Beneath the Surface


People watching, it’s a fascinating way to pass the time isn’t it? Take my current location at the moment, I’m sat at the end of a substantial stainless steel bar top. A row of numerous beer taps is arrayed down the centre of the bar, carefully stacked rows of glasses and spirits around it. I quietly sip at my second pint of Boddingtons savoring the slow smooth creamy taste as it slips down my throat. To anyone watching me I’m lost in the latest game playing on one of the many plasma screens hanging above the bar or from the various walls and pillars. If you are watching me as closely as I am watching everyone else in the bar you will notice my eyes are taking in more than they at first appear to, I’m neither staring intently nor flitting my gaze from place to place. Just a slow sweeping glance from time to time.

Behind the bar we have the young barmaid and barman. She’s barely into her twenties and he is on his way out of his. Her face is smooth and pale, his tanned and shadowed with stubble. She is a classic example of the more curvaceous end of the athletic body frame scale. Her chest a little to pronounced for her height, her hips tapered with a tight ass and shapely toned legs. His neck hints at strong but not over developed shoulders.

Sat further down the bar is an older woman, power dressed in her late thirties. Her skin tells tales of beach skating on the weekends and long hikes in the Bycasino desert. She sips quietly at the dark Martini her burgundy lips leaving faint hints of her lip stick on the rim of her glass. She glances at the barmen from time to time, her body sending of the quiet signals or a restful predator. Her hand fidgets with the keys of her BMW next to her drink on the bar. In between glances at the barman she is checking out the group of diners sat behind her.

The group consists of six people, five guys and one woman. They are indistinguishable from any other group of business co-workers that you would catch in here any evening. Three technical staff are obvious by their shirts, khakis and gadgets, one tastefully dressed executive, one not so tastefully dressed executive who seems to be tracking the stock ticker of CNN and the young female administrative type. They are laughing, sharing stories, enjoying their drinks for the most part.

Behind them in a booth is another couple, casually sitting back watching a game and picking over their appetizers. The staff meanders from group to group seating other diners and guests, taking drink orders and skillfully carrying platters of food to their hungry patrons.

That’s how it all looks on the surface anyways. Let’s look a little deeper shall we? Starting with the CFO accountant looking member of the larger group. He’s taking a call on Bycasino giriş his cell phone now, his eyes resting on the young administrative assistant when she isn’t looking. Eyes that carry a weight to them, a quiet guilt as he asks his wife how their newborn is doing, he reassures her that he will be home within a couple of hours. The admin assistant strokes the back of her leg, the slit of her knee length skirt revealing a glimpse of the inside of the back of her thigh. She pulls the material of her pantyhose away from her skin, the slick white wetness that was drying against her skin reflects the light. She smiles quietly into her drink.

Next the older woman sat at the bar. See her fidgeting with her keys again? She’s watching two of the technical geeks behind her talking animatedly at each other. They are young thin men, yet she seems entranced with watching them reflected in the mirror behind the bar. She sips her glass slowly and her iris’s widen and narrow as she thumbs the button on her car keys. Her mind has the two skinny men disrobing, their pale naked bodies embracing their mouths hungrily kissing. Then the blond bends over the table pushing plates of food onto the floor to make room. The darker haired of the two slowly enters his co-worker from behind. The blond locks eyes with her before he moans quietly. She thumbs the remote again. Nestled inside her, held in place Bycasino deneme bonusu by her panties the small egg shaped device sends out another spasm of vibrations inside her.

The CEO carefully adjusts in his seat. His slow movements prompting a question to his well being. His response? A spill from his mountain bike on his 3 mile ride the evening before. Beneath the tailored suit, beneath the smartly pressed dress shirt. Whip trails and blood scars dissect his back, his mistress punished him well last night. He smiled and stretched his shoulders enjoying the slow burn of the skin pulling.

The waitress walks up to him and hands him the bill. She walks away and turns hovering pretending to be attentive as he reviews the bill and places the pen to his lips contemplating her tip. His lips purse around the end of it and she smiles not caring how badly the group stiffs her this time. She knows where that pen was mere moments before, she subconsciously pinches the underwear out of her ass.

The couple in the booth sits and says nothing, the woman’s neck muscles contracting. Unseen the hand of her companion is buried down the back of her dress, his fingers are hot and wet between her thighs and the tip of an index finger teases in and out of her asshole while he mutters about his filthy adventures in her ear.

A glass breaks as the barmaid straightens suddenly and lets go of it. She crouches to clean it up, the older woman suddenly attentive to her. Just as the girl is starting to rise again the older lady keys her remote. The barmaids’ knees tremble as her knuckles whiten around the neck of a bottle of Chopin.

Me? I just like to people watch.

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