Deidre Ch. 02-03

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We sat there, not saying a word for some time. Elsie broke the silence, saying, “So how was your first time?”

“It sucked, Elsie. Those two are creeps. I don’t want to see them again.”

“Yeah, I guess I don’t either,” she said as she lit up a Marlboro, and exhaled through her nose.


We were quick to admit we liked getting laid, but soon realized that there must be a more orderly process to doing so. Of course, being as young as we were, we didn’t put it quite that way.

I admired Elsie for her self confidence and ballsy demeanor. She oozed sex like a neon light on a moth filed night in her charming gum chewing, lip smacking way. Back then she was much better at telling stories than I, but, I realized she loved to hear me tell of my own little adventures with the guys.

Elsie was wildly masturbating as I regaled her with my misadventures with Lee in the toilet. She was shameless, a trait I soon adopted for myself, frigging away, trying to fist herself, but failing, (We would figure it out soon enough.) as she wheedled the story out of me.

“You offered to drink his piss?”

I nodded.

“Did you do it?’

I nodded.

“Did it splash all over you?”

“No, he’d already started in the sink. He didn’t have all that much left by the time he held it up to my mouth.”

“I can’t believe you did it,” she said. I wondered why she hadn’t bothered asking me what he tasted like. I decided she already knew what a guy’s urine tasted like. Maybe not Lee’s, but she’d sampled some someplace. I waited, hoping she’d tell me, but she never did.


We got together at Elsie’s the following afternoon, when I left Dillard’s at four. I worked as a salesgirl in the fragrance department. Elsie did hair styling at a strip mall a few miles away from where I worked.

We were lounging around in our undies; I was doing her toenails and asked as innocently as possible, “So Elsie, what are your favorite sex fantasies?”

Elsie lit another cigarette, tipped her head towards her shoulder, and blew smoke rings while she considered her answer. She squirmed in her seat and adjusted the thinnest part of her thong that had gotten stuck in the crack of her ass.

Through squinted eyes she said, “I dunno, I never fantasize, do you?”

“Sure I do. Everyone does.”

“I don’t,” she said emphatically.

“Fuck you,” I said, “Cosmo says everyone does. You tell me you wanna get fucked … stands to reason you’ve thought about how you wanna get fucked.”

“Yeah,” she said after a time, conceding the point.

I continued to probe, suggesting that only a day earlier, the guys had her and me doing shit we didn’t want to, but we did it anyway.

She took another drag and looked sidewise at me, certain that something was afoot. “Yeah, we did. I bet we could’a got them to do us differently.”

I started on another toe.

“Where are you going with this?” she asked suspiciously.

“I dunno,” I said. “I dream about getting laid by two guys sometimes. And maybe being tied up … spread-eagled, you know? Sometimes I think about being at the mercy of some guy with a big dick. You ever … have thoughts like that?”

She laughed at me and shrugged. “Who doesn’t?” she said with a wide smirk. “Did you know that your pussy has the biggest lips?”

“What?” I said, caught off guard.

“Yeah, I noticed it when I was going down on you. You’ve got really thick lips down there, kiddo.”

“I … I never really noticed.” That was a lie. Of course I’d noticed them. I had never considered them odd, before Elsie’s comment.

Ever the practical friend, Elsie produced a mirror and had me hold it between my legs, then tugged my panties to one side. I looked, and then really looked. It was the first time I had actually taken a serious look at myself down there.

“Pussies are like cocks in many respects,” Elsie said authoritatively.


She tugged her underwear off and spread her legs, affording me a view of her personal treasure. She had thin, lips that hung loosely, and were not close together like mine.

“Like I said, guy’s cocks are thin and thick, long and short. Basically, they come in all shapes and sizes. Pussies are much the same. If you see enough of them, you’ll see I’m right. Um, you know Louise Travers?”

I shook my head. Louise had gone to High School with us.

“Well, her lips were long and spread out. It was like … you know, at the gynecologist’s when she opens you up?”

I nodded again.

“Only she wouldn’t have to spread Louise apart, she was already there. She was the first cunt I actually took note of. After that I checked out the girls at every opportunity.”

“Do guys notice the difference?” I asked.

“I dunno. Maybe, but I think they’re hot to trot when they see one. All they wanna do is put it into you, you know what I mean?”

“I guess,” I said, and then, changing the subject, I asked, “So urfa escort what do we do tonight?”

“There are two dances I know of. One’s at St. Lucy’s; and one’s at Mount Carmel.”

“Ugh, not St. Lucy’s,” I said. Recalling the pimply-faced guy I let take me home the year before.

“So Mount Carmel?”

“Yeah … sure,” I answered, still thinking about the thick lips of my cunt.

Later that Evening

My adrenaline was surging as we ventured out into the night. Elsie and I were flying high after sharing a couple joints. We were dressed in our sluttiest attire, with Elsie in a short blue skirt with a matching halter top; and a pair of black stilettos encased her painted toes. As for me, well, I wore a very short, black dress, and strapped black sandals. My only accessories were my cat green eyes.

We met a couple of guys and left the dance to party at a place that served booze. The guys swore we could get in without ID.

As their car maneuvered into a fairly tight parking space, we could hear as well as feel the heart thumping music and the low roar of those inside.

I don’t know about Elsie, but it was my first time in a bar, and I was delighted when no one asked me for identification. My guess is Elsie felt the same, for she exuded a royal persona, preening this way, then that, while I perched happily on the stool next to her.

Moments later, with a martini in hand, I turned to observe the unfolding tableau. As I scanned the crowd, my eyes came to rest on a handsome, feral eyed, piece of beefcake. He looked like Marlon Brando in The Wild One, with his white tee shirt, and pack of cigarettes rolled up under his sleeve. His name was Chang; I never learned his first name. He was Chinese-American, with short spiked hair, sharp, chiseled features and steely gray eyes.

When Chang finally noticed us, he raised his hand and beckoned her over. Elsie was drawn to him like a moth to a flame, and excused herself to join him in a cloistered nook. The club had alcoves where couples could huddle with some semblance of privacy. I followed her, moments later, determined to eavesdrop, and possibly hookup with one of Chang’s buddy’s.

After the briefest of conversations, I heard Elsie say, “Please don’t make me. I’ll do almost anything else.”

“Look at me,” he said. She did. She had this helpless, puppy love type expression on her face, and I knew he could fuck her right there and then. Hey, to be truthful, he was a hunk and I would have gladly switched places with her.

Some creep hit on me and I missed the next couple minutes while fending him off. Then I heard Elsie gasp, and after making sure the creep moved on, returned my undivided attention to Chang and Elsie.

He had pulled her tits out her halter and was pulling on both nipples. Elsie was wincing in pain. Now I know I love having my nipples played with. I also pull on them quite often as it sends a certain thrill right to my snatch. Lee had given them a little pull and I’d loved it. But I didn’t recall feeling any pain, and that’s almost certainly what Elsie was feeling, or I was completely off base.

“Anyone … can see that my tits are exposed,” Elsie whined, but didn’t attempt to cover them.

“The fuck do I care,” Chang snarled. “You’re just a whore. Whores enjoy being outrageous and the center of attention.”

“I’m not a whore,” she protested.

He slapped her.

A tear ran down her cheek, as she looked at him and nodded.

“Don’t nod, say it,” he demanded.

“I … I’m a whore.”

She spotted me then, and sobbed.

“I’m gonna prove you’re a whore.”

“You … are?”

“Sure, in ten minutes, come to the men’s bathroom with the man I chose,” he said, and then tenderly kissed her tears away.

“Now, put your panties in my pocket,” he said, and I gawked as Elsie reached under her skirt and removed her undies and shyly started to hand them to him.

“I said put them in my pocket, bitch!”

And she did.

Chang moved away from her, and after a moment, Elsie walked uncertainly to me and we returned to the bar.

“Wanna get the fuck out of here?” I asked.


“I heard some of what he said, Elsie. We should leave.”

“Said I’m a whore.”

“I heard him, yeah.”

“I agreed with him.”

“He’s a scary guy. I would have too.”

Elsie asked the bartender for another drink, and when it came, drank half of it in one gulp. “Wants me to fuck some guy he’ll pick at random.”

“Elsie, you can’t do it.”

“I’m a whore, why not?”

“You’re not a whore, Elsie. You’re just a girl looking for a good time.”

“Yeah,” she replied, and sounded like a zombie saying it.

Chang walked up to us, sneered and half turned, then pointed out a guy in a wrinkled plaid shirt and a pocket filled with pens. He looked like he hadn’t showered in a couple of days. Elsie was visibly shaken, and finished off her drink in one long slurp. She crossed and uncrossed her legs; eventually balıkesir escort she turned so that she faced the guy in the plaid shirt, and opened her legs so wide that he’d have no trouble seeing up her skirt.

I touched her shoulder with concern.

She slapped my hand away and hissed, “I’m not leaving. I’m going to do it!”

The plaid shirt slowly made his way over to us, and then shifted from one foot to the other.

“You’re boy … boyfriend … he … he … he said you wanted to da … da … dance with me.”

Elsie shot a disgusted look at him, and getting off the bar stool, said, “No, I don’t want to dance with you. I want to suck your dick. C’mon, follow me.”

She led him to the men’s room. It seemed that all eyes were on her as she pushed the men’s room door open and strode inside with the plaid shirt scampering after her.

I squirmed in my seat for at least twenty minutes until Elsie returned. Her hair was disheveled, lipstick smeared, and there was a noticeable drop of something on the corner of her mouth.

“Here’s a mirror. Your lipstick is smeared.”

But she ignored me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the plaid shirt return from the restroom, a loopy grin on his face as he was congratulated by two other nerds in plaid shirts. When they stood together, it was difficult to tell them apart.

Chang moved in alongside us. I flipped him the bird. He grinned at me, then whispered something to Elsie, and pinched her thigh. I heard her soft moan, and then she was following him back to the men’s room. To my surprise, the three plaid shirts quickly followed them.

I wanted to follow her, but didn’t. Truth be told, I was scared shitless that they’d all take turns fucking me instead of Elsie. I told myself that she went willingly.

It was a long while before Elsie stumbled back to the bar. She had a faraway look in her eyes, a crooked smile, and stains on the back of her skirt. The plaid shirts left the bar, waving giddily to her as they did.

“What happened? Tell me!” I insisted, but she didn’t respond.

Chang wandered over and took a good look at Elsie. He waited until she looked up at him with dulled eyes.

“Go home, get cleaned up, and wait for my call.”

“Your call?” I said, clearly needing to know more about what was going on.

“Yeah, my call. I find some more guys want to fuck her, I’ll call her, and she’ll come out to wherever.”

“C’mon, Elsie, let’s get the hell out of here,” I said and took her elbow.

Elsie allowed me to guide her outside, and I hailed a cab and took her home.

Inside her place, I undressed her and steered her into the shower. She managed to clean herself and I helped her to dry off, put her to bed, and left.

I called her the following morning, but got no answer. I left a message, but didn’t hear back from her. I tried calling her several more times with the same result.

That evening, I went over to Elsie’s and saw the police cars lined up outside her apartment.

I had the feeling something dreadful had happened and approached the nearest cop with trepidation and foreboding.

After I told them who I was and what my relationship was to Elsie, they told me that it appeared that she had committed suicide by hanging herself.

I told them about the night before; and how Chang had manipulated her into degrading herself with those other guys. They seemed to know about Chang, but didn’t take any action, telling me that it appeared Elsie took her own life, that Chang wasn’t there, or at least no one had seen him there. What happened in the bar didn’t tie into her suicide as far as they could tell.

Later on I discussed the whole thing with a detective (after giving him a blowjob) He told me it was a sad fact of life that shit like this happened all the time. Guys like Chang preyed on young women and it was the women who suffered. He did me a favor and planted some drugs on Chang, then had him arrested. Chang was sentenced to 8 to 15 years, and I never saw or heard from him again. I moved on with my life, but I’ve never forgotten poor Elsie.

Chapter 3

I seem to have gotten ahead of myself here. I mean about getting Chang framed and sent to jail and all.

What actually happened was I went home and cried myself to sleep. I woke up around one in the morning and started thinking about Chang and Elsie. The truth is I got so fucking horny I had to shove two fingers up my twat while pinching a nipple with my other hand. I and worked myself frenziedly until I rocked with a massive orgasm.

Opening my eyes, I looked into the mirror at the foot of my bed and in the dim light, saw my lust filled face. I moaned, arched my back, and sent a third finger into my sopping cunt and rammed them into me until the second and third orgasms swept over me.

Once my chest stopped heaving, and my pussy relaxed its grip on my fingers, I brought them to my mouth. Next to coming, the best part of masturbating trabzon escort is when I taste my honey-like juices. I savored them for a while, and swallowed, sending them into my still quivering tummy.

I closed my eyes and drifted into a deep, dreamy slumber filled with images of Elsie going down on me, and then a nightmare of me seeking Chang out at the club and offering to take Elsie’s place as his “Whore.”

I didn’t go to work the next day. That meant I had to tell my mother about Elsie. Of course, I didn’t tell her about the club, or Chang, just that she’d been depressed, but had seemed okay to me.

To my surprise my mother was sympathetic, at least until around ten when she began to hit the wine bottle. After that, she sank into the mother I’d come to recognize as a bleary-eyed drunk.

Fortunately, Jack, her husband, and my step-father was working and not there to turn the day into a living hell for me. Eventually, I wandered outside, and then went shopping for a dress that wasn’t to sluttish.

I found one, and bought it although I hated it from the outset. I wore it out that night as I headed for an upscale lounge. I wanted to be as far away from Chang as possible, and didn’t think he would even consider entering this establishment.

I got by without being carded thanks in part to the morose expression on my face, and the dress itself, which made me look thirty at the very least.

I sat at a table and not the bar, and before the waitress came by, a woman sitting with what I took to be her husband and another couple, leaned in my direction and asked, “Would you care to join us in a drink? We have a couple bottles of fairly good wine and we can’t drink it all without getting plastered.”

I nodded, and felt my knees go weak. Something told me that they were trying to seduce me. Introductions were made; although I couldn’t recall anyone’s name then or now. We finished off the first bottle, with me downing two glasses. That left me feeling pretty good, and when the woman’s husband suggested going back to their place where another bottle or two awaited us, I readily agreed.

Once in their apartment, I took a seat on the couch, and the husband sat next to me. The other couple produced some marijuana, and after two tokes I realized the other couple was removing their clothing. I found myself giggling at the sight of a big bellied man trying to mount a full-figured woman while she sat in an arm chair, until I realized that the man next to me had his hand on my thigh, and was not all that far from my pussy.

Before I could protest, his wife was fishing his dick out, and went down on him. The other couple eventually moved to the floor; and looking like two beached whales, began a ferocious fuck that, given their age and size, appeared impossible, but was in fact, going on before my eyes.

Then as I watched, seemingly transfixed at all the sexual shenanigans going on around me, the woman’s hand went under my dress and began fingering me. Her husband, not content with the blowjob she was giving him, managed to get his hand inside my dress and bra, and began rolling my nipple around with his thumb and trigger-finger.

Suddenly, I was red-hot, and discovered I was willing to fuck and suck the lot of them.

The thing was the wife fingering me knew it. And her husband knew it. I can’t prove it, but the odds are the other couple still fucking away on the floor, knew it too.

So moments later, there I was … on the couch sucking away at the woman’s cunt. And, while she continued blowing her man, the other couple ended their screwing and approached us. I distinctly remember that woman putting her husband’s cock into me.

He came soon after, and was followed by the other man, whose wife left off her sucking and concentrated on my eating her out. He lasted a long time. I came several times with him. Then his wife went down on me and filled her mouth with his cum, then swiveled around and fed it to me in a long, torrid kiss.

Our little orgy lasted into the night. I went down on both women and fucked one guy while the other kept sticking his dick in my mouth, and then alternating with the woman who wasn’t his wife.

We took our time. That impression stayed with me. No one seemed to be in a rush to get off. We replenished our wine glasses several times, and while I never got smashed, I was high all the time from both the marijuana and the wine. By the way, I’ve never had better wine, and remember its wonderful flavor to this day.

The man with the belly offered to drive me home, and I accepted. Only he wanted to fuck me as soon as we got into his car. I was in the back seat with legs wide apart when the car door opened and his wife got in. She started cursing and slapping him, calling him every name in the book, but what she really wanted was for me to eat her right there in the backseat while he fucked me.

I declined, got out of the car and walked slowly back to the lounge where I’d met the horny couples. It was just about one in the morning. Once again I avoided being carded, and half-way through my glass of chardonnay a handsome guy of about thirty hit on me. I liked him right off, and smiled back.

A few minutes after our opening conversation, the topic reached talk of sex. I thought about telling him my cunt was full of some stranger’s cum, but didn’t.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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