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I’d always been something of an exhibitionist, even as a child. I did, and still do, hate clothes, they always seem too tight and confining. Admit it, you know what I mean.

When I turned eighteen I was able to live alone in an apartment. Needless to say, this afforded me with all sorts of creature comforts and freedoms.

I admit the first night there, I was nervous. But excited in the fact that it was mine. I think that it really hit me, when I went into the bedroom, and saw a brilliant massive glass picture window that opened out onto the New York skyline.

For me, I can’t really describe the exhilaration that I am able to feel when I am naked. It feels like every molecule is charged, statically, and every touch of anything just thrills my inner psyche – even the air.

My routine for disrobing is thusly; I get home from work, and toss my briefcase onto the dining room table. If there is any work to be done, it will be so, after I am more comfortable. I slide my high heels of the instant that I cross the threshold of my door, hopefully with one well-placed kick I can have them land at the foot of the dining room table. Goddamn the bastard that made them mandatory for business apparel, ladies, you all know what I mean…

I walk into the bathroom, and unzip my skirt, letting it drop to my feet. Stepping out of it, I begin to unbutton my blouse; both that and my bra have constrained me for too long – but no more.

Button after button comes undone under the caress of my fingers, and reveals more of my skin. I felt for a moment as if I was doing a strip tease for a female party of one. I tossed the blouse off, letting it land with my skirt upon the floor.

My mind is already light-years away from what is actually happening, and has started Maltepe Escort to picture certain scenarios. I can feel myself as I start to get aroused. Already my mind knows what is coming.

I pull at the clasp of my bra, sighing as the ever-tightening garment is released from around my torso. I shudder as I trace the rough, red outline that the elastic has made on my torso. I make a vow… the same one that I make every weekend, but still… No BRA ‘TILL MONDAY!

My poor nipples were red, and puffy, screaming in pain – yep, going to need to go bra shopping this weekend – I gently lifted my injured breasts, and I could see the reddened streaks that the under wire had made as they dug into my flesh during the day. I padded into the kitchen for a glass of water, not caring that I was only wearing a pair of Victoria Secret panties.

As I sipped my water, I looked out the massive picture window that ensconced my kitchen, and I could see that the sun was already beginning to set. There was still time for a tan, if I wanted it.

Part of me knew that my neighbors were able to watch me from my balcony, and for a moment two parts of my id and super-ego battled to see which one would win out… would I go out and tan, or would modesty and the dropping tempurature get the better of me.

Deep, down inside I could tell that there was a part of me that WANTED to be seen. Even as I thought about it, I could feel as I started to get wet, just thinking about the possibility of someone SEEING me.

As I turned towards the counter, and placed the glass upon it, I knew that I was wet, sopping, wet.

I giggled, realizing that the simple act of getting a glass of water had turned me on. I was aroused with the fantasy of someone staring through the window, Kartal Escort and being able to watch me as I got a glass of water.

My legs were so shaky that I was worried that I would fall down. I looked down, to make sure of my footing, and I could tell that my panties were transparent from my juices.

I couldn’t believe it was possible, but the fact of me being both naked, and not at the same time, turned me on even further – I was becoming MORE aroused.

I placed my thumbs in the elastic of the panties and pulled down, exposing first my perky ass, and then my mass of brown locks.

A wave of fear washed over me as I thought that I might be seen, but as realization hit I started to laugh. This was what I wanted. I WANTED to be watched, and seen, if someone had the added advantage of seeing me, than so much the better.

With this added confidence, I pulled my underwear totally off, letting it land on the floor. I stood there for a moment, trying not to overwhelm myself and pass out simply from sheer excitement.

A slight breeze wafted through the house, exciting me as it caressed my body, and weaved its way through both sets of my hair. I wondered, no hoped, someone was watching me.

I needed to sit down before I fell.

Spotting a chair I eased myself into it, leaning as far back as the chair would allow. I splayed my legs so that my body and my puss was near the open window, if anyone wanted to look up at me, they could.

Had it not been for the rapidly dropping air that had gathered outside, I would have gone outside for all to see.

As it was, I was confined to the boundaries of my home. For now, this would have to do.

I slid my left hand down my neck, touching my side, caressing the skin Kurtköy Escort as it slid lower down my thigh. My right hand busied itself by touching my nipple, while my left slid upwards, dancing in the mat that was my pubic hair.

I could feel the sticky wetness as it oozed down my fingers. For some reason this seemed to spur me on. I gathered reserves that I never knew existed, and stood up. Quickly I walked to the balcony, before I could change my mind.

I had done it! I was naked, out on my balcony. A burst of cool air came up, and whipped my nipples into peaks, but I didn’t care.

I realized that after a few moments, I had automatically started to go in further, pumping my fingers in and out of my vagina. My pointer finger slid effortlessly across my clit, and it felt so good.

There were several open window shades in the nearby complexes, and I scanned them quickly to see if anyone was watching me.

I cared, no I didn’t.

My clit twitched and jerked as my fingers plunged in and out of me again and again. One last time my finger slid across my clit and an orgasm erupted, one of the biggest that I had ever had!

I screamed as I came and listened as my pants and moans echoed throughout the entire city. I scanned the city skyline unconsciously. Indeed there was a light in one of the adjoining apartments. I leaned over the balcony, looking to see if there was someone watching me. I saw a shadow duck behind some curtains.

Yet again, I had started to become wet, but I didn’t think that I could handle another orgasm, not this soon.

I reluctantly walked back into the house, my buttocks flexing in the sunset. It was getting cooler and time for me to go inside. I needed sleep, but as tomorrow was Saturday, I had no reason for clothes.

As I slid passed the sliding door, and locked it, a thought occurred to me. Had my “friend” enjoyed the show? As I turned back to close the blinds, I could see that his light was dark. I had no clue how much, or even if, he’d seen. I only hoped he enjoyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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