Daughters of Darwin Ch. 02


Mark woke up to the feeling of someone sitting down on the bed next to him. For a moment, he was surprised that he had been sleeping in the first place, but then he remembered Tanya dozing off with him. He remembered the warmth of her body, and the comfortable numbness that had overcome him after he had left a load of his sperm in her pregnant pussy.

He looked up. It was Tanya who had sat down next to him, alright, and she was sipping from a canned drink — a protein shake, it seemed.

“Hi,” Tanya said as she noticed he was awake, gently running her fingers through his locks. “Back among the living?”

“Mmmh,” Mark replied, stretched and slowly sat up. “How long have I been sleeping?”

Tanya shrugged. “Only a few hours, I suppose,” she said. “I haven’t looked at the time, but it can’t be later than three or four in the afternoon.”


Mark stood up, looked around, picked up his underpants from the floor and slipped into them.

“Aw,” said Tanya, pouting.

Mark grinned. “What, you want another round already?”

“That too,” Tanya replied, “but I also liked the view until now. You have a really great butt, you know that?”

“Thanks. Yours is amazing too. And I’m now qualified to offer an expert opinion on that.”

Tanya giggled. “It’s a lot bigger now that I’m pregnant. Are you into big butts?”

“I’m definitely into your butt,” Mark smiled, “no matter whether it’s small and tight or big and soft. Though…”

“Though?” Tanya raised an eyebrow.

Mark sighed. “I still can’t believe how fast pregnancies go for you,” he said. “It’s so unreal. You’re telling me it’s nothing but biology at work, but if it really is…”


“Then why haven’t I ever heard about it before?”

Tanya smiled, and it was one of her wicked little smiles again. “That’s because we’re doing our best to keep it secret.”

“We?” Now it was Mark’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “Are you saying there’s more than one of you?”

“Heh.” Tanya’s smile got even wider. “There’s a whole lot of us. And there’s more of us every day.”

“Then — who’s ‘us’?”

“Women like me,” Tanya explained. “Women whose biology works faster than normal.”

Mark looked at her in disbelief. “And where did you come from?” he asked. “I mean, have you all evolved at the same time, or what?”

Tanya had to laugh again. “No, Mark, we were born this way. Born from women who already had the same biology. We inherit it from our mothers.”

“Oh. Then…” Mark looked at Tanya’s belly. “Then our child…?”

“Will be just the same,” Tanya nodded. “All my daughters share this ability, and ours will be no different. It’s an evolutionary advantage, remember? Of course she’ll inherit it.”

That revelation was enough to make Mark have to sit down again. “Wow,” he said, “I wouldn’t have thought it was like- like this. I mean, wow, you’re able to give birth to theoretically hundreds of girls during your lifetime, and if each of them is able to give birth to the same number, then your granddaughters alone would number in the tens of thousands, and the generations after that…”

“That’s the whole point,” Tanya smiled.

“Huh?” Mark looked at her with a puzzled expression on his face. “The whole point of what?”

“The whole point of…”

That moment, the bedroom door opened, and a brunette, tall woman wearing a very expensive-looking skirt suit entered the room. Her expression when she saw Mark was one of utter disbelief.

“What the FUCK, Tanya?”

Tanya ducked and smiled at the woman in an apologetic way. “Hi, sis,” she said.


“This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done! I mean, you’ve done a lot of dumb things, but really, now you’ve surpassed yourself, Tanya. This is absolutely un-fucking-believably, mind-numbingly stupid!”

“Look, Stephanie,” Tanya tried to explain, “it’s not like you think it is.”

“It isn’t?” Stephanie threw her hands in the air, looking as though as she was about to scream in frustration. “Then, please, tell me, by all means: What in Mother Earth’s name were you THINKING when you brought one of your fuck-toys here?”

“Hey!” Mark couldn’t help feeling that Stephanie’s anger was probably not unfounded, but that should have been no reason to insult him. “Don’t call me a…”

“I didn’t bring him here,” Tanya defended herself. “He found this place on his own.”

“Exactly,” Mark said. “And I’m not her…”

Stephanie ignored him. “Yeah, right,” she hissed, “how very probable. And I suppose it’s also a coincidence that the two of you smell of sex, isn’t it?”

“No, that’s not a coincidence,” Tanya said, “that’s because we DID have sex.”

“Ah hah!”

“But I didn’t invite him here, and I didn’t tell him how to find this place either.”

Stephanie crossed her arms. “Impossible,” she said. “How else would he have known?”

“I’m not sure myself,” Tanya explained, “but it’s probably because he sucked my tits.”

“He what?”

“Sucked my tits, or at least one of them.” Tanya leaned back a little. “Yeah, I know, I was probably a little careless, but Escort bayan how could I have known that this was enough to…”

“Regardless, once he was here, of course you HAD to sleep with him,” Stephanie continued chastising her. “Dammit, Tanya, we have this rule for a reason! No strangers inside the safehouse!”

Mark was slowly getting angry too, mostly at being ignored. “I’m not a stranger”, he insisted. “I’m the father of Tanya’s child.”

That seemed to have gotten Stephanie’s attention. “Oh, so you are?” she said. “Brilliant! So I suppose she even told you that her body works in mysterious ways, didn’t she?”

“She did.”

Stephanie buried her face in the palm of her hand. “Tanya,” she groaned, “what am I going to do with you? And what are we going to do with him?”

“Uh, me?!” Suddenly, Mark didn’t like where this conversation was going. “What do you mean? Tanya, what does she…”

“It’s okay,” Tanya said, probably talking to both Mark and her sister. “Everything’s perfectly okay. I already talked to Mark. He said he was cool with everything.”

Stephanie glanced at Tanya over her hand. “Did you tell him what ‘everything’ implies?” she asked.

“I told him he couldn’t go back to his old life,” Tanya nodded, “and he was perfectly happy with that.”

“Um…” Mark’s eyes darted between Tanya and Stephanie. Now that he thought of it, maybe his first reaction towards learning of Tanya’s pregnancy had been a little too positive…

The look in Stephanie’s eyes made it clear that she had noticed his sudden nervousness. “So I suppose you were a little, say, unclear on the details,” she said.

“Maybe.” Tanya smiled.

“I thought so,” said Stephanie and looked at Mark. “You.”

“Uh, yes?”

“Come with me.” She turned around and walked back out the door.

Mark felt more than a little uneasy. “What…”

“I’m going to give you a few explanations”, Stephanie said.

“Alright…?” Mark looked at Tanya. “Um, your sister, is she…”

Tanya gave him a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry,” she said, “Stephanie’s okay. I’m pretty sure she not going to harm you.”

“Pretty sure?” Mark didn’t exactly feel much safer.

“Almost one-hundred-percent sure,” said Tanya and nudged him in the arm. “Besides, you’re a strong guy. When push comes to shove, you can take care of yourself.”

Mark sighed, stood up and, really not feeling confident, followed Stephanie into the parlor.

Once he had arrived, Stephanie closed the door to the bedroom again, and for a moment, Mark had the uncomfortable feeling that being locked in with her was among the more dangerous things he had experienced in his lifetime. Then, however, he saw that the door into the mansion’s entry hall was standing open and that, theoretically, he could still try running away. Strange, though, that the door was open — hadn’t Tanya locked it earlier?

As he walked passed her, he couldn’t help notice that Stephanie stood almost as tall as he did. She was wearing high heels, but that could only amount to three inches, at most. She really was very different from her sister…

“Sit,” Stephanie said, pointing towards one of the armchairs — the same one Mark had already chosen earlier. He sat down. Stephanie did not.

“So…” Mark began to speak.

“So you know of Tanya’s secret,” Stephanie interrupted him, crossing her arms again. “How much did she tell you?”

Mark shrugged. “I don’t know how much there is to know,” he said. “What Tanya told me is already quite unbelievable.”

“What exactly did she reveal?” Stephanie’s gaze felt very uncomfortable — her eyes seemed to bore right through Mark’s.

“She told me that she was able to give birth every four weeks if she wants to,” Mark said, sweat slowly forming on his forehead. “That her biology worked differently than that of other women. That it had evolved into something, well, better. And that her children would inherit that same biology, as she had inherited it from her mother.”

Stephanie didn’t blink once as she continued staring at Mark. “And that’s all?”

“Um, yeah, I think…” Mark tried to remember anything he could have forgotten but didn’t find anything. “Yeah, that’s all.”

“Good.” Stephanie’s expression relaxed visibly, and she lowered her arms to her side. “Good. That still makes you the first man who’s ever learned that much about us, but I suppose it’s a risk we can still live with.”

Mark raised an eyebrow. “Risk? What risk…”

“Think about it,” Stephanie said. “You’ve impregnated a woman, and she’s going to give birth to a little baby girl only four weeks after that. Not everybody would take that as well as you apparently do. Weren’t you shocked when you found out?”

“Sure I was,” Mark nodded. “But, well, at the same time, I was also happy to learn that I was going to be a dad, and…”

“And apparently, that made you so horny that you had to fuck my little sister again, right on the spot.”

Mark looked down. “Well…”

“Don’t worry,” Stephanie said, “I’m not holding that against you. Actually, it’s a good reaction. Other Bayan escort men might have become angry. Angry enough to actually harm Tanya, or her little baby girl.”

“Oh.” Mark looked up again, his eyes widening. “I hadn’t thought of that…”

“That’s why we’re keeping everything a secret,” Stephanie explained. “And why none of us is in a steady relationship with somebody. We’re different from other people, and the risk that they could hurt us out of anger, or even out of a lack of understanding for our difference, is always present.”

Mark nodded. “Yeah, I can imagine. Some people get easily angry at things they don’t understand.”

“Which is why you must never, absolutely never, tell anybody of us, Mark, or of this place here.” Stephanie had started to glare at him again, with the same intensity as before. “This is the first and absolutely most important rule of all. Are you willing to do that, Mark?”

“I am.” Mark didn’t even have to think about that. “I’d be putting my own daughter into danger if I gave your secrets away.”

Stephanie nodded. “Good. That’s rule one. Now for rule two.”

“There are more rules?”

“A few.” Stephanie shifted her weight to her other foot, and Mark only now realized how stiff her entire stance had been until that point. “I hope you’re willing to follow them,” she said, her voice now also much softer than before.

Mark nodded. “Tell me,” he said, “and I’ll know what to do.”

“Then rule two”, Stephanie said. “The child you’re going to have with Tanya is going to be your only child with her. You will not give her another.”

“Uh…” Mark was confused. “I suppose I can do that — but why? What’s the point?”

“Rule three,” Stephanie continued. “You will not question anything that we ask of you, nor ask for any further explanations. You will be content with what you know now. It’s already more than any other man in the world knows.”

Mark didn’t look happy with that. “You said you would give me a few explanations,” he complained. “Now you’re telling me I’m not supposed to ask for explanations.”

“I’m explaining the rules to you,” Stephanie said. “And I’m not saying you will never learn anything new about us. But we will decide how much we tell you how quickly. And until then, you need to trust that this is to both our best interests. Can you do that?”

“I suppose I have to,” Mark sighed. “I don’t have another choice, do I?”

Stephanie’s eyes widened in surprise. “What makes you think that?”

Mark held up his hands. “The way you’re talking to me, for example? I mean, if I don’t do what you ask of me…”

“Oh my goodness, you think we’re going to hurt you!” Stephanie had to laugh, and to Mark’s surprise, her laugh was bright, open and very melodic. “Oh dear. Oh DEAR! Sorry, Mark, really, that’s not what I wanted it so look like. Absolutely not.”

“Whew, now that’s a relief,” sighed Mark and relaxed slightly. “So, what is it, then?”

“What is what?”

“What’s the other choice I have?”

“Ah, yes.” Stephanie nodded. “The other choice is leaving now, never coming back and never seeing Tanya or me again. If you’re not willing to follow the rules, that’s what we must demand.”

That was definitely not as bad as Mark had expected. “Fine with me,” he said.

“Good,” smiled Stephanie. “Rule four, then.”

“How many rules are left?”

“Only two more,” said Stephanie. “The fourth one is this: Our daughters are ours, and ours alone. You do not hold any claims towards a girl born to one of us, not even towards your own.”

Mark had to swallow. “You mean,” he said, “I’m never going to hold my daughter in my arms?”

The look on Stephanie’s face became strict again. “That girl is not your daughter,” she said. “She’s Tanya’s daughter, and it’s Tanya’s choice how to raise her daughter. If she decides you’re not a part of that, then you’re not. Can you accept that?”

“That’s… harsh.”

“But that’s how it is. Can you accept it?”

Mark sighed and looked down again. “If the other option is never seeing Tanya again, then I suppose I have to,” he said. “I mean… Tanya could always choose to let me raise the kid together with her, couldn’t she?”

Stephanie nodded. “She could.”

“Alright, then I accept.” Mark took a deep breath and looked at the woman before him. “What’s the final rule?”

“The one you’re going to like the least,” Stephanie said, but with a very strange undertone in her voice.

Mark thought he saw the hint of a smile creep on Stephanie’s face. “Okay…?”

“As you’re now one of the few people outside our own kind who knows of us,” she explained, “and the only man, you are a very valuable resource for us. Our secrets are safe with you, and we needn’t hide our true nature from you. You’re the only man who understands what we’re capable of.”

“Um, yeah…” Mark was starting to feel a little uncomfortable again.

“And thus,” Stephanie calmly continued, “the final rule is this: Whenever one of us asks you to, you will impregnate her.”


Stephanie smiled and relaxed her stance again, Escort resting one hand on her hip. “You will give your sperm to any of us who asks you to,” she said, her voice having lost all of the strictness and seriousness it had had before. “Not more than once, of course — remember rule two. It applies to all of us.”

Mark had to swallow again. “You mean, any of you can just come to me and demand that I impregnate her, right on the spot?”

“It needn’t be ‘right on the spot’,” Stephanie chuckled, turned to the side, opened her jacket and hung it over the back of one of the armchairs. “You choose an appropriate time, and an appropriate occasion, and it can be in any way you’re comfortable with. But you can’t just refuse.”

“Hm.” Mark considered that for a moment. “That sounds at least a little better.”

“Also,” Stephanie continued and slowly walked towards Mark, “you will find that most of us don’t mind having sex even when it’s not about getting pregnant. So if you’re ever in need of a little relief, you know who you can turn to.”

Mark couldn’t help noticing how Stephanie’s hips swayed as she approached him, and for the first time, he realized what an attractive woman she was when she wasn’t shouting, or making menacing remarks, or demanding obedience of him. Her hair was much darker than Tanya’s, of such a dark brown tone that it almost looked black, but the highlights left in it by the afternoon sun through the windows shone brightly. Her eyes, frightening when she had glared at him, had a beautiful hazel tone and were full of warmth.

“So all in all,” Stephanie said, “I think it’s not too bad a deal.” She leaned forward, rested her hands on the arms of the chair Mark was sitting in and looked directly into his eyes, her chest almost touching his. “What do you think?”

“Yeah,” said Mark. “I think it’s not too bad a deal.”

“You’re willing to take it?”

Mark nodded. “I am.”

“Good,” smiled Stephanie, stood up again and started unbuttoning her blouse.


“Oh, and by the way,” she said, “as you’ve now accepted our rules. I also want you to give me a baby.”

Mark’s eyes widened. “What — right here and now?”

“You don’t have to,” Stephanie smiled. “Theoretically, you could name another time and occasion for that, as I told you in Rule Five. But…” She opened her blouse wide before him. “Do you really want to keep me waiting?”

One look was enough to assure Mark that he did not. He loved white lace lingerie, especially when worn by curvaceous women, and hell, Stephanie was one of those. His gaze went from her full, large breasts down over her smooth belly and to her very feminine hips — damn, how had she hidden that sort of figure underneath a simple skirt suit?

Mark stood up, smiled and walked towards Stephanie. He resisted the urge to directly go for her beautiful breasts and instead took her into his arms, gently running his hands over her lower back. Stephanie smiled at him and ran one hand through his hair. “I suppose that means I don’t have to wait,” she said.

“Definitely not,” smiled Mark and moved his lips closer to Stephanie’s.

Stephanie immediately put one of her fingers on Mark’s lips. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Who said you were allowed to kiss me?”

“Uh — I thought…”

“I want your baby, not your love.” Again, she tousled his hair. “Though I don’t mind you kissing the rest of me. But my lips are off-limits, okay?”

Mark nodded “Fine with me.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Stephanie huddled closer to Mark, and he could feel her warm, big breasts pressing against his chest as she whispered “I’m ready” into his ear.

Well, that was definitely hard to misunderstand, thought Mark, and so he took the cue and moved his hands downwards, feeling for the zipper to Stephanie’s skirt. He found it and opened it, and he could feel Stephanie move in his arms as she slowly wiggled her hips from side to side until the skirt slid to the ground. Reaching further down, Mark cupped his hands around her soft and smooth butt-cheeks, and to his satisfaction, he could feel lace under his fingers. Unlike Tanya, Stephanie wore underwear, and it was of the sexy kind.

Stephanie’s hand found their way under Mark’s shirt and, as she ran her fingers over his back, she started nibbling at the side of his neck. Mark gently ran his own hands up her back and up to the clasp of her bra, undoing it with nimble fingers. Stephanie responded by digging her fingernails into his back for a moment, just enough so that it didn’t become painful to him.

Then she slipped out of his arms, put her hands on his hips, and looked at him as if to judge his reaction. Mark moved a strand of Stephanie’s long dark hair out of her face, then gently put his hands on her shoulders and slid the straps of her bra off them. Stephanie smiled and lowered her arms for a moment. Her bra dropped to the floor.

Mark’s eyes widened as the full splendor of Stephanie’s breasts was now before him. Even underneath the bra, they had already looked large, but he couldn’t have guessed how firm they actually were. They hardly needed any support, it seemed; even now as they were swaying freely before him, they weren’t sagging at all. And her nipples, dark and large, stood up as high and perky as Tanya’s, who was two cup sizes smaller. Damn! Mark wanted to touch them…

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