It was a nice warm fall evening. Tina had come over to my apartment bringing a pizza with her. We enjoyed the pizza out on my balcony (I live on the second floor) looking over the large common area of the complex. It was a nice dinner and we enjoyed a couple of beers to wash down the pie. This was the beginning of a memorable evening.

After we had our fill of the pizza, I put the leftovers into the fridge; maybe later? We continued to sit on the balcony enjoying the evening air and the colors of the sunset. It was a clear evening and the sun was almost completely set. Tina seemed to be very relaxed as we both sat with our feet up on the railing looking generally southwest. There were a few people enjoying the common area; some tossing a Frisbee while others were just walking and talking. Like I said, it was a pleasant evening.

We chatted about current events, some movies that we’d seen, where to get good thin crust pizza, problems with her car and everything imaginable until it was fairly dark. There was the occasional person visible on the sidewalk or ambling across the common area but, almost everyone had gone inside.

Tina got up, I thought to go to the bathroom. She asked: “Do you want another beer, or anything?”

I told her that I was good and didn’t need anything other than for her to return.

She giggled as she went back inside: “Then just wait there.”

She was gone only a few moments before she returned wearing my large beach towel as a wraparound skirt. She paraded herself in front of me. She was still wearing her tank top but she was covered, waist down, with the big terrycloth towel.

Me: “What’s with the beach towel?”

Tina: “I have to wear something; I can’t just come out here naked, can I?”

Naked? Tina Naked? Oh-boy, something fun is about to happen!

Tina held her hand out. She had ümraniye escort a half-dozen clothespins: “Here, take these please.”

Me: “What am I supposed to do with them?”

Tina: “Just stand behind me and clip them on so that the towel is attached to the railing; understand?”

I took the clothespins and stood up. Tina turned toward the railing and undid the end of the towel that had been tucked into her waist. She put it against the top of the railing and said: “Put the first one there.”

I clipped the springy wooden fastener onto the towel, as directed. Tina then began a slow turn, unwrapping the towel as she went: “About every foot or so should do.”

I followed her lead and attached another of the clips. When Tina was facing directly toward me, she stopped long enough to give me one of her, now famous, whole-body-hugs and a big wet kiss. Following the kiss, she continued to unwrap herself and I dutifully attached the remaining clothespins. Damn if she wasn’t naked under that towel. She moved back to the center of the towel, putting her forearms down onto the railing, and bending so beautifully at the waist; thrusting out her butt a little bit. She looked around the common area; satisfied that there was nobody there who could see anything: “Well, do you need an engraved invitation?”

I was still standing directly behind her looking lustfully at her beautiful butt and legs standing there so invitingly. It took less than a second for me to undo my belt and let my cut-off jeans drop to the floor. My boxers took another second to be pushed down and off. The two seconds was ample time for my cock to come to full attention and point at where it wanted to go; yonder pussy directly in front of me.

Tina kept her position at the railing as I edged closer first making contact with üsküdar escort the head of my cock. I bumped into the cheek of her ass but kept on going allowing my cock to slide down her crack and go under her crotch. I could feel the warmth and wetness of this fine lady and with a slight adjustment found her moist opening and pushed myself in an inch or so. Tina pushed back a little and said: “Is that all you’ve got, fellah?”

Taking that as an invitation for a little deeper penetration, I pushed with a little more vigor which caused her hips to move forward and press up against the railing. This was all the leverage that I needed and I was soon balls deep inside her. Tina moved her feet slightly further apart which made the position all that more comfortable. I started to stroke her slowly offering my fingers to her now tumescent clit. This caused the now familiar ‘Tina purr’ to be heard.

I could tell, right away, that I wasn’t going to last very long. She felt way too good. It took a lot of willpower to continue the gentle massage of her clit going while I slowly stroked my cock in and out of her warm, snug, moist pussy. The temptation was to just wail away and fuck the hell out of this exciting woman. But I persevered. I could feel Tina rocking her hips as I stroked her. Her purring started to go up in pitch letting me know that she was getting close. I kept going at what I tried to make a steady pace, until she started to tremble. That was the clue that I was waiting for. As Tina was overcome with her orgasm, I put more energy into my actions. The result was that Tina went over the edge about two seconds before I did. My orgasm actually made my knees feel week and I moved my hands to the railing to allow me to press harder into her and to keep me from falling down. It was a mind shattering orgasm.

It kadıköy escort had only been a few minutes that we were coupled together there on the balcony. It still wasn’t completely dark yet. There were a couple of people walking a dog down near the common area. It didn’t appear that anyone noticed us fucking up here. Wow! What an exciting woman.

I tried to stay inside her for as long as I could but nature eventually caused my body to reclaim the blood that had been stretching out my cock. Once flaccid, I sort of fell out of Tina; but it felt so good to be pressed up against her ass like that. So, I stayed put and just held her to me and nuzzled into her neck. She apparently liked this and made no move to change our posture. I kissed her neck and said: “That was wonderful, whatever gave you that idea?”

Tina: “I really enjoyed this afternoon with you and I wanted to try something different. Did you really like it?”

Me: “I think that there is evidence of how much I liked it dripping down your leg. Yes, I really liked it; but more importantly, I really like being with you.”

Tina: “I like being with you, too. Can we do this down at the dock sometime?”

Me: “I’d be willing to do this with you almost anywhere. But, speaking of the dock, I still owe you one from down there. So, I propose that we figure out a way for me to go down on you on what has become ‘our bench’ after which we can stand by the railing and I can fuck your brains out. What do you say?”

Tina: “I say . . . Yes! I’ll work on the details and you work on figuring out when there will be a really dark night again. OK?”

Me: “It’s a deal.”

I moved back a little and turned the lady around to face me. I kissed her for a very long time before we separated. I retrieved by boxers and shorts and retreated back inside the apartment to get dressed. Tina went into the bathroom and emerged wearing her yoga pants again. All seemed back to normal except that I seemed even more relaxed than earlier. Isn’t she great!”

I left the towel up on the railing overnight; sort of like a flag of victory. I wonder if any of the neighbors had any idea of what it was really for?

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