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Hello _______ –

Your last letter made me think back to how I got started on this somewhat hedonistic lifestyle I’ve lived. You know I didn’t get around much in high school, or the start of college for that matter. I had a couple boyfriends, but nothing that got too out of hand. Standard fumbling, neither of us really knowing what the hell to do. The summer between my junior and senior years of college something happened though. One event, and my life took a bit of a turn.

I was interning in Boston that summer. Of the four of us sharing an apartment, there were only two left by the middle of August, and she wasn’t around that much, having hooked up with some guy. Anyway, I was riding the ‘T’ home from work one night. Just sitting there, minding my own business, reading the paper I’d picked up at the newsstand. I was on the red line. At Park Place the usual crowd got on and fanned out searching for seats. There was one guy that stayed by the door. I didn’t notice him at first, but after the train pulled out I saw out of the corner of my eye this guy leaning back against the doors. I glanced up at him. He was staring at the floor of the train.

He was lean, with good shoulders and a little dirty from work. It looked like he worked in construction, but he was carrying a backpack and looked like he could be going to school at night. He was wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt. He had long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, and dark blue eyes. The thing that was most attractive about him was that he seemed so relaxed, so at ease with himself. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I felt a twinge between my legs, and squirmed a little in my seat.

He looked up, and his eyes wandered over the car. Wanting to see his face straight on I kept looking at him. Our eyes met and he didn’t release his gaze as he had with everyone else in the train. His lips turned up a bit in a little smile, but still he didn’t break our gaze. I kept looking at him. My panties started to get damp. I knew what aksaray escort I was going to do.

Through a couple stops we kept looking at each other. No real expression. Neither of us moved. Finally my stop came and I stood up, still looking into his eyes. I moved toward the door. He turned to face the door. I moved next to him, the train slowing for the stop. As I got off the train I looked back to see if he was following. He was. I went up the stairs, and he was two steps behind me. I imagined his head leaning forward to kiss the small of my back. I could feel his eyes watching me, and a dribble of fluid leaked out of me and into my panties.

I got to the street and again turned my head to make sure he was still following. I walked the few crooked blocks to my apartment, turning every now and then to make sure he was still there. As I approached the door to the building, he followed me up the stairs and stood to the side while I fumbled with my keys. We still had not said a word. I opened the door and he followed me in. My apartment was at the top of the first flight of stairs. I opened the door and went in, dropping my bag on the floor. I turned to face him just as he turned toward me from closing the door.

Without speaking a word I rubbed both his shoulders with my hands, running them across his chest, down his sides to the waist of his pants. I went down on my knees in front of him, eyeing the bulge in his pants as I moved. He wasn’t wearing any underwear – I could clearly see the outline of the head of his penis straining against the denim of his jeans. I reached up and started undoing the buttons of his jeans. As I got to the last one, I reached in with my hand and took hold of his hardened cock and pulled it free from the confines of his pants.

Holding the base, I slowly circled the head of his cock with my tongue, running the tip of it around the ridge of the head. I took the whole head into my mouth, and bending it against its will, lowered his throbbing penis till it was level so I could take more of it into my mouth. He gave a little moan and leaned back against the door. I started moving my mouth and hand in unison, taking as much as I could into my mouth. After a little bit, I pulled back. Eyeing the droplet of precum on the head of his cock, I probed his little slit with my tongue, causing him to shudder. At that, I took the head back into my mouth and worked it around like a lollipop. I could feel his heat inside my mouth and the throbbing in my hand. He held my head in his hands, not forcing himself further down my throat – I think he just wanted to touch me.

I circled the base of his cock with my thumb and forefinger, squeezing as tight as I could while I continued to work his swollen head with my mouth, bobbing up and down, squeezing my lips together as I got to the tip, then opening my mouth again to slide down his pole. I think I forced him to last longer by squeezing the base, but I don’t think he minded. He pressed his hips against the door and as he started to move forward I released the grip I had on him, and taking as much of him into my mouth as I could. At this, he finally did thrust into me, and I took that as well. A great rush of warm cum shot down my throat, again, and again. I finished swallowing what hadn’t made it down my throat on its own, and then proceeded to lick him clean. I sat back on my haunches, reached up and buttoned his pants back up.

He reached down with both hands to help me up. When I stood, he maneuvered us around so my back was to the door, and he was standing in front of me. He simply knelt in front of me, and without a word, reached under my skirt with both hands, finding the waistband of my panties, and pulling them down to the floor. I stepped out of them, and leaned back against the door. He reached behind my knee with one hand, and guided my leg over his shoulder. Putting one hand under my bottom, with his other he swept my other leg over his shoulder.

Now I was leaning against the door with my back, and with his rough hands he was cupping my asscheeks. I helped him out by sliding my skirt up to my waist. He was face to face with my soaking pussy. When he first parted my outer pussy lips with his tongue, I involuntarily drew in a sharp breath. Then he delved deeper, opening my slit using just his tongue. He started just this side of my ass, probing as deep inside my pussy as he could, and as he slid up my slit, he pulled his tongue out a little till he got to my clit. With both lips he grasped my swollen button, and he worked it around and around using just his lips. With his tongue he lightly worked the tip of it while it was held in place by his lips. I was soaking wet, and the juices were running freely down my crack to my ass. From there they were dripping straight onto the floor.

He returned to licking my slit, his cheeks buried in my outer lips. I could feel his tongue working around and around inside of me. I reached over with my hand and started playing with my clit. I didn’t want to lose the sensation of him diving inside of me with his tongue, but I also wanted, or rather needed, to come. So, with him buried inside me, and my fingers working my clit, I started to come. Arching my back against the door, I thrust my entire pelvis at him.

His strong hands didn’t waver for a second. I arched again, and he drove his tongue deeper inside of me. I started gushing cum, and I could see it glistening on his cheeks. When I finally started to relax, he gently disentangled us and helped me stand up straight. I looked down at my panties on the floor, and saw that they had inadvertently been acting as a sponge. I couldn’t believe how wet they were, and I just kicked them out of the way.

He reached down to pick up his backpack. I turned around and opened the door for him. At the head of the stairs he turned back and smiled, his cheeks still shiny with my cum. I smiled back. And that was it. I never looked for him again. But I so enjoyed the sexual thrill that I still seldom get involved with a man seriously, or for very long.

Enjoy – _________

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