Camilla Ch. 004

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Big Dicks

It was quite an adventure getting a naked 18-year-old girl into his apartment, but Mr. Grisham succeeded. Of course, it being 1:30 in the morning, and everyone in bed, getting nude Camilla from the underground parking lot to the elevator, and from there to his room on the fifth floor wasn’t too hard. Besides, the possibility of someone seeing them was as exciting as it was risky. Still, no one saw, and he got his door unlocked and her inside without incident.

From there they made a mad dash to the bedroom. She got on the bed and spread her legs wide open, exposing both her vagina and anus: she wanted him to know he had a choice of three holes as she licked her wide-open mouth. He removed his shoes and started pulling down his pants and boxer shorts. As his underwear came down, its top elastic made his erect phallus spring and bounce up and down quickly. Camilla salivated at the glorious revelation of this circumcised statue.

“He’s gonna feel so good inside me,” she squealed in delight. “But sir, please don’t undress any further. You look so handsome in your dress shirt and tie.”

“Okay,” he said, and climbed onto the bed. “Get on top of me.”

“Yes, sir,” she said. He lay on the bed on his back, and held his phallus up as she aimed her vagina from above.

She came down on it, shaking with expectation, and when the tip touched her already wet vulva, she squealed with pleasure. Then she felt the pole start to go in. She let out high-pitched sighs, ever higher and higher in pitch, as his phallus slowly slid inside. The deeper it went in, the higher her sighs got. She was already on the brink of her first of several orgasms: her thrill felt like electricity racing all over her body as his phallus filled her vagina in a perfect fit, no empty space anywhere. By the time it was all the way in, not only were her sex organs stimulated to the maximum, but so were her chakras, all the way up her spine to her head. It was a miraculous, voluptuous, and even mystical sensation, and her orgasm drowned his lap and poured onto the bed. But this was only the beginning.

She, in a frenzy, mersin escort went up and down on his erection, frantically trying to sustain that emotional high. More orgasmic gushes were soon to come out as she felt his phallus slide in and out, massaging her vaginal walls. She squealed and screamed loudly, amazed at his erection’s deepness and fullness inside her. Her screams got so high in pitch, they sometimes reached what musicians call the ‘whistle register’: indeed, Grisham at times wondered if he was making love to Camilla or to Minnie Riperton. Those eerie cries of the chthonian occurred whenever she orgasmed, at which time her nails dug into his chest: she was like a Maenad rending one of her victims.

An interruption or their ecstasy came with the sound of the doorbell. She got off him, his lap flooded with her come. Not wishing to mess his pants, she helped him take them off. Then he went to the bathroom and wrapped an old, ragged, filthy towel around himself, not minding at all how messy it would get with Camilla’s ooze all over it. He went to the door, her standing behind him. He opened it to see the face of a concerned neighbour, a woman in her fifties.

“Is everything all right in there?” she asked. “I heard a girl screaming.”

“Oh, everything’s fine,” Grisham answered with a blush on his face. “My…uh…girlfriend and I…”

“They weren’t screams of pain or fear, ma’am,” Camilla interrupted to help him out of his embarrassment. “They were screams of pleasure.”

A look of understanding on the woman’s face showed the problem to be resolved, but her facial expression made his face even redder. “So, you’re alright, dear?” she asked.

“Yes. Fantastic,” Camilla answered from behind the door so the woman wouldn’t be shocked at the lovers’ age difference. “Sorry about the noise.”

“That’s okay, dear,” the woman chuckled at how Grisham had gotten lucky with a girl that night. She said goodnight and left. He closed the door.

“Whew,” he said. “How many times did you come?”

“I don’t remember a number,” Camilla said. “But at least five.”

“Holy shit!”

“Sorry, sir.”

“Don’t apologize, sweetie. Actually, I’m flattered.”

“You were amazing,” she sighed, beaming at him. Almost in tears, she continued: “My lord, my master, my king, my emperor, my god, my Zeus. You made me feel so good: I love you. I love you!” Noting the fear of commitment in his eyes, and sympathizing (since she, too, wanted to be free to experiment with other lovers, in spite of her passionate outburst), she then said, “You don’t have to love me back if you don’t want to, but I love you.” She hugged him tightly and continued. “You can have other women if you want–I don’t mind. Just as long as I can touch you and make love with you, at least sometimes.”

As they walked back to the bed and he wiped the come off himself with the towel, she continued: “You know what I think heaven is like? Having sex with you for eternity.”

“Why me, Camilla?” he asked. “Wouldn’t you rather be with someone your own age?”

“No, they’re boys!” she said derisively as she helped him remove the come-stained sheet from the bed. Then she looked in his eyes and cooed, “But you’re a man.”

“I’m old enough to be your father,” he said as they took the sheet and towel to the laundry area, putting the soiled items in the laundry basket.

“I like intelligent men your age,” she explained as they left the laundry area and went to the bathroom. “You’re mature, eloquent, erudite, sophisticated. I love listening to you lecture on literature in class. You say such brilliant things. I admire you so much, sir.” They got in the shower stall together and turned on the water.

“There’s nothing to admire in a lecherous teacher seducing his teenage student,” he said with no scarcity of shame.

“Sir, I seduced you. Don’t worry: no one will know.” she squatted and peed down the drain. He adored her curving behind as her urine below mixed with the swirling water.

They washed the come off each other’s crotches, got out of the shower stall, dried themselves, and went back into the bedroom.

“I guess we should sleep,” he said. “It’s almost 2.”

“Don’t you want more fun?” she asked as she got on the bed, on all fours with her legs spread open so her vagina and anus were in full view.

“Camilla, you’ll scream again.”

“Not if you put it in my bum,” she offered, pushing her behind out to make her pretty brown puckered anus the focus of his attention. She looked back at him to see his reaction: his hitherto flaccid penis started hardening again.

“Won’t it hurt?” he asked.

“I have anal lube in my purse,” she explained. “It won’t hurt if you smear that all in my rectum and on your penis.”

Reaching for her purse, looking inside, and taking the tube of anal lube out, he asked, “Why are you the perfect fantasy?”

“I want to please you, sir.”

He got on the bed and squirted some of the lube on his fingers. After smearing some on his now fully-erect penis, he put some more lube on his index finger and pushed it in her anus. She gently moaned with pleasure.

After thoroughly smearing the lube all over her anal walls as deeply as he could put his finger, he slowly and gently pushed his phallus against her opening anus. He slid his member inside, slowly and cautiously, fearing that he’d hurt her. When it was all the way in, and his pubic hair was tickling her anal area, he grunted with delight. This was his first anal sex with a girl: he’d always dreamed of a girl willing to let him enjoy this, but had never imagined the dream would come true!

This wasn’t, however, her first time to permit a man to sodomize her. When she’d gotten the job at Luvlee’s, she received anal sex several times from her boss. His penis was small and thin, so she didn’t worry about discomfort. She was now acquainted with the sensation of a phallus burrowing away inside her rectum, and was even starting to enjoy it. Grisham’s phallus stroked where her anal wall touched her vaginal wall, and she moaned in gratification. He thrilled to the feeling of her anal lips tightly clasping his penis as he slid it in and out. It was such a filthy hole, yet beautiful in its filthiness. Finally, it was his turn to ejaculate; he pulled his spent member out of her anus. Satisfied but exhausted, they lay down and went to sleep.

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