Black Man Marries Arab Woman Ch. 06

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Saturday morning. Fathiyah Al-Fatah Winston finally woke up. The tall, beautiful young woman stretched luxuriantly on the king-sized bed next to her beloved husband Charleston Winston. Gently she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Next to her, a handsome young Black man lay fast asleep. Snoring louder than hell. Fathiyah smiled to herself, and gently kissed her sleeping husband on the lips. She got up and went to the bathroom. Outside, it was a bright sunny day in metropolitan Hartford, in the State of Connecticut. Uncharacteristic of New England winters, as she’s come to understand. Fathiyah went downstairs to make breakfast. Instantly she was greeted by Abdul, the large Doberman she’d had since she lived in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Back when she was a student at Carleton University, falling head over heels for a young African-American whom she simply couldn’t resist. Yeah, it all seemed like a lifetime ago. Hard to believe that it had only been six months.

Six months since she walked out on her old life forever. Fathiyah had undergone so many changes. For starters, she was no longer Muslim. She had become what her people called an Apostate. One of the unbelievers. She walked away from Islam for the love of an American who happened to be a Christian. Her people had forsaken her. Her name was synonymous with a curse among Saudi Arabians living in Canada and back inside the Kingdom. Wow. Walking away from a life of privilege as the daughter of one of Saudi Arabia’s wealthiest businessmen to the life of a Christian wife. Fathiyah knew next to nothing about Christianity. She grew up hearing her relatives and friends refer to Christians and Jews as Infidels or Unbelievers. Muslim women were forbidden from marrying Christian men or Jewish men but Muslim men could marry women from the Christian and Jewish communities. Another example of a sexist double standard signed, sealed and delivered by Allah Himself to the Prophet Muhammad.

In her short time as a Christian, Fathiyah Al-Fatah had been amazed to discover how much freedom and respect Christianity afforded women. Christians worldwide praised Mary as the Holy Mother of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. They built statues and shrines to her across the globe. In Islam, statues were forbidden. Idolaters are punished severely by conservative Islamists. Christians saw nothing wrong with building statues representing Maltepe Escort not only their Lord Jesus Christ but also his Holy Mother, the Archangels and Angels and even the Saints themselves. In Christianity, women could wear whatever they wanted. And they could marry whoever they wanted. In Islam, both the choice of attire and the choice of spouse was left in the hands of men. Women in Islam exerted very little control over their own lives. They were property, pure and simple. First the property of their fathers and brothers, then that of their husbands and sons. Freedom for women did not exist in Islam. Of course, a lot of Muslim women living in North America and Europe would vehemently disagree. And a lot of foolish westerners actually believe their lies. Fathiyah Winston ( nee Al-Fatah ) was a daughter of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A land where women couldn’t drive, or even walk down the street without being accompanied by a male relative. Those White women like Texas-born American photographer Nicole Queen who converted to Islam had never lived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so they didn’t really know the true meaning of Islam. Or the true nature of Muslim men. Islam was all about control and submission. The control went to the men, and submission was expected of women. This was Islam at its purest. Sharia Law. American and European women didn’t know the true meaning of Sharia Law. Something Fathiyah Al-Fatah understood all too well. Especially on the day when she burned her hijab ( something she never told her husband Charleston) and walked away from it all.

For a moment, Fathiyah Al-Fatah Winston stood alone in the kitchen. Even after converting to Christianity from Islam, she was still struggling with certain things. Habits learned over a lifetime were hard to let go of. Like praying five times a day, which she still did. Now she prayed to God, Jesus and Mary, instead of Allah. Sometimes she missed a prayer, but forgave herself because the God of Christians and Jews was a God of Mercy and Forgiveness while Allah was a vengeful deity. How many times had she read the words “kill the Infidel” in numerous passages of the Koran? Yeah. Whenever she went to church with Charleston, she couldn’t imagine ever going back to a Mosque. Inside a church, men and women sat side by side, praying together. That did NOT happen inside a Mosque. Kartal Escort Inside a Mosque, the men prayed at the front, listening to the words of the Imam as he preached. The women were relegated to a room in the back because they were considered a distraction.

By sharp contrast, Christian men had no problem praying among women. Even more astonishing to Fathiyah as an ex-Muslim is the fact that many denominations of Christianity actually allowed FEMALE PREACHERS. Fathiyah smiled at that. The men of the Muslim world would start World War Three rather than allow women to become Imams inside the Mosques. They were that narrow-minded, sexist and inflexible. It was all about power and control with them at the end of the day. Of course, many erstwhile Christian men had the same wickedness but they couldn’t fall back on scripture to justify their mistreatment of women…Muslim men could and did use the Koran to justify their treatment of women. That was life under Sharia Law. That’s why an evil Muslim guy named Mohammed Shafia, along with his wife and son were currently on trial in the Criminal Court of Ontario for an honor killing. They killed their female relatives simply because the Muslim patriarch did not approve of the young women’s relationships with certain young men whom they met at school. Fathiyah smiled as she made a large omelet with eight eggs, and threw strips of bacon ( with gloves on ) to Adul. The Doberman eagerly devoured the meat. Fathiyah watched Abdul gulp his meal down and shook her head, smiling. All males liked their meat, it seemed. Fathiyah smiled to herself as she thought of that one. Both Charleston and Abdul, who couldn’t stand each other and often vied for her affections, loved meat.

Fathiyah Al-Fatah Winston was lost in thought that she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary was happening near her…until a pair of strong arms grabbed her and she yelped in surprise. Charleston Winston grinned, and gently kissed his wife’s succulent lips. Fathiyah smiled, turned around and kissed him full and deep. Luckily she had just turned off the stove because cooking was the last thing on her mind. Charleston looked into his wife’s eyes and saw the desire and passion there. And just like that, they began to make love. Fathiyah bit his neck and went straight for his dick. In no time she was kissing a path down his Kurtköy Escort hairy chest toward his groin area. Fathiyah paused with her face inches from Charleston’s thick, uncircumcised Black penis. Not too long ago she felt that uncut men were an aberration but now she loved a man with foreskin. Gently she began sucking his cock while fondling his balls. When she flicked her tongue over his dick head, Charleston cried out in pleasure.

Fathiyah continued with the sucking, until Charleston warned her that he couldn’t take anymore. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her, tasting himself on her lips. Fathiyah grinned as he nuzzled on her succulent breasts, and began sucking on them. Fathiyah moaned as her husband began making love to her. She wanted him inside of her. Now. So she told him as much. Charleston grinned as Fathiyah took his member and placed it against her pussy. With a swift thrust he entered her. Fathiyah gasped as Charleston thick manhood penetrated her sweet pussy. Even after months of blissful, passionate married life, sometimes his penile thickness and raw masculinity stunned her. He began fucking her with deep, powerful thrusts. Fathiyah wrapped her arms around her husband, craving him and wanting him to go deeper inside of her. Charleston didn’t disappoint. Hard and fast he fucked her, just the way she liked it. They ended up on the kitchen floor, with Fathiyah in the doggy style position as Charleston lovingly spanked her ass as he fucked her from behind. Fathiyah cried out in pleasure, both from the deliciously hot pain she felt from Charleston’s stinging slaps on her big round butt and his dick inside her. She urged him to fuck her harder, and Charleston did just that. They went at it like this for hours. Until they lay exhausted, their body covered with a mixture of sweat and other juices, on the kitchen floor.

Fathiyah Al-Fatah Winston looked at her darling husband Charleston Winston. The handsome young African-American who stole the heart of a prim and proper Saudi Arabian gal living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, and brought her to metropolitan Hartford, Connecticut, to be his lawfully wedded CHRISTIAN wife. The man who changed her world. Charleston took her right hand in his, and brought it to his lips. It was astonishing how much he loved this gal. For her love, he would risk life itself. He couldn’t imagine his life without her. His Saudi goddess. His desert queen. The woman he made blush by writing twenty six poems about her beauty and her booty weeks after they met. Oh, yeah. Life couldn’t be better with her by his side. And he thanked God for every day that he woke up next to her.

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