Chemical SeXXX Pt. 04

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Mindy Campbell watched as John Donovon stormed out of the principal’s office with his mother following soon afterwards. The punk girl had been sent to see the principal after she had been caught smoking on school grounds, but had to wait her turn as the Donovon’s had their meeting.

It hadn’t been Mindy’s first visit to the principal. The 18 year old senior had a strong aversion to authority, which often landed her in trouble with her teachers. It didn’t bother her much, she didn’t really care for her teachers or the school in general. She always felt school was a place that sapped out the creativity and individuality from people to prepare them to be good little pawns for the system. She wasn’t gonna cave in and give up her freedom.

She’d joined the punk scene a few years back and had gone all in with the look. Her hair was dyed greenish-blue, styled up in a mohawk with the sides of her head shaved. She had several piercings including an ear gauge in both ear lobes, a nose ring, a septum piercing, snake bite piercings below her bottom lip, a bridge piercing, an eyebrow piercing, plus her tongue and nipples were pierced.

Her outfit drew attention as well. She wore a black leather jacket with a t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of some obscure punk band, short leather shorts with black pantyhose that had rips and holes all over them, as well as black combat boots. She also had had a black studded choker adorned around her neck.

“Miss Campbell, please come in,” Principal Whitmore called out from his office.

Mindy sighed as she stood up from her chair and entered the Principal’s office, resigning herself to another round of lectures, threats of suspension or some other bullshit she didn’t care to hear. Principal Whitmore frowned as she entered.

“Really now, Miss Campbell, can’t keep out of trouble can you?” he grumbled, “please take a seat.”

Mindy rolled her eyes and plopped down in a chair in front of Principal Whitmore’s desk. She sat lazily with one leg hanging over the arm rest of the chair, folding her arms as she prepared for whatever punishment she was about to be stuck with.

Principal Whitmore sighed. The 52 year old man didn’t know how to get through to her. He’d tried detention, suspension, counseling with the school counselor, but nothing seemed to work. Now here he was, postponing his after work plans to once again meet with trouble maker Mindy Campbell. He stood up from his seat, cupping his hands behind his back and pacing over to the window behind his chair.

“You know smoking is not allowed on school grounds, Miss Campbell,” Principal Whitmore said, glancing out through the blinds at the parking lot.

“Me? Smoking?” Mindy mused sarcastically, “I would never do such a thing, I’m a good girl.”

“Very amusing, Miss Campbell,” Whitmore replied, folding his arms in front of himself as he stared out the window. The thin, grey haired man turned back to Mindy, scowling as he turned his gaze to her.

“You are insubordinate, rebellious, disobedient and you seem to have a obsession with doing the opposite of what is asked of you,” the principal ranted.

“And what about my bad qualities?” Mindy asked sarcastically, smirking at Whitmore as he scoffed at her.

As Principal Whitmore was about to reply, the Chemical SeXXX gas began to seep from the vent above him, flooding into his nose as he breathed and coursing through his body. He felt a switch go off in his mind as the gas began to take effect.

He looked upon Mindy and realized something. She needed more than words to turn her behavior around. He cared about his students, especially her, and if he really wanted to change her ways, he had to crank things up to the next level. With the right approach he could help Mindy, even turn her into a productive member of society.

“I believe it’s time I took drastic action,” the Principal stated. He turned back towards the window and looked out at the parking lot once more. “When I was younger, if a student misbehaved in any way, they were punished in a more… physical manner.” He began to close the blinds, turning his gaze back to Mindy as his cock began to harden at the thought of what he was about to inflict on her.

Mindy’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor. “Are you being fucking serious?” she asked, stunned that the principal had implied he was about to inflict corporal punishment on her.

“I’m afraid so, Miss Campbell. I’ll have to ask you to please bend over my desk so I may administer the punishment.”

Mindy sat in stunned silence, a mixture of amused disbelief and anger flaring up inside her. She almost wanted to commend Principal Whitmore for the audacity, it wasn’t often she was at a loss for words; however, before she could tell him off, the Chemical SeXXX gas began to overtake her as well. Her pulse rate climbed as her sex drive was cranked up 10-fold. Her pussy started to get wet as the gas coursed through her and her breathing quickened as she became more horny.

She began Bostancı Türbanlı Escort to think maybe Principal Whitmore was right. Maybe what she needed was a firm hand, an older authority figure to really lay down the law. She noticed the bulge forming in his pants and her pussy ached at the sight. She really needed to be punished and she knew Principal Whitmore was the man to administer it.

“Bend over this desk right now, Miss Campbell!” Principal Whitmore yelled, startling Mandy and causing her to get even more turned on. She slowly climbed out of her chair and stood up, taking a few steps forward and bending over the Principal’s desk, sticking her ass up in the air as she laid her chest and head on the desk.

The principal made his way around his desk to Mindy, tracing his hand down the back of her neck all the way towards her ass. Mindy shuddered in lust as she felt the man’s hand work down her back, coming to rest above her ass. He took his hands and began to massage her ass cheeks over her leather shorts, groping and squeezing them as Mindy whimpered at his touch.

“Are you ready to receive your punishment, Miss Campbell?” Principal Whitmore asked, his hands smoothly gliding over Mindy’s cute little butt as his hard cock twitched in his pants.

“Yes Principal Whitmore,” Mindy cooed, arching her back to stick her ass out more, her needy pussy leaking more of her cunt juice into her panties as she eagerly awaited to be disciplined.

Principal Whitmore slid his hands up and tugged at Mindy’s shorts, sliding them down over her butt along with her panties and revealing her bare ass to the man. “That’s better,” Whitmore said, his hands sliding over her bare ass cheeks.

Mindy whimpered and bit her bottom lip. She couldn’t believe she was willingly bent over her own Principal’s desk while he groped her bare ass. And the most insane thing of all, she couldn’t believe how much she liked it. She really fucking liked it. She closed her eyes as she readied herself to disciplined, blushing as her ass was wantonly put on display.


Mindy yelped as Principal Whitmore brought his hand down hard onto her ass cheeks, her eyes opening wide as the pain radiated down to her pussy. Her heart was racing and her clit was throbbing. She liked being spanked, really liked it, and she wanted more.


The principal slapped her ass harder this time. Mindy cried out as the pain being inflicted on her was making her even more horny that she thought she could ever get. She had never been this hot before in her entire life.





Whitmore gave her 20 more slaps across her ass and Mindy’s cries of pain were gradually replaced with moans of pleasure as her cunt ached for more. She had never considered herself a masochist before, but the pain combined with the humiliation of it all had awakened something primal inside her. She needed much more, so much more.

“Well Miss Campbell, do you believe you have received adequate punishment for your misdeeds?” Principal Whitmore asked, his hand resting on her abused ass cheeks, his cock eager to spring free as awaited a reply from the troubled student.

“No, Principal Whitmore,” Mindy replied, arching her back and sticking her ass out further. “I’ve been such a bad girl. I’ve been so bad for so long, I think you’ll have to administer a harsher punishment.”

“I believe that’s prudent, Miss Campbell,” the Principal replied. He grabbed the sides of Mindy’s shorts and pulled them down around her ankles. He slid them over her feet and tossed them into the corner of the room. She wouldn’t be needing them anytime soon.

Mindy squealed in joy as her bare pussy was now displayed for the Principal to see. She had been such a bad girl, he deserved to get a glimpse of her hot little pussy for his troubles. She wiggled her ass and spread her legs, putting on a show for Whitmore, wanting to please him.

Principal Whitmore loved the sight of Mindy bent over his desk, ass red and cunt visible for his viewing pleasure. He had enjoyed giving Mindy her punishment, really enjoyed it, and he wanted to give her more. After all, she was a bad girl and she was asking for it. He picked up a plastic ruler from his desk, raising it high and bringing it down as hard as he could onto Mindy’s ass.


Mindy screamed as the plastic ruler slapped against her sore ass, throwing her head back as she cried out in pain. It had really hurt, but she knew she was a bad girl and deserved it. She wanted more. She begged for more.


Mindy yelled again as the ruler slapped her ass once more, pain radiating throughout her rear as the stinging intensified. Principal Whitmore was thoroughly enjoying himself. His cock twitched each time he heard Mindy cry out in pain, getting off on the marks he was leaving on her. Her ass looked so fucking cute when it was all red.


His cock Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort twitched again as Mindy screamed. He needed to free it, he needed to free it and he needed to cum. He put the ruler down on the table as Mindy’s sore ass throbbed in pain. Her cunt was impossibly needy as her inner slut was awakening, hidden masochistic traits bubbling to the surface as she yearned for more pain.

Principal Whitmore began to take his clothes off, freeing his average sized cock and putting the belt from his pants onto his desk. Mindy glanced back at the principal, taking in his nude form and his hard cock. Her pussy throbbed as she stared at that cock. She knew she wanted it deep inside her cunt, she wanted it bad.

“Principal Whitmore, please… stick your cock in my pussy, I need it so bad! Fuck me, please!”

“Silly Miss Campbell, you should know by now,” Principal Whitmore replied, picking up the plastic ruler and spanking Mindy hard on her ass. “Only good girls get their needy little pussies fucked.”

Mindy whimpered as her denied pussy ached to be used. She knew Whitmore was right, she knew she was a bad girl and until she had taken her punishment, she would always be a bad girl. “Make me a good girl, Principal Whitmore, teach me a lesson!” she yelled at him.

Principal Whitmore cracked her ass with the ruler again and again, her screams soon becoming moans as the pain radiated down to her slutty cunt, her clit throbbing and begging to be touched. She dared not touch it, she knew girls as bad as her didn’t deserve to pleasure herself. Only Principal Whitmore could decide if she was a good enough girl to rub her clit.

After many more spankings, Principal Whitmore stopped his assault on Mindy’s ass, admiring his handiwork. Mindy’s ass had taken so much abuse, bright red marks strewn across it as Mindy writhed on his desk in pent up hornyness.

“So, Miss Campbell, do you believe you’ve been thoroughly disciplined? Are you a good enough girl to get fucked?”

“No!” Mindy shouted. She wiggled her ass around, craving more abuse from her Principal. She knew she was still bad, still so very bad. “No Principal Whitmore, I need more punishment! A harsher punishment! Please!”

“If you insist,” he replied. He dropped the ruler down onto his desk and picked up his belt. He folded the belt once and gripped it tightly, raising it high and bringing it down hard onto Mindy’s ass.

She screamed loud, incredible pain radiating from her ass as tears begin to roll down her face from the agony. Her ass was on fire, but she wasn’t satisfied. She needed more punishment. She needed so much more!

The belt came down again and Mindy screamed once more, her cunt leaking down onto the carpet as the pain continued to turn to pleasure. She was a masochist slut, Whitmore’s masochist slut, and she had never been happier.

Principal Whitmore couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to cum. He grabbed his cock and began stroking it, standing over Mindy as he began to shoot ropes of cum from his cock onto her red, raw ass cheeks. Mindy purred as she felt the Principal cum on her ass, his semen coating her ass cheeks wonderfully as his warm seed splattered against her skin.

“Take off the rest of your clothes,” Whitmore ordered, bringing the belt down hard onto Mindy’s cum covered ass cheeks.

She screamed as the belt hit her, but complied as she began to slip out of her boots, taking off her jacket and shirt and removing every other article of clothing she currently had on, but leaving her choker on. Once done, she bent now fully naked body back over the desk, gleefully awaiting more punishment.

And punishment she was going to receive. He spanked her with the belt again and again, each time bringing Mindy incredible pain and indescribable pleasure. It wasn’t long before Whitmore needed to cum again. He ordered her to spread her ass cheeks and slammed the belt against her asshole, tears pouring from Mindy’s eyes as the pain and pleasure drove her mad.

Whitmore cracked the belt against her asshole a few more times and then jerked off his cock and spurted a load right onto her ass crack. His cum trickled down onto her raw asshole, stinging as it continued moving down and settling on her pussy. Mindy loved the feeling, it made her feel like a good girl.

The principal moved on from her ass, beginning to bring his belt down on the back of her legs and her back. Mindy screamed and moaned as her sore flesh ached from the hard slaps. She gazed at Principal Whitmore longingly as he continued to abuse her body, desperate for him to fuck her as the belt continued to rain blows down on her body.

Her back, ass and the back of her legs were entirely covered in red marks as Principal Whitmore inflicted her punishment. He would slap her with his belt in one spot several times until the skin was nice and red, then cum onto the area, marking it with streaks of white semen, claiming the punk student as his own.

Mindy Bostancı Ucuz Escort was beyond desperate as she was bent over on Whitmore’s desk. She couldn’t control herself as cute little whimpers and moans passed through her lips. Her body was so sore from the punishment, but the pain only turned her on even more.

Whitmore suddenly pulled Mindy up by her hair and moved her back from his desk. Cum dripped down the back of her body as Principal Whitmore began knocking things off his desk until it was bare, making more room for Mindy’s body.

“Climb onto my desk and lay on your back, Miss Campbell,” Principal Whitmore ordered.

Mindy complied, laying her cum soaked backside on top of Whitmore’s desk, her sexy pierced tits and cute stomach with navel piercing pointing up towards the ceiling. Mindy stared at Whitmore in wanton lust as his eyes gazed over her cute, sexy body. God she needed to cum. She felt like she would cum just from his gaze alone, but what she really needed was to rub her clit while his cock was stuffed deep in her hole.

“Miss Campbell, you’ve been taking your punishment very well,” Principal Whitmore said, making Mindy beam with pride at his praise.

“Thank you, Principal Whitmore!”

“But, you’ve caused me a lot of stress over the years with your behavior.”

“I’m sorry, Principal Whitmore. I know I’ve been such a bad girl, that’s why I’m getting the punishment I deserve.” Mindy squirmed on Principal Whitmore’s desk and gazed up at him with puppy dog eyes. She really was a bad girl.

“Indeed, Miss Campbell, but I feel like you should try and make it up to me as well.”

“Of course, Principal Whitmore, I’ll do anything!”



Principal Whitmore grinned. He repositioned Mindy’s body so her head was hanging over the edge of his desk and stood in front of her face, his cock sticking out a couple of inches away from her mouth.

“Then if you really want to make it up to me, I want you to open your mouth wide, Mindy,” Principal Whitmore ordered, “I’m going to fuck your naughty little mouth and cum down your throat.”

Mindy squealed in delight and opened her mouth wide. Whitmore then shoved his cock into her mouth and slid it down her throat, causing Mindy to gag and thrash on the desk in delight as her Principal thrust deep inside her mouth. Her tongue piercing brushed up against his cock, teasing his shaft and egging him on.

Whitmore grabbed Mindy’s tits, using them as leverage as he began to fuck her throat like it was a cunt. His balls slapped against her face and his musk flooded her nostrils, making Mindy feel like a good little slut. He thrust himself in and out of Mindy’s mouth, her throat nice and tight against his dick, his orgasm quickly approaching.

Mindy, meanwhile, was in a state of euphoria. Drool was pouring down her face as her Principal fucked her mouth hard, making her gag and moan around his delicious cock. She reached her arms around Whitmore’s waist and gripped his ass, pulling herself against him to meet his thrusts. She needed to feel his cum shoot down her throat. She wanted to be a good girl for her Principal and she knew she could be better if only she could get him to cum.

It didn’t take long for Whitmore to go over the edge and begin to shoot his hot cum directly down Mindy’s throat. Mindy gagged as Whitmore’s cock cut off her air supply, his sticky seed sliding down into her stomach as he shot rope after rope down her slutty throat.

Whitmore pulled his cock out after a few moments, causing Mindy to cough and gasp for precious air. She grabbed Whitmore’s cock and wrung out the last drops of spunk into her mouth, swallowing it happily and licking his cock clean like a good whore.

“That’s my girl,” Principal Whitmore said, watching as the student slid her tongue over his dick, licking and sucking on it like it was new favorite food. She gave his cock a few more licks, then engulfed her mouth around it, sucking his deep into her mouth. He smiled as Mindy gave him an enthusiastic blowjob, letting her do all the work as he stood there in place.

Mindy loved the feeling of her Principal’s cock in her mouth, but what she really loved was the feeling of his cum sliding down her throat. If she could just get more of Whitmore’s cum into her stomach, she knew it would eventually make her a good girl. She had to become a good girl so he would fuck her pussy, she was so desperate to get fucked and she needed to cum so badly.

After a few minutes of sucking on Whitmore’s cock, the Principal tensed up and released a second torrent of cum into Mindy’s mouth. She squealed in glee as the salty liquid flooded her mouth, swallowing it down greedily as she let not a single drop of semen escape. She continued to suck on Whitmore’s cock, wanting more of his yummy seed, but he suddenly pulled out, causing her to whine.

“You’re behaving much better so far, Mindy,” Principal Whitmore said, “but we should continue your punishment, don’t you agree?”

Mindy pouted as she realized she wasn’t going to get to suck more cock, but agreed. As good as she was being, she wasn’t a good girl yet, so she still needed punishment. Someone as bad and naughty as her would need quite a lot of punishment before she could call herself a good girl.

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