Come Here Sweet One


It’s been a long day and my mind is weary, but my body and spirit are willing and waiting for some sweet love. I kick my shoes off at the door, and my throw my suit jacket in the chair close to me, I numbly turn toward the kitchen and fix me a rum and coke, a little something to help me relax. I take the first sip, “Aaahhh that’s good!”

On my way to my stereo I light a few candles, so I don’t have to bother with turning off lights if I happen to dose off. I’m still thinking I could really use some tender loving care, because my shoulders are killing me. I push the play button on the CD player and my favorite CD of soft jazz is already in. Good I don’t have to think, and this will do just fine.

I pad to my bedroom set my drink down and unzip my skirt, “Aaahhh… more relief!” and I pull my silk turtleneck off over my head and toss it on the bed with the skirt thinking I’ll hang them up later. I take off my much too restricting bra and just let it drop where I am. I’ve had about enough of this thong too, and I yank them down to my ankles and kick them aside. Last but and my least favorite, these damned hose, off they come and I shoot the damned things across the room. Oh yes, finally naked and feeling much better, I decide to take a bath.

I run the water as hot as I can take it and pour in my favorite perfumed bath oil, the fragrance rises, and I inhale deeply letting it relax me further. I slip into the tub and almost immediately drift off to sleep. I immediately start dreaming, it’s Mark, my sweet one, my lucius one, the one who ALWAYS fucks me well. Just the dream I needed, there’s nothing like a good tumble in bed to end a stressful day. Our bodies are intertwined, a jumble of arms and legs is all I can see, wrapped around waists and necks. Aaahhh… yessss, my sweet young thing.

Suddenly I bolt awake. The damned doorbell is ringing. “Shit!” I say out loud to myself, “Just as my dream was getting good!”

“Hold on. ” I yell from the bathroom, grab my lavender silk robe and my drink and run to the door still damp. I check illegal bahis the peephole… “Oh my God it’s Mark!” Hey who says dreams don’t come true! “Mark!” I exclaimed, “What a pleasant surprise! I was just thinking of you. How are you?” I give him a tender little kiss on the lips. “Come in and have a seat. Would you like something to drink?”

“No thanks, Hun, I’m ok. ” He says as I take his hand and head for the couch. “Excuse me if I’m a little damp, you caught me in the tub. I’ve had a hard day and was just soaking a bit to take the edge off. So my sweet one, how was your day?”, I asked him tenderly. He shrugs his shoulders and says, “Not too bad, just the same stuff on a different day. “

“Hell, that’s better than stressful, although the day did pass rather quickly. “

“If you want to finish with your bath, I’ll wash your back for you. ” He whispered in my ear. “Thanks, that’s a tempting offer, but I’d rather sit here with you. ”

I scoot very close to him and lay my head on his shoulder. I’m thinking, mmmm… the smell of youthful male musk. I feel sleepy again, but I am very aroused by the subtle smell of his skin. So I stick my hand in his shirt and rub his chest. “Mmmm… so nice and firm. ” I murmured under my breath. He enfolds me in his arms and I snuggle closer to him. I whisper in his ear, “Mmmm… you smell good. “

“Thanks. ” He whispered back. We sit holding each other and listening to the music and enjoying the atmosphere as we get the same thought. I tilt my head up to his and he tips his down to me, and we kiss each other lightly at first.

I trace his lips with my tongue as he gives me a little moan. He parts his lips and I slide my tongue in, just the tip. He closes his lips lightly on my tongue and sucks it in with his. Our tongues touch, and I feel a tingle in my crotch. A low groan leaves my lips.

He pulls me closer and kisses me deeper. Our lips open wide to one another as our tongues swirl in a maddening pace. Our breathing becomes heavier and faster. We moan together casino siteleri as our passion rises. I breathlessly say to him, “Oh yes my sweet one, I needed this!” While he’s kissing me, he lays me gently back on the couch and loosens the belt of my robe with his teeth, and spreads my robe open to expose my full nakedness.

I hear him suck in his breath, and I smile at him. I motion with my hand for him to come here, and he leans over me places his hands on the arm of the couch. I unbutton his shirt button by button, finally disclosing his beautiful, youthful, broad chest to me. I reach up and pinch both of his nipples, then sit up to lick and nibble them. While I’m nibbling, I reach down and stroke his cock from the outside, he moans again. He says between his quickened breaths, “Here Hun, let me help you with that. ”

He climbs away from me, and stands beside the couch. I lay there and watch him disrobe, first his shirt comes the rest the way off, he unfastens his belt with one hand while undoing his pants and unzipping his zipper. He yanks his pants down his slender hips, and our friend pops out at me as if saluting me. “Oh how wonderful, he’s ready and waiting, and I want him now!” I almost screamed.

He kicks his pants and shoes to the side, and settles himself between my legs, letting his weight gently rest on me. I slip my arms around his neck, and run my fingers up through his sandy blonde hair I love so much. I look deep into his eyes as I pull him closer to kiss him again.

He returns my kiss harder than the first time pressing my lips against my teeth. I love the pressure as I raise my hips against his. He thrusts in return and our bodies start to writhe against one another. Our breath comes hotter and faster, as we moan and groan.

He shifts his weight to reach my breasts beneath him. He begins squeezing them gently at first and as I begin to buck harder and faster beneath him, he squeezes harder and harder. I slide my hand between our bodies and reach for that rock hard cock that saluted me earlier, poker siteleri and stroke him hard and fast. He moans, “Yessss baby, ” in my ear and I stroke him even harder and faster.

We’re both squeezing, stroking and kissing furiously until our passion can’t stand anymore. I press the head of his cock against my sopping, throbbing pussy, then insert the head just enough to get him started. I throw my legs around his waist, and he thrusts into me full force. I arch my back against him to meet his thrusts with all I’ve got, and groan loudly almost grunting.

He starts working that long, thick, scrumptious cock against the walls of my pussy, in and out, side to side, round and around. “Oh baby, my sweet one, this is what I needed. I was so incredibly tense. You feel won-der-ful. ” I whisper breathlessly in his ear. “I’m glad I could help. “, He says between the lips of his beautiful smile.

The pace of our grinding is becoming furious, he grabs my arms at the wrist and pins them down, adjusts himself further up on his knees, my legs fall from his waist, and he begins to pound my cervix hard. I gasp, “Oh my God, fuck me baby”! “Yesssss…. like that!” My breasts jiggle with such force, I think they’re going to pop right off my body. He takes notice and places his chest down on mine to control them.

He’s still pumping hard, and he’s so deep I feel his balls slapping my ass with each thrust. I can no longer move with him, I just lay back and enjoy his pounding. I feel my tension rise, and I need to orgasm. I grab his hips to slow him down, and position him where I need him to be. I allow only half his cock to penetrate as I say to him in a tight, tense voice, “Right here sweet one, stroke me fast and keep it shallow. ” He does as I say, and gives me short fast strokes. I claw his back, and rake down to his ass and grab it hard, but I don’t push him.

I scream at him, “You’re good right where you are!” I squeeze my legs as close together as I can, thank goodness for his narrow hips. I feel it, and it’s right at the edge, just a little more. “Uh… uh… uh… oh… oh… oh… yes yes yes, right there baby, here it ccccccoooomes!”

“Oooooooo yes my baby, my sweet one, my tender love you’ve got it. ” As I relax under him and catch my breath for only a minute, now it’s time to work on his.

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