Dirty Talk On The Road


I stared at the fabulous, gyrating ass for forty-five minutes. Exactly forty-five minutes, to the second.

I watched it gyrate, rotate, and wiggle; I watched it go through every possible motion that a beautiful female posterior can execute, over and over and over again. My eyes never left it, for three quarters of an hour.

How can I be so sure of the exact duration of my staring session? Because I was riding an exercise bike in the hotel health club, and that was the duration I had set on the timer. And while I pedaled that damn bike, sweating and panting and trying to stave off the spreading waistline that comes with middle age, she was just across the room on a stair climber, climbing and bouncing and wiggling that beautiful ass for all the world to see. Especially me.

After my forty-five minutes on the bike were done, I got up, wiped my sweat off the equipment, and, now horny as hell, headed back to my room in the Dallas Marriott Solana, my favorite Dallas area hotel.

I had landed at DFW this morning, for an afternoon meeting with a client company, Cogswell Cogs, in Arlington. My company and Cogswell were engaged in a complex contract involving various technology transfer agreements, and it was all fouled up. Somebody had screwed the pooch, and I had drawn the short straw to come out here and try to sort thing out. My higher-ups had sent me here with no uncertain instructions: resolve this problem, to our advantage! And just to make sure I didn’t fuck things up, they had also sent out one of our accountants from our Richmond office. She and I had landed at DFW about the same time, and shared a rental car to Cogswell’s Arlington office. After our preliminary meeting this afternoon, we had come back here to our hotel, to prepare for tomorrow’s all-day meetings, hopefully to wrap things up.

The accountant’s name was Chloe. She was short and mousy, a bit on the plump side, with short dark hair and a round face. But she was kind of cute, in her way. She had big brown eyes, a sexy, pouty mouth, and the cutest little dimples. And she had this adorable southern belle voice which was very fetching, and made her seem younger than her true age, which must have been at least in her late twenties. Although we had never met before, we hit it off immediately, and made a good team at the meeting. I looked forward to working with her. She seemed like a sweet kid.

Our meeting had been with Cogswell’s Chief Technology Officer and their head of accounting, plus other minor functionaries. I found that I had to do most of the talking; Chloe, although good with numbers and figures and printouts, had barely said a peep at the meeting. I gathered that she was rather shy, and not used to speaking in a group setting. But she seemed competent, given her short answers to specific questions that came up. I liked her, but I needed her to get a bit more aggressive.

More than that, even though she was on the short and plump side, I found myself constructing elaborate sexual fantasies about her during the meeting. In my fantasy, we rolled romantically and screwed tenderly on the grass in a field of clover while fluffy white clouds drifted overhead in a bright blue sky. Hey, so sue me, sometimes I’m a romantic!

Not that that made her special, of course; I tend to have sexual fantasies about all the women in meetings that I attend. I also had fantasies about Cogswell’s Director of Operations, a middle-aged woman with gray hair and glasses, and about their corporate counsel, a brusque brunette in a power suit. Before the meeting had ended, I had screwed them all in my mind, each in the manner that suited them best. Not to mention the busty secretary who brought in coffee several times. I had fucked her, urgently, in the men’s room during one of the presentations, up against a tile wall. Ah, the power of the imagination!

In the car after the meeting, on our way back to the hotel, I had told Chloe about my impressions of the meeting. “Chloe,” I had said, “I’m going to need you to be more aggressive tomorrow when we press our position on this contract dispute. Can you do that?”

“Sure, Jack, I think I can,” she had told me, in her adorable little accent.

“Are you sure? You were pretty quiet this afternoon. You are our accounting expert, and I know that you know your stuff, but I need you to show that you know what you are talking about to our friends over there. We need to project Escort bayan an air of confidence, or we are not going to win this negotiation.”

“Oh, I think I can do it,” she had said. “I know that I have a tendency to be on the quiet side. But that’s just my professional nature. It comes with the territory, working with numbers and all. But I have an aggressive streak in my private life, trust me. I think I can bring it out in the negotiations, if you think it’s appropriate.”

“Yes, it is,” I told her. “More than appropriate; it’s essential. You should start bringing that side of your personality out now, if you can. We are going to need it.”

“You got it, Jack,” she said. “You can count on me. I’ll step up. I want this project to succeed, too.”

We had gotten to our hotel and checked in. She had a room on the twelfth floor. My room was on the twenty-eight floor, in the area reserved for frequent guests. We had said goodnight, and agreed to meet at 9 am in the lobby for tomorrow’s meetings at the Cogswell plant.

Anyway, my workout on the exercise cycle now over, I rode the elevator back up to my room on the twenty-eighth floor of the Marriott, dripping with sweat, and with a semi-erect cock in my gym shorts from the sight of that beautiful, wiggling ass on the stair climber, which was still going strong in my mind. I dipped my key-card into the lock and swung the door open. One step in the door, and I stopped, jaw open, and stared.

There was Chloe, buck naked, sitting cross-legged on my bed.

“What the fu…,” I started, before I ran out of things to say. Shy, quiet Chloe? Naked on my bed?

“Jack, it’s about time you got back,” she said, in her cute southern belle voice. “Take your clothes off and come over here and fuck me.”

I stared at her. She was getting up off the bed, standing with her hands on her hips, and waiting for me with the air of a CEO accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it.

“Chloe?” I began.

“You told me I need to be more aggressive, and you told me I need to do it now. So here I am. I want your fat cock in me. And I’m going to have it. Now.” She jerked her head toward the bed. “Get your clothes off and get your carcass ready to fuck. Your cock is all mine, as of NOW.”

My mind was reeling. Not that I have a problem with the thought of a naked woman in my hotel room; hell, it’s one of my favorite concepts. I don’t even mind fucking a co-worker now and then. But sweet little Chloe? And how did she get in my room, anyway, I wondered?

“How did you get in my room, anyway?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes with impatience. “Child’s play. I went to the front desk and told them my key card had come unprogrammed. When they asked my room number, I gave them yours. Get with the program, Jack. And get that fucking cock of yours out where I can see it.”

Mesmerized, my hands fumbled with my belt buckle and worked on shedding my clothes. But my mind struggled with the ethics of the situation. Little Chloe? The kid from the Richmond office? Is this right? Had I created some sort of monster? But now she was laying back on the bed, with her legs spread, her knees up, and her glorious pussy open for business. The glistening lips, the creamy thighs, and the smoldering look in her face all served to evaporate any moral misgivings I might have had. I wanted her. And I would have her.

“Eat my snatch, Jack. Jam your tongue in my wet fucking slit. I want to feel your tongue fucking the shit out of my cunt.” She liked the dirty talk! Not normally my favorite fetish, but if done well, I can appreciate a good line of blue chatter. I dropped to my knees and started licking at her swollen pussy lips.

“Yeah, you animal! Lick that pussy! Work that cunt with your fuck-muscle of a tongue! Eat my slit till it’s as raw as an open wound. I want to cum all over your face. I want to see my cunt juice running down your fucking chin!” I put my hands on her knees, spreading them wider, and redoubled my efforts on her moist slit. I lapped at her labia, clawed at her clit, slurped her secretions. She put back her head and howled in pleasure. My tongue danced on her nether regions like Fred Astaire on a ballroom floor. Her body shivered and shook.

Finally, she struggled up. “Okay, enough tongue work. I want you to fuck me with your big fucking cock. Jam that fuck-stick up my cunt, you beast.” She shimmied up the Bayan escort bed a bit, still on her back, still with her pussy near the edge. I came close, my cock raging.

“Give me that big hard bastard of a cock, yeah!” she said, her hands massaging my swollen tool, stroking it to maximum hardness. Then she guided it to her dripping pussy. Standing on the floor by the bed, I pressed it home, and swung my hips. She kept up her diatribe of dirty talk throughout the procedure.

“Yeah, that’s it; fuck me with that mother-fucking cock of yours! Fuck me deep, you stud. Plow that hard-on into my cunt; jam it, baby! Pound my pussy! Fuck me like a two-dollar whore!” Her arms and head thrashed on the mattress as I jammed my cock into her pussy, again and again.

After a time, she pulled herself up, and got onto her hands and knees. “Keep fucking me, baby,” she implored, her ass wiggling with wanton need. “Fuck me like an animal. Fuck me like a barnyard beast. Fuck me like the fucking cock-slut that I am!” She pressed her ass, and her swollen pussy lips, back towards my waiting cock, which I again pressed into her pussy. “Yeah!” she yowled, as I pressed my dauber into her love canal once more, feeling my hips ram against her buttocks as my raging cock penetrated her pussy from behind, again and again.

Chloe kept up her dirty invective. “Yeah, you fucking fucker, plow my cunt! Jam that monster into me! Snake out my pussy like a clogged drain with that big dick of yours, rod me out with that giant rod!” I kept swinging from the knees, giving her all I had. She was indefatigable. I was glad that I only had to stand there and swing. Before too long, her body shuddered and shook with her first orgasm of the night. “Arghggh!!” she shouted, raising herself on her knees and howling at the ceiling light fixture. Then she fell to the bed on her belly.

But not for long. She got back on her hands and knees, and looked back at me over her shoulder. “I hope you are still hard, you prick. I want you to fuck my asshole. Attack my butthole with that nasty fuck-stick of yours. Now! Do it!!”

I didn’t waste any time. I pressed the head of my still-erect cock, slick and glistening with her juices, on her brown winking butthole, and pushed it in past her sphincter. After a brief initial resistance, it was in, and I began once again my rhythmic swinging motion. Chloe loved it. “Yeah, baby, wreck that shithole! Fuck my brown pucker!! Stretch me out, punish that anus! Give it to me good, baby. Fuck me, oh fuck me. Make me your cock slave!” I swung and swung from my knees, just as I had in her pussy, but now in her tight brown shit hole. She thrashed and wiggled and loved every minute of it.

“Fuck me with that asshole plunger! Jam me, baby, jam me! I want to feel your baby-maker in my colon; keep that meat-stick coming, wreck me, baby, split me wide open!” I did my best to keep her colon well fucked, but I really didn’t feel like I was likely to split her wide open. More likely I would lose myself in the pleasure. Her tight, gripping anus felt wonderful, and I could feel my balls working overtime on a giant load of semen. I pounded and pounded, and Chloe grunted an obscene monosyllable with each thrust, obviously enjoying the abuse.

Meanwhile, even as my cock continued to pound mercilessly in her bunghole, she reached a hand down under herself and jammed three fingers into her pussy. She sawed them back and forth, stimulating her vaginal walls and her clit. Talk about double-entry accounting!

Even though I was the one fucking her in the ass, I felt, somehow, that she was the one holding all the power in this sex romp. Obviously, she was the one calling the shots, and she was the one doing all the dirty talking. I felt a need to match her, to gain back a bit of power. Most of my blood and willpower were in my hard-working cock at the moment, but I managed to engage a little bit of my brain and planned out my next move.

I pulled out of her ass suddenly. She turned around, mouth open, to admonish me. “On your knees, slut,” I told her, pointing at the floor. “Your filthy mouth needs a cock in it.” Her eyes widened in delight. She quickly scrambled to the floor in front of me.

“Yeah, baby, give me that nasty fuck-stick,” she snarled, slurping it into her mouth. “I want to taste my shit on your cock. Fuck my filthy face, baby, make me gag!” I had to admit, she was much better at this Escort naughty patter than I was! She was also a mighty good cock-sucker, and soon had me aching with pleasure, her lips slurping my purple head and her hands jacking my shaft. Soon she had a middle finger jammed up my asshole as well, increasing my stimulation even further.

“Fuck my dirty throat, baby, torture my tonsils,” she was saying, between sucks on my rigid tool, inhaling my entire length until my pubic hair was in her nostrils. Then she would pull me out of her mouth, spit a giant wad of saliva onto my shaft, rub it in with both hands, and then suck me some more.

I felt the twinge in my scrotum that signaled an imminent orgasm. Chloe felt it, too, and took her mouth off my dick. She looked me in the eye, with a gaze like a steel hammer. “I want you to come all over my fucking face,” she announced. “Paint my face with your cum, Jack, frost me like a cake. Make me your cum-sponge.” She grasped my shaft with both hands, jacking up and down and twisting them in opposite directions. It’s not a maneuver that I can withstand for long, and soon I felt my cum rising to the occasion. “Yeah, give it to me, you animal. Give me your nut-sauce. Hit me with that baby batter. Drown me with your fucking cum!”

“Here it comes, slut; take it all!” I managed to groan, as the waves of orgasm shook me. It felt like gallons of jism escaped my cock, splattering her in the face. She held my spasming rod at point blank range, and managed to catch the majority of my massive eruption on her upturned features; her nose, her cheeks, her forehead. When the flow slowed down a little, she wiped the remaining streamers on her lips and tongue.

I looked at her cum-drenched face and had to laugh. “You do look like a birthday cake!” I told her.

She favored me with a crooked smile. “You were a good boy, Jack. You gave me a face full of cum, just like I told you. But you aren’t done yet.” She looked at my cock, which had just begun to wilt. “Oh, no you don’t!” she exclaimed. She wrapped her lips around my still-dripping cock head, and wiggled a finger back up into my asshole. She soon had me at full mast again. “You still have work to do,” she said. I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or to my cock.

She placed me on the bed, on my back, and straddled my flagpole of a cock, cowgirl fashion. She slowly lowered her parted pussy lips onto my magic wand. “Split me open with that donkey-dick of yours,” she commanded, sliding down my pole. I felt myself disappearing into her velvety snatch. “Fill up my cunt with that big cock, you beast. I want to feel you at my cervix. I want to taste it in my throat.”

She rode me, hard and long. She bounced her round cuddly ass up and down on my hips, my cock buried to the hilt in her tireless snatch. The tight ring of her pussy kept my cock engorged with blood, and I stayed hard for longer than I could have imagined. She steadied herself with one hand on the bed, and continued bouncing, her tits swinging in beautiful arcs on her chest, her short sassy hair flapping. Her sensuous mouth was twisted into a scowl of concentration, her dimples deep, and crusts of dried cum on her cheeks. Her brown eyes were glazed over, and her expression was one of utmost rapture. She never said a word. She was a needful woman, a southern belle, finding her bliss. I suddenly realized that the entire dirty talking episode had been an act, and this was the real Chloe, the Chloe who needed a good fucking, who needed a good stiff dick in her, who needed her womanly insides stroked and loved, with affection. The dirty talking was over, for now, and she was just enjoying being filled up and fucked by a good hard dick, attached to a good man who cared for her.

She leaned forward, grinding her clit against my cock. Her strokes become shorter, more urgent. She began to grunt. Her eyes closed. She leaned over so far that I could feel her nipples sliding over my chest. Finally she stopped bouncing, and ground her pubic mound against my pelvis, giving herself over to the clitoral stimulation while my fat cock pressed against her G-spot. Then she shuddered and let out a long, low moan. I felt the twitching of her pussy on my cock and the wetness of her juices flooding my balls and knew that she had come. She collapsed onto my chest, her cheek on my sternum.

After a time, she sat up, my softened cock still buried in her pussy. The sweet southern belle look was back in her face. She looked at me and smiled. “So do you think I can handle tomorrow’s negotiations, Jack?” she asked.

“You’ll do just fine, darling,” I told her, with no doubt in my mind. “Just fine.”

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