Christmas Party Fun with Family

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I am writing this story to tell you all about an encounter between my aunt, my cousin and I that may be fictional and yet I so wish it could have happened for real. It is based on a true event during the Christmas of 2006. This story is based on a family party that I attended for Christmas.

Before I start I will give a description of myself. My name is Sam first off. I stand at 5’10” with brown hair, blue eyes and I weigh 190 pounds of taunt muscle. I am a football player so I have a very athletic body but nothing like a body builder. I have a 7 inch uncut cock.

I was at my parent’s house for Christmas since I haven’t seen them since I went away to college for my freshman year. I was excited to see them but not in that way since I have never found my mom or dad or my sister attractive and especially since my sister is under aged.

I was starting to look forward to getting out of the house because I was starting to understand why I wanted to get out of the house quick. My parents always fought and my sister loved to make my life a living hell.

I was actually also looking forward to seeing my cousin Bethany because last time I saw her she was under aged but I could definitely tell she was growing into a beautiful and sexy young woman. She just turned 18 in November so I was looking forward to seeing if I could make anything happen. When we arrived at the house I was relieved to get out of the van because my parents were having another fight. I walked up to the house quickly by myself. I walked in the house and was disappointed to find nobody there. I walked around the downstairs and didn’t find anybody.

“Hello? Is anybody there?” I yelled out trying to see where anybody was.

“We are out here!” I heard my aunt yell back at me from outside.

I walked to the back door and opened it to greetings from a lot of my relatives.

“Hey Sam, how are you doing?” My uncle asked me as well as my aunt and my grandparents.

“I am doi…” I was only able to stammer that out before I moved my gaze to my aunt and became speechless.

I never really ever took time to take a good look at her since she is my aunt but now that I have been noticing my cousin’s beauty I noticed my aunt’s. My aunt, Leslie, is about 42 years old and stands about 5’7″ with brownish blonde hair, green eyes, about D cup breasts , weighs about 170 lbs and does not show her age. She looks like she is about 30. She was wearing a tight shirt that accentuated her breasts. They looked amazing in her shirt and it was cold out and I could see her nipples were sticking straight out which made my mouth water.

“Sam, are you ok?” My uncle asked.

“Huh? Oh yeah sorry I was just thinking of something.” I said as I was shaking my head trying to get my composure after I noticed I was staring at my aunt.

I quickly looked away from my aunt so as to not allow people to notice what I was staring at. Nobody seemed to notice and we all started talking for a few minutes about some random stuff and every once and a while I would take a quick glance at my aunt. Sometimes I would look at her and she would be looking at me and I quickly looked at something else but I always noticed she had a smile on her face. I decided I needed to get out of there.

“Ummm Where is Bethany?” I asked wanting to get out of there quick and to see how much she changed.

“Oh she is upstairs in my room.” My aunt said to me with a smile and I am not sure but I think I saw a wink.

“Ok thanks.” I said as I got out of there as quickly as I could without making it obvious.

I walk through the house to the stairs passing by my parents and my sister but I completely ignore them. I ran up the stairs trying to escape from all that chaos downstairs. When I reached the top I was shocked by what I heard or what I thought I heard because I wasn’t a hundred percent sure. I thought I heard moans coming from Bethany’s room. I started walking toward her room to see if I was right and because I wanted to see her. I walked up to her door and I was right, she was moaning and I was surprised by what she was saying with the moans.

“Oh God Sam, fuck me harder, harder!” Bethany screamed through her heavy breathing and loud moans.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; my own cousin was moaning my name. I probably was getting ahead of myself since she could know another person named Sam but I think I subconsciously wanted her too. I knew I probably have left her to whatever she was doing but I was enthralled by the sounds she was making and the possibility of walking in and maybe having something happen between us. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and I decided that I would take a chance. I slowly turned the knob on her door and slowly opened the door a crack and peaked in. I was completely shocked but pleasantly surprised by what I saw. My cousin Bethany was facing away from me with her eyes closed which I was thankful of because I wanted to be able to take Bycasino in this site. She definitely grew into a beautiful woman like I said she would. She looked to be about 5’6″ with dirty blonde hair, green eyes, what looked like a nice set of C cup breasts and looked she got a little chubby but it looked very sexy on her and she might have weighed about 140 pounds but I never found out for sure.

“Oh fuck yes Sam, keep fucking me. I am Cumming!!!” Bethany screamed out in the throes of an orgasm.

I knew that I should leave but I already walked towards the room and opened the door I decided I might as well go for it all. I slowly pushed the door open and slipped in as I closed it behind me as she was still screaming that she was Cumming which let me slip in undetected. Bethany seemed to be having a very satisfying orgasm. She was writhing around like she was having a seizure and her back as arching as surprisingly to me but pleasant as well she was squirting her cum all over her bed as she massaged her clit with her fingers. I was enthralled and obsessed with what was happening that I didn’t even realize that I was rubbing my cock through my shorts and I was so focused on her squirting pussy that I didn’t see that her eyes were open and she was looking right at me.

“So Sam are you liking what you are seeing, hmmm? Is this turning you on? How long have you been watching?” Bethany asked in a choppy raspy voice filled with a few moans hear and there from her coming off her orgasm high.

“Oh Shit Bethany I ummm…. Shit I am so sorry…Um I guess I will leave now I am so sorry…ummm shit.” I am able to somehow let that let alone anything comes out as I am brought back into reality by her talking to me. I quickly stopped rubbing my crotch and walked out of her room quickly forgetting to close her door I was so embarrassed.

I quickly left her room trying to find some place where I could hide and calm myself down and try and make since of what just happened. I got down the stairs quickly and stopped at the bottom and took a few seconds to control my breathing and calm myself down because I felt like I was almost going to have a heart attack. I heard the backdoor open and I quickly adjusted myself to try and hide my obvious and surprisingly larger than normal erection. I was moving my erection so it was flat against my leg so it wasn’t sticking out when I noticed something wet and then I saw it. I had a large spot of precum all over the front of my shorts.

Just as I noticed this my aunt walked into the room and walked past me to the stairs and there was no mistaking it. I saw her eyes wondering to my crotch and I saw a wink in her eye and I thought, “Oh shit she saw it! Oh Shit and she is going upstairs. Bethany is for sure probably freaking out and is going to tell Leslie that I was watching her masturbating and I am going to be in so much trouble.”

I decided that I just need to calm down and go outside and try and avoid both Bethany and Leslie. I knew there is a possibility that Bethany may have thought I just walked in and wasn’t standing there and or that she wouldn’t tell her mom I saw her. If I freaked out and acted out of the norm than if nothing was going to happen something would.

I went to the bathroom because I knew I needed to clean up my precum stain. I closed the door quickly and made sure I locked the door because I definitely didn’t need any to walk in. I walked over to the toilet and got some toilet paper and started to wipe away the precum from my shorts. As I was wiping I noticed I was getting aroused from the rubbing of the material of my shorts on my still hard cock. I noticed the more I rubbed at the precum, the more came out so I knew what I had to do. I needed to cum or else this would just get even worse. I slowly unbuttoned the only button of my shorts with shaky hands from the fear and excitement of the situation and slowly unzipped them and let them fall to the floor. My cock springs up hitting my stomach as it is pointing straight at me as I look down. I was shocked by what I saw.

“Oh my fucking god! My cock is harder than I have ever seen it and the head actually looks purple. My god I am oozing precum like a fountain. Oh Fuck I know this is so wrong but I need to get off badly!” I thought to myself as I unconsciously started moving my hand towards my cock.

I just decided that even though this is wrong I needed to get off or this would bug me all night and I would be leaking precum all night and I knew I would get caught because I knew the stain would come back and someone would notice it. I slowly started to stroke my cock as I started going back over the images in my mind of my aunt earlier and my cousin as she masturbated. I was really into the images going through my head and the stroking of my cock that I didn’t hear the unlocking of the door or the opening and closing of the door.

“So Sam it looks like you enjoyed looking at me earlier and seeing Bycasino giriş Bethany masturbate? Hmmm?” my aunt Leslie asked which shocked me out of my fantasy and made my erection start to go down because of the shock.

“Oh shit Aunt Leslie I umm… Oh shit I am so sorry…shit, shit, shit.” I barely was able to blurt out as I looked over at my aunt as I quickly tried to put my cock away and close up my shorts.

“Sam I didn’t mean to stop your fun there,” My aunt said smiling as she saw me close up my shorts, “Looks like I ruined your fun. Here let me help you out.”

My aunt started walking towards me with a grin on her face. I couldn’t believe what was happening; my aunt is offering to help me get off. I didn’t think she could have made me anymore shocked or hard but she did. She started to walk towards me as she slowly raised her shirt over her head and took it off. I thought I was going to cum right then and there but I didn’t. My cock just grew to full erection and even bigger than a normal one with precum leaking like a faucet out of the head.

“I umm…I… Aunt Leslie…ummm….why is you doing this? Aren’t you angry at me or anything?” I asked being the most confused I have ever been in my life even though I was the horniest that I have ever been and the hardest.

“Because Sam I have noticed you looking at me ever since you came here and I feel bad I made you excited and you had to suffer with an erection. Also Bethany told me how you walked in on her masturbating and I am sure that plus me made your erection painful to deal with and of course made a little mess in your pants as I saw on your pants earlier. So I just wanted to come in here and help my favorite nephew get some relief. Why you don’t want me here?” Aunt Leslie said with a little wink as she was biting on her lip seductively.

“I umm am so embarrassed Aunt Leslie and yet so turned on. I know it was wrong what I did with you and Bethany but I am so hard and horny right now I can’t help it. I may regret this earlier but right now I just need to get off. So of course Aunt Leslie I want you here and I would love it if you could help me get off.” I said while shaking from the utter lust I had in me at the time.

“Well I am very glad to hear you say that Sam because to tell you the truth I have been checking you out and I have been liking what I have been seeing and I especially like what I saw a few seconds ago the most. I also know that Bethany has been noticing you and I know she would love to be here right now and help out too but she had to clean up from what you saw earlier. Also before you ask, Yes Bethany knows about my thoughts of wanting you and she has the same ones too. We have a very strong mother daughter relationship which even goes all the way to helping each other whenever either of us needs it. And yes, we have a sexual relationship with each other and help each other out when we really need some sexual attention. Along with that don’t call me Aunt Leslie but call me Leslie only. Now back to the present, you just let me do all the work for now. Don’t worry Sam you will enjoy yourself.” said by my aunt with a wink and a lick of the lips.

“I uh I don’t know what to say Aunt…I mean Leslie. I am completely shocked by all this. I have never been so shocked in my life and yet so turned on and excited by what I am hearing. I am so excited to hear that you are going to help me but I still feel like this is wrong but I am too excited to care. I wish I could Bethany right here now too so even I do end of regretting it I will enjoy what I had.” I said as I just stood there with my mouth hanging open still in shock from what I am seeing and from what I am hearing.

” Well don’t worry you will get your chance with Bethany later tonight but right now she has to clean up after what you saw earlier and I told her I wanted to have some fun with you first. Now just relax and let me do it all for right now.” Leslie said as she walked up to me and started to unzip my shorts.

I was still in shock of course from everything that I was going through right now so I just stood there and let her do what she was doing and because I was so turned on I was mesmerized by what she was doing. She had unzipped my shorts and let them fall to the floor and Leslie gasped by what she saw. My boxers were still on but the more shocking thing was that they were soaked with my precum. My boxers looked like I pissed in them.

“Umm are you ok Sam? Did I scare you or something?” My aunt asked with a very apologetic look on her face.

I just smiled with a devilish grin and said, “Of course I am great. I am the best I have ever been. This is like a dream come true. That is my precum that my boxers are soaked in. You and Bethany are the ones who made me leak all the juices and believe me I have not cum yet and I have plenty for both of you.”

“Omg are you serious Sam? All that is your precum and you haven’t even cum yet. That is one Bycasino güncel giriş of the biggest turn ons ever. You don’t know how much hornier you just made me and I am sure we are going to make good use of the cum that you have stored up. I can’t let this move as slowly and teasingly as I planned. I must have you and I must have you now!” My aunt exclaimed as she dropped down onto her knees with a thud and took her hands and placed them on the sides of my boxers and literally ripped them in two and tossed them aside as my precum leaking cock sprang up right in front of her nose.

I almost got scared by how my aunt was acting now. Her eyes were glazed over with lust and she was acting like a starved animal as she lunged at my cock with her mouth. She sucked my cock all the way down to the hilt on the first suck. She felt like a vacuum as she sucked my cock using her tongue to move around my cock and massage the veins and the sensitive areas. I was in heaven not just from having my first and best blowjob ever but also from the fact that it was my aunt who is introducing me into manhood. She slammed down to the hilt and started to tongue my balls while she was down to the hilt on my cock.

“Omg…Leslie….I…can’t believe….that this is….happening. I ….don’t know…if you know…this but…you are my first…for everything. You are…my first…kiss…my first…blowjob…and hopefully…my first for everything else. This is…amazing…I have always dreamed….of this happening….and I am so….glad that this is happening.” I said in between my groans and short breaths from the excitement of this whole situation.

“I love knowing you are enjoying this and that it is your first time. It makes me so horny knowing that sweetie,” My aunt said to me as she was stroking her saliva into my cock after she just took my cock out of her mouth as she used her other hand to unbutton her pants and unzip them.

My aunt slipped my cock out of her grip as she stood up. I was worried that maybe I wasn’t big enough for her or maybe she was having second thoughts and I was starting to freak out in my mind. My worries were eased as she started unzipping her pants and took two fingers and placed them at the sides and slipped them off.

I was shocked by what I saw, she was not wearing any underwear and she had one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen. Her pussy was shaven bare and her lips were peaking out from her inner walls. I could see that she was aroused since her lips were puffing out red and I could also see her puffy red decently sized clit poking out of its hood. Even if all that wasn’t shocking enough, my aunt’s pussy was leaking a heavy steady amount of cum from her pussy like a faucet. My mouth dropped open and my eyes went bugged eyed when I saw that site.

“Well it sure does seem like you are enjoying what you are seeing sweetie. I am very much enjoying this as well as you can see by my flood of juices running from my pussy,” my aunt said as she dropped back onto her knees in front of me.

I was in heaven from what was going on right now. I had always dreamed of all that happened tonight to happen while I would jerk my cock to some of the most intense orgasms of my life. My eyes were starting to glaze over and roll in the back of my head from the intense pleasure of the situation. I looked down and saw the most erotic sight I have ever seen up till then. She was sucking my cock deep down to the hilt like a vacuum as she rubbed my balls with one hand and used the other hand was down between her legs rubbing her clit. I was getting close not just from the fact that this is my first blowjob or from the physical aspect of it but also because this was my aunt giving me the blowjob. I was trying to hold it in as long as I can but I had to tell her just in case I couldn’t hold it in.

“Oh…god…Leslie…I don’t….know…if …I can…last much…longer!” I said in between grunts of pleasure and heavy breathing.

“Its…ok sweetie…you can…cum whenever….you want. I know…since this…is your…first blowjob…that…you won’t…be able…to hold…out to long,” my aunt said in between sucks.

Once I heard that she was ok with me cumming already, I let loose with the most cum I have ever seen me release in my entire life. She had me deep in her mouth when I let loose with all my cum. My orgasm was so intense that the first shot landed deep in her throat but my knees buckled from the pleasure and I slipped down to my knees with my cock spraying cum all over her body as it slipped out her mouth and slid down to where it stopped bobbing still hard pointing right at her stomach.

“Oh my god Leslie I am so sorry about that. I didn’t mean to make such a mess on you,” I said with the most apologetic voice I could muster in between my heavy breathing.

“No, no don’t worry about it sweetie. I love having hot cum covering my body. I think it is time for you to return the favor though but first I think we should move this into the bedroom,” my aunt said as she started to put her shirt and pants back on quickly.

“Wait Leslie what if someone is looking for us or if someone sees us leaving the bathroom together?” I asked as I put my clothes back on as well.

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