Daddy’s Girl Pt. 03

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Big Tits

Dinner was perfect after that tasty appetizer, the bison flank steak Daddy and I had was cooked to perfection, just rare enough to make me purr happily. Because he has special plans for me next, we each only have one glass of wine a piece. As we nibble on the apple tatin with salted butter caramel sauce, he slides his middle finger through the rich sauce at the bottom of the plate, bringing it to my lips with the command, “Suck.” I keep eye contact with him as I gently wrapped my lips around his dark finger, slowly taking it in whilst flicking my tongue along, licking off every last bit of the caramel I can, feeling his finger tip teasing against the back of my tongue as I make little mewling noises in my throat, knowing he is thinking about my lips tight around his cock again.

Removing his finger slowly from my warm mouth, he smiles at me. “Good girl, you finished your meal. Finish up your water as well, and we will go upstairs. I have plans for you, my slutty little sub.”

Just hearing those words, letting my mind wonder a bit as to what he was planning, I wiggle a bit in the booth I am sitting in beside him. Doing so causes the ben wa balls in my pussy and the butt plug in my ass to move, making me moan a little louder and Daddy to grin even wider. I swallow the last of my water, and move to kneel on the cushion again, assuming the wide kneeling pose of a pleasure slave that I know Daddy likes to see me in, so he can see how swollen my cunt lips are and see the sheen of juice smeared over my thighs and pussy.

“I guess my slut is ready, is she? Let’s take you up and to the restroom so you can relieve yourself and freshen up. You may remove the balls and the anal toy only to go to the facilities and clean up, but you must put them back in until I say otherwise. There is an attendant there that will give you any lubricants that you might need. Take off your dress afterwards, give it to the attendant to hang up for you, bring me the check-in ticket, and come outside and present yourself to me for inspection. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He holds out his hand and takes mine, lifting me up gently before kissing my fingertips lovingly. Using his other hand on the small of my back to guide me, we walk to a door where a gentleman sees the stamp on Daddy’s hand, nods, and hits a button. The inlaid portion of the wall slides open, revealing a mirrored elevator. He steps in, directing me inside in front of me, and turns around to watch the door close silently, watching my eyes through the mirror in the door as he slides his hand over the back of my dress, teasing the crack of my ass and pushing the glass toy deeper into my ass, pushing another guttural moan out of me and enjoying the sight of my nipples getting harder under the dress. When the door slides open, he kisses the back of my neck, and whispers, “Prepare for me, because I am going to fuck you so hard after I torture you in front of those watching you beg for my fat cock in that tight little ass of yours.” I bite my lip, whimpering before responding, “Yes please, Master? I need to please you so badly. I promise to make you proud of your slut.”

He swats my left asscheek, making me jump just a little and the toys inside me make everything clench as I move forward to the restroom.

Entering, I see a lady in a uniform standing by the door next to a cabinet and a closet full of clothing with tags hanging off each velvet hanger. Entering a large stall, I slowly remove the toys from my cunt and ass, using the facilities before taking advantage of the generous moist towelettes placed by the commode. I slide the ben wa Kurtköy Türbanlı Escort balls back inside me and clean my glass toy before making sure that my garters are still lined up perfectly, the line up the back of my stockings are exactly in the middle, then walk out to the attendant, who smiles and holds up a small vial of clear lubricant for my toy. She gestures towards the chase lounge and I kneel on it, grabbing the bar behind it and trying not to blush as I reach back with one hand, spreading my ass open as she oils up the toy and with almost clinical precision, slides it back home into my ass. She gives me a hand up to stand and nods to me as I thank her. I check myself in the mirror again to make sure my hair isn’t too mussed from the blow job I gave Daddy earlier, touching my lipstick up so my lips are full and glossy again, and step out of the restroom.

Daddy is waiting there for me, and pulls a slim black leash from his pocket as I drop to my knees at his feet. He clips the silver clasp to the O-ring on my collar, learning down to running his hand down my chest to my exposed left nipple, pinching it hard enough to make me gasp. He administers the same treatment to the right one, making them both even harder, begging for attention. He smiles as he stands up, nodding. “Much better, my petal. Are you ready to go play?”

I look up at him, both excited and apprehensive as I glance over to the double doors I have a feeling we are going through next, then back into his eyes. “Mmm yes, I am ready to please you, Master.”

He starts walking forward, lightly leading me behind him as one of the doors is opened by an attendant, who greets us with a smile and a slight bow of the head towards Daddy.

The inside of the club is tastefully decorated in dark rich wood paneling, supple leather, and dark jewel toned fabrics. There seems to be numerous BDSM furniture placed a little distance from one another, some of which has comfortable seating surrounding it for those who wish to enjoy the shows. It didn’t appear to be a busy night, but the sounds of snapping crops and thuddy floggers fill the air, followed by moans and screams and the low hum of conversations.

Daddy looks around slowly, deciding where to start. He walks over to a waist-high, simple T- frame that has a padded bar around the top, O-rings at the ends of the top, at the middle and the bottom of the base. Next to it is a display rack with leather cuffs, whips, crops, floggers, ropes, paddles, an assortment of clamps, blindfolds, sensory toys, lubricant, condoms and individually-wrapped wet wipes. Daddy grabs a set of black leather cuffs, checking them closely to make sure they will fit me. Bending to one knee, he wraps the cuffs around my ankle, tightening them snugly, and reaching up to my offered wrists, adding cuffs to them before standing. Smacking my ass playfully, he says in his low, Master voice, “Face the post, little one, and bend over, let everyone see that beautiful ass before I redden it well.”

I whimper, “Yes, Master mine,” as I move to the post, pressing my feet to the base, bending over the padding and grabbing the spot just below the middle ring, making my ass wiggle enticingly, teasingly as he bends again, clipping my ankle cuffs to the base, and my wrists to the middle. I hear him chuckle behind me, as he whispers, “Ohhh my little naughty girl, you are going to pay dearly for that little move, right there.” I hear the rustle of leather as he runs his fingers over the array of toys, my pussy tightening as I know he is contemplating which one will give the best effect. I hear him Kurtköy Otele Gelen Escort come back towards me, testing the balance and swoosh of leather paddle. He leans over at my side, kissing just below my ear, making me moan in anticipation as he says, “This should warm your ass up a little before I get to the really good toys.”

He makes me reverently kiss the paddle, making sure I see how the 3 inch wide head with a solid handle so he can control it easily, then he stands up behind me, rubbing my ass softly, running his fingers closer and closer to my pussy lips, finally running his middle finger over the folds of my drooling cunt right before he takes his hand away and I feel the whoosh of air caress my skin the microsecond before the paddle connects to my right ass cheek, making my head jolt up and a loud moan escape from my throat.

A few men nearby turn at the sound, look back at each other, nod, and walk over to sit on a set of chairs to the side of us, where they can see both my Daddy’s work and my face as I react. I bite my lip just before the next thwack of the paddle hit my left cheek, my mouth opening as my groin tries to pull up from the bar to reach him, panting slightly and crying out as he comes down once…twice more before rubbing my ass gently, smoothing out the burn before really getting into the rhythm, my cries getting louder, the voyeurs slowly coming over to watch as Daddy turns my pale ass brighter and more rosy, making sure not to hit the butt plug, but knowing that it and the balls inside me are bouncing to the time of the leather.

After a good ten strokes, he rubs my ass down, smoothing it before leaving me alone and hanging there for a moment, cunt dripping almost audibly onto the floor while he wipes down the paddle and puts it back, selecting the long tail full flogger. He walks over to me and lays it over my back so I know what he has. I whimper as he grips my hips and pulls himself against me, his erect cock shoving against the anal toy, forcing it deeper into me, making me pant wantonly. He reaches under me, slowly pulling the ben wa balls out of me, and then the butt plug, leaving me empty as he places them on an open wipe he had placed out. Coming back, he slams two fingers into my cunt, making me scream as I almost cum… I KNOW BETTER! I concentrate on the feeling of his long, fat fingers fucking deep inside my sopping wet cunt, moaning in time to every thrust, my face turning and catching the eye of one man who seem to be watching intently, his arousal evident as he seems to be gauging my reaction to Daddy’s manhandling my little pussy. Just before I can’t handle it anymore, when I am on the edge of orgasm and I am about to beg for release, he pulls his fingers out, making my pussy lips gape open and my juices paint my thighs down to the tops of my stockings, wetting the lace.

He puts his fingers in front of my face and I eagerly open my mouth, drawing his fingers deep into my mouth and suckling on them, cleaning all my juices from them whilst looking up at him with misty eyes. Smiling, he pulls his fingers from my mouth and returns to my ass, massaging it slightly before wrapping his large hand around the braided pommel of the flogger, dragging the worked hide falls over my spine, up over the small of my back, and letting them fall naturally off my pink, glowing asscheeks.

Flicking the flogger just out of reach of my ass, my body reacting to the snap with a jolt and a squeal before I hear his chuckle, and relax. Belatedly, I realize this is the wrong thing to do right then, as the flogger suddenly connects to Kurtköy Ucuz Escort my ass for the first time, followed by another, and another, and another; each placed slightly different, criss-crossing, leaving patterns of ever-reddening stripes of flesh in their wake, making me cry out with each landing, the pain going almost a beeline to my drooling cunt. Keeping up his pace, he moves up to my back, coming around to the front of me whilst undoing his trousers’ button and fly, pulling out his thick cock, the veins standing out on the caramel skin, the foreskin pulled back from the head that is leaking precum from his excitement from working my body over as he groans, “Suck my cock, my little slut, let everyone see what a good cock sucker my baby girl is.”

Opening my mouth wide and arching my neck up, I feel him shove his cock into my welcoming mouth while he keeps flogging my back and reaching to land some strokes on my ass as he starts forcing his thick dark cock deeper, grabbing my updo with his free hand and digging his fingers in to hold my head up as he bends his knees slightly, thrusting his head into my throat. Tears start leaking out of the corners of my eyes and drool dripping from my mouth and down my chin as I take it gladly, moaning when he pulls out almost all the way, gargling on his cock as he fucks my wide-open throat, stretching it til it almost feels like he is banging against my larynx… just the way he knows will cause me to lose control.

The orgasm inside me is building, the warmth turning into a fire that starts at my cherry-red ass and blushing back, seeming to jolt my rock-hard nipples and my engorged clit. My eyes roll back into my head as I start trembling all over. Daddy notices and pulls out of my throat, leaving me gasping for air before the begging starts. “Daddy, Master… MASTER! Please, please fuck me! Fuck your little whore, please? I need it, please gods, I need your cock in me! Please take me, please let me cum for you! Pleeeaaaaasssssssseeeee!!!” the last word come out as he gets behind me grabs my hair roughly, pulling my head back as he slams his cock into my gaping, leaking pussy as he growls, “Hold it! Hold it! No cumming until I tell you that you can!”. I wail desperately, trying not to cum, trying hard to not concentrate on that beautiful fat cock almost ripping my pussy apart, his balls slamming my clit just so… oh gods. Oh gods, I can’t hold it!

My muscles in my body all tense up, right before he reaches down and slaps my clit, groans, “Now, my slut.. cum for me, give it all to me. Cum hard for me NOW!” and I do. My eyes roll back hard, all I see is white light as I scream incoherently, my pussy gushing over his cock and balls, soaking the front of his trousers as I seem to jerk in the restraints over and over, the flood of orgasms evident in the puddle at his feet. He growls low in his throat as he can hear the stream of juices, losing himself into me as he starts coming with me, making me spasm all over again as I cum again with him. I go limp in his grip, floating on a sea of subspace, completely oblivious to the 12 people watching, some of whom are caressing their submissives or stroking their cocks from the show we just put on for them.

Gently, Daddy lets go of my hair, letting me hang limply as he grabs a towel from the display, laying it on the puddle of my cum, kneels down to unclasp the cuffs from the rings I am attached to, lifting me up and taking the few steps to the nearest chair. Cuddling my nearly-unresponsive body close, he massages my arms and back, working his way down to my legs to ensure circulation as he gently tells me what a good girl I am, how much he loves me and how proud he is of my performance. I come back to Earth, and smile up at him as he kisses me passionately. I reach up, touching his face, whispering, “Best Daddy in the world,” before snuggling up against him to relax as he smiles and smooths out my messy hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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