Daddy’s New Mate

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I was left with a fourteen year old daughter to raise alone. Luckily my mother’s older sister moved in with us for the next three years and helped care for my daughter and myself. I was able to go to work during the day, and my aunt took a part time job at night. I also provided her with free room and board; she refused any other compensation. Little Tracy’s passage from girlhood to teenager was eased under my aunt’s skillful domesticity; she had raised four children of her own. She left only when she was assured that my daughter and myself could function without her assistance.

I found a better job with another company. With a computer and modem I was able to do some work at home and insure that Tracy was off to school each morning. We lived quite well on my salary, but a shadow still enveloped us. I would look at Tracy, as she slowly grew into a near image of her mother, and a sharp pain would arc through my body.

Strangely I had no interest in women or sex during these years, possibly a result of the psychological residue of our tragedy. Whenever my daughter looked at me with her green eyes and pretty smile, I was filled with enough love to need nothing else. I always saw her as my little girl, even after she strode across the high school stage to receive her diploma with honors. Tracy chose to attend a local college and remained at home with me.

One night as I looked into her bedroom before turning in, I saw that Tracy was sitting very still on the edge of her bed, almost in a trance. She flinched when I tapped on her door and looked at me, asking, “Daddy, do you still think about mommy?” A pain shot through me, and I could say nothing; I merely turned away with my face filled with grief and staggered into my bedroom. I sat down on my bed and got myself under control. I heard a noise and looked up to see my daughter entering my room. She sat down next to me and put an arm around me, leaning against me. Obtaining no response, Tracy climbed onto my lap, wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me on the lips. “Don’t be sad, daddy. I love you so much,” she said. “I will be your little girl, and your big girl, forever.”

My depressed mind was still numb, but forbidden, erotic images briefly flashed through it like electricity. My hardening cock pressed against the thinly clad bottom on my lap. “I love you too, Tracy, so much,” I replied and hugged her against myself. Our lips met and remained softly pressed together for a long moment, but I became uneasy. I lifted Tracy off me, hugged her again, and sent her off to her room. My mind roiled with wicked ideas and my cock stiffened more, almost tempting me to masturbate in the privacy of my little bathroom. I wondered what Tracy was doing in her room.

My back bothered me enough during the night to wake me early. I needed to use the tub in the main bathroom. I filled it with hot water and immersed myself. The pain faded, and I lay there in a warm reverie, not hearing the door open, until a shadow blocked the light. I looked up and saw Tracy standing next to the tub. She was wearing a thin, short robe, but it hung open to show her bra and panties underneath. A look of concern was on her pretty face.

“Are you all right, daddy?”

“I guess so; my back was bothering me again, so I took a hot bath.” My eyes wandered from her face to her crotch and chest. “Could you please hand me those aspirins and a cup of cold water, baby?” I didn’t want to move. My daughter filled a cup and knelt down next to the tub, feeding the aspirins into my mouth with her dainty little fingers and holding the cup of water to my lips. I could just see a hint of her nipples and areoles through the sheer fabric of her bra.

“Let me help you, daddy.” Tracy slipped the robe off and began to soap and wash me. Shamelessly, I lay in the warm water, naked under her eyes. A few stray splashes made her bra nearly transparent, and I could now easily see her nipples pressing against the thin material. Her gentle touch was stimulating me, and the innocent bathing quickly became an erotic episode unlike anything I had experienced in many years. Tracy ignored my rising penis at first, but then spent a suspiciously long time soaping and washing it. She seemed to enjoy her intimate touching of my body. Tracy ended by washing my feet and gathered several towels to dry me off. I found that most of the chronic pain was gone as I slowly eased myself out of the tub. My little daughter helped me to dry off.

“Why don’t you lie down on that soft rug next to your bed, and I’ll massage your poor back,” she suggested. I agreed and walked naked into my bedroom and lay on the rug. In a moment Tracy was with me again. I smelled a pleasant aroma and noticed she had opened a bottle of fragrant oil. She poured some on her hands and began to dig into the locus of my pain. I groaned with contentment as the vestiges of the deep ache slowly disappeared. My daughter wiped away the excess oil with a dry washcloth and helped me up. Gaziantep Binevler Escort I noticed that she was rubbing her own shoulders.

“What’s wrong, baby?” I asked.

“I think the ache flowed from you into me, daddy,” Tracy said, “or maybe I just wasn’t used to massaging you so long.” Her smile was so sweet.

“Turn around, baby,” let me rub away the hurt.” She spun about and I began to work my own fingers into her shoulders and arms. She reached around and lifted her long, dark hair up so I could rub her neck. Somehow this single act was so arousing that my penis rose up completely. I continued to work on her, listening to her little groans of pleasure, but my thick rod remained erect. Soon she dropped her hair, turned herself back to me, and moved forward to hug me. Her eyes dropped down when she felt something hard prod her stomach.

“Daddy, I… ”

“I’m sorry, baby. I just can’t help it,” I interrupted. “You are such a beautiful girl.” I tried to turn away, but Tracy held me and hugged herself against my naked flesh, trapping my hard cock between us.

“Daddy, it’s all right. I want to be your big girl now, in any way that I can.” She lifted her face up and pulled my head down. Our lips met again, but this time she slipped her little tongue into my mouth, and I responded in kind. “Let me help you, daddy,” my little girl whispered into my mouth. She poured more drops of oil into her hand and gently rubbed them into my erect penis. I knew that I should stop her, but deep inside me I wanted her to do it. I allowed Tracy to jack me off. My legs began to shake, and I had to place my hands on her shoulders to brace myself or I would have collapsed to the floor.

She quickly bent over and picked up the washcloth. “Come for me, daddy; let me give you some comfort.” Tracy resumed stroking me, but accelerated her little hand until I began to moan. She pressed the oily washcloth around the head of my throbbing erection. Its touch sent me over the brink, and I filled it with a stream of thick, incestuous cum. Tracy pumped and squeezed out every drop. After I stopped gasping, she carried the semen-soaked cloth to the bathroom, and I heard her rinse it and toss it down the laundry chute.

That evening I arrived home and heard the tub being used again. The door to the bathroom was open, but I passed the bathroom and went to my room. I took off everything but my underpants. Then overcome by my curiosity, I returned to the bathroom. I walked in; Tracy was lying in the tub, splashing herself with water.

“Want to join me for a bath, daddy?”

“Yes, honey.” I stripped off my shorts and stepped into the tub. I began to wash her firm, young breasts with one hand coated in soap. Tracy began to wash me too, but, as I started teasing her protruding nipples, she closed her eyes and sighed. Her own hands limply soaped my chest, but I could tell that she was now occupied with her own desires. My hands moved downward and entered the space between her legs. My daughter moved her legs farther apart and sighed, her face flushing in the heat of the moment.

“Let your daddy get you clean, honey.”

“Mmmmmm, daddy,” she murmured softly.

My wet, soapy fingers probed gently into the slit between the lips of her virginal pussy, touching her inner lips and her clitoris. She moaned quietly and threw her head back with her lips parted while I stimulated her vulva. I slipped a finger just inside the tight vaginal opening. Her hands gripped my arm, fingers digging into me. I gasp came from her throat. My cock rose and hardened as I pushed deeper into her cunt. Tracy was no longer washing me.

“Oh, daddy, that’s so good… soooo gooood.” I was giving her ease now.

I gripped my cock and stroked it as my other fingers played over my angel’s labia and clitoris. After a few minutes both her face and her chest began to flush to a pink color. I rubbed my palm against her slit, stimulating her clit with my thumb while a finger was inserted into her vagina. My little girl was wiggling her pelvis against me, and in a few more minutes she went over the edge. Her thighs spread apart, and she cried out some incoherent words as she ground her pussy against my hand. My little girl came for me for the first time. My firm cock projected over her pussy, needing and wanting to enter her.

Soon I helped her from the tub, wrapped her in towels, and carried her to my bedroom. I didn’t care about my cock’s need; I had to pleasure my daughter more and give her comfort, as she had given it to me. I laid her down on the bed and knelt down on the floor between her smooth, long legs. I began to kiss my way up those slender, young legs, inching nearer to her honey pot.

“Uunngghh… daddy!” she groaned faintly.

“Let daddy make you feel good some more, sweetie,” I whispered. My lips met her labia, and I kissed her sweet honey pot again and again.

“OH! DADDY!” she cried out. Her hands reached down and her fingers combed through me hair. “Daddy, do that more; please don’t stop.”

Pressing my lips against her, I inserted my tongue into her wet slit. I probed deep into her secret places. I soon brought her to another intense peak of pleasure. By now my own need had overwhelmed me as a deep ache spread through me groin, and I knew what I wanted, what I had to have. I rose and moved around the bed. My little angel was sprawled out under my loving gaze, but she had placed one hand between her legs as though to trap the pleasure there.

“Daddy needs you to help me again, honey.” Her eyes opened to little slits. “Suck my cock, honey. I need to come so bad.” She rolled over onto her side, lifted herself up, and let her head drop over my aching rod. I felt her lips wrap around the head of my rigid cock but saw nothing but the beautiful drape of her hair over my groin. Her mouth engulfed more and more of my length, and then she let it all slide out again. Her tongue flicked under my head and across my little slit. She leaned back and looked up at me, pulling her long, dark hair back.

“I love you so much, daddy. I want you to come in my mouth.” Tracy leaned over me again to perform her lascivious task. This time her head bobbed quickly up and down, and I felt her hand stroking me. My incestuous seed boiled up inside my aching testicles, and I moaned loudly. I heard Tracy slurping and felt the suction that her mouth was applying to me. Her hand worked faster, and my semen began spurting out. I could both feel and hear her gulping each load of cum that erupted from my pulsating cock. After she assured herself that she had milked and sucked me dry, Tracy fell back and smiled up at me.

“Thank you, honey; daddy loves you so much,” I gasped, barely able to speak. I slowly lowered myself to the bed next to her.

“Am I your big girl now, daddy?”

“Yes, honey, and I love you so much.”

An evening bath became now became a regular event that we enjoyed a few times every week. We also found other pleasures to comfort each other.

Part 2.

I looked forward to arriving home, never knowing how Tracy and I would please each other, but I still could not bring myself to fuck her. I knew that she deserved a life of her own, and I wanted her to save herself for a future husband. We began sharing my bed on the nights when she did not have to prepare for a big exam in one of her college courses the next day. Those nights together were filled with our mutual pleasure. To wake up with my daughter naked in my arms was a joy.

One day we were eating in a restaurant, and Tracy pointed out a couple at a table several feet across the room. They resembled us in that it was an older guy accompanied by a younger girl.

“I think they are not father and daughter, daddy,” she said softly. “It looks to me like some mature guy got lucky and attracted a young babe.”

“I got lucky and attracted a young babe too,” I said. I reached across the table and took her hand in mine, a display of affection that I rarely dared to use in the public.

Our eyes continually fell on that other couple as Tracy and I enjoyed our meal and shared the events of our lives. The other couple rose from their table to leave and I heard Tracy sigh. I looked up and saw the girl was pregnant. Tracy turned to me and smiled. Later in the car Tracy mentioned the couple again.

“They looked so nice together,” she said, “and they are starting a little family too.” Her hand fell lightly on my thigh, and I glanced over at her. “If we made a baby now, daddy, it would be due in the early summer, and I would not miss any of my school.”

“Honey, don’t you want to make a life with a nice, young guy? You don’t want an old guy like me; I’m almost forty-five.”

“Daddy, you’re as nice a guy as there is, and you’re are young enough for me.” Her hand squeezed my leg for emphasis.

“Think what the neighbors and our friends would say, honey.”

“They would not need to know that you were the father, daddy; they could believe that I was another slut who got knocked up, and you tolerantly let me stay at home with you to care for my baby.”

“How long have you been thinking about this, Tracy?” I asked. She seemed to have a plan already worked out.

“I dream about it now and then, but I thought about it seriously when I saw the couple in the restaurant. They made me believe it could really happen. Of course, we need to consider it more thoroughly.”

“If we did carried out this plan, we certainly would,” I answered. When I said that, I knew that I not only was accepting the idea, I was admitting my own secret longing as well. I too had enjoyed occasional reveries of siring children by my sweet little daughter.

Later that evening after we had retired early to enjoy a slow, sensuous soixant-neuf coupling, we lay together in the afterglow and talked about, what was now, our mutual idea of starting a family.

“I sort of like that slutty daughter idea because it would give us an immediate and reasonable cover story,” I said, “but it would give you such a bad reputation that I find it distasteful.”

Tracy answered, “We could mitigate that with some sympathy by saying that I was engaged to someone who died after I became pregnant.”

“I like that idea, honey. Maybe by saying it was someone who died heroically like a soldier or a policeman would make it and even better story.”

Tracy pressed her lips to mine and reached down to grasp my thick penis in her hand. She pulled back and looked me in the eyes. “Let’s do it, daddy; fuck me now. I want you so bad.” Her lips met mine again and her tongue drove deep into my mouth, suggesting how she wanted my firm cock to drive into her.

Within a few moments I was between her legs with my cock touching her wet cunt. Tracy spread her legs wide, inviting me into her, and I raised myself up to guide the head of my penis to her vagina. The tip pressed into her opening as I gazed into her face, watching he head lolling on the bed beneath me.

My daughter looked at my through half-closed eyes and whispered, “Do it, daddy; do it now. I’m ready for you.” I abruptly threw my hips forward and slid deep into her wet tunnel. My little girl’s head briefly fell back, her mouth gaping open in a silent scream, her body becoming momentarily rigid.

“Oh god, honey,” I moaned. “Did I hurt you so bad.”

Tracy relaxed and smiled up at me, pulling me down onto herself. “It hurt for just a second, daddy. It surprised me because I forgot that it might hurt.” She wiggled her hips under mine. “It’s ok now, daddy… it even feels… good. Daddy, fuck me; fill me up with your semen. Go ahead, daddy, fuck me!” I pushed myself into her deeper, and Tracy moaned and lifted her legs around mine.

We moved against each other slowly, allowing the feeling of this first coital penetration to build and endure. She met my movements with her own sexy, pelvic undulations. Our lips met in kisses, interspersed with little gasps and sighs of pleasure. Finally, my daughter increased her movements and began to gasp. “Daddy, I… I’m… com… commmmminnnggg!” I felt her vagina grip my thick cock, milking it within its slippery membranes. I groaned as I shot spurt after spurt of my load of incestuous cum into her depths, pushing hard each time to insure my sperm was deep in my little angel’s womb.

We lay locked together for a long time, wanting to insure that my semen was starting its flow into her waiting uterus. We liked to think that our first effort was the moment my daughter’s egg became fertilized, but you can be sure that the next days were filled with many more attempts. We were successful; Tracy was happily late; then very late. Our success was confirmed by a home testing kit and a big smile on my daughter’s beautiful face. She laughed when she had trouble fitting into some of her tighter garments and even accepted her morning nausea with little jokes. She was thoroughly enjoying this experience, and the tactless remarks of a few of her school acquaintances did not diminish her joy.

Now was the tricky part. We insisted on complete testing for any genetic problems, while we searched the newspapers for a potential father. A high school classmate was severely injured while trying to save some co-workers in a factory accident. He was also attending her college as a part time student. He died in intensive care, and Tracy went to his funeral and helped console the grieving parents. She kept her ears open and learned that she was the only girl Steve had known well enough to mention to them.

We now had a father, but we had a problem. The boy’ mother was observant and noticed Tracy’s condition. She and her husband discussed Tracy’s obvious pregnant state and contacted us, offering to help out. Because of our pretext, we declined any financial support, but offered to let them visit their grandchild in the future. They seemed somewhat relieved when we also declined their offer to share Steve’s insurance money with us. I earned enough to support my new family. A few nosy meddlers tried to analyze the situation because it didn’t make sense to them, but their intruding voices eventually became silent.

We were seated in the same restaurant where we had seen the other couple, the two who had motivated us to fulfill our love. I looked across at Tracy, now with swollen breasts and belly. We made an act of being an unhappy father with his unmarried, gravid daughter, but inside we were filled with joy and were there to celebrate our secret. All the tests indicated that Tracy was going to produce a healthy boy, my son.

Each night we were driven together into passionate embraces. Her nipples became sensitive enough that licking and suckling her could drive Tracy to an orgasm. I found great pleasure sliding into her with her round belly in my hands, sometimes feeling little stirrings as I filled her pussy with more of my fertile seed. She would climax and say that I was helping to open her up for the birth.

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