Coupling in the Burg


It was going to be one of those weekends, Stuck in a room with the snorer!! and no where to escape to.

How I miss the office, wish I could work this weekend. Whining children, stuck in the car for 2 hours there and back! A snoring obnoxious husband JOY!

I survive the first day, just!!! I take walk to the reception alone not only to get break, but to try to organise some activities to keep us all out of each others hair.

I Book a helicopter flip.

Sigh!! the bickering is really annoying, think I will stop into the bar and have a drink before I go to the room, hopefully it will take the edge off the hour before dinner.

I sit down at the bar, I order some red wine, there are a couple of people sitting around. The barman asks me my preference in red wine, I tell him I am not fussy, just the biggest glass please. He laughs, A voice from my right says I should try the Zonnebloem Shiraz, that he has just had some and has now ordered himself a bottle as it is so good. I tell the barman to hit me with a glass of Zonnebleom Shiraz. I take the first sip; the voice says to me ‘you like?’ I take a good look at him: He is a bit younger than I am, he is tall, dark and handsome.. ooh well this could be fun. I say , ‘Thank you, it is fabulous’ and continue sipping. He scoots over and starts asking me about my stay. How long and the conversation went on and on round and round. It turns out he is the pilot that we have booked a flip with, he tells me to go to reception and change our flight time to the first flip of the day. He explains that this way we will get the longest flip of the day, as they have to to run some tests and warm up which he can do it with us in the helicopter. I say thanks and go change our flip time quickly to ensure we get the first time slot.

I get back to the bar and my glass is refreshed and full. I sit down and start talking to him again. We talk and talk, getting friendlier and flirting with each other. He refills my glass over and over. He orders another bottle. Then in walks Grumpy and the children..

Ooh bonus veren siteler shit!! I forgot all about them, the teenage brats give me the look, Grumpy asks me what time will I will be ready for supper. I ask them to give me half an hour.

I excuse myself from the pilot and start walking to my room, Halfway down the passage, someone grabs my arm. I turn and its the pilot, John. To say I am surprised is an understatement. He says he would really like to see me again. I am confused, he sees I am here with my family? By this stage we have reached my room, I tell him I have to hurry and get ready. He says no problem we can talk whilst I get ready, then pushes me up against the door and kisses me. I am shocked but not unhappy, he is a gorgeous and this a very dangerous game we are about to play.

I open the door, he knows the time restraints so we don’t waste a second. We start stripping before the door is even closed behind us. He switches the shower on, and we jump in. He lathers me, I lather him. We rub and kiss in the shower, the floor outside the shower is drenched, the cubical is small, but it is fun. He turns me around and roughly enters me from the rear, he caresses my soapy slippery breasts, the warm water is running down my back , it is hot steamy and so intense, we both cum very quickly. He turns me around. Kisses me and steps out of the shower. I finish in the shower, dry off and walk into the bedroom, he is not there, he has gone. I finish dressing and go up to supper.

John is already in the dining room, sitting with another man. They both smile at me when I walk in. Clearly he has told his friend what he had just done. I am slightly embarrassed, but cant change the facts. Every time I go up to the buffet John is there, he brushes passed me touching me as he passes, or he stands next to me whilst I am dishing up, he tells me how he is going to fuck me again before the night is done.

I just smile at him. It wont happen. We finish eating and retire to the lounge for a for a nightcap, the teenagers bahis go off to the games room.

Grumpy and I sit down in silence and drink our port. I finish mine, tell grumpy that I am going to fetch the ‘kids’ from the games room and we will meet him back at the room. I start walking to the games room, again there is a tug on my arm, I know without looking who it is. He steers me into a room. He kisses me and tells me how hot I make him, how he can’t stop and how much he needs to feel my tight pussy around his cock once more. He pulls up my skirt, pulls down my thong and presses me down on to the bed. He quickly enters me in the missionary position, I am still wet from our first encounter, we make mad passionate love, it is quick and not exactly ideal, but deliciously erotic. We both cum. We kiss deeply goodbye, two, three times, then I leave, his cum is still dribbling out of me.

I fetch the children and go back to our room. Thank heavens Grumpy and I don’t share a bed. I can touch myself later when I am thinking of my tall dark and handsome pilot.

Next morning bright and early, we go to the helicopter for our flip. John totally ignores me. He Chats to Grumpy, they talk all the technical stuff about the helicopter bla bla. I am so horny, I am checking out his butt, I can still feel him, its been a long while since I made love 2x in one night, I am slightly tender. My thong is rubbing on my exquisitely tender spots, I start to get wet just thinking about this hard cock pushing into my ever so wet pussy. My panties are damp.

We get into the helicopter and put our earphones on. We take off. John talks to us giving us specs on the helicopter, I switch off, my head is in the shower where I am being deliciously fucked from the rear. Then his voice is in my ear, he is telling me that when we get to the top, the guide will take the ‘group’ to the edge of the mountain to show them the chain ladder. I should say I have a headache. He then goes on to tell me how he is going to fuck me on the top of the mountain. I try not to deneme bonusu change facial expressions, but no one is watching me. We reach the top. The group goes for their walk, I sit waiting for John. He comes walking towards me with a huge smile on his face. He takes my hand we walk down a beautifully shady path. Then we come to a little waterfall, Under the waterfall is a pool. He starts to undress me. I ask about time. He says relax, there is a signal he will give the guide when he wants the ‘group’ to return. We finish undressing, and sit on a rock kissing, he kneels in front of me, and starts to lick my pussy, he stops long enough to tell me that he wants to taste our juices mixed but had to wait for this opportunity. He licks away, and then pulls me into the water, we kiss and caress, I put my legs around his hips. He enters me whilst holding me up, we slowly make love in the water, kissing and caressing. We take our time, making it last, just enjoying each other. When we are done we walk naked to the helicopter laughing and kissing, by the time we get there we are dry, we dress. John pulls out a bottle of champagne and orange juice, he pours us a glass each then starts the helicopter. He kisses me one more time, long and deep. He says thank you so much, that was the most amazing weekend. Hopefully we can do it again soon.

We are about to exchange numbers when the ‘group’ return. They drink their champagne, we chat and then all get back into the helicopter and go back to the hotel. We didn’t get each others numbers!!!

I try to delay our return to the lounge bar, but John is busy with more flips and will not be able to talk to me, the next group are waiting. I think no matter I will see him in the evening.

The day goes by slowly. I cant wait for supper. I dress very carefully, putting my best underwear on, I excuse my self at supper because I don’t see John, I go to reception to enquire about helicopter flips. They tell me that they only operate on a Saturday and Sunday and that the helicopter has gone back to JHB.!! I ask for the name of the company that operates the flips. The receptionist doesn’t know, says she will ask the manager on my behalf in the morning. I tell her not to worry, I am afraid the information will be told to me in front of my family which will be difficult to explain.

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