Christmas in Carol


The Christmas Holiday was nearly over and the New Year was approaching.

A few weeks before this particular Christmas of 2006 I had made love with two married women, both of them friends back from my schooldays. Carol, with whom I had lost my virginity in a camping tent, and Rachel, my work associate and long time platonic friend. On Boxing Day, at her request, I had introduced Rachel into the bed containing a sleeping Lisa, my air stewardess fuck-buddy, and it was to become their first bisexual encounter. Prior to this, on Christmas Eve, Lisa and I had engaged in some erotic cybering on the Internet, setting the mood for the sexually active holiday to come. A few days ago, Lisa had returned to her flying duties, or so I thought!

New Year’s Eve

Kevin, Rachel’s errant husband, wanted to spend the night with his slutty girlfriend, which left the way clear for me and Rachel to see the New Year in together. After joining in the festivities in a Soho nightclub we returned to my apartment slightly drunk, and both predictably horny.

In the club we had met a mid-thirties couple who were clearly into each other sexually and, to my delight, showing a definite interest in us too. To the smooth jazz, Rachel and I had danced close with each other’s partner and the woman had made her intentions very clear by grinding her belly against my prominent erection. Without hesitation, I returned the compliment by reaching beneath her short skirt and fondling her bare ass, pulling her hard against my eager cock. Her response to that was a discreet hand down the front of my pants! Encouraged by seeing Rachel enjoying similar attention from the man, I sucked the woman’s tongue into my mouth and slipped my fingers inside her thong and into her slithering wet crotch.

Midnight came, and we returned to our partners for Big Ben and Auld Lang Syne. Naturally I wanted to stay on and follow this horny scenario to its obvious conclusion but, unlike the recent occasion when Lisa and I had, for the first time, swapped partners with an American couple in a Central London hotel, Rachel seemed disinclined to go this route, although she later admitted that she had really fancied the guy, and they were clearly keen on having sex with us. Annoyingly, she explained she wasn’t feeling too good and could we go home? We did however exchange numbers with the couple, David and Sheila. Naturally I was disappointed but, as things turned out, the thought of what might have been soon dissipated. I was about to receive compensation, in a big way!

New Year’s Day 1:40 am

I slid naked under the warmth of the duvet, cock at the ready, the cover tented invitingly upwards. Rachel was fiddling about in the bathroom, apparently feeling markedly better. No sooner had I asked what she was doing to delay the proceedings, when the doorbell rang.

“Who the hell can that be?” I muttered.

“I’m still dressed, I’ll go,” called Rachel. She ran lightly down the stairs.

I heard distant voices and buried my head in the pillow. Turning out the lights, Rachel returned, muttering something about a drunken reveler, knocking at the wrong address.

I heard the rustle of clothing being removed and a hot naked form slipped under the covers to join me, her hand gravitating naturally to my erect cock. We hadn’t had sex since Boxing Day, the day she had shared my bed with Lisa, and after the near miss in the nightclub I was ready to explode. When I leaned over in the dark to kiss her, I realised immediately that something was not quite as it should be. She smelt of Chloe, Lisa’s perfume! I was about to open my mouth when another naked form eased into the bed behind me, and the manner in which she nibbled my ear I knew that this was really Rachel.

“Happy New Year,” whispered Lisa from below me, still clinging on to my cock.

“And from me too,” laughed Rachel as she pulled me down onto my back.

“What the fuck?” was about the limit of my reply.

“Sshh,” whispered Lisa, “You missed out on Boxing Day, we want to make up for that.”

My eyes getting used to the darkness, I watched my two favourite women lean over me and kiss each other tenderly on the lips, Rachel’s hand joining Lisa’s on my cock. Sensing this could be a great start to 2007, I reached around both girls’ backs as they started to snog, their hands now leaving my cock to stroke each other’s breasts. Then, all my saved-up fantasies came true as, their mouths still locked together, they lowered their heads to the dribbling tip of my cock, their lips parting sufficiently to slide wetly down either side of my pole.

Since my very first blowjob at the tender age of fourteen I had dreamed of two girls doing the work of one. Now, fourteen years later, it was about to come true, my very first threesome, and with two women I loved dearly. This was by far sufficient compensation for not getting to fuck the swinging Sheila earlier that evening.

I shuddered as first one mouth enveloped my girth, then Escort bayan the other, each girl stopping to kiss each other, their saliva dribbling erotically back onto the head of my erection.

Lisa, ever the expert, and still kissing Rachel, wrapped a hand around my prick and squeezed it gently, releasing a pearly drop of pre-cum from the head. Rachel grinned and greedily licked it up and ever so delicately spread it over Lisa’s lips, and they kissed once again.

If the male reader has never experienced the sheer pleasure of two women going down on you, try not to go through life without making it happen. It is an indescribably exciting experience. And ladies, it is by far the best treat you can ever offer the man in your life! And you might just get to enjoy the attention of the other woman too!

Almost as quickly as they hard started, they suddenly stopped sucking, and sat up, Lisa switching on a bedside light. They were both gloriously naked. Shaking, I compared their breasts.

Neither girl had huge tits, only Carol back in November had given me that privilege. Lisa I knew had a boob job, although her tits were still on the small side, they were full and round with deep purple nipples, the very ones I had chewed on lustily as she had first sat on my cock that night in Paris.

In contrast, Rachel had two tiny pink buds similar in size but surrounded by large pimply aureoles. Her breasts suffered only the smallest of droops and were soft and cuddly where Lisa’s were less wielding. Neither of the girls had given birth to any children. That would change in a couple of years’ time when Rachel finally conceived with me on a deserted beach in the Cote d’Azure.

All four nipples were erect with excitement and, from the girls’ next move, I knew they hadn’t set this up just to fuck me, they were in my bed to satisfy each other again, as they had in private on Boxing day. I was confident I wouldn’t this time be relegated to the living room to wank over another lesbian movie while, within earshot, they lapped away at each other’s pussies!

Lisa endorsed my hopes when, with her hand disappearing towards Rachel’s groin, she whispered into my ear, “Will it embarrass you to watch me make love to your new girl friend, Tom? And if you’re really good, you will get your fun later.”

I grinned from ear to ear as I watched Lisa softly caress her lover’s breasts, “Try me.”

They both laughed as they watched my cock surge at the mere thought of that action, “I can’t promise to be good, but how about sensational?”

I settled back on the pillows to watch my girlfriends make love. While I had once witnessed two girls playing together through a peephole in the college shower, this was a totally different experience. I had already made love with both these women and knew instantly how each would taste and react to the other. I also knew in advance how Lisa would suddenly screech embarrassingly in climax, whereas Rachel would groan increasingly louder as she approached orgasm, only to end up shaking silently with a huge sigh.

I stroked my cock gently, I wanted my orgasm to be inside one of these girls, or both as it subsequently worked out, and not on my own belly. I watched as they laid beside each other and kissed and caressed, hands exploring breasts, fingers delving urgently into highly lubricated pussies. When Rachel saw Lisa place a juice-laden finger to my tongue, she dipped a finger into her lover’s soaking cunt, and did the same.

“I believe you know the taste, Tom?” grinned Lisa as I hungrily sucked the delicious pussy mix from her fingers. Removing my hand from my cock, I made to investigate the sources of the two different flavours, but Rachel stopped me, and Lisa too shook her head.

“Naughty boy, watch and play, but don’t touch. Your turn will come.”

I apologised, but didn’t return my hand to my cock, I was so afraid of ejaculating too soon. I grinned grimly when I realised that for the second time in my life I was truly capable of cumming without touching myself. Embarrassingly, it had happened once, with Carol, the day after my first ever fuck in a camping tent in Devon. At the time, only 18, she disapproved of boys masturbating in a girl’s presence.

“Why wank your cock when you have a pussy here to fuck?” she had said to me, sitting naked on the riverbank.

I had just watched her finish a sexy strip tease. We had intended to try fucking for the first time in the water, but I came too soon, just watching her. No hands! She was astonished as I was, and it has never happened since.

On this occasion I sat on my hands as I watched the lesbian scene unfold, Lisa now kissing Rachel’s breasts, while her lover reached below to fondle Lisa’s erect nipples. The girls were lying crossways across the bottom of the bed, and through her fine pubic hairs I could discern the peach outline of Lisa’s little pink secret. I hoped I wouldn’t have to wait too much longer to slip my length inside Bayan escort her, meanwhile I was committed to watch the show developing before my eyes. Lisa had put out the light and once again the room was in partial darkness, creating a mysterious atmosphere, which only enhanced the erotic occasion.

My adrenalin went further into overdrive when Lisa’s tongue reached delicately into the folds of Rachel’s secret place. Knowing it so well I could almost taste it myself, the aroma of both pussies was wafting up to my nostrils.

The girls did not, as I had hoped they would, clamber into position for a soixante-neuf, but they did, going by internet standards, eat each other out in turn in a truly professional way. If I didn’t know them both better I would have believed they had started their bisexual lovemaking from their childhood.

Rachel was the first to delight me with a deep heartfelt orgasm. I watched her tremble as Lisa tongued away furiously at her clit, her fingers a rapid blur in and out of her soaking pussy, her own hand teasing herself.

As Lisa moved back up Rachel’s perspiring body, her face wet with female cum, Rachel looked at my aching cock, vertical and unattended and she whispered in Lisa’s ear. Lisa looked at my predicament, turned back to her lover and nodded.

“Fuck her, Tom.”

Rachel’s words at last music to my ears, I stood up, moved to the end of the bed, and gripped Lisa by the ass. She hissed into the air as I slid sweetly and deeply straight into her welcoming tunnel of sex.

“Don’t cum yet Tom,” Lisa hissed into Rachel’s mouth, “We have a surprise for you.”

Assuming this surprise to be a double cum into their greedy mouths, I resisted the temptation to fuck this horny stewardess with the reckless abandon she deserved. Instead I stayed motionless inside her tight cunt while I watched them both kiss. And they didn’t just simply kiss, they devoured each other’s mouths like two hungry animals.

Apart from the erotic nature of the occasion it was interesting to watch how two women do kiss each other. These two literally made love to each other’s mouth, their tongues delicately exploring inside and out and feverishly exchanging saliva in their act of passionate lesbian love. They both groaned and sighed as their hungry lips became one and I realised studying that erotic sight, how poor we men really are in the art of kissing. I swear that if they weren’t aware of my presence both of them would have been capable of cumming without any genital contact. As it was, I was finding it difficult to hold back from that state too, and I wasn’t even moving!

Without any warning, Rachel pushed her lover away and, involuntarily my cock popped out of Lisa, shining with her wetness.

Without hesitation, Lisa knew what she wanted and fell on to her back, and Rachel raked her tongue across Lisa’s hard nipples.

“My turn now,” she whispered, then looking back at me, my cock wavering in the night air in anticipation of its next objective, “You are allowed to fuck me too you know.”

As if she now had any choice! Little Tom had been made briefly cuntless and was keen to rectify that situation. As Rachel’s tongue slid between the wet folds of Lisa’s swollen pussy, my own larger organ slipped effortlessly into the familiar tight aperture that was Rachel’s love slit. It was only at this moment that I was able to compare the difference between my two favourite fuck-holes.

Neither of the two women had bred any children but Lisa was nowhere near as deliciously tight as Rachel, but her pussy was silkier. Fucking her was easier than Rachel but because of that, less of a challenge on my cock. To compensate for that she would use her muscles more whereas the tightness of Rachel was often enough for her to get me off twice inside her. Lisa’s vaginal lips were more obvious than the nearly non-existent ones of her lover, the way they seemed to surround my cock as I fucked her was a truly erotic sight. Lisa’s orgasms always caught me off guard unless she warned me in advance. Impishly she rarely did, the only indication would be her fluttering eyelids, whereas Rachel would start to shake and groan long before she reached her own shattering climax. I concluded they were both great to fuck, and that was precisely what was happening right now.

“Tom, slow down.” Rachel removed her mouth from the very wet cunt below her.

My deliberations had carried me away and I had started to fuck her with hearty abandon.

“You have a surprise coming Tom, please don’t cum in her just yet,” endorsed Lisa, her own face screwed up in ecstasy from the ministrations of Rachel’s flickering tongue, “Please be patient.”

How can any red-bloodied male be patient I thought, with his cock in the pussy of his lover while she eats away at the wet hole of hers? Fortunately the sight of seeing my long time platonic friend attending to the carnal desire of my American fuck buddy was enough to divert my Escort attention from my own needs. I reached around to caress Rachel’s little breasts, and leaked a dribble of pre-cum deep inside her pussy. I wondered where I would deposit the main course. I truly had no idea at the time that it would not be in either of them!

Rachel’s fingers were working rapidly inside Lisa’s pussy, no doubt stimulating her g-spot, something I knew she enjoyed, and her tongue was no longer loving her clitoris, it was attacking the swollen button with relish. While Lisa had been tentative in her deliberations, Rachel was looking the complete expert. Lisa let out a surprising squeal and I watched the eyelids flutter, the end was nigh.

Without any warning Lisa screeched and stated to thrash her hips around on the bed. It was all Rachel could do to hold on to her and complete her mission, fortunately I was there to steady both girls, at the expense of the comfort of my cock, which had slipped out during the proceedings. Lisa I saw was crying softly so I moved up the bed to kiss her while Rachel wound her down slowly with her tongue. I licked the little trail of mascara that had dribbled on to her cheek, in my aroused state barely noticing the bitter flavour. My cock and mouth were now ready for the taste of something much more mouthwatering!

Rachel moved up the bed and, with a wet face smelling very familiar, joined in the kissing. For a while we lay there, a tangle of tongues, two women on post orgasm, their lover desperate for his own.

Rachel suddenly pulled back with what turned out to be an exaggerated fit of coughing and I heard a noise, a door creaking.

“What was that?” I muttered. Floors often creaked in this old building, but not the doors.

“My fault,” she replied with difficulty, Lisa’s tongue was back halfway down her throat, “I left the inner front door open, it must be the wind, listen.”

Indeed, through the window, we could hear the wind getting up, more snow was forecasted for the next few days.

Rachel winked at her lover, “I think it’s time for his treat, don’t you sweetie?”

Lisa nodded and pushed me onto my back, the two girls positioning themselves either side of me, Little Tom pointing invitingly at the ceiling, knowing this was his moment, al last they were both going to make me cum.

Then, unexpectedly, their mouths didn’t head in that direction, instead they started to lick my cheeks, one either side, only breaking off to kiss each other over my face. The move was unexpected and highly erotic, my cock now fully charged.

“Close your eyes Tom,” the two naked forms grinned knowingly at each other, “And enjoy.”

I did so, and with eagerness muttered, “Mmm, I’ve waited years for this! My two favourite women giving me a blowjob.”

“Maybe, Tom,” Rachel whispered conspiratorially in my ear, “Maybe not.”

Puzzled at her remark I opened my eyes, both girls were staring at me with a strange expression. Were they going to pull out of this at the last moment? Was this the ultimate prick-tease? Perhaps Lisa had inherited a mean streak from her slutty sister Karen?

Rachel placed her hand over my eyes, “Close them, Tom, or you won’t get your surprise.”

“Whatever,” I replied, shutting out my vision of the dim light, “Please get on with it, I so want to cum.”

I laid still, awaiting that delicious moment of mouth on cock, better still, two mouths, but the girls continued to lick lavisciously at the corners of my mouth, and I bucked my hips up and down with impatience.

“Lay still Tom,” whispered Lisa, “And keep those eyes tightly shut,”

I felt a movement on the bed, close to my groin, at last one of them was getting into position, but why all the secrecy?

I knew my cock was leaking liberal amounts of pre-cum and jumped when at last a tongue came into contact with it and transferred the liquid to the mouth of its owner. Both of these girls had sucked me off several times but I couldn’t discern whose mouth it was that suddenly slid down my complete length, my cock briefly touching the back of her throat. Rachel usually gagged when this happened, so I concluded it had to be Lisa who had proved to be a deep-throat specialist.

Except that Lisa’s familiar breath was still lingering on my mouth and Rachel’s hands were still over my eyes!

Suddenly it dawned on me, this was the surprise, someone else was sucking my cock!

For one mad moment I didn’t want to open my eyes, I didn’t want to know who this mysterious person was, I just wanted to enjoy the ministrations of the stranger. How she got into the apartment I didn’t care, I just knew I had three women in my bed, a dream I would have thought preposterous. Then, for one shocking moment, as the mouth worked deliciously up and down my cock, I wondered if, in their scheming ways, the two women, aware of my once faint bisexual curiosity, had planted a male stranger’s mouth on the end of my dick.

Suddenly I had to know, and pushed Rachel’s hands away from my eyes.

My first sight was of Lisa’s grinning face, then of a mass of blonde hair covering my groin. Blonde hair with purple steaks.

Carol. Carol bloody Ferrer.

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