Christmas Carol in San Diego Ch. 1


All charactors in this story are at least eighteen. It is based on real experience but the names and some events have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty too.

* * * * *

All characters in this story are at least eighteen. It is based on real experience but the names and some events have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty too.

Have you ever had one small time in your life when you did something so exciting, so wild and so awesome that it changed your life forever? Something you could never repeat, nor want to, but that you couldn’t stop repeating in your head for the rest of your life. This is a story about just that type of life changing moment.

I listened to the chatter as I sat in the “ship to shore” barge with twenty other sailors as they talked about which bar they were going to hit that night and how hard or easy it was to get which girl or girls in each. I was stationed on a ship anchored in San Diego harbor and this barge was the only way to shore. The sounds of Christmas Carols played in the back ground from someone’s radio.

The ship was doing some training in San Diego where we would go out to sea and shoot at islands, drones (Small model planes that cost mega dollars so we were told to miss on purpose,) or ocean. The ocean being what was hit mostly. I mean if you miss a target when your surrounded by ocean that’s pretty much the only option left for impact. We’d go out a day or two and then come back for a week or two. Not real challenging but more fun than having the ship in dry dock. As soon as we got done shooting with our big guns and missiles we would head back to anchor in the harbor and wait until they fixed what ever caused us to miss, They rotated a third of the crew to leave the ship so every one had two, three and one day passes to visit San Diego and it’s California Girls.

The girls that worked in the bars usually had one track minds. How to get as much of our money as fast as they could. Some gave a lot in return, some gave nothing. Some gave us too much but back then a shot fixed that. The sailors had one track minds too. How to get as far sexually with the girls while expending the least money. Getting into a girls “panties” after buying a few drinks was usually the cheapest option and most bragged about. Buying a girls time was usually the option most done. The guys bragged about how pretty and sexy and pretty the girl was in that option but usually didn’t admit to any money exchange unless several sailors chipped in together.

I had a whole weekend pass and didn’t have to be back until Monday morning. I didn’t have a lot of money but I did have some resources other crew members didn’t. I knew San Diego pretty well having been there several times before. I had been born on Coronado Island in San Diego harbor but that didn’t count as we had not stayed there after my dad got out of the Navy. I had done my boot camp training in San Diego and spent lots of vacations there. I knew places to meet girls besides the bars, Like Balboa park or the world famous San Diego zoo. I was about to find the best place of all but didn’t know that as I headed for shore.

I got a place to stay for the weekend and went to some movies the first night. The next day I went to Balboa park and chatted with some girls there. Before they left I got their phone numbers and a maybe for a future date. Things were looking up but nothing really great had happened yet. I was tired and didn’t feel much like going out Saturday night so I got some magazines and book and stayed in for the night.

Since it was almost Christmas and I was away from my family I was feeling kind of lonely the next morning. I got up early planning on going to the zoo. I saw lots of pretty girls every time I went there and could usually get a date or two. I got dressed in my uniform. I had some time so I walked in a direction I had never walked in before. After walking several blocks I noticed a huge church. They were just about to start the main Sunday Service and a lot of family’s were pulling in to the huge parking lot. Several people waved to me and a couple even called out hi.

I decided to go in and check the place out. I could always leave, I figured, if I didn’t like it. Was I surprised when I walked inside The church was the biggest I’d ever seen. The choir wasn’t up front behind the preacher like I was used to but in a balcony high over the congregation. I got sandwiched between two family’s in a long pew somehow. So much for my idea of leaving if I didn’t like it. I turned out I didn’t have to worry. The minister didn’t give the usual hell fire and brimstone message I was used to. Instead he talked about love. Loving your neighbor and every one else! Hey I could relate to this. I actually enjoyed the whole service. The girl next to me who seemed about my age let me look at her hymnal so I could sing with her. I tried not to sing too off tune or be too obvious I was checking out her beauty, figure and sexy legs more than the hymnal. I was sure Escort bayan glad the fashion then was short skirts!! One time she kinda pulled her skirt up a little bit and winked as she looked over at me.

When the service ended people kept coming up to me and saying how they appreciated my service to my country. I was sure glad I had worn my uniform. One young couple asked me if I was coming back the next week and told me what time and building to be at for Sunday School. Quite a few pretty girls my age smiled at me. One cute blue eyed blonde girl especially caught my attention. She and her father came over to me. I assumed the older guy with her was her father and later confirmed that. They shook my hand. She was a real knockout!!!

“I’m Carol, Are you going to come to Sunday school next week? I just love sailors.” She said winking at me. I was loving how these girls loved to flirt and wink.

“Umm, yeah sure, I. Ah, wouldn’t miss it for the world especially if I get a chance to she more of your smile,” I said as my eyes focused on what I could see of her cleavage thanks to her low cut tight fitting dress. She could see where my eyes were looking, we both knew I meant I wanted to see more of her tits!

“If you come about fifteen minutes early I’ll meet you in the parking lot and take you around so you don’t get lost. My daddy is the head deacon and we have to come early. Usually it’s so boring waiting for the meeting to start but if you’re here we can get to know each other then.” She said.

Of course I came back the next Sunday. Of course I was fifteen minutes early and met Carol in the parking lot. As we entered the area of our Sunday School class Carol stopped in the hall to talk. We had the hall to ourselves while there were several kids in the main meeting room.

“So what so you think of my new dress? Mommy thinks it’s too low cut in front. If I bend over like this guys can see my nipples.” She said bending so I could see what she meant.

“Wow yeah I can see your nipples alright but I don’t have a problem with that do you?” I asked as we shared some laughter.

“Yeah I didn’t think you’d have a problem with getting to see my nipples once in a while, mommy says guys will think I’m a slut, not the innocent virgin I am.”

“What do you want guys to think you are and what do you want to be?” I asked liking the direction this conversation was going.

“Well I like to flirt and sometimes I wish I could be a slut for a night and stay pretty much innocent the rest of the time. The problem in the church every one knows about every one. I’d like to find a guy I could let my hair down with and be a bad girl just once and then go back to being an innocent flirt. “

“Well I have a Top Secret Military clearance and haven’t told any of those secrets, I think I could keep secret anything you and I did, that’s if you wanted to do anything.” I volunteered.

“You just might get your chance. For some reason I feel so slutty around you. Maybe it’s because of all the stories my girlfriends and I have heard about sailors. I’m going to go in the girls room and freshen up. Will you stay right here and wait for me? I might have a surprise for you if you want me to show you how slutty I can be.” She said winking again.

“I’ll be here innocently waiting for my ultra pretty and slutty Carol!” I said winking back at her as she went a few feet down the hall and into the girls restroom.

“God I feel so slutty!” she told me as she walked up to me after a few minutes in the lady’s room.

“Why do you feel slutty, you look just as innocent as when you went in?”

She looked up and down the hall to be sure we were alone and then took something out of her purse and held her closed fist containing the surprise out to me. I let her put it in my hand. It was her pink panties.

“Quick put them in your pocket and don’t let me have them back no matter how much I beg, okay.” She whispered as she let me hold her hand as we walked to the class.

Carol and I sat towards the back and she whispered to me a lot. Her leg kept pressing against me, her skirt kept inching higher and I could see down the front of her dress. I got a hard on and held a lesson booklet they gave me over it so no one but Carol knew. Carol had seen the movement of my pants and knew what I was doing,

“Let me see something” she said loud enough for the two girls near us to hear as she put her hand over and turned a page of the booklet. Some how the back of her hand brushed against my shaft. The first time it was quick and casual the second was longer and she was feeling just how long I was. I looked with a slightly surprised look at her. She looked as me and mouthed the word “Wow!”

Suddenly the teacher told us we were going to have a discussion group on the “power of love.”

“Umm quick give me back my panties,” she whispered in my ear. “I’ll go to the bathroom and change into them before the discussion group. Every one forms a big circle Bayan escort for the discussion group, people on the other side of the room might be able to tell I’m not wearing panties.”

“Nope you can’t have them back. Remember you wanted to be a real slut and told me not to give them back.”

“OH fuck!” she whispered in my ear. “Your really going to make me do it. I feel so nasty, I’m going to get back at you for this, just you wait and see.” She said and I knew she meant it.

The discussion group went fine for a while then I noticed a couple of guys opposite us nudging each other. Carol was opening her legs and closing them. At first she did it rather quickly and then left them open longer. Afraid to cause too much attention she kept her legs closed once the guys started nudging each other.

The teacher asked every one to say one thing they liked about love. When it came to Carol’s turn to talk she said “I like how love makes things grow!” At that moment we were sharing the booklet with my hand on the left side and hers on the right. She moved her little finger ever so slightly on top of my hard shaft that the booklet was hiding. I knew she meant love as in lust and grow as in my now hard cock.

I looked at the clock and noticed it was five minutes until the class was over. Leaning over I whispered to Carol. “You better take you hand off my lap so my cock will go soft before the class ends, I can’t stand with this boner.”

“Too bad sailor man, remember I told you I’d get back for keeping my panties.”

I sat with her and her family when the main service started. (The fact that she kept taking my hand and leading me places might have had something to do with it.) I kept a good eye on her hose covered legs when I wasn’t looking at her smiling face. Blonde, blue eyed with a nice figure. In short every sailors dream. I noticed she whispered something to her mom as the service neared it’s end and then her mom whispered something to her father.

After some more whispers Carol wrote a note and let me see it.

“Would you like to have lunch with us?” the note asked.

I looked wide eyed at her and nodded yes.

After the service I shook so many hands I lost count. Twenty four girls my age gave me hugs. I noticed Carol shared some hugs with some guys too.

Once when she was hugging a blonde haired guy she winked at me over his shoulder.

As we got in their car I and Carol got in the back seat.

“You have long fingers, do you play a musical instruments she asked holding my hand and “inspecting” it while I kept looking down her low cut blouse to see if I could catch a glimpse of her nipples. Some how when she put my hand down it was on her hose covered thigh not back on my lap.

“Umm well I am trying to learn how to play the guitar.” I said meekly hoping I would never have to play the only song I had learned. Some how “Puff The Magic Dragon” didn’t seem the type of song to woo a young girls heart. Of course deep down I was getting the idea I already had the inside track to this girls heart and I didn’t even have any idea of what it was she saw in me. I had always been pretty much an average guy, Oh I’d had some hot romances, one night stands, and long term relationships but I’d never had a girl this pretty be this aggressive this fast.

“You’ll have to play for me sometime.” She said putting her hand on top of mine and sliding my hand up to the edge of her skirt hem. My fingers were between her thighs and I felt the heat coming from between her legs. I also wasn’t sure if she had said the word ‘for’ after the word play but I wasn’t thinking to fast right then. Part of me was worried one of her parents would turn around and see where my hand was. Taking her hand off mine she wiggled her bottom around as she adjusted her skirt.

She adjusted it right up until I could see her bare pussy! She leaned toward me as if to whisper something in my ear so I leaned toward her wondering what she was going to say. Instead of saying anything she began licking my ear as she took the hand on her thigh and moved it until my little finger was pressing against her pussy lips. She was wet with hot pussy juices. I could feel the hard nubbin of her clit. Suddenly I noticed her father was looking at us in the rear view mirror. Not only that but she was looking back at him with “fuck me” eyes. He winked at us before he returned his gaze to the traffic in front of us. Then I knew that whatever happened between I and his daughter was with his approval and help.

“Well kids were almost home.” He warned us so her mother wouldn’t find us doing something naughty as we pulled into the driveway. And we were doing something naughty for sure then. Carol had her eyes closed and head back as my little finger slid up and down her clit. I pulled my hand back licking my little finger and winking at Carol as she adjusted her skirt back down. Looking back at it I know now Carol’s mother had to have known what was happening but she didn’t Escort let on.

“I’m going to read the paper while your mother fixes lunch. Carol why don’t you give our guest a tour of the house.” Carol’s dad said as we went in the house.

“Sure dad.” Carol quickly replied taking my hand and leading me down the main hallway. Here’s the guest bathroom.” She said leading me into the first room we came to. “Just in case you have to pee.” She further embellished as the back of her hand some how slid along the length of my pants covered cock. We stood as she continued sliding her hand up and down my hard and getting harder cock. She was looking at how my cock was getting bigger in a full length mirror in front of us as she felt it too. I was a little nervous since the bathroom door was slightly open. Licking her lips and winking at me she pulled me out of the bathroom into the hallway towards the bedrooms at the end of the hall.

“This is my parents bedroom.” she said standing outside their room. It had a big canopied bed and lots of dressers with mirrors. I didn’t say anything to Carol but I noticed a small dildo on one of the nightstands, a pair of handcuffs on the other and a tripod with a movie camera on it in the corner. I wondered if Carol’s parents might be a little kinkier than they seemed at first. I had no problem with kinky, after all I liked to do erotic things in public places. I also enjoyed watching a girl or couples push the limits of what they could do in public some time.

“And this is my bedroom!” Carol quickly said pulling me through the hall into the center of her room. She shut the door behind us. Carol was ready to get serious, I could tell by the seductive look in her eyes.

“I’ll show you my tits if you show me your cock.” She said knowing my answer would be yes. I knew she had not locked the door and I heard sounds like some one going in her parents bedroom. I noticed she had a closet on the shared wall between the room as did her parents bedroom. Later I learned there was a sliding door in it so she could go in their closet and hers but right then I was just nervous her mom or dad would see us doing show and tell. With out waiting for my answer she turned around so I could undo the zipper on the back of her dress. Quickly I figured if she wasn’t afraid of her parents catching us, I wasn’t either. As I began to slide her zipper down she showed me a trick of her own. She undid my zipper at the same time I was undoing hers. I undid her bra too as she pulled my cock from the confines of my underwear.

She turned around and the front to her dress fell away as she let her skimpy bra fell to the floor. It was one of those bra’s that just had sexy lace on the bottom and sides and didn’t have anything in front. That was why I could see her nipples before I. She had the best set of tits I had ever seen. While they were full and round D’s they didn’t sag at all once the bra was gone. The only reason she would ever need a bra for was to keep her high beam nipples from being noticed by every one, and this bra was no good for that.

Just as I was checking her “equipment” she was checking mine too.

“Wow you do have a big one!” she said rather loudly as she dropped to her knees in front of me. I knew I was about to get a blow job.

“Ummm,” she moaned as she slid me into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head as she sucked with her mouth and pumped with her little hand. Looking up at me with “Am I doing this right?” eyes she slid me deeper and deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat. God I’d never had a girl give me oral sex as good as Carol was giving me. I didn’t know where she got her experience but I didn’t care. I heard noises in the kitchen, then I heard noise in her parents bedroom and I didn’t care about that either. If Carol’s father had appeared with a shotgun in the bedroom doorway I’d have ignored him as long as Carols mouth, hands, tongue, and throat were working their magic on me,

Most girls who had given me oral sex in the past had tried to get me off as fast as they could and few could more than half of me in. I’m a little bigger around than most. But Carol, a little innocent barely 18 girl, was using tricks the pros didn’t know and her parents were just ten or twenty feet from us. Just as I was getting close to getting off she would change the pace and tease me, taking me to the brink and then cooling me off. This went on for at least fifteen minutes.

When we heard Carol’s mother call out. Don’t be too long in there, Carol darling, lunch will be ready in a minute.”

Just then we heard the sound of things falling down in the direction of her closet.

“What was that? ” I asked while Carol continued as if nothing had happened. She did pick up her pace a little bit.

Stopping for a second she pulled her mouth off me. “It’s just daddy getting out his video equipment in their bedroom. He’s probably going to film you and me when we go back out in the main house. He likes to take videos of everything I do. ..And as far as what mommy said I’d rather eat this “Jumbo Hotdog” than anything she’s cooking.” Winking she went back to her work even faster then before. This time she was out to get me off fast and she got her wish.

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