Chris Dunn Ch. 06


She squirmed in the chair waiting for Dr. Beal to look up from his notes.

“This is what my clients must feel when I am not ready for them at the start of a session,” she thought to herself.

Alan Beal, PhD, was her supervisor. She had been his graduate assistant during her clinical studies and she continued to see him to work out her own personal and professional development. When she had a problem client or felt some boundary issues, she made an appointment with him.

“Well, Chris, from what you said on the phone, it sounds like you are worried about…incest, is it? But you have not children and your parents are both gone. I am afraid I do not understand, “he began.

“No, that’s right Alan. It’s about my nephew, Paul. You see…” she was interrupted.

“Paul is committing incest? Oh, no he’s Eve’s son. How is Eve? I have not seen her in years. Is she still taking pictures?” Dr. Beal was just not getting it and Chris was becoming very frustrated.

“Alan! Listen to me. Yes, Eve is doing fine as a photographer. That is part of the reason I am here today. Will you let me finish?” She had to assert herself and get the conversation going in the right direction. She needed Dr. Beal to pay attention.

“Yes, yes, Chris. I am so sorry. I was…well, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what you want to talk about. Please, go on. I won’t interrupt again. I promise.” He regained his composure and sat back in the chair awaiting her continuing.

“Okay, Eve, is still a photographer, yes. And Paul is her son, my nephew. He’s like 19 now and very attractive. I was up there visiting recently and Eve asked me for some advice. She has had a number of requests to take pictures of people in the nude. So far so good. She has this idea that people might like to do more than just take their clothes off; they might like to do some more erotic kinds of posing. I actually think it is a good idea and so we talked about it.” Chris had told him the beginning.

Dr. Beal was already forming a hypothesis as to why Chris was there. He frowned as she went on.

“Oh, Alan…” Chris paused. “Eve asked me if taking pictures of Paul was a good idea. I told her she needed to ask him. Well, he agreed to it.” Chris breathed deeply before going on. She wanted him to be erect in the photos so I talked to him encouraging him a bit.”??”A bit? What does ‘a bit’ mean, actually?” Dr. Beal zeroed in on the hole in the fabric. “I can’t tell if you are delaying something or avoiding it, Christine.” Dr. Beal, only used her formal name when he was impatient or angry. He did not believe in being euphemistic. Tell it straight away he would often instruct his students. ‘It’s fucking, not copulating,’

“Okay, so, I am attracted to my nephew, sexually. I got turned on watching him masturbate and I encouraged my sister to invite him to pose nude for her photography sessions.” There. She had said it.

“Is that all?” Beal pursued.

“I participated, too. I let him feel me up and I…” she was feeling embarrassed, but pressed Escort bayan on. “I peed on the floor and let him watch.”

Again, Beal, probed, “Is that all?”

“Well, yes, that’s all!” Chris’ anxiety was high and she was getting defensive.

“Chris, I am only asking because it seems you are making a lot out of nothing. Okay, you have an attraction to your nephew. He’s an adult. His mother is there taking pictures. You haven’t fucked him. Why are you so worried about incest?” His flat explanation calmed her. Hearing him repeat it, calmed her.

“Well, I don’t want it to get out of hand. And I certainly don’t want to hurt him,” she confessed.

“It would hurt him if he did not agree fully and freely. It would hurt him if this were done in secret and he had no recourse out of it. But from the way you describe it, this has all been above board. I am not seeing the incest angle. Instead, I think you are arguing with yourself here. Your body is telling you one thing and your defenses are getting in the way.”

Chris was relieved to know that she had not crossed that invisible line that exists. Her feelings were complicated. Paul was 18 years younger than she and the relationship, while close was never going to be more than aunt and nephew—with privileges.

Dr. Beal encouraged Chris to talk frankly about what she fantasized and how that might be productive for the photography sessions.

“Well, since you asked, I want to suck his cock. It is magnificent. So hard and so young. He shaves himself and is in very good shape so his cock and balls just stand out when you see them. He gets hard very fast and I can talk him into an orgasm.”

“Oh, so, you have some power over him. I suspect you enjoy being able to arouse a younger man. You certainly can arouse an older one.” Beal winked at her and kneaded his crotch with is hand. Chris was a fine looking woman with blond hair and nice figure. As she leaned one way or the other, Dr. Beal leaned the other way. He was trying to look down her blouse. She used to be freer with her peeks when she was his student. Back then she did not wear a bra and he had ample chances to see her nipples through the thin material of her tee shirts. Now he had to work a little harder.

“Listen, Chris, you are being too hard on yourself. Tell me about your client load. I wonder if your boundaries are still firm.” He also wondered if her tits were.

The rest of the hour revolved around her clients and how she was able to keep herself centered. She even told him about the glory hole she had visited. He reflected her deep feelings of relief but warned her about being safe as well. It’s better, he told her to find a committed relationship or at least have some trusted people in her life with whom to work out her kicks.

“Like you?” she asked cutely. “Alan, I owe you so much. I notice that you have been working under duress. Do you want me to take care of that bulge you are getting? It’s been a long time since we did research together.” Chris looked straight at Bayan escort him. Beal’s research was on the masturbatory practices of men and women. He and Chris would watch people masturbate and record their observations. Often they would watch each other, as part of their “research.” It is in these sessions that Chris lost all inhibition and was able to be so frank about the human sexual experience.

He went right to the point. “Well, maybe if you showed me some of that lovely tit-flesh and let me beat off a little.” He wanted to see if she was teasing or if she was serious.

?Chris began unbuttoning her blouse. She wore a bra that hooked in the front and with her left hand undid it. Her breasts fell out as she pulled the cups apart. Alan liked what he saw.

“You have magnificent breasts. I have seen them over the years become more beautiful. I love how they sag gently now. You are a beautiful woman, Chris.” Alan was admiring her expose flesh and overtly rubbing his cock beneath his trousers.

“Why don’t you let me help you with those pants. I want to see my old lab partner again’ Chris cooed. She reached over and unfastened Dr. Beal’s belt and zipper. He straightened his legs to allow her to pull his pants down to his knees. He pulled his cock out of the fly in his satin boxers.

His uncircumcised cock rose like a monument. It grazed Chris’ tit and Dr. Beal groaned at the pleasure of her soft skin against his hot penis. He pulled back the foreskin and began stroking the head. Chris knelt in front of him smiling. She pulled on her nipples and they became hard.

Dr. Beal relaxed against the back of his chair and admired the woman before him. He was unashamed and enjoying the view.

Without a moment’s reflection, Chris leaned over and took him into her mouth. She had never sucked Alan off before. Her feelings of relief and gratitude at receiving his permission to take the action with Paul and Eve further made her want to express her gratitude.

Beal let go of his cock and allowed Chris to work him over. She was good at sucking cock. He wondered where she learned it. She licked the bottom of his cock and swirled her mouth around the topside. She bobbed her head and let him go deep. With her left hand she dug for his balls. She felt the tangle of pubic hair as she tried to grasp the sack. When she had encircled his balls, she began to squeeze. Beal moaned.

Chris held him firmly as she worked her mouth up and down. When her jaws began to ache she leaned back and looked at her mentor. He was smiling.

“Use your other hand and jack me while I look at you.” He commanded.

His cock was wet enough that she could rub him easily. His foreskin moved beneath her hand giving him even more pleasure. He stared at her tits enjoying how they bounced with her hand movements.

“I remember how you liked to shoot straight up in the air. Is that still your practice? See how high you can go?” Chris remembered the experimental device he made to measure the height of ejaculations Escort his subjects were able to maintain.

“Twenty-seven inches is still my record. I am afraid I am not as ballistic as I used to be,” he confided.

“Well, let’s see what you’ve got. Give it to me Alan. Let me see you cum. Can you hit my titties with your stuff? Here let me lean over you and give you something to aim for. I want to feel that spunk all over them. They need a good lubing.” Chris was using the very same kind of talk on her mentor, Dr. Beal, that she had used so successfully on Paul and the rest of her male clients.

She felt his balls begin to contract. She squeezed harder, so hard she was afraid it would hurt. It did and he loved it.

“Oh, God that feels good!” he exclaimed. “Here I come!”

His first ejaculation was thick and slow. He bucked his hips and managed to shoot higher. With his third convulsion, his semen leaped in the air and flew the short distance to hit Chris’s right breast just above the nipple. ??”That’s what I wanted to see. Come on Alan; hit the other one. Come on, sweetie, shoot that stuff on me.” Chris was pumping him still but her grip eased to allow him to ejaculate easily. She used a rhythmic approach to squeezing his balls that matched the up and down motion on his cock.

He shot one more, hefty load and hit her just above her navel. He was breathing heavily and she continued to excite him by squeezing his cock and wiping the semen from his cock as she raised her hand. Using all that he had spent on her hand and shot on her chest, Chris began to rub the hot liquid on her skin.

“Oh, look, Dr. Beal. See my pretty tits are covered with your hot cum. Oh, that feels so nice. Watch me rub that hot cum into my skin. See how it is getting clearer now?”

He had grasped his cock now and was trying to pump more semen out of him. He was spent, though and had to admit to himself that his orgasm had come and gone.

“Thank you, Chris. That was great. It was nice of you to go the extra mile for me. I may not be as randy as I was when you were studying with me, but I can still get hard and cum for a pretty girl. I would rate that an eight of ten on satisfaction and a three of five on force and quantity wouldn’t you?” He could not help being clinical with his former student.

“Eight of ten on satisfaction. Well, I must still turn you on, then.” She smiled at him, glad that she could give back a little of the joy he had given her today.

She did not bother to dry herself. She just kept rubbing the cooling fluids into her skin letting him watch. Even as his penis was completely deflated she knew he was storing memories for a later self-indulgence.

As she buttoned up and was collecting herself, Dr. Beal asked, “Don’t you want to masturbate now? I would be glad to watch.” He meant it more out of kindness than horniness.

?”No, thank you, Alan.” I have some errands to run. I’ll manage myself later. “It’s awfully sweet of you to offer. Maybe next time you can return the favor for me. You have already given me what I came for today: permission to explore.

She kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “Better put that thing away before your next client comes in.” He chuckled and began to zip up as she walked out the door.

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