Bike Shed Rendezvous

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You’re hopelessly under her spell, captivated by her beauty, your little cocks been taken over. With no mind of your own you long to be put in her knickers and be her girl. Beg dog beg! She’s got you by a psychological lead attached to your balls and is leading you to whatever and wherever she desires. ‘Please, please!’ you plead. ‘Emasculate me.’

Sound familiar? Then read on…

Chapter 1 A meeting you can’t refuse

The sun is shining brightly, but the ground is still damp from the morning’s rain and the air is very cold. It’s lunch time and you quickly walk across the College car park to the sports pavilion. Becky your sweet heart has told you to meet her and she’s been very secretive.

As requested, you’re on time but she’s nowhere to be seen and you’re alone. You wait patently leaning against the wall by the girls changing room doors. You’re excitement is tremendous. She wants you. Not any of the other lads on your course or any of the other lads in the college but you. Yet since helping with her homework while she baby-sat you’d hardly seen her. You’re concerned the novelty has worn off and she’s tired of feminising and dressing you in her clothes but you live in hope.

Something strange happened that faithful night. Wearing her pretty clothes had woken a feeling that you had never experienced before. You thought you could ignore all her kinky stuff but you’re addicted. The feelings are strong and powerful. You feel submissive and girlish. You can’t be saved. You crave her. You feel compelled to do what ever she tells you to do. You want her more than anything – you want to serve her, to service her every wish – You are her “sissy slut” and you’re willing to do whatever she wants.

Minutes pass but eventually your patience is rewarded as you see Becky in the distance swinging a sports bag. She approaches you confidently; she looks stunning in her tunic and crisp white blouse. There is something about her that makes her look older then her eighteen years. Yes she looks mature and sophisticated even in her College uniform. You thank her for coming. She smiles and pushes open the door to the girls changing room.

‘Come on in.’ she says with a wry smile.

Do you follow her in without a care, run back to the playground or hover reluctantly outside?

Of course, addicted to her magical charms – You step cautiously inside. The room is large and the walls are lined with wooden benches. Half a dozen netballs lie scattered about the floor as well as a pair of tights and a shoe. To your surprise there’s a clean, perfumed smell in the air. Becky puts her bag on a bench and rummages inside.

‘Have you missed me?’ She chuckles, well aware the power she commands.

You nod.

She purrs. ‘I’ve missed you too. I can’t stop thinking about you. Whenever I close my eyes I see you in my skirt and panties from the other night.’ She chuckles. ‘School life can be deadly boring without a few jollies. Don’t you agree?’

You smirk awkwardly. ‘But what are we doing here?’ You ask.

‘I’ve got a little test for you,’ she says.

‘Not another test,’ you whine, ‘I hate school tests.’

She laughs. ‘This not like any ordinary test. It’s a test of devotion and if you complete it to my satisfaction I’ve got you a special surprise. Look,’ She rummages in her bag and pulls out an assortment of clothes. ‘I’ve got you some of my Oh! So pretty things and I want you to put them on.’ She moistens her full lips and flicks her flyaway hair gently to one side. ‘Then, if I think you look good enough we’re going for a short walk – to show you off.’

She flashes her long eyelashes and her smiles so broad it almost splits her face. Your excitement is intense, your heartbeat quickens, and your cock stiffens as you blindly ignore the ramifications.

Some sense of logic kicks in. ‘What if I’m caught or someone recognises me?’

‘Don’t worry, darling no one will? Even your own mother won’t recognise you when I’m finished. Come on don’t dither get your shirt and trousers off we haven’t long.

She’s going to dress you like a dolly but what do you do? Smile sweetly, melt under her charms and wear whatever she suggests or do you bolt for the door?

You like undressing for her. Yet she watches dismissively as you slip off your college shirt and trousers. She tosses you a bra, red college gym skirt and a prim, beige school-girl style v-neck jumper. The bra is generously padded with a frighteningly realistic firm gel and tipped with large synthetic nibbles. You struggle to pull the jumper over its huge cups and are slightly embarrassed to see that your new nibbles show prominently through the thin jumper. You wrap the light skirt around your waist and she zips you in tight. It’s incredibly short barely covering your arse. You pull on some white ankle socks and slip into a pair of sporty ballerina style shoes. You drape a stripy collegiate scarf around your neck and don a natty baker-boy cap. You feel foolish but glancing in the mirror you see that you actually look pretty and fashionable. oral seks porno Hmm! The strange girlish glow that you experienced the other week makes a welcome return, pumping through your body with every beat of your heart. Your little cock stiffens again straining against your briefs and you glance down relieved to see that the skirts delicate pleats cover your throbbing pleasure.

‘Don’t you look beautiful, Darling’ Becky gasps, ‘and for a stunning girl I’ve a pre-test treat.’ You look open mouthed as Becky takes from her bag a pair of miniscule lace panties. She fingers the lace gently between her fingers and her face lights like a beacon in the mist.

Your throat dries and your fingers quiver as you recognise them instantly from the other night baby-sitting.

‘Let’s get your cute butt into these.’ she says soothingly. But you flounder. She sees your nervousness. ‘That’s right darling; I wore these just for you the other night and…’ She pauses while she cups them delicately in her hand and wafts them tantalisingly over your nose as if about to gas you. Involuntarily you inhale deeply, her sweet perfume penetrating your nose like a knife.

‘Pretty panties so make a girl don’t you agree?’

What do you do? Shake your head violently or grasp her hand and pull them closer to your nose.

‘Argh! Mmm!’ You sigh as you snatch large sniffs of sexy aroma. And every intake transports you further from reality and deeper under her control. After what seems like minutes, in a trance like state with her feminine scent still in your nostrils you swiftly peel your briefs down. She then takes a college ruler from her bag and uses it to lift your skirt up high as if frightened off catching something infectious.

‘Hmm,’ she says giving your little protruding cock a thorough examination. ‘It’s even smaller than I remembered.’ You sigh and she bends at the knee and prods it disapprovingly then jabs the pubic hair region. ‘And I must do something about your bush.’ She tuts. ‘I’ll wax it into a lovely heart shape one night.’

You smile, pondering the thought rather too enthusiastically as… ‘Smack!’ Becky flicks the ruler down and back across your bare buttocks.

‘But that’s quite enough, my pretty Lucy, put my panties on NOW.’

Dutifully you step a shaking foot into the soft sissy fabric. You hold your breath; you bite your lip, you tremble excitedly as your dream comes true as you glide them up your smooth legs and as if by magic you’re transformed into a sissy College girl slut.

‘That’s excellent.’ she coos, ‘I forgot how sexy you look in a skirt.’ she walks around you like a major inspecting his troops. Slapping bits of you she liked and bits she didn’t. ‘For an eighteen year old you’re a stunner. Just look at your silhouette, Oh! you must play up your film-star curves. You’re so slim and pretty most girls would give their right arm to look anything like you. Your boobs are perhaps a bit big but hey! It’s what the boys really love.’ she laughs and inspects her own chest. ‘In fact you look rather sluttish… But that’s no bad thing. I’ve heard it’s quite fashionable nowadays. I can just imagine you as a bleached blonde in a leopard skin top, white mini-skirt and bright yellow stilettos. You might be initially mistaken as a street hooker but with that sweet face of yours you could easily be a twenty something art student pulling an edgy fashion style. Disco slut is a hot look right now.’ She laughs and circles you once more.

‘Oh Babe! There’s just one thing missing, lippie.’ She dips into her handbag and pulls out a bright red lipstick. ‘I know, I know make-ups not allowed at college but your dry lips are crying out for some colour.’ She smears the stick across your lips and hands you a tissue. ‘You really should take more care of your skin,’ she says as you dab them on a tissue. Becky chuckles and as she puts the lipstick away there’s a loud commotion at the entrance door as a huddle of girls burst in.

The five girls stand in the doorway – surprise etched on all their faces. They recognise Becky and smile.

‘Hi Becks,’ The tallest girl shouts, ‘you here to get some netball practice before Saturdays big match too?’

Becky shakes her head.

Your heart pounds and you begin to sweat as they all look at you with interest.

Do they recognise you as the sissy squirt from class or do they mistake you for Becky’s new fashionable girlfriend?

You’re in luck; they don’t recognise you or think anything wrong.

‘This is Lucy,’ Becky says introducing you proudly. ‘She’s new. I’m giving her a quick tour.’

‘Hi,’ they all say in unity still eyeing you with admiration.

‘My you’re pretty – love your hat, it really suits you. And you’re skirt, It’s so flattering.’

The tall girl eyes you suspiciously noting your gym slip and sporty ballerina styled shoes. ‘Any good?’ she asks

‘What?’ you say

‘Netball, silly.’

‘Err… So, so,’ you say bluffing your way out of the situation. But things get playboy porno worse.

Becky laughs ‘Lucy’s just being modest. She was in her college team. She played ‘wing attack’ and was quite a champion. She’s a legend and created countless goal scoring opportunities for the shooters. She took her team to victory on many occasions.’

You look at her blankly. And imagine wearing a netball skirt and top running and leaping for the ball, your large tits bouncing up and down threatening to knock you off balance, your skirts flying this way and that, flashing thigh and pantie to any lecherous onlooker.

‘Wow!’ they gasp obviously impressed. ‘Wing Attack is the key playmaker of the netball court. My names, Kim, I’m team captain and I play ‘wing defence’ and we’re always looking for new talent.’ She laughs, ‘With those legs you could also bring some glamour to the court. You just must play for us. Say you will.’

What do you say? Do you agree to play the girly game or do you make some weak excuse?

‘Err, cool, yes,’ you say, ‘I’d like that.’

The girls then chat enthusiastically to themselves and to your amazement start undressing. You can’t help but stare as they innocently step out of their tunics and blouses. You try to casually clock their lingerie but feel yourself blush like a traffic light as Becky leads you outside by the hand.

Chapter 2 Walk like a girl

Becky’s delighted.

‘Well done,’ she says. ‘They didn’t suspect a thing. I always knew inside you, there’s a girl just dying to get out.’ She links arms and leads you across the playground.

‘Where are you taking me?’ you ask cautiously. ‘Someone’s bound to recognise me.’

‘Nonsense, darling you look like any other eighteen year old College girl here. No, I take that back you look better than the others. Can’t you feel all the envy from the girls and the “come on” glances from the boys? Take a look around.’

You shyly look up from the floor as you weave in-between the other students. She’s right you’re causing quite a commotion. Envy is weird, it’s like a lasso that can shoot out of your body. It can circle another person who has something you want and as you walk with Becky you feel a thousand lassos wrapping tightly round your new feminised body.

Do you swing those hips, toss that shiny hair and flaunt your front with pride or do you hunch your shoulders, bow your head and pray for the ground to swallow you up.

Becky gives you a squeeze ‘Just look at everyone. You’re a school yard star, yeah!’

She’s right. Every pair of eyes fall on you. You’re as pleased as punch, you skip along with a spring in your step.

As you weave your merry way through the throng of students, laughing and discussing life you hold tightly Becky’s beautifully soft hand. You’re in a whirl of excitement. Everything that you’ve experienced so far; the bra, the gym-slip, the lipstick, the admiring looks from other girls, the lecherous stares from the boys, and most of all, Becky’s panties – had been so thrilling that you begin to wonder whether there could possibly be any more thrill’s left. Where were you going now? What were you going to see? And what in the world was going to happen next?

‘Isn’t this marvelous?’ Says Becky, playing to the gawping onlookers. ‘We’re so popular. The boys just love us and look at you my pretty, you’re dressed as a fashionable College girl and walking amongst the other lads and girls totally unnoticed.’

You nod, your cock twitches in her panties and you smile gooey at her.

‘But where are we going?’ you plead beginning to feel frightened and vulnerable as you walk towards the college exit.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t say, did I? We’re going to the bike sheds.’

‘Bike sheds,’ you ask quizzically, ‘for a smoke?’

‘No,’ she laughs quickening her step.

‘What then?’

She chuckles. ‘What do young condoling couples normally do at the bike sheds?

You blush and shake your hips causing your skirt to spiral upwards. You’re proud of her panties and you want to show them off. ‘Mmm!’ You shiver in anticipation looking forward to groping and kissing Becky. She’s definitely a kinky minx yet you wonder how far will she go.

Suddenly, Becky points in front of her. The bike sheds stand at the college entrance, next to the car park like a monument. Modern in design they’re made of tubular steel, Perspex and concrete.

‘Good it’s empty,’ she whispers. She drops your hand and skips inside. It’s a labyrinth of steel making up a complex maze of corridors. You look around but from what you can tell she’s right it’s unusually quite and empty.

‘Now what?’ you ask.

‘I want a cuddle.’ she says wrapping her arms around your waist, pulling you towards her. ‘Hmm!’ you purr naturally hanging your slender arms round her neck. She presses her tummy against yours and grinds her hip against you.

‘How do my panties feel?’ she coos, ‘comfy, sexy, naughty?’

You nod and enjoy her body pressed so close to yours. She drops pornhub porno her hands onto your booty and squeezes your cheeks. ‘Darling your butt is so taut and yoga-toned to perfection. What’s your secret?’ You smirk and stay in the embrace for a moment then sensing the time is right you go to kiss her.

‘Oh! Steady tiger! Not yet.’ she cry’s pushing you away.

But you’re frustrated, becoming hot and in need of some release so you massage your growing cock through your light gym skirt. Hmm! It threatens to break free from her panties and you’re eager to get stuck in but she has other ideas.

‘Be patient Lucy!’ she cry’s pulling away even further, ‘it’s not time yet! You’re test hasn’t begun

‘But, but, but… I thought my test was to walk here dressed like this?’

Becky grins. ‘Well yes… that was stage one – I now want to move to stage two.’ She smirks confidently and straightens your skirt. ‘But first let’s have some fun. I want you to put a show on for me. Show me your sissy butt. Waggle it like you really want me. Imagine you’re wearing the street hooker’s outfit I spoke of earlier. Fuck me heels, sheer stockings, leopard skin mini and sexy top,’

What do you do? Put on a convincing performance and work towards an Oscar or do you shyly refuse?

You’re hers. A slave to her wishes. You want to please… so very slowly, with a twirl of your long willowy legs and a shake of your girlish hips you parade before her like a ballerina, mincing and dancing around the bikes.

She watches intently like the choreographer of a west end production clapping to a pretend rhythm but as you perform a twirl she falls suddenly silent. Her eyes fix upon your arse. ‘That’s very good but… it’s too proper. I want you to be more racy, more sluttish, I want you to show me how much you want to be fucked. Bend over a bike!’ she shouts, ‘lean over a saddle! Thrust your sexy arse in the air. Show me your panties.’

And you do, provocatively sliding your short skirt over your shapely hips flashing your slender thighs and lace panties. You’re in heaven playing to your eager spectator wiggling your bum and sucking your fingers coyly.

‘Be gentle with me,’ you say, ‘I break easily, I’m only young.’

She laughs but that’s when you hear it. Another laugh, heavy breathing and shuffling feet. You realise that you’re not alone.

‘Who’s that?’ you scream.

Chapter 3 Open wide

From the dark recesses of the bike sheds hidden amongst the shadows, a figure stirs.

‘Look a peeping tom,’ Becky shrieks excitedly. ‘Come out and show yourself.’ A few moments went by then out of the dark steps, Rupert from Computer Studies.

‘Hello Rupes,’ Becky says. ‘How’s your strange world of RAM and chips,’ she smirks, ‘Lucy’s been looking forward to meeting you.’

You stare at Becky in amazement. Have I? You muse.

Becky holds you close and whispers in your ear, ‘don’t argue just do everything I say. I know what he wants. He’ll soon go away, trust me.’

He walks towards Becky uneasily, his eyes fixed on your huge tits as if connected by a wire. You can’t help but notice the growing bulge in his jeans.

‘My, My I can see you think Lucy’s beautiful isn’t she? Do you find Lucy pretty?’ she smirks again.

Rupert nods.

You feel awkward terrified he might recognise you.

‘Don’t stop Lucy. I’m sure Rupes wants to see more. Lucy pole dances at a club at weekends. What do you say Rupes?’

Rupert nods eagerly.

Though terrified dancing for Rupert seemed like harmless fun so obeying Becky’s command you hoist your pretty gym skirt up your milky white thighs and prance around the shed once more. But this time you’re a pro. Having practiced a few minutes ago, all your sexy moves come effortlessly as you tease and tantalise. After a few minutes during which time Rupert looks very hot and flush, Becky shouts ‘Now, Lucy, now is the time, ‘Suck his cock.’

You immediately stop prancing about and look at her bemused. This is serious.

‘Stage 2 – Lucy. The test. Now is the time.’

Horror cuts through you like a butchers knife as you realise what she’s expecting of you.

‘Lucy loves cock, Rupes and she heard so much about you. Don’t be shy. She’s ready for you to take. Isn’t that right Lucy?’

You’re confused. You’re in two minds what to do. Do you run or do you proceed with stage two.

You don’t want your cover blown and you desperately want to keep Becky sweet so you smile at Rupert and blow him a gentle kiss.

Rupert grins and massages his bulging crutch with a trembling hand.

‘I’m not promiscuous,’ you say. ‘I’m not a slut.’

‘Yeah, yeah what ever,’ Rupert says advancing towards you impatiently. ‘Let’s get it on.’

You drop to the floor before him as if in submission as he shuffles in front of you chuckling enthusiastically. What are you to do? Panic sweeps through you like the tide as you feel like a flimsy raft being swept out to sea but then as you settle back on your ballerina shoes everything becomes clear. It’s as if you’ve had a secret life. You know what to do and you’re keen to show it. You come over all girlish. Straight away you run your tiny hands up and down his muscular thighs occasionally glancing the growing bulge between his legs. You take several short breaths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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