Backyard Rendevoux

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The sun was warm, and MaryBeth was alone. Divorced for almost a year she now had many chores to do that usually were done by the man of the house. She lugged out the summer furniture from the garage and washed it and then to reward herself went into the house applied sunscreen and taking a book and some Seagram’s Ice went out to the back yard to sunbath in her smallest swimsuit.

MaryBeth was thirty but looked about twenty-two. She was firm with large breasts, huge nipples, and long legs that rose up to a perfect upside down heart shaped ass and ended in beautiful long tapered toes.

The book was “Erotic Tales for Women” and the stories were hot. After about four drinks, MaryBeth lost track of where she was. She was hot from the sun relaxed from the drinks, and in need of attention.

Slipping her hand down, her slightly sweat glistened body she inserted her fingers into her moist and demanding center of pleasure. Sighing softly, she alternated between pushing and twisting her love button and pushing and swirling her finger around inside her now volcanic tunnel of love.

Soon her hands weren’t enough, licking them to clean off her fluids, she then picked up an empty bottle. Needing the bottle to be wet, she sucked it deep inside her mouth. Lavishing it with her spit then she pushed the thong part of her suit aside and with a moan pushed it into her as she flicked at and lightly slapped her hard and throbbing clit. The bottle kept going deeper, and she arched her back and spread her legs to encourage it along its journey. Ümraniye Escort She found herself murmuring low as she dropped the book and used her other hand on her nipples. Pinching and tugging them, and rolling them around until they were twice their normal size and hard points of pleasurable delight sending stabbing pains of desire to her now flooding pussy.

Suddenly she was climaxing her body arched off the chaise lounge and the bottle except for the inch or so she was holding disappeared and appeared again as her pussy clenched and unclenched around it. She moaned aloud in her passion, tugged, and pulled her clit prolonging her pleasure as long as she possible could. Finally finished she sagged down and slowly withdrew the bottle from her now relaxed pussy.

Slowly she opened her eyes and in a lust filmed daze, looked around suddenly aware of where she was and what she had been doing. Sitting at the end of the patio table legs crossed, hard wet cock throbbing as he slowly moved his hand back and forth on it was Michael her next door neighbor.

She opened her mouth to scream. He was there kissing her before her thought was complete. Finally, she gave in, gave up, relaxed into the kiss, and allowed him to take her mouth and taste the results of her climax on her tongue.

He pulled away and smiled. “Second hand you taste lovely now let’s try the source.” He pushed her legs apart and kneeling on the patio deck flicked out at her throbbing clit and pushed his tongue deep inside her quivering pussy. She Anadolu Yakası Escort tried to push him away, wanted to tell him stop. Soon she was riding the wave toward another climax and all she could think of was how good his hot wet mouth, and his long knobby tongue felt filling her up where she had been so empty.

Screaming out her pleasure he reached and covered her mouth gently as he pushed the thong further aside and shoved deep into her clutching pussy. He groaned as it gripped him tightly and the waves of her orgasm rolled over his now pumping cock. She was tight, she was hot, and he knew he wouldn’t be prolonging this time for very long. He reached to play with her clit and hoped to keep her climaxing until he came. He murmured gruffly “make me come darling, milk my cock, take my juices and take them now.” She opened her eyes looked deep into his and her pussy started squeezing and releasing him in a move he had never felt before.

“Yes, my God Yes” and he was coming once, twice, three times he filled her with his cream until it flowed out of her body and mixed with her juices coated both of them in a reminder of their pleasure.

He collapsed pushing her slightly to the side and holding her to his now sweaty body. Minutes later when he could talk, he pulled her head around and looked deep into her eyes.

“You neighbor, are the hottest damn thing I have ever seen in my life. This may have been the first time we are together but I hope you liked it well enough it won’t be the last.”

MaryBeth İstanbul Escort opened her mouth and tried to talk twice before she managed a nod, a weak “Hello,” and then an answer. “You want to see me again after this?”

Michael smiled, “I just divorced a wife that hated sex and never would have indulged herself the way I just watched you. I can’t wait to find out what else you’re up to trying.”

MaryBeth grinned, “you’re divorced I was wondering, me too.”

Michael grinned, “I know, I regularly beat your asshole ex-husband on the golf course, and on the basketball court, and on the tennis court.”

MaryBeth shrugged “Yeah, all those places I can’t afford anymore.”

Michael said “You can always come as my guest and we can flaunt our affair. I have to ask. Did he leave you for that uptight blond bitch he always has on his arm?”

She nodded.

Michael shook his head. “That man is nuts or hates sex.”

MaryBeth giggled “Both, once a week on Saturday night. He was a Wham, Bam, get his rocks off and go to sleep kind.” She could feel Michael hardening as she talked.

She reached down and asked “Does that mean we can do it again?”

He nodded, “Let’s take it inside however because you’re a little noisy, and frankly I don’t want any more neighbors horning in on my find.”

MaryBeth stood and strutted into the house, holding out her hand at the door. “I have a great Jacuzzi, care to try sex in the tub with me.” She laughed delightedly as she saw his cock twitch as he stood and grabbed his clothes.

The door closed behind them and the curtains closed. Michael never surfaced again until it was time for work the next morning. It may have been the first time but certainly not the last these two lovers got it on together.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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