Creative Teaching Methods


In the Fall of 1983 I was beginning the first semester of my senior year. With most of my core classes long since completed I ticked off electives towards the 136 hours I needed to graduate the following May. While flipping through the course catalog, I noticed that Creative Writing 1 was not only 3 credit hours, but could also count towards my Humanities requirements.

Grinning at my good fortune, I signed up for the Tuesday and Thursday track at 2pm.

As I approached the building just before 2pm on the first day of class, I noticed a very striking blonde woman standing on The Quad and looking confused. Being ever the gentleman, I crossed over to her and offered my assistance.

“Afternoon, you look a bit lost.”

She raised her head from the photo-copied map in her hand. Her long blonde curls spilling out from under a wide brimmed hat that only a Woody Allen fan could love. Her long nose and chin gave her the visage of a Greek Goddess. Her lips and eyes so blue they boarded on violet smiled at me. Her whole face lighting up with beams of Angelic light.

“I’m a bit turned around, would you happen to know the way to Morgan Hall?”

“Why of course. I’m going there now, may we walk together?”

My Goddess and I walked together slowly along the western edge of the famous Tuscaloosa Quadrangle, not saying much but looking back and forth at each other with shy smiles and eager eyes.

She was dressed for an Ohio late summer instead of one in Alabama, Her long sleeve brown tunic top hugged her slim contours while at the same time downplaying her lack of a bra. Her small perfect tits beginning to point in the breeze. Her blue jeans were painted on. I would probably have wagered real money that was was commando as well. High heeled thigh high black leather cavalier boots made her appear much taller. With the long scarf she wore I wondered if she was trying to imitate the female Time Lord that was popular on the PBS TV show Dr. Who at the time.

“I’m just starting here on my Master’s, don’t want to be late for my first class!”

“That’s fine. I’m a senior myselves. I know may hidden paths across campus. If you ask nicely, perhaps I’ll share them with you…”

“‘Myselves’? Do you often refer to yourself in the… Gosh, what person thence would that be?”

Her laughter was sweeter than the chimes that begin to sound in the distance.

We reached the front steps of Morgan Hall. She quickly thanked me and hurried inside.

I stood there and watched her walk briskly up the steps and through the doors. Her hips moving in a graceful rhythm. I had been so captivated by her I hadn’t even learned her name.

Mentally kicking myself, I also entered into the building.

Finding my classroom and strolling inside, I glanced around the room. 8 guys and 4 girls, all looking like freshmen, took up about half the seats. bedava bahis I moved through the group and sat at the front as was my want. Taking paper and a pen from my backpack, I awaited the teacher’s arrival.

5-10 minutes went by and still no sign of the instructor.

Another 5 minutes lulled, and then I heard the sound of high heeled boots approaching down the hall. I did not bother turning around when I heard the classroom door pulled closed. Then I heard the instructor’s voice…

The voice of my Goddess.

“Hello everyone. This is Creative Writing 1. Is everyone in the right room?”

I turned to watch her walk around the room. She had a large stack of syllabi and note books that obscured her view as she approached her desk in the front of the room.

“My name is Alex La Rue. Well, that’s my pen name anyway. I want all of you to think of a pen name to use this semester. I think it’s so much better to use a pen name like a real writer!”

Alex set down her piles of papers and still had not looked up. She pulled an attendance sheet of of the chaos and started calling off names. Each person would identify themselves and then tell her what their pen name would be. After all the other students had been called on, she finally called my name.

Smiling, I replied “That’s what it says on my student I.D.”.

Alex’s head shot around. Her eyes locked onto mine. I did not let them go.

“I am known by many names. We are legion. You may call me Bazthesbour… Esquire!”

The rest of the class either giggled or made rude comments under their breath. Alex continued to stare into my eyes. She seemed to tremble slightly.

“Should we call you Alex or Miss La Rue? Perhaps you would prefer something else?”

She blinked a few times and came out of her trance. She then moved in front of the old, worn, desk and sat down.

Alex began to go through the standard first day of class materials, swinging her legs back and forth. Just enough to make her breasts move up and down in her shirt. As she read through the boring class details and such I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Our casual meeting earlier had stirred something in me. A desire to know her better. Not as a teacher, but as an artist. To understand her passion for writing. Perhaps even share passion with her.

As these thoughts floated through my mind, I began to harden.

It being late August in Alabama, I was wearing cut off jeans, a tee shirt top and flip flops. As anyone who has known me for any length of time would understand, I did not even own a pair of underwear, much less wear any.

As Alex finished reading through the class information packet, she lifted her eyes from the printout and locked her gaze on my upper right thigh. She continued to talk about deadlines and class projects, all the while staring at the leg of my casino siteleri shorts and the now almost painful erection they contained.

Again snapping out of her trance, she announced that class was dismissed for the day. The other students hurriedly exited the classroom. I held my seat.

Once alone, Alex walked over and sat in the desk next to mine.

“You’re a senior, right?”

I nodded my head.

“When’s your birthday?”

“I’ll be 22 in November.”

Her eyes shot wide for a moment. “You’re almost 6 months older than me!”

“Why don’t we go and get something cold to drink?” I suggested.

We gathered our things, dropped her paperwork in the English Department Office, and left the building together.

We walked to my apartment. Once inside I poured us both a glass of ice tea and we sat enjoying the air conditioned squalor.

2 Glasses of tea turned in to 2 glasses of wine. Which turned into candle light, soft jazz and my’ teacher’ and I kissing on my couch. A couch I lovingly called The Rack.

“I’m not sure I should be doing this…” Alex sighed in between kisses. “I’m your teacher after all!”

I moved my kisses to her right ear and bit hard on her ear lobe. She let forth a sound somewhere between a scream and a deep moan all at once.

“Perhaps now I am the teacher, and you are the student?”

“Yes sir” she sighed into my neck. Kissing across my breaded chin, up over my lips and further up into my hair. Reaching my hands under her I lifted her and started back towards my bedroom. Our kisses becoming more frenzied. I sat on the corner of the bed and pulled her into my lap. She started to push her crotch against mine.

“I also get so horny about now.” she whispered. Almost as if I could hear her thinking to herself.

“When is now?”

“I’m probably just starting my ovulation”, she said. “I guess you could say I was in heat…”

I reached behind her and pulled her top up and over her head from behind. I always try to give my prospective lovers a chance to stop or at least slow down just before the clothes come flying off.

After Alex pulled the tunic the rest of the way off, she stood and started unbuckling my belt. She pulled it out and playfully tried to spank me with it. I pulled it away from her and spun her around and then dropped her on the bed.

She was surprised by my speed and agility. She laughed out loud and reached for her right boot.

I took her hand away and rolled the top of the high boot down and then slipped it gracefully off her calf and foot. “You do that well” she said.

Off came the other boot, then the skin tight jeans.

No, she wasn’t wearing panties. I love being right.

I buried my face between her thighs. Alex reached down to pull the tee shirt off my body. I began to feast on her in earnest.

For bahis siteleri the better part of the next half hour I nibbled on her. Tongued her. Sucked her. Fingered her. Her cums running one into the next. Each a bit stronger than the one before.

When I came up for air, she pulled me on top of her.


I was lost in her. Kissing her. Licking her neck.

“Not protected…”

I bit hard into her neck. Alex gasped and her eyes shot wide.

“I take you to be my student!” I said as I thrust into her for the first time. The blunt tip of my cock finding purchase, then splitting Alex’s moist folds. I pushed deeper and deeper, with a steady pressure. With about ½ an inch to spare, I hit bottom and tapped her cervix. Her head jerking back like some sort of recoil. I pushed myself up on my arms and began to withdraw from my Goddess, my eyes never leaving hers.

“I will be your student… Many ways of love I should be shown, yes teacher?”

“Yes my Goddess…”

Oh my. Your Goddess and your student… how sir did you ever manage that?”

I brought my lips down on her’s hard. I drove my tongue into her mouth. Her’s responded in kind. Then I pushed back into her with all my strength.

Faster this time I filled her, with more power at the end. I hit her cervix even harder. She nearly shot out from under me, but my arms held her fast.

Faster and faster I thrust into her. The primal part of my brain had taken over. Here was a fertile woman, naked in my bed, unprotected and my bare cock pounding into her.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and thrust back at me. Her orgasm was about to burst over us.

I felt the cum racing out of my balls and headed up the chute. 3-5 more pumps and it would be Daddy Time.

The thought of impregnating this woman-child opened my mind and heart like I could have never imagined…

I envisioned us as a couple, her swelling belly the center of our world. Our first child crying out as her Mommy & Daddy held hands and wept. Our son that followed. The next two after that. Children playing and we two looking at each other with undying love.

“I love you” I said out loud, right as the semen was about to spray from my cock head. When this stroke hit bottom, I would be committing my life to this woman. Making her mine. Claiming her body and soul.

“YES!” Alex cried out.

We came together.

We spent the entire night mating over and over.

No part of our apartment was left untouched by our love.

At dawn I started making tea. We sat on the living room floor cuddling and sipping our morning beverage. Me naked, her in my tee shirt from the day before.

For the rest of the semester I was her best student, consistently turning in creative and imaginative writing assignments. My ‘A’ was honestly earned.

Alex moved out of her dorm and into our apartment. Before Halloween we learned that we would be parents in the spring.

Our lives lay before us, the possibilities were endless for good or for bad.

At least for now we are together.

Together, as our family grows.


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