Business Trip

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Big Cock

Two weeks. Two whole weeks since he’s touched me, since I’ve been held. Late night calls from far away have been a poor substitute. Lying in bed, hearing his voice, telling me he misses me while my pussy aches to have him back home.

My eyes try to focus as I slowly wake up. I lie in bed and think for the 100th time how empty it feels. I roll over and inhale his scent, still barely lingering in his pillow. I think of how much I miss his quiet snore on my neck, the warmth of his body wrapped around me in the morning. The quiet minutes before he wakes up when I feel his arms around me, feeling safe and comfortable. Lazy mornings when I feel him asleep against me, his morning wood pressed against me from behind. I like to wriggle my ass against his middle and see how hard I can get his cock without waking him. It’s a game we play, and although we never talk about it, I’m pretty sure he’s awake well before he lets on. The game usually ends in his cock throbbing against me, then him sliding into me, waking us up in the nicest way.

My eyes closed, I relive these wonderful mornings in my mind, and without even thinking about it, my hand trails over my nipples, feeling them crinkle in the cool morning air blowing through the open window. My hand trailing further down, my back arching, and my knees bent and spreading as my fingers lightly slip over the smooth lips of my pussy. I imagine him, his strong fingers, the way he knows exactly how to touch me. Somewhere in the haze of my excitement I remember, today is the day he comes home! Opening an eye I search for the clock…2 more hours, just enough time to clean up the apartment a little, shower and get down to the airport.

I drag myself out of bed and start the coffee. As I watch the coffee drip so slowly my mind wanders again. I feel a giddy excitement in my tummy, knowing that soon I’ll have him back. I climb into the shower feeling more energized as the caffeine kicks in, then carefully soap up and shave my legs and pussy. I know how much he likes the feel of my mound when it’s freshly shaved. He can do a more thorough job on shaving me, I think as I sit on the edge of the tub. Rinsing the soap from my pussy, I feel my fingers slip over the lips and imagine his fingers, his tongue.

What to wear? I pick out a little sundress I know he likes. It has a low neckline showing some cleavage, and yet it’s still mostly conservative. The lacy bra underneath matches the panties, and is thin enough that my nipples still jut out in an almost obscene way. The dress flares over my hips and comes down just above my knees. The soft cotton feels so good against my skin, and after putting my long hair up and applying a little makeup, I take a final look in the mirror. He’s going to like this, I think. Hmmm….but something isn’t quite right. In a last minute inspiration, I peel off my panties. Smirking at myself in the mirror, I imagine how surprised he’ll be when he finds out for himself how naked I am under this dress.

Still (mostly) on time, I grab the flight info and head out the door. The cool breeze floats up under my dress, brushing against my smooth pussy. God, I’m already getting wet, knowing I’ll be seeing him within an hour from now. I get to the baggage claim area, with time to spare. Several men have taken second glances at me as I pass by, if they only knew how nearly naked and horny I am. I look around, looking for his handsome face in the crowd. I feel strong arms wrap around from behind me, and a low whispering voice in my ear, “Hey there pretty lady, are you here alone? Because if so, I’d like to fuck you right here.”

“OK, but we need to be quick,” I reply, giggling, “My boyfriend will be here any minute.”

I hear him chuckle, and I spin around. God he’s so sexy, “I’ve missed you so much!” I jump into his arms and he kisses me firmly, my lips parting with all the passion and frustration I’ve built up in the last two weeks. We break, both of us breathing heavily, and I feel so at home back in his arms. He kisses down my neck and softly chides me, “Unless you’re planning on spreading on the baggage conveyor belt, you better settle down a little.” He grins at my exuberance, and I know that he’s missed me too.

We wait an eternity for the baggage to spill out onto the spinning display, and I’m content for now to just stand close, wrapped around him. We get his bag, and head toward the parking garage. “Just a minute honey, I need to call the office rize escort and make sure everything is under control.”

We look for a payphone and find a row of phone booths near the exit. The booths are old-fashioned looking, with doors that slide closed. Holding my hand, we head toward the booth on the end, and he pulls me inside, sliding the door closed. The booths have glass in the upper half, and advertisements on the lower half so no one can see us from the chest down. He starts to reach for the phone and I can’t help myself. I reach up and wrap my arms around his neck, needing to be kissed. We kiss for a few minutes, and I’ve nearly forgotten we’re in public.

Looking up at him with wide eyes and a big smile, I ask, “Did you bring me a present?” This is another game we play when he returns from business trips.

“You know I did, baby.” And he proves it to me, pulling me close and pressing his hard cock into my hip.

“Ooooh! What is it?” This is all part of the game, and he laughs. “Goodness, whatever it is, it feels so hard!” I begin to reach down toward his crotch, and he catches my wrist.

“That’s a present for later, baby.” He smiles, knowing how excited I must be to want to molest him in public. I pout, and he reaches for the phone. I wrap my arms around him, smelling his manly smell through his soft pullover shirt. I press my ear to his chest and hear his voice rumble as he talks to his secretary.

“What? They’re in the conference room now? I told them not to schedule that until next week! OK, can’t anything be done the way I asked? God, alright, get Bob on the phone.” He looks down at me, apologizing with his eyes and whispering, “Just a second honey, I need to sort this out right now.”

I pull closer to him, feeling my nipples hard and pushed against him. I grind my hip into his crotch, pressing against his hardness. He’s all business on the phone though. We’ll see about that, I think.

I’m half listening to the heated discussion on the phone as my hands slide down over his hips. Skillfully I undo his belt, I know he’s barely even paying attention. I look out over the glass and see people bustling by, and feel so naughty knowing no one can see our lower halves. Carefully, I slide down his zipper and snake my hand into his pants over his boxers. As my hand brushes against his cock, I hear him quietly gasp, but he doesn’t miss a beat in the conversation.

“Bob, you really screwed the pooch on this one. Am I the only one who can do anything right? OK, fine, you go get the file, I’ll wait.” I can tell he’s annoyed at whatever this situation is, and the last thing I want to do is get him more upset. I press my hand over his cock, feeling the wet spot of pre-cum on his shorts. I look up into his eyes, asking wordlessly for permission to continue. He slowly nods, and I recognize the lust in his eyes. Taking another look outside the windows I’m amazed that no one even sees us, they’re all walking hurriedly to make their flight or get out of the airport. My pussy begins to throb and get even more slippery, knowing his cock is so hard and in my hand.

I look in his eyes, and lick my lips. He closes his eyes, resigning himself to the feeling of my hands as they start to slide his boxers down, pulling them up and over his tent. Taking a final look around, I kneel down in front of him and look up. His eyes widen, and he’s about to say something to me about how we shouldn’t, when suddenly Bob gets back to the phone, and the conversation continues.

“Bob, I’ve only been out of town for 2 weeks, how could this happen?”

From below the conversation, I lightly grasp his cock in my hands, feeling it throbbing and hot. I look closely at it as I have hundreds of times before, and think to myself yet again, this is the most perfectly shaped cock I’ve ever seen. Pre-cum is forming at the tip, and I lean forward and kiss the head. I’ve stopped listening to the conversation, but it continues over my head.

With a slow and teasing pace, I carefully slide his cock into my warm mouth, tasting the salty, sweet pre-cum at the tip. Concentrating pressure with my tongue along the front of the shaft, I slide it very slowly in and out of my mouth. It’s slippery against my lips with the saliva from my mouth, and I feel him getting even harder. Still talking, although his breathing is more ragged, I feel him reach down and lightly put a hand on my head, very gently directing me.

I pull his cock into my mouth, completely absorbed in the sensation of him filling my mouth and concentrating on making him feel good. This is a cock I know so well, and I know exactly how to touch him to take him to the edge without cumming. Sliding his cock from my mouth, I lick the tip over and over. His cock is hard, but he isn’t close, I think as I caress his balls in my other hand. God how I love the taste of him, how clean and manly he smells. I pull his cock into my mouth, deep into my mouth, my nose buried in his trimmed pubes, loving the smell of him.

I continue touching, caressing, licking, sucking….and then out of the corner of my consciousness I realize he’s stopped talking. Apparently the conversation is over and he’s just holding the phone, so any passer by would just see him as a man on hold. His hand on my head feels more urgent, as he pulls my mouth onto his cock. His breathing gets faster. My pussy is aching and dripping with desire. I can feel him getting closer.

He stops me by moving his hand to my elbow, pulling me up. He looks around as I stand and he holds the phone out to me. “Here,” he says smiling wickedly, “Its for you.” I look at him confused, and slowly take the phone from his hand.

What the hell, I think, and I turn around toward the phone, putting the receiver to my ear. “Hello?” From the other end I hear in reply, “Please deposit 35 cents to make another phone call. Please deposit 35 cents to make another phone call.” His naughty plan dawns on my as I feel his hands go to my hips from behind. I hold the phone to my ear, people rushing by from outside can only see a woman on the phone.

I feel his hands slide over my hips, down over my ass, and my pussy begins to tingle. Concentrating hard on not dropping the phone, I close my eyes, enjoying the sensation. He slides his hands in front of me, barely brushing over my nipples. I feel his hands move down over my dress, and feel the palm of his hand press lightly over my freshly shaved mound. My clit is throbbing, and I start to grind my hips to push harder against his hand.

With one hand he holds my hip still as he traces his hand further down, up under my dress. Sliding his hand up the front of my thigh he gets up to the side of my pussy, looking for my panties. When all he feels are the smooth lips of my pussy, I hear him moan quietly. He leans forward, his lips in my hair next to my ear, “Naughty girl, no panties, what am I going to do with you?” His fingers slide along the length of my pussy, feeling how slippery it already is. “God you’re so wet…your pussy feels so good.” He pulls his fingers from my crotch and brings them to his lips, tasting my juices. His hand dips back down under my dress, his caresses slow and teasing.

My eyes still closed, I use every ounce of my energy to stand still and not cry out, begging him to touch me more. The world outside this booth has ceased to exist, and all that matters now is his touch, his breath against my neck, his hand on my hip, his cock inches behind me occasionally brushing against my ass. His fingers delve between my lips, not touching my throbbing clit. He’s teasing me. I guess fair is fair. “Did you miss me?” he asks, though of course he knows the answer.

“Yes,” I whisper, between ragged breaths.

“Did you miss this?” I feel him easily slide his long strong finger inside me. Oh god, he knows my pussy so well.

“Yes, God yesssss.” I start to put the phone down, wanting to turn toward him.

“Don’t you dare hang up the phone, we’re still in public and people are all around us. You started this with all your teasing, and now it’s my turn to have fun.” I feel his knee pushing between mine, gently spreading my legs apart. He slides another finger inside me, my pussy so wet it goes in easily. Bending over slightly I feel him breathing against my neck as he curls his fingers, pushing against the spot inside me, the one he knows makes me crazy.

“Oh god oh god oh god,” I whisper incoherently. I feel my knees weaken, the feeling of his fingers fucking me, touching my very core.

“Shhhhhh baby, I’ve got you.” He holds me tightly around my middle, holding me up a little, as he continues to finger fuck me with the other hand. He’s barely even started touching me and I can feel I’m already close, as he begins to press his palm against my throbbing clit. He whispers into my ear, “I’ve missed this pussy so much. I’ve thought about fucking you over and over while I was away. When I saw you in this dress you made me so hard God you’re so hot.” He knows that sexy talk gets me even more excited.

With two fingers inside me, he pulls his thumb up to my clit and begins to move it in circles around and around. He knows I’m close, he’s moving his thumb so slowly I just teeter on the edge of cumming. My juices pour onto his fingers, as he slowly slides them in and out. “You want to cum, baby?” He asks me rhetorically. “I feel your pussy twitching inside, pulling my fingers deep.” He continues at a slow pace, deeper and deeper, filling my pussy and making me want more. After an eternity of touching, he finally whispers, “Ok baby, I want you to cum on my hand.” His thumb moves directly over my clit, his fingers slide in as deep as they can as my orgasm washes over me.

The feelings are so intense I don’t even notice as he slides his fingers from my dripping pussy. Still holding the phone, I try to catch my breath, and from behind me I feel him flip my dress up over my ass and pull me hard against him. He bends his knees behind me lining his cock up to the entrance of my pussy. I feel his hand in front of me, his fingers splaying my lips apart and around his cock.

“Tell me what you want, baby.”

“Fuck me, I want you to fuck me.”

“Fuck you how, baby?” He loves to tease me. Loves to hear me beg.

Aching with want, my pussy feels so empty and needs to be filled. The words spill out of my mouth, “Fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck me hard, make me cum on your cock, please, please fuck me!” And with that, he slams his cock inside me in one fluid motion. His cock is so hard, throbbing inside me, and I can feel him pressed deep against my cervix. After a minute of both of us getting used to the wonderful sensation, he slowly starts to fuck me. Holding my hips and directing my pussy onto his cock, he slides in and out of me. My pussy still twitching from my huge orgasm before, I can feel his cock pressing against the spot inside me in a way his fingers couldn’t quite reach. I can tell he’s so hard and close that it won’t be long.

His cock slams in and out as my hips press back, grinding against him. His pace quickens, and he begins to take shorter, deeper strokes. His hand moves from my hip to under my dress in front of me again. I can feel my juices dripping down between my thighs. His hand in front of me slides between my legs. His cock continues to slide in and out of me as his talented fingers move to my clit. He again begins fingering in circles around my clit, getting me closer and closer. I don’t think I’d ever felt his cock so hard inside me, filling me to the hilt.

I feel myself nearing another huge orgasm, and still his fingers move slowly over my clit. He knows exactly how to control my pussy, how to make me feel good, how to make me cum exactly when he wants. After minutes that feel like hours, I hear him whisper in my ear, “I’m so close, baby. Your pussy is squeezing my cock so tightly. I want you to cum, cum on my cock deep inside you, cum when I explode inside you.”

His fingers move more quickly, in a way he knows will take me right to the edge. My pussy begins to twitch inside, and I feel his cock jerk as he erupts inside me. This pushes me over the edge as my orgasm overtakes me. The feeling washes over me as I feel his cock jerk deep inside me. We stand there, him holding me close, and us catching our breaths, and soon I feel his softened cock slip out of my dripping pussy. I hang up the phone and turn to him as he pulled his shorts up and gets himself re-arranged.

I help him with his belt, and look up at him and smile. He smiles back at me, and no words needed to be spoken. I realize then that it wasn’t only his cock I miss, but also the way he knows me, inside and out. It’s the way he indulges me, and knows what I want even before even I do. We hug for several long minutes until our breathing normalizes, and I reach into my purse to pull out a tissue to tidy myself up.

He picks up his bag with one hand and takes my hand in his, as I slide the door to the booth open. On the other side of the corridor is a group of Japanese businessmen, looking at us and smiling. One even takes our picture as we turn toward the exit.

“God, do you think they saw us? What we were doing?” I ask quietly, a blush creeping over my face.

“Who cares?” he replies, then adds, “Maybe I should go see if they got a picture of us in the act. What a hot picture to take with me on my next business trip!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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