Cassie Gets Hammered Ch. 01

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Cassie hunched over the bar lazily, her elbows up and chin resting in her soft palms. Her tongue flicked mindlessly over the pair of symmetrical studs embedded in her lower lip. She glanced around the bar for the millionth time, vision partially obscured by the long evergreen hair that draped in front of her left eye. She stood at the bar, waiting patiently for anything that could liven up such a dull day.

The 28-year-old bartender sat in her bored trance, her pale skin illuminated by the dull green and pink glow of the various neon signs that peppered the walls. She wore a thin leather jacket, whose front had been left to hang permanently open from the removal of its zipper. The only clothing that even attempted to hide her bare chest was a fishnet crop top that struggled to contain the lithe woman’s shapely D cup bust and whose only glimmer of modesty were 2 black X’s that concealed her perky nipples. Her well-rounded ass was hidden by a short black miniskirt that hugged her marshmallow rump so tightly it was as if even the fabric adored her curves. The silky smooth skin of her legs lead an ivory path from her skirt’s bottom to her high heels, a pair of open-toed, platform stripper heels whose black color and slight shine perfectly matched each of her nails. Lastly, a glittering silver ring adorned her right ring finger, proof of the husband with whom she shared ownership of the bar.

Before long the anything she desired showed itself in the form of a customer, her first in hours. A chiseled Latino man stepped into the bar, dressed in a tight white shirt that put his toned body on full display and making it all too easy to envision the exact shape of every caramel muscle on his young body. He wore a baggy pair of black shorts that, in contrast to his shirt obscured the shape of everything from his belt line to his knees.

“Hey there, beautiful.” He purred smoothly as he leaned an elbow on the counter “Whatchu got behind the bar that’ll show me a good time?” he said with a calm smile.

Cassie did little more than raise an eyebrow, her chin remaining nestled in her palms. She gave him a quick look over, his short black hair and thin goatee perfectly complimented his young, yet masculine features giving him a look that blended suave and street pretty nicely. His cute face aside Cassie moved on, it’s not like she was remotely interested, anyway. Her expression was unchanging as her gaze met his, and she spoke “Ain’t shit behind this counter for you until you show me an ID.” She spoke plainly.

“Oh, yeah, sure…” He said, maintaining his suave demeanor as he spoke, but Cassie immediately noticed the apprehension in his voice as he wrestled a small plastic card from his pocket and tossed it on the counter in front of her.

Cassie straightened herself up as she grabbed the card off the countertop. Immediately letting out a condescending chuckle when she looked at it “Sorry, Kiddo, but 18 is less than 21.” She carelessly tossed the ID back to him. “Come back when you learn how to count that high, junior.” She berated him with a dismissive roll of her eyes.

The Hispanic teen paused for a moment before slamming his palms down on the table. “Oh come on, you goth bitch, just give me something to drink!” He yelled, his voice booming.

“Okay, first things fucking first: I’m punk; you dumb fuck. Second, I’m not selling you a goddamn thing. This bar pays my fucking rent and I’m not about to give it up for some Latin fuckboy just because he’s shouting like the stupid fucking brat he is!” She snarled back.

He took a deep breath through his nose, closing his eyes for speaking again, his voice struggling to maintain a calm tone. “I came here to get plastered and pick up a slut or two. I’m not leaving without a drink, you Technicolor skank. Get me?” Despite his calm tone the clear undertone of aggression carried through in his voice.

“You must be stupider than you look. Even if I gave you something to drink there isn’t a single chick in this bar! So unless you plan to stick your dick a lime, you’re shit out of luck. And besides, shouldn’t someone your age be more worried about cooties?” She snarled back, concluding with a sarcastic question that dripped with disdain.

“I see one.” Chuckled the bronze teen with a smug grin. “Some bitch with green hair and snakebites who could use a big Mexican cock to shut her the fuck up!” He rebounded her aggression with a growl, eyes scowering up and down her hourglass figure and immodest outfit.

Cassie closed her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose, her nostrils flaring as she took a deep breath; like an angry bull. She thought for a moment, calling the cops on this kid would be the easiest thing to do, but that would be the 4th time she’d have called them about a rowdy patron this week, and she sincerely doubted they’d even show. After a moment of silence she took a deep breath and spoke. “My lunch is in 15 minutes. Go wait in my office, it’s the blue door samsun escort at the end of the bar. When I close up for my lunch I’ll come in and give you a hand job, will that shut you the fuck up?” She asked, voice heavy with annoyance.

He thought for a moment before shooting her a smug grin. “Make it a blowjob.” he said, a hint of cockiness in his voice.

Cassie rolled her eyes before shooting the barely legal Latino an aggressive glare. She held up the hand adorned by a pristine silver ring. “Don’t push it. I’m married and I don’t need you gone THAT badly. At that point I’d just call the cops.” She closed her eyes taking another flared breath through her nose “I’ll suck one of your nuts while I stroke it, but that’s the best you’re fucking getting. Oh, and be gone before I finish wiping your pitiful load off the floor. Fucking got it?” She growled, issuing the young stud an order.

He pretended to think for a moment, confident smirk plastered across his face. “Deal, slut.” He made his way over to the door. “See you in 15!” He chimed as he stepped into the office, door slamming obnoxiously behind him.

Cassie slouched against the counter and let out an exasperated sigh. “God I fucking hate kids.”

After about 20 minutes of silence Cassie stepped up to the front door and upon seeing the barren street she locked the entrance, so she could meet her unwanted guest in the office. She tossed her coat behind the bar and stepped inside, to find the young Latino stud reclined comfortable in her office chair, facing the door and legs wide apart; clearly eager to begin.

“‘Bout fucking time; come get started.” He ordered with a playful inflection.

Cassie let out a sign, locking the door to the office for good measure before stepping up to him. “Reel it in, jackass. You’re way too excited about this.” She growled, but her chastisement lost most of its impact as she dropped to her knees in front of him. She took a deep breath, eager to get this over with, she leaned in to delicately hook the waistband of his shorts and yank them down passed his knees.

As she removed the loose fabric from around his waist she quickly understood the reason for his cocky attitude. 12 inches of soda can thick Latino cock sprung free, giving her porcelain face a hefty slap before straightening out. His cockhead pointed proudly to the ceiling, hard as a steel rod. The thick veins that hugged his immense shaft bulged hungrily, but the caramel fuckpole was not moved in the slightest by its own pulsing. She’d never admit it, but this was easily the greatest cock she’d ever seen, his big brown bitch breaker made every man she’d been with look pitiful by comparison; her husband included. The shaft glistened with a slick and sticky sheen. The pungent masculine aroma that accompanied his monsters release told her it was undoubtedly a fresh layer of cum. Her deduction confirmed itself as her eyes drifted down to see a pool of thick, pungent cum forming at the base of his cock. The ivory pool sat nestled in an indent in the skin of his sac between a pair of bronze nuts that outsized golf balls.

“Hope you don’t mind, but I thought I’d rub out the easy one while I waited for you. Wouldn’t want to let a bitch like you off easy, now would I?” he chuckled, a smug grin reaching ear to ear.

“You fucking pervert…” She growled quietly, a scowl directed up towards the cock teen as she wrapped both of her soft hands around his immense shaft. The intense heat of his caramel cock forced a deep red blush onto her face. She slowly began to slide her hands up and down the tan bitch breaker, eyes locked of the oversized shaft as she did.

“Better than your husbands?” He taunted, looking far too comfortable from his reclined position.

Annoyed by his cockiness she began to squeeze his shaft as hard as he could, but quickly found that his iron cock wouldn’t react in the slightest. “You need to shut the fuck up!” She growled, scowl still plastered on her face.

“Sorry bitch, I was just curious.” He rolled his eyes dismissively. Without even looking at her, he quickly laced some muscular fingers into her emerald hair, taking a tight grip, and slamming Cassie’s face into his sac. Nestling her nose in the pool of cum and beginning to gyrate his hips, smearing her face with a slimy layer of still warm cum. “Don’t forget to suck my balls like you promised, cheap slut!”.

Cassie’s body shook with surprise as she accidentally snorted the lake of cum when she attempted to breathe, painting the inside of her nose with his thick scent. Despite the cum filling her nose she began to notice another aroma accompanying his seed, the sweaty scent of his unwashed sac. Cassie’s body shook as the powerful scents invaded her nose. Before she knew it she was eagerly nuzzling her face between his hefty nuts, embedding all of his aroma into her skin as she desperately sniffed his pulsing sac.

“Ahaha, escort samsun so punk sluts like it dirty? I’ll remember that next time.” He chuckled cockily

His cocky taunting snapped the older woman back to her senses. Her eyes shot up to him, her scowl returned “Th-there won’t be a fucking next time!” A defiant growl rumbled from her chest; though she struggled to sound convincing with her nose still held against his sac. His powerful hand still tangled in her hair and her hands not missing a beat stroking his powerful cock.

His expression became suddenly serious, getting tired of this moss haired bitch’s attitude. He pulled her face firmly into his sac, his swollen nuts eclipsing her face. “Then I guess you better fucking savor this time because you’ll never get a cock this good again.” He ordered.

Cassie trembled as he suffocated her with his giant nuts, the overpowering scent assaulting her nose in full force. Her hands sped up, pumping his immense shaft with renewed vigor as she delicately wrapped her lips around a single giant Hispanic nut. Her tongue gently caressed the cum and sweat stained gonad. The flavor made her pussy pulse with a heat that she couldn’t control, like a bitch in heat, aching for release. Her climax crept closer with each polishing lick of his sac. The pleasure threatened to overwhelm her, steadily marching her towards the orgasm she craved; clouding her mind and preventing her from noticed that her eager tongue had already polished his Latin orbs to the point of glistening. She continued to suckle, lick, and nuzzle his smooth sac, entranced in pleasure as she chased her release through the taste of his oversized sac. Finally, her efforts granted her the reward she craved, her body trembled as a wet spot formed in her panties. She came on the floor of her office, soaking her porcelain thighs in her own femcum. Losing her mind in euphoria; face still smothered between teenaged Latin nuts.

He chuckled, lifting her face from the heaven between his balls. “Oh by the way, I’m Miguel.” He said smugly, his cock unmoved by her efforts. The giant tanned fuckpole towered dominantly over her face as she trembled in a mess of her own pleasure. “And be honest with me, you love my giant Mexican cock, right? Tell the truth and I’ll show you how a real man fucks.” He said with a playful wink.

Cassie hated his smug attitude, but she was in no position to resist; her pussy was screaming for his caramel cum cannon. She removed her hands from the steely shaft and pressed her pale face against its hot length in their place. “It pisses me off that a brat like you is packing a cock this crazy.” She panted, still regaining her breath from being smothered in his orbs just moments prior. “Just do whatever you have to, to empty those balls, use me however you want, I don’t give a shit… Just finish and get the fuck out of my bar.” Her panting continued, only interrupted by a loud kiss she delivered to his bulbous cockhead.

“Punk bitches really are something. Y’know, for a married woman you’re fucking easy!” Miguel taunted. Seeing the defiance in Cassie’s eyes as he decided to quell any incoming sass before she had a chance to speak. He gripped his cock’s base with his free hand and delivered several firm smacks to her face; battering her with his iron shaft and leaving her face stinging from the hefty impacts. “Now shut the fuck up and get naked, so I can see what I’ll be playing with.” He ordered, finally releasing her hair from his grip.

Cassie wasted no time discarding her jacket and crop top with one swift motion, revealing her shapely tits and pierce nipples to her Latin Lover. She gave him a wink and playfully tugged at her nipple studs before promptly dropping the skirt to her ankles and kicking it off into the corner. She sauntered up to him, with soaked thighs. “Enjoy the view you smug bastard. You’ll never see a bitch this nice again.” She growled, her attitude still intact, despite the way her body timidly quivered with echoes of pleasure.

Miguel eyed her hourglass body up and down. He nodded in approval, stroking his giant cock for a moment. “Whatever you say, bitch, just get face-down ass-up, so I can have some real fun with you.” He commanded, waving his huge cock from side to side like a cat toy; enticing her to obey.

The punk wife obliged, letting her excitement show a bit too blatantly as she obediently assumed the requested position. She pressed her face to the lightly carpeted floor and raised her ass towards the ceiling like a bitch in heat; Not a hint of hesitation in her movement. “Just make it quick, I have a job to get back to.” She growled, feigning disinterest even as her eagerly dripping pussy was on full display.

A moment later she felt The brutal impact of a muscular hand coming down on her ass with full force. Her body nearly toppled over as his firm brown hand came down with a *smack* that resounded through samsun escort bayan the room. The powerful impact forced a loud squeal of pain from her lips and sent ripples of pleasure through her masochistic body.

“Y-you motherfucker…” She whimpered with trembling breaths.

Miguel let out a smug laugh as his rough hands briefly cupped her shapely ass cheeks before sliding along her hips, finding the most comfortable position to rest his hands. Once he found his bearings his hands locked onto her with an iron grip. He teasingly rubbed his thick length along her dripping slit, giving his fuckpole a nice sheen of femcum as its heat burned against her sensitive pussy. A whimper of “F-fuck” escaping her lips.

The Latino stud leaned forward, letting her feel the weight of his muscular frame as he teased her entrance with his cockhead, before dragging his glistening prick up to align it with her pristine asshole. Her eyes widened, but as she opened her mouth to protest Miguel cut her off. “If I put it in your cunt then you’d be cheating on your husband, and we can’t have that, right? You do love him don’t you?” He taunted, firmly pressing his cockhead into her tight back door. “Or maybe you love my cock more and need it in that aching pussy of yours?” He continued to taunt her, his iron grip on her hips and thick cockhead threatening to penetrate her puckered hole at any moment.

Cassie’s face went plush as she struggled to pull a response from the mess of her racing mind. Words escaped her, leaving the defeated punk to bite her lip and brace herself, her tongue nervously flicking against her snakebite piercings inside her mouth. It was too late to stop him, her body wouldn’t allow it, but now that he’d brought it up she couldn’t possibly let him use her pussy, she couldn’t betray her husband like that. Despite her reservations he left her with no choice but to hold her tongue and let him have his way with her tightest hole.

Miguel couldn’t help but chuckle, very pleased with the mouthy punk’s show of submission. “That’s a good wife, I knew you’d agree.” he purred. The Hispanic stud leaned down, letting his weight dig into her even more; hands still locked tightly on her hips. Leaning down until his lips drew close enough to her ear that she could feel his warm breath. “We’ll save that for next time.” He whispered before roughly slamming his hips forward, simultaneously yanking hers back, slamming his monster cock into the punk slut’s ass with no regard for the intense pain it send rippling through her body.

Miguel slammed their hips together with a force that threatened to crack Cassie’s hips. The impact reverberated through Cassie’s lithe body, pushing a scream through her lips; releasing a sound that the punk didn’t even know she could produce. After just one initial thrust her plump ass was left burning red and throbbing as her tightest hole stretched well-past its limit. His caramel cock buried itself happily in her vice-like rear, pulsing with ravenous heat, deeper inside her than she ever knew a man could be.

Miguel showed his new bitch no mercy, her pained scream was like the starting gun for his marathon. Cassie’s lips had barely closed her lips from the squeal that accompanied his first thrust when the Latin stud began to move their hips apart, already finished savoring the tightness of her married hole. His tan tree trunk of a cock slowly receded from her freshly stretched rear until only the head remained. The moment he felt the tight sphincter of her entrance squeeze down on the sensitive ridge of his cock he slammed his hips forward, once again yanking hers back in tandem once again, forcing another squeal from the poor bartender. However, this time there was no moment of pause when his fuckpole bottomed out, the slap of his hefty sac against her sopping cunt was immediately followed by the retracting of his throbbing length yet again.

Miguel continued on ravaging Cassie’s rear hole without mercy. His powerful hands digging into her hips pushing and pulling her plump rump on and off of his cock in tandem with the animalistic thrusting of his hips. His pace quickly picked up, forcing a symphony of screams and squeals from her quivering body with every slam of his hips. Her body felt like a rag doll, the way he yanked on her hips jostled her entire body. He continued to treat her hole as his Fleshlight, aggressively jackhammering her from above and behind, almost forgetting that there was a woman attached to the hole he was enjoying so much. Each slam of his hips was rewarded by a squeal from his married toy and each recession rewarded with the sensation of her puckered rear hole squeezing down on the most sensitive part of his glorious cock.

Cassie could hardly handle the flurry of sensations that assaulted her. The young Latin stud rammed his hips in and out like her owned her, shaking her whole body back and forth with every bestial thrust. The way he shook her back and forth made it impossible to hold a thought in her head, the only constant being the sensations of his oversized fuckpole. The assault brought her to her second climax of the night, a fact that Miguel seemed indifferent to, continuing to bury himself into her rear with the same ferocity even as her love juices spilled onto the floor.

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