaned continuously and he started to feel her pussy spasm all around his dick. He groaned feeling her hot tunnel clamp down hard on his thrusting member. Rose could feel every inch of her man’s dick pumping in and out and soon she was bucking in the throes of orgasmic bliss underneath him.

Just a few thrusts more and Andrew tensed up, exploding his hot seed into her sweet pussy. “Damn” he grunted, slipping out of her with a wet sound. Both breathing heavily, they walked back to the couch together and cuddled up naked. “That’s my girl”, he whispered into her ear, stroking her hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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