Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 42


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

Kao stepped off the plane with a smirk on his lips. It was the first time that he’d flown since becoming a demon and, well, it had been an interesting experience to say the very least of it. The demon stretched out his wings as he set foot on the tarmac, other passengers hustling along and tutting at him, but that sort of thing just wasn’t something that he was worried about.

They could wait. He had time. Maybe they should have come to learn that they had time too, if only they weren’t in a rush everywhere all of the time.

He had not done much of his creative work of late but he brimmed over with ideas. That was one of the reasons why he was returning to his apartment in the city and, of course, to see Chemical. He had to pick up materials there and, of course, reacquaint himself with his girlfriend.

It had been a while since he’d seen her. Kao rumbled a growl, eyes gleaming, a fox passenger giving him a decidedly odd look as he stopped there, standing, blocking the way. The things he would do to his striking beauty when he saw her again… Regardless of everything that had happened in him becoming a demon, she was still very much the jewel that he craved.

“Kao? Come on.”

Fyr tapped him on the shoulder but did not truly have the standing to hustle him along. If she did try to actually exert any force on her brother (like refusing to join him in the city for a time), the brand burned, the acid clawing its way deep into her. Yet she had noticed too that it glowed more softly when she obeyed, the hit of endorphins time after time again making her more amenable to doing exactly what he wanted her to do.

She hadn’t wanted to come but his control over her, owning her and claiming her, was absolute. There was nothing more to say about it than that, as much as she grappled with it, testing the boundaries some days and leaning into the high that it gave her others. It was an up and down ride and not one that she knew whether she wanted to get off or not, not even as she tucked herself into the taxi cab with Kao, one paw resting protectively on her stomach.

She’d had a scan recently, to check the health of the little dragonet inside her – well, the egg. It would not be long until she laid but she was still mobile enough, her pregnancy not hindering her much even though she was far more careful with work on the ranch than she had been before. She had to be careful, to remember that they were to be protected at all costs. They were the one thing that she could stand up to Kao on without her mark getting set off, though it was not a question that she had had answered for herself as yet.

“You can stop here. Fyr, get out.”

Fyr jolted upright, glancing between Kao and the door.

“What? Here? But this is down the street from your place! Why do you want me to get out here?”

Of course, she had no choice in the matter as he exerted his will over her, pushing and pulling as the brand burned and sank into her. Fyr let out a hiss and the cab driver shot her a look, though she could barely stop her tail from swinging back and forth, the pain curling through the pit of her stomach.

“Oof… Alright, alright. Coffee shop or something it is then. Where are you going?”

Kao’s eyes gleamed.

“To fuck my girlfriend.”

Chemical didn’t hear Kao coming up the stairs, though she should have, for he took them two at a time, launching himself up even with his bags and Fyr’s too in paw. He growled as he slammed his key into the keyhole, only fumbling the once, his need too great as the lingering remnants of Chemical’s scent sank into his nostrils. Greedily, he inhaled over and over again, his instincts taking over, the more slit-like pupils narrowing, fangs sharp, wanting her, wanting her more than anything else in the world.

It had been too long, the door slamming into the wall as he slammed it open, his girlfriend squealing and jumping in a flash of green-striped black scales. Her vibrant green mane of hair whipped about her muzzle as she spun to face him at the other end of the hallway but it was too late for her as Kao snarled and launched himself at her. The bags were inside, the door clicking closed behind his heels: all he saw was the dragoness that he loved.

“Kao! It’s – Kaooo!”

She shrieked as he swept her up in his arms, somehow managing to not crack her head into either the wall or a doorframe at the same time. In but a blink of an eye, he had her around the corner and tossed her onto their bed, the large mattress bouncing as she landed, taking her weight with a squeak that she echoed. bayburt escort Yet Chemical had always been one to match up to his lust in more ways than one and licked her lips salaciously, wearing a shirt that dipped between her breasts, revealing more than would have been polite in public, something comfortable that he had always been want to rip off her at home.

“Come get me then, big boy…”

She purred, her tongue running over the edge of her maw – but there was no time for anything more as Kao landed on to of her, the bed creaking as it was forced to take both of their weights at the same time. Chemical gasped but his lips were on hers, jaws tilting so that they could lock together, and neither of them thought of anything much else anymore. He needed her and she needed him, snarling and snapping, kissing deeply, growls rising in equal tantamount and fervour.

Clothes were torn from bodies, Kao’s hanging from his shoulders as he ripped it off, Chemical trying to help him get it off even as he nuzzled into her breasts. Released from her bra, even though there were still torn shreds of fabric pooled and piled around them, her breasts sagged lightly under their own weight, his need rising. With his sharp teeth, he delicately pulled at one nipple but her moan was too delicious to be so gentle, growling deep in the back of his throat as he covered her body with his own.

“It’s been too fucking long…”

Which of them said that would be up for debate later as they were too caught up in the moment to tell the difference, his hardness pressing up urgently against her thigh. But what Chemical did not yet know was that what Kao wanted he got without question. It was only good for her at that time that what she wanted matched up perfectly with the drake’s needs as his hard cock slammed home in her pussy.

It should have been too hard for her to take, not being warmed up too much beforehand, but the dragoness clenched her jaw and groaned through it. The drake barely waited a moment before fucking her, her body barely having adjusted to his size, yet the growl that rose from Chemical’s muzzle, even then, was one that was begging for more.

“Ah… Yes, that’s it… Fuck me, stud, harder…”

She couldn’t take it harder but some carnal, raw part of her wanted it, all the same, challenging him to take her in such a way that she wouldn’t be able to walk straight afterwards, digging her claws into his back and raking them down his scales. Kao snarled, pain biting through, but his body soothed it away in a heartbeat, leaving him as rampant and horny as ever as he pounded her into the bed. The mattress visibly bowed under the force of his thrusts, bouncing the dark-scaled dragoness back at him with each and every thrust, his eyes intent, bearing down over her as if there was no other fuck left for him in the world.

Yes… No, he couldn’t believe that he’d spent so much time without Chemical, lingering out of reach when she could have been there for him, there under him. The drake practically drooled with need for her, her cries rising, the two of them losing sense of time and place as their need grew. There was only one end to such an act and that came in Chemical’s scream of pleasure, toes curling, legs spread for her lover, orgasm tearing through her.

It took her breath away even as she strove with all her might to hump back at her drake, pushing and grinding, trying to get every last drop of pleasure she possibly could out of their liaison. Her high rolled on, each throbbing wave of pleasure coursing through her in time with his thrusts, their bodies perfectly synced. Their meeting was one that she had expected to be clumsy after so long apart and yet it proved to Chemical all over again just why they were a perfect match together, two partners that should never have been apart in the first place.

She’d never let him go again.

There was still the matter of Kao’s climax too and she clung to him as he nipped and lapped at her throat, seeming barely in control of himself. That excited Chemical all the more, whimpering for him, growling and demanding his load, begging her boyfriend to fill her with all that he had. She wanted it, craved it, digging her claws into his shoulders as he finally let out the ear-splitting roar that she had been waiting for and emptied his balls into her.

Each spurt of cum was punctuated with another snarl from the demon, even though Chemical was not to know just how privileged she was at that moment in time. All she knew was that she had her boyfriend back, taking his hot load as her needs were finally fulfilled. There was only so much that she could do for herself at home with her paws and toys, after all, although she had, indeed, gotten creative with that in the interim.

His seed flowed into her, the dragoness being on the pill still to ensure that there was no risk of impregnation, breath catching in her throat as her chest rolled and heaved. bilecik escort She wanted it all and clung to him as if to an anchor in a storm, her need rampant.

“More…” She hissed. “Come on, Kao… It’s been too fucking long, you can’t just stop after one round.”

But the demon had no intention of leaving her for a moment as the white of his toothy grin glinted in the dimness of their bedroom. Well, it was still his apartment but he’d known anyway that Chemical would be staying there when he was away, it may as well have been all theirs by that time. His hard cock did not soften in the slightest as it slid from her pussy, gleaming with her juices and his seed, the curtains drawn to cast them into sultry gloom. For a demon, it could not have been more perfect.

Chemical turned over onto all fours, lifting her tail for him, and Kao licked his lips, dipping his fingers into the messy cream-pie of her pussy. Her cunny begged for him all over again but there was one thing that he hadn’t had in at least, oh, maybe forty-eight hours. And he was coming to like the backdoor entrance of a certain other dragoness who was also very much under his command.


With his initial lusts sated, he scooped up all of her juices and his seed that he could, though it had mostly been ploughed deep up into her cunt. What he gathered he sank into her tail hole with one digit and then a second, gently easing it back and forth. It was as much for his benefit as it was for her, calming his lusts, reminding himself, yet again, that he could not go all out when the dragoness was more fragile than the demons he’d been fucking. Even Scottie and Fyr were more resilient after the demonic influence had sank into them, over time.

Chemical was breakable, however, and that was why he drove her to a fever-pitch of grinding and humping, whimpering as she rocked back onto him, his shaft pressing up to the bud of her tail hole. As much as she wanted it, there was no question in that moment as to which of them was in control, Kao growling deep in the back of his throat as he teased her, letting her tail hole open up around him as he eased in. He had had to take his time too for her to think that he was recovering after his first orgasm: she didn’t have to know as yet that he could stay hard and fuck again immediately after any orgasm. Kao smirked. She’d love it when she did find out anyway.

For he was not going to keep that side of him a secret forever and he had more than a few tricks left up his figurative sleeve (he didn’t wear clothes enough to have sleeves) that Ropes had imparted to him. He’d been surprised earlier that a demon was so willing to talk to him but he knew too, really, that he was not any kind of threat to Ropes. Ropes could take his powers away, if he chose to, though it was not something that had been said out loud. Kao just knew.

But Ropes liked to see him play with things, to work his magic too, though that was something that he was still learning. Yet Chemical would be the perfect victim, the one that he could finally reveal all too, even though it all had to be done in just the right way for everything to work, to perfectly come together.

He would think about that later, even though it was not that he had anything else to concern himself with but her body. With a ragged snarl, he forgot that he even loved her, leaning over her, pinning her down with the full weight of his body and fucking her as if everything else had fallen away. There was nothing else for Kao in that moment as his cock ploughed into her tight backside, her cries falling on deaf ears, ruthlessly vicious as he took everything he needed from her. The dragoness’ body was so tight and hot and needy that he couldn’t help himself and his demonic side simply did not know what it meant to hold back, to let things simmer down in any way at all.

The dragoness shrieked and he did not even pause as he clamped her jaws shut with one paw, his strength shocking even her as her wings batted and pushed back up against his chest. She wasn’t about to push him off, however, some part of Chemical pushing and grinding back at him, wanting it all the more. A deep, guttural moan rolled forth from her lips and he latched onto her tail too, holding it back up against his chest for some manner of leverage, his need clawing at him, forcing him on as if there was a beast behind him simply there to ramp up his sexual need.

The beast was inside him though, drinking down her energy as he dumped a load in her backside, a howling snarl tearing itself from his lips. He wasn’t just Kao anymore but was a demon in full blood, hissing for lust and drinking every last drop of it down that he could. His paw snaked around Chemical’s abdomen to her pussy, finding her clit and rubbing, teasing. It was rougher than he would have been before with her but it was not as if she could say anything to stop him, moaning and grunting through orgasm after orgasm, her grip on bingöl escort reality softening.

“Oh… Fuck… Shit… Kao…”

He didn’t hear her – or it didn’t matter if he did. All he needed to do was to keep fucking, thrusting and thrusting and thrusting, pinning her hips all the way down into the bed. There was nowhere for the dragoness to go as he relived every last bit of his lusts that he’d had to hold back on the flight over and in the taxi too, denying himself what he truly needed. It had been hard for him, even though he’d tuned in to the kinky thoughts of practically everyone else on the plane – it was still hard when he could not act on those desires, taking them all for his own, just as he pleased.

Chemical whimpered, his cock swapping back to her pussy, but did not even complain about the change. All she knew was pleasure: wave after wave of it crashing through her, coursing through, thrumming up thick and fast in a way that could not be denied. She wanted his cock, panting harshly, dragging as much breath into her lungs as she could between thrusts. Even his thrusts forced breath from her lungs, leaving her gasping, eyes streaming, though not because she was in any kind of distress but that her body was forced to its limit.

She was his, his cum-dumpster. Chemical could not have said where the thought came from but it made her hotter, scales prickling with itching heat, the edges lifting in an attempt to relieve the excess from her body. It was difficult for a dragon like her though, especially with Kao bearing down on her, not allowing her a single moment in which to rest as she took every load he had to give. All she wanted to be was there under him, fucked until she couldn’t drag in a single breath anymore, his cum drooling thickly from her pussy, so many loads forced up into her that her body simply could not contain them anymore.


Kao slowed, panting, coming back to his reality slowly. It didn’t have to be something that he had to lean into but something he had to come back from, bit by bit, moaning quietly, his dragoness shuddering under him.

“Oh… Wow, Kao… Wow…”

That was all Chemical had to say for some time, languishing there while he brought her a glass of water and something to soothe a particularly bad cut on her shoulder that must have been caused by his teeth. He didn’t even remember that but she seemed to be quite happy with how things had gone, though she was not a dragoness who liked cuddling and the like all that much. She just wanted to be bred and taken like a slut when she was on the bottom, ready to take her fun in the top position soon enough too.

While Chemical freshened up in the bath – her legs were still too shaky for the shower – Kao called up Fyr, naked before the hallway mirror, admiring his physique. It was no wonder that all the dragonesses wanted to be with him when he looked so good.

“Hey, Fyr.”

“You done yet?”

She sounded rather done with the day but it was surely hard to feel any sort of guilt when he was, at least for the time being, caught up in the afterglow of demonic sexual satisfaction.

“Sure thing. Get your tail over here, you know the code.”

He hung up without another word, waiting on her, though Chemical was out of the bath with a large towel wrapped around her before Fyr had come back. Kao kissed her, a tenderness in their embrace.

“Welcome back, Kao,” Chemical murmured, hair clinging wetly to her scales. “I missed you.”

He grinned.

“I could tell!”

The door opened and he left Chemical in the bedroom to greet his sister in the best way he had come to enjoy – with a kiss. He would have preferred to get the dragoness on her knees sucking his dick but, well, that would have to be done when Chemical was not so close, when she wasn’t watching. Instead, the surprised dragoness was dragged into a deep, lustful kiss, the brand burning as soon as she tried to pull back, though it was easier, when it came to Kao, just to give in.


Fyr’s eyes closed as she submitted to him, finding her place once again. It was better that way, yes, the stink of sex clinging to him. It was no mystery as to what he’d been doing with Chemical and she longed for it, lusting and moaning too softly, though her cry was even quieter.

“Kao…” She broke the kiss, panting. “Your girlfriend… We can’t…”

It was strange to say those things when she was surely already carrying Kao’s offspring (well, it was an egg in her – the DNA test after birth would tell more but she didn’t care to worry). Chemical was his girlfriend and Kao had cheated on his girlfriend with her… That didn’t make sense and Fyr swallowed hard, rocking back on her heels as she added a touch of distance.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to think about that for much longer at all as the door swung open and Chemical gasped, clasping her paws to her chest.

“Oh my god, Fyr! What a change!”

Fyr blinked. What did she mean? Oh, her stomach… Her paws rested on it instinctively every time she wasn’t doing anything else with her paws and sometimes when she was doing things with just the one. It was impossible to miss even though she was used to it and Chemical’s paws were all over it, touching without asking.

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