Chastity Morning Ch. 01

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I am awake at 5:30am with morning wood. The erection is pushing on the cock cage which in turn is pulling on my balls something fierce. I could get up and go to the bathroom and pee and it would abate. But that’s not our agreement. So instead I roll over and just wait. I could say it was uncomfortable, but to be truthful it is fun too. I know she will enjoy hearing about my suffering when she wakes up and that will start the day on a positive note.

Half an hour later her alarm clock goes off. She reaches over and turns it off. As she settles back I snuggle up to her. She has her back to me. I am careful not to allow the cage to touch her.

After about a minute she breathes deep and murmurs “Morning wood?”

“Yes” I answer.

“Tell me about it” she says.

“It’s crushing my balls something fierce. Tell me you like having my cock locked up” I reply.

“I love having your cock locked up. You are so much more loving and attentive since we locked it away.” She chuckles “And I love that when your cock tries to get hard it punishes your balls for me. I love controlling when you can get an erection. I love that you need my permission.”

“I’m so glad it pleases you.” I breathe into her shoulder.

“Tell me more.” she says with a tone of teasing in her voice. “Be my submissive little cock slave this morning.”

“Thank you for locking up my cock. I am so glad you don’t mind me whining about sore balls at this hour of the morning. I’m so happy you care enough about me and my cock to lock it up. I love that you want to keep it.. safe, for yourself. Whatever. When my dick and balls ache like this I think about the fact that it is all for you and I know how much you like it. I love doing this for you. It is so nice to be able to do something that I know you enjoy. I love it when you tease me. You clearly get off on it. And I love aching for you. It makes me so happy when you let me pleasure you. Kissing you is so sweet. And every time you let me lick you I feel like the luckiest man alive.”

She rolls onto her back and runs her fingers through my hair. “You can put your head on my chest if you want. It might make it … worse.”

Of course I do it.

“Does that make it ache more for me?” she whispers softly.

I let out a whimper and a “yes”.

“That is so sweet. You are such a good boy for me.” Her hand strokes the back of my head. “Do Kegels for me. Make it twitch.”

I start clenching rhythmically, making the cage bounce around and amplify the squeeze on my cock and the crush of my balls. I grunt and whimper in time to the pressure.

The feel if her breast under my face is exquisite. “That’s a good boy.” For some reason that phrase thrills me to my core whenever she says it.

“Tell me what you are thinking. What do you want?”

“I want to touch you, stroke you, kiss you, make your heart beat fast, then lick you till you scream.”

“You sure that’s what you want? Nothing for your caged cock?” she asks.

“No. I just want to pleasure you and see you enjoy it.”

“That’s my good boy. Now kiss me.”

I rise up on my arm and lean over to kiss her.

I start giving her the most tender, delicate and passionate kisses I know how. After a few of these her hand snakes down between us. Her fingertips find my balls as they bounce around while I continue clenching. She strokes them as they bounce in and out of her hand. My head istanbul escort swims.

“Put your head back on my chest.”

I lay down and she cradles my balls and the cock cage in her hand. I whimper/moan as I lay my head on her chest.

“Now give me your hand” she says. She takes it and gently lays it on the other breast. “No squeezing. Just keep it warm for me.”

“Yes ma’am”

“That’s a good boy.” My head buzzes. My cock throbs, by balls ache. Why does that phrase do this to me? Who cares. She is my queen.

We lay there a few minutes. She occasionally squeezes my nuts. A slow, firm, growing pressure.

When the pain builds I suck in a breath and say “Thank you.”

Our agreed code. Thanking her lets her know I am at my limit, but that she can decide what happens next. She relaxes and rubs the epididymis with her finger tips pressing it against the penis tube. This is worse than squeezing the balls.

I gasp out “Oh yes. Thank you.” It hurts like hell but it also makes my hips thrust slightly in an uncontrollable way.

She raises her leg into my crotch to support her hand and press up on the bottom of my crotch. Her other leg slides out and she rolls into me and strokes my face with her other hand.

As her fingers slide over my lips she says “Lick”.

I lick the proffered finger with my tongue. She slides it into my mouth, letting me get it good and wet. Then she takes it out and slides her hand down to her sex where she works it around for a moment. It comes back up to my mouth a little later and I lick at it, making it wet, and cleaning it of her fluids. She returns to fingering herself and squeezing my nuts.

The next time it comes up from her crotch it hovers in front of my face and she says “Do you want to lick it?”

“Oh god yes, I so want it lick it.”

“Stick out your tongue” she says in a lilting tease.

I stick out my tongue and make slow licking motions the way I know she likes me to lick her crotch. She teases the tip of my tongue before plunging her finger into my mouth briefly. Then she slides it back to her crotch.

“Tell me how much you want to eat me” She asks. “Would you like to be my pussy licker?”

Like there is ever any question that I want to eat her.

“Yes please” I say in a half whisper half whimper. “I would very much like to lick you. I would love to caress your labia and your clit with my tongue.”

“Tell me how you would do it”

“I would lick them so lovingly and gently. Just the tip of my tongue up the sides of your labia. Over and over again. Like licking honey off a bee’s wings. Up one side and down the other. I would reverse the direction every now and then, but not too often. I know how you like me to build it. And when you are wet enough that my chin is covered in your love I would start to lick more firmly.”

“Yeeess.” She hissed, squeezing my balls in time with my hip rocking as I spoke. “But I’m not sure you deserve to lick it.”

“Of course not” I reply. “I am not entitled to taste you. But if my tongue would be pleasing to you, then I would be honored.”

“Your cock is leaking.”

“Yes, it is. You know you always have this effect on me.”

“Cover it with your hand so it doesn’t get on the sheets and get between mommy’s legs and eat your breakfast like a good boy.”

“Yes ma’am. Thank you. You won’t regret this.”

“Shut up escort bayan and lick me” she says lightly.

And I do just as I had described. At first I can tell her arousal is minor at best. But as I trace the tips of her labia over and over with the tip of my tongue this changes. Soon her hips are no longer still.

“Is your dick still trying to get hard?” she pants.

“Oh god yes. It’s being squeezed so tight. And my hand is soaked.”

“That’s a good boy. That is so hot. Make me cum now. Suck my clit. Suck it hard.”

Her world explodes as I suck for all I’m worth. Her legs are like a vise on my head and she grabs my hair and groans out her orgasm.

When she is settled down she strokes my head. “That’s my good boy. Now, get me an orange juice and start the shower for me. And wash yourself up.”

I get out of bed and head to the kitchen, trying not to grin to much. It spoils the mood If she sees me grinning.

When I come back with the juice she is just sitting up in bed. I hand her the juice and walk through to the bathroom. I turn on the shower and start the towel warmer.

She follows me into the bathroom a few moments later and sits on the toilet.

“Come over here.”

She takes off the necklace with the key to my cock cage. I stand still as she reaches out and unlocks it. She takes the tube off slowly. It pulls somewhat as my cock is doing its best to fill every last space and opening of the tube. My heart is pounding a mile a minute.

“Hmm. Not so hard after all” she says, smiling and winking at me. Of course until a second ago there wasn’t enough space in the cock cage to fully swell.

Then she pushes my balls through the ring to free them and sets the two parts on the counter.

“Now get washed up.” Using the washcloth and basin I wash hands then genitals, and face. Then I start shaving, again genitals then face.

She finishes on the toilet and steps out to get clothes for the day and I finally drain my aching bladder. She comes back with hangers containing blouse and dress, bra and panties.

I wash the cock cage and put a little lube in the tube just as she steps into the shower.

“Kneel just outside the glass door here and edge for me while I shower. I want you to count them out.”

Oh Em Gee. She takes long showers; even on work days like today.

The first edge is while she washes her hair. Head tipped back, clearly luxuriating in the water cascading over her head washing the shampoo away. Of course it helps that I am a sucker for the fragrance it has.

“That’s one.” I moan.

She straightens up and wipes the water from her face and smiles at me. Clearly relishing my longing for her and my self-denial for her benefit.

The second is as she soaps her chest while smiling lovingly through the glass at me. I stop just short of ejaculating and huff a hoarse “Two.” My cock twitching multiple times but fortunately not squirting. I timed it perfectly.

She smiles and wags a finger at me in mock scolding.

The third edge comes as she washes her ass, which is pointed at me. As she smiles down at me I swear she is spending far too long washing her anus with a finger. Is she actually sliding it in? I can’t quite tell. “Oh god, oh god. Three” I gasp.

The fourth hits as she uses the shower head between her legs. Clearly giving herself another orgasm as I watch her and she watches me. Bostancı escort

“Are you … getting … close?” she asks.

“Yes” I moan.

That she is watching me do this is so erotic. Through clenched teeth I say “Four” as I let go and grab my own legs and start gasping to keep from going over.

She orgasms against the shower wall looking down at me. When she finishes shuddering she rinses and hangs up the shower head and shuts off the water.

“Hand me a towel for my hair”

I pass her the towel with the hand that hadn’t been stroking my cock. She dries her hair vigorously. It makes her tits shake marvelously.

By now I am no longer fully erect, only a half mast. I am, however, on perpetual edge. It has been a minute of panting and handing her a towel since my last edge but just two strokes and I am right back at the peak “Fiiive” I croak.

She stops drying and peeks out from under the towel and giggles at me. “Now dry me off.”

I take the other towel from the warmer and wipe her down with its warm softness, drying her without actually being able to touch her.

“That feels so nice” she says.

“Now… Be a good jerk boy and edge for me again and then hands off.

She turns and picks up her deodorant. She watches me in the mirror as she applies her deodorant. Next she picks up her perfume and gives two quick sprays.

I let go just barely in time. “Si-hi-hi-ix”

She turns around and grasps my cock with thumb and forefinger and lightly rolls it between them. Once, twice, another edge. Good lord she can play me like a violin.

Coyly she asks “Is there anything else we should do before we lock this thing away for the day?”

I know the right thing to say “I love you. Please don’t make me cum”.

She closes her whole hand around my shaft. Slow and gentle she strokes. One, two, stop, another edge.

“Really? After all that you don’t want to cum?”

“No, please don’t”

“No?” Stroke, stroke, stop. Another edge.

“Oh god, Please don’t make me cum”

“Ok” She replies, with a half smile.

She steps in close. The scent of her makes my head swim. My legs begin to shake.

“Kiss me” she demands in a whisper.

We kiss. Soft and deep. That alone edges me.

I whine “Hmm Hmm Hmmm!” into the kiss and my knees start to buckle and my eyes roll up. She breaks the kiss and just stares at me.

I pant hard and fast.

When my breathing steadies just a bit she leans in and asks “What do you say?”

“I love you. Thank you for not making me cum.”

Placing a hand on my face she looks at me with a smile and movie-star eyes and says “I absolutely love hearing you say that. That is so hot and so sweet.”

She turns and picks up the bra and panties from the hanger and puts them on. My head slowly starts to clear as I step back from the edge.

She picks up the cock cage and says “Let’s get you secured for the day shall we?”

A few minutes of tugging, stuffing and pulling and I am caged again. It isn’t difficult as I am half limp even though I’ve been on the edge just a few moments ago.

As she pulls on her pants I stand there and just breathe deep. She looks at me as she shoulders into her blouse and smiles. Before buttoning up she steps close again and whispers “Tell me again”

“I love you” I say. This time it is me taking her face in my hand. “Thank you for not making me cum.”

She reaches out and pulls my face to hers. We kiss tenderly. “You’re welcome. Thanks for being such a good boy for me. Now I have to get going or I’ll be late.”

As she buttons her blouse I turn the shower on cold and step in for my shower.

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