Blind Leading the Blind Ch. 03

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Chapter Three


Monday morning was almost back to the normal routine, except for the under current from knowing what was planned for that night. If all went as planned, Charlene would spend part of the evening tied to the bed, unable to resist what George wanted to do with her. Charlene noticed that George spent the morning routine with a partial hard on. Her own pussy was a little damp from the moment she woke. This had the potential to be a very frustrating day.

George went to work, planning on spending a good portion of the day on various sites, or between them. Charlene headed out for another half day at the clinic. Once she had finished, shortly after 1, she considered where to go to get rope. The only place she knew for certain that sold rope was someplace like Home Depot. She laughed to herself at the thought that she was buying something for sex at possibly the least sensuous or romantic place she could imagine.

When she got to the area that had rope, she was quickly overwhelmed. She had no idea that so many different types of rope existed. There was anything: from bales of twine; to hemp ropes in thicknesses from 1/8 inch to two inches; to plastic ropes; nylons and some from materials she did not recognize. Some she was able to eliminate quickly. She had experienced plastic rope and knew that it was almost impossible to get it to hold a knot decently. Hemp felt so rough that she wanted no part of it next to her skin. Beyond that, she had no clue.

“May I help you find something.” A young man in one of those ubiquitous orange and white Home Depot smocks had come up behind her.

“I’m not sure I need some rope, but I’m not sure what kind to get.” Her mind was furiously trying to think of something that she could ask about that would not be, “I want my husband to tie me up and we need a rope that is good for that.”

As she feared, his next question was, “What were you planning to use the rope for?”

Unable to think of a believable response that wasn’t the truth, she gave an uncertain answer. “I’m… It needs to be usable for a variety of purposes. We just need it to be around if something comes up.”

The man gave her a look that said, “Her husband sent her here and she has no clue.” Out loud, however, he was more discreet. “Well, the best general purpose rope would be hemp. It’s strong, holds a knot or tie well, and is spliceable.”

“I don’t know., it’s pretty rough. I can imagine it would be hard on any surface it is used on.”

“Well, if you want rope that you can suspend something with and minimize the cutting damage on whatever you’re hanging from, I’d suggest the cotton. But, if you expect much swinging to be going on, you should try the nylon instead. It’s not as soft, but it won’t be cut though as easily. Don’t want to be waking up in the middle of the night as a planter comes crashing down on your porch.”

She picked up an end of the nylon. It did not feel too harsh against her hand. “Sounds like the nylon is what I’m looking for.”

“How much do you want?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe fifty feet?”

“All one length?”

“Yes. We can cut it down if we need to.”

“You do want to be careful to seal the ends. Nylon rope has a tendency to fray and unravel if a cut end is left unsealed. The easiest way is to melt the end with a match, though that doesn’t always take. You have to be sure to melt the entire end together, or the individual melted strands will unravel from each other. End result is still a frayed or unraveled rope. More effective is epoxy. Dip the end in an epoxy and let it harden. The epoxy will literally glue the ends together and stop any thoughts of fraying. The downside is that you have to wait until the epoxy sets before you can use the cut piece of rope. In a pinch, you can wrap the end tight with a length of electrical tape. As long as there’s no tension on the end itself, the tape will keep the nylon intact. In fact, you can wrap the place you want to cut with the electrical tape first and cut through the tape, leaving the ends already protected from fraying.”

“How about the cotton? Does it need any special treatment when you cut it?”

“No, cotton rope is woven, not twisted together like others. That causes it to hold together well when cut. Thanks to the stiffening chemicals that cotton rope is soaked in these days, any temporary knot you’re planning on is more likely to tighten into a Gordian knot that has to be cut instead of untied. Don’t use it anywhere you might need to untie quickly. Untreated cotton rope is hard to find. We don’t carry it.”

“Why don’t you give me fifty feet of nylon rope?”

“What thickness?”

“I have no idea.” Actually, she had kind of an idea. She wanted it to be a good size for tying people up, but didn’t feel like she could come out and say that. She might be thought of as a pervert, or a criminal!

“Well, thickness determines strength. For example, if you are going to be hanging things that weight less than 100 pounds, quarter inch should be just fine. That’s the most common type denizli escort for boy scouts to get for projects like lashing and such. If you’re doing anything around the house that needs more than that, you’d be better off using something other than rope.”

“Okay, make it the quarter inch stuff. Where can I find electrical tape?”

“That would be in aisle 23. You want inch wide tape to make sure that you have plenty of coverage on each end of the cut.”

Charlene wandered over to the electrical department on aisle 23 to find the tape. On the way, she passed by bins full of various fixtures. Like most people, she had difficulty walking through a hardware store such as Home Depot without browsing through the things she happened to see. Her eyes were drawn to the small trays of eye bolts. They seemed to come in various sizes, from as small as an eighth inch across made out of brass to large ones with three inch loops made out of galvanized steel. All were threaded so that they screwed into a wall and had a gap at the loop’s top (near the screw end) that rope or other things could be slipped over.

She knew that her fantasy involved being tied to the bed, spread eagle, but she was also aware, from watching various movies (spy melodramas, pirate movies, adventures) that there were other ways to tie people up. Her mind’s eye could see her tied to an eye bolt in the ceiling, barely able to stand on tip toe. Her body reacted to the thought with a flushing and stiffening of her nipples. She suspected that her pussy was getting wet as well. She looked at the labels on the bins, but could not see any indication of how much the various sizes could support.

Looking around, she found a service person and asked, “Excuse me. How much can these things support?”

He walked over with her and started to pick up examples of the sizes and talk about them. “This one can support maybe ten to twenty pounds, quite sufficient for hanging things like small plants or small mobiles. These can hold almost 100 pounds, quite suitable for hanging a wide assortment of tools from. These midsize ones can hold upwards of 250 pounds and would be perfect for hanging, say a porch swing from. These larger ones, they hold weights close to 1000 pounds, but that assumes that the wood they are embedded in can support the weight as well. Just be sure that you place them in studs if they go in a wall or cross beams if you put them in the ceiling. Plaster board can’t support weight well and you’ll be unable to suspend more than a tenth of their load if they don’t go into something designed to take a load.”

“Thanks. That helps a lot.”

She selected several of the ones between the 100 pound and 250 pound bolts and continued towards the electrical area. The electrical tape was easy to find and from there she headed to the checkout where she paid and returned to her car. Once she was at home, she took the rope and tape into the bedroom and tried to gauge what length pieces to cut the rope into. She was having difficulty because she had no idea how much rope was used in tying knots. Spreading out on the bed, she could tell that there only needed to be about two feet from each hand to the head posts and four feet from the foot posts to her feet. Playing around a bit, she tied an end of rope to one of the posts and then tried to tie around one of her ankles.

The feel of the rope around her leg and the lack of give when her foot moved against the rope had her excited, drawing in a quick breath. Forcing herself to stay on task, she marked a spot on the rope that was several inches from the end of her ankle tie and then untied the rope and measured it. It came out to almost six feet. Two knots with significant ends (she was worried about not being able to reach an end to untie) took two feet. She decided to make each length six feet long and measured off where her tape was going to go. Once the four cuts were taped, she used a pair of kitchen shears to cut the rope into four six foot sections with a 26 foot section left over. She wasn’t sure what they would need to rest for, but didn’t want to cut it before they knew.

Once that was done, she went about household chores and fixing dinner to be ready when George came home. While she was doing this, George finally managed to get free from work and drove to a used book store to see if they had something about knots. Used bookstores can be a little tricky to browse in. Some do not have a good system for displaying books, leaving you with the task of looking on each and every shelf for things. Ironically, there are people for whom this is heaven, the people who view hours of idle book browsing as a pleasant way to spend their time. For those in a hurry, that lack of organization was hell.

Books Again was not such a place. It was run by a retired librarian who would have been appalled at the idea of disorganized shelves. The store was divided into sections based on topics or genre with titles organized by author primarily. Although popular series were filed by series title diyarbakır escort if there were multiple authors (such as Star Wars books). It took only ten minutes to find that all the scouting books had been shelved under non-fiction, ‘S’ for scouts. There were three copies of the Boy Scout Handbook present. A quick scan of the insides revealed that there was an extensive section on knots in two of the three (the most recent edition had a smaller knot section but had a computer section the others did not).

Having been successful faster than he had anticipated, he stopped by Starbucks on the way home to peruse the section on knots. After getting himself a hazelnut mocha latte, he sat down and looked over the book. There were only a couple of questioning looks at the sight of a grown man reading a Boy Scout Handbook, but he simply ignored them. There were more than a dozen knots illustrated in the book. Many seemed to be specialized knots, intended for some specific purpose, usually camping related. Two caught his attention. A knot called the Bowline supposedly had the property that, if tied properly, it would never jam or slip. The book indicated that this made it a good knot for rescue purposes, since it could safely be tied around someone’s body to lift them up from a fall or out of the water. There was another one that was called a Tautline Hitch. It was the scout standard for tent raising since it could be tightened or loosened by hand after being tied, but would not slip under tension. There were several other knots that might have been useful, but he could see these two knots serving all his needs. A small Bowline around her wrists and ankles with the Tautline on the posts of the bed, tightened as needed. The drawings made them look easy to tie, but, as any contractor knew, easy on paper is one thing; easy in practice is another.

Satisfied that he had what he needed, he went back home, arriving a little before dinner. He could smell the pork as soon as he entered the house.

“Hi honey. Dinner smells fantastic. Pork chops?”

“Evening, dear. Pork steak, not chops. With baked potato, corn and apple sauce.”

“How long before it’s ready?”

“Should be another twenty minutes.”

“Is the rope in the bedroom? I want to practice these knots.”

He could see Charlene standing still, her breath shallow. “Honey, what’s wrong?”

“Ah… Nothing. I just… I’m kind of excited. Thinking about it seems to take my breath away and make me a little frightened at the same time.”

“Frightened of what? How can I help?”

“I’m not sure. It’s sort of like when I first gave you Cherry. I’m scared and aroused at the same time. But then, I knew what was scaring me, the whole fellatio thing.”

“Do you want to put it off or cancel it?”

“No. I’m too worked up about it to cancel. You go and practice. The ropes are in the bedroom. I’ve cut four shorter ones that should do okay and there’s a long piece left over. I’ll be fine.”

“If you’re sure, let me know when dinner is ready.”

George went back into the room and saw the ropes lying on the bed. He started with the Tautline, since he could practice on that one with the thing he intended to tie it around. The pattern of make-a-loop, loop-inside-the-loop-twice-and-loop-outside-once was a little tricky at first, but he soon was able to do it without looking at the diagrams in the book (he thought that using a book while he tied them would be less than erotic). The knot did perform as promised. When he pulled on it, it stayed in place, but give it slack and he could move the knot along the main rope with some ease.

The bowline was the easier of the two knots to tie. His difficulty lay in judging the size of the loop that it created (the knot was designed to create a loop that did not slip at the end of a rope). Once tied, it would not change size, no matter how much he tried, without actually untying it. It was certainly a safe knot, though a couple of mis-ties showed that it could jam hard if the knot was incorrectly done. He was still working on how to get the loop the size he wanted when Charlene showed up at the door.

“George. Dinner’s ready.”

“Okay. I am hungry.”

“Have you mastered the entire book of knots?”

“Not even close. But, I’ve just about perfected the two I’m going to use. You’re sure you want to do this tonight?”

“Yes. God, George, I’m horny as all get out! Can you smell it?”

Sniff. “Not over the wonderful smell of dinner. Will I be tying up Charlene or Cherry tonight?”

Charlene thought about it while she served up their plates. “I’m not sure. I’m tempted to give you Cherry tonight. Would you like that?”

“The two of you are the most lovely and sensuous woman I’ve ever known. I will enjoy which ever of you shows up tonight.”

The two finished dinner and cleaned up afterwards. George asked for another half hour to work with his knots, so Charlene watched Jeopardy while he did. In the bedroom he continued to practice making bowline antalya escort ties. It took another twenty minutes, but he discovered the secret to controlling the size of the loop reliably, leaving the knot loose until he had the loop where he wanted. He still had some doubts, but felt ready to start. He spent the last few minutes of the half hour he had asked for tying his Tautlines to the posts of the bed and setting them at maximum length, with the knot against the post itself.

He returned to the living room just in time to see final jeopardy. The category was ‘science fiction’ and the answer was “This naval officer of the future was both a baroness in the Star kingdom of Manticore and a steadholder of the planet Grayson.” George could tell that both of the players had no idea who they were talking about, and that Charlene had it nailed. Of course, he knew as well. You couldn’t live with a David Weber fan and not know ‘Who is Honor Harrington?’ By the time that all three contestants had given their wrong questions, the winner was the only one to not bet everything, leaving herself with $1.

George turned the TV off and announced, “I’m ready. Who will be my victim?”

He could see excitement smoldering in her eyes as Charlene answered. “I’ll go and let Cherry know that she is to serve you with perfect obedience. Shall I let her know that she’s to be ready for giving you oral loving?”

“It’s not her place to know what is in store for her.” George said, getting into the spirit of the game they were starting. “Tell her she has five minutes to be naked and kneeling at the foot of the bed. If she’s not, I will have to punish her.”

Charlene walked to the bedroom silently, her thoughts racing far faster than her body. The closer she got to the bedroom, the more flushed she felt. Her pussy had been lubricating off and on all day in response to the way she kept returning to what was to happen. In the bedroom, she started to undress, trembling as she did. “I’m really going to do this, let George tie me down and have his way with me. He could take me in the mouth again. He could make me suffer with no climax. God, I’m so hot and so frightened. How can I be both at the same time?”

With all her clothes off, she was just about to kneel when she had a thought. She got a scarf out from the dresser and folded it a couple of times. Then she tied it around her eyes, effectively blindfolding herself. She felt the strangest change come upon her when she took her sight away. She felt helpless and the helplessness was turning her on even more. Her juices were running down her thighs and her nipples were as hard as rocks. Her breathing was deep, as if she was having trouble getting enough oxygen. She could feel tears forming underneath the scarf but wasn’t sure just what they were for.

She tried to look inside and figure out what was going on in her head, but it seemed that whatever it was wasn’t in her head, it was centered somewhere else. Then it hit her. Her heart was swelling, filling with emotions, an overload of emotions. There was too much there to recognize any single one of them. But what she did know was that this felt so… right, even in all its fear inducing uncertainty. She wasn’t sure how ready she was for what was going to happen, but she knew she would not stop it.

When George came in and saw her there, kneeling on the floor with a blindfold on, his own breath came up short. Charlene had never looked so beautiful before. He wasn’t sure just what is was about her, but some sort of inner radiance had transformed her naked, blind, trembling form into a vision of loveliness. This was their fantasy, their desires being acted out, and he was determined to make it the best he could.

George walked to her and ran his hand along the side of her face, eliciting a gasp from her. He could feel the tears that had seeped out from the blindfold. He crouched down and took her chin in his hand. “Cherry. Why are you crying?”

“I don’t know Master. I’m a little scared. But there are lots of feelings I don’t understand.”

“Are you prepared to please me?”

“Yes, Master. I want it so bad. Take me, please.”

“Take my hand.” He put his hand out, lightly touching her breast. She reached up and he grasped her, pulling her to her feet. He led her to the side of the bed and gently pushed her so she would sit down and lie on the mattress. He prodded her to take the position he wanted her in. Then he tied her left wrist in a bowline loop, taking his time to get it right, covering his uneasiness with the knot by making the tying process a caress of her hand and arm. He was successful. The loop was small enough that it could not fit over her wrist, but large enough to not pinch or constrict her. He repeated the process at each limb, until all four were bound. Then he tightened each rope with the tautlines, stretching her body tight, spread eagle on the bed.

Charlene had the unusual experience (she thought) of the tension and fear reducing as each limb was encircled in rope. She could only describe the sensations inside her as a feeling of safety and security. As the ropes were pulled tight, she actually breathed a sigh of relief at the loss of freedom. Once she was tightly spread, she was breathing normally, considering how aroused she was, and no longer crying. She knew she was ready and was even looking forward to feeling frustration under his hands.

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