Down The Rabbit Hole Ch. 09


4:57 am

It was still early. I sat in the car and sipped my gas station coffee. It wasn’t that bad actually and I was so nervous I didn’t notice if it was bad.

It had taken me the rest of the night to set up meeting with the “Couple.” Actually their names were Shelly and Carson, but for some reason I just called them “the couple.” I pulled my knees to my chest and leaned back in the car seat. I sat in the hotel parking lot, off to the side in what seemed to me to be a very nondescript spot. It occurred to me suddenly how accustomed I was becoming with this scenario:

Email, text, driving to an out of town hotel, etc.

It felt normal to me. Maybe that was the problem. Actually I knew that was it. My other life, my normal life, was feeling less and less normal. I used to yearn for time with Aaron. Now I look forward to when he was away. I had a couple texts from him about the youth sleepover, but I just replied with emojis. My heart wasn’t in it anymore. I hoped that was temporary. I thought that what I was doing now, whatever it was-this experiment was temporary. But I knew it couldn’t be. I liked it too much. I felt too much. The world was suddenly in color.

I could still taste the cop in my mouth. It was good. Better than this horrid coffee I was drinking.

I checked my email again. More replies, inquiries and lots of “R U the real thing?” emails. I only answered a few at a time. I needed to stagger it, as I never knew the next time I could get away to see someone. The regulars were starting to add up and it was getting to the point where I had to decide on if I wanted to see the same people or always find someone new. Then there was Jim.

Jim was still out there doing…well I didn’t know what he was doing. But he was out there and he had started all of this. I knew he had plans and wanted things to go further. I felt a sudden urge to text him.

5:05 am

“Are you awake?” I texted Jim.

More emails to go through. I scrolled through the list and looked for names that I recognized. The fickleness of the entire process was amusing to me and shockingly easy. I liked how easy it was. It made me feel like I had power. But I didn’t care about that. It made me feel wanted.

I sighed at my phone then got out of the car. It was close enough to 5:15 and I didn’t want to wait anymore.

The walk up to the hotel room was uneventful. It was quiet and cold this time in the morning and my Escort bayan heart was beginning to pound. I had never been with a couple before. I didn’t exactly know what that meant. I knew I liked men. I loved men. But women I had never really thought about.

I arrived at the door, took a deep breath then knocked. After a couple of uncomfortable moments (they are always uncomfortable at first) the door opened revealing a very handsome gentleman with silver hair and a kind smile.

“Tori?” He asked in almost a whisper. “I’m Carson.”

I nodded.

He stepped aside and I walked in. My jaw dropped. On the bed was, whom I assumed to be his wife. She was leaning against the head of the bed with her hands tied to the bed posts. She was gorgeous.

Her hair was dirty blonde and long over her shoulders and perfectly framed her beautiful face (high cheek bones and all). She was in a black teddy with a tight bust–somehow her big–no very big tits didn’t fling out of. Her long legs were bent and I assumed she was wearing a very tiny thong.

“Hi Tori,” She said with a smile. I loved her. “I would shake your hand, but, well…” She laughed. “I’m Sharon.”

“Hello,” I blurted. I took a deep breath.

“No need to be alarmed,” the husband said.

“Yes, we have a specific need I guess you could say,” She added. Her tits were definitely real. I wanted to see them.

“Um ok,” I said stepping past the bed so I could face them both. This would explain why I hadn’t heard from them. I assumed I wasn’t the first to be standing here.

“I have a fantasy,” she continued. “I want to watch my husband fuck another woman.”

Interesting. I know there is a name for this but I didn’t know what it was.

“Ok,” I replied. “Is…that all…?”

“No not totally,” she replied. “Tori…I want him to…well…I want to watch him being satisfied with another woman. I want you to do whatever he wants…I want…”

“I am going to cut you off there,” I heard myself say suddenly. I looked at her gorgeous husband. “I think I know why I am here.” I walked over to her and touched her cheek with two of my fingers.

She looked back at me with a shocked and aroused look in her eyes.

“I am going to be sure, 100% sure, that his balls are empty when we are done. I am going to show you what it means to be a cum slut and you are going to watch how much he loves fucking…me.” I felt the surge of power Bayan escort again. The it made my heart race and my body shake. I was going to give this couple something they needed.

I turned to Carson. He began removing his shirt already. I could see the bulge in his pants already. He had a big cock.

“Looks like you are all ready for me,” I said to him. I removed me shirt so he could see my tits pushed up in my bra. I pulled off my pants quickly. I was already soaking wet. I climbed onto the bed and crawled toward him, right past Sharon. I stuck my ass up as I went so she could see all of me.

Carson touched my cheek with one hand and took down his pants. His cock leapt out like it was on springs. I was probably ten inches long and perfectly straight. It was beautiful. He stepped toward me and I eyes his big dick with lust.

“Tell me,” I whispered up to him, “What can i do for this cock?”

“Just take it,” he said quickly. He gripped my hair and thrust it into my mouth.

I tried to suck but realized he didn’t want that. He wanted to fuck my face.

He gripped my hair with one hand and held my neck with the other. He began to thrust against the back of my throat. Again and again it hit my throat and I coughed against it. He yanked it out suddenly.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Carson, fuck my throat in front of your wife. Force it down my fucking.,…”

He rammed it in hard. He pulled me toward him and his impossibly big cock head pressed against the back of my mouth. I opened as much as I could. It was so thick I didn’t know if I could take it. Then I realized that’s what he wanted. He wanted…no he needed…me to take it. I stopped trying to help and just did what I could to relax. I took a deep breath and suddenly that fat cock slid past my tonsils and down my throat.

“Oh my god!” He yelled. “I…I can feel it…fuck…”

I pushed toward him until his balls slapped my chin. There was a small burn in my neck but it was replaced by tingling. I gripped his ass as he gave small thrusts against my face. His massive cock fucked my throat roughly with each push. My eyes watered and I did my best to hold my breath. I felt connected to him. I didn’t want to breathe. It was the sensation I was beginning to yearn for: I wanted to breathe in his dick. I wanted him to have everything. As far down as he could go. I wanted it. I started shaking.

Carson pulled his cock out Escort of my mouth. Spit ran down my chin and I gasped for air. He looked at me with half lust and half concern.

I looked over to Sharon.

She stared back at me with a fiery lust. She loved me. This is what they needed.

“Carson,” I said looking back at him. “I am going to take your cock. Give it to me.” I rolled onto my back and slid my head off the bed.

He stepped forward and drove his dick into my mouth and down my throat.

“I can see it in her neck,” Sharon said.

Carson fucked me hard like this. His hands grabbing parts of me at times to get leverage. He gave me moments to breathe then went at it again. This is what he needed and I knew this is what I was for.

One of my tits was out of my bra and at some point in the frenzy I gasped for air and told him to pump his cum into my stomach. When he came it was the hardest anyone had ever cum while in my throat. He pumped and gave it all. I was able to swallow and literally chug it down. The connection so deep and so fully intimate that I shook from my own tears. He was laying on top of me, his cock deep down my throat. I gripped my tits like handles. I couldn’t move. I was suffocating.

My head was spinning and things were fading. Muffled. I felt him grind again against my face. My body started to spasm. I couldn’t control it. I was fading.


“Tori?” Carson’s voice woke me.

I coughed then looked at him. It had only been a second. My head was on the bed now.

“Are you…”

“Stop,” I blurted. I rolled to my knees and looked at him and then his cock. “I want you to ram that cock up my ass.” I turned around and pulled my thong to the side. I looked at Sharon until our eyes met. “I want to you to fucking unload on my ass while I stare at your wife.”

It didn’t take him long to get hard again. Carson spent the next thirty minutes fucking my ass with that big cock while I stared down Sharon. I told her how good Carson’s cock was and how he could do anything to me with a cock like that. Eventually Sharon and I were kissing while Carson came in my ass. He fucked my ass three more times that morning. Sharon watching the whole time. The last time I was sitting on his dick and it was so deep I thought we could never come apart again.

“Oh fuck!” Carson cried out as he clung to me. I ground the cum out and sat there with his softening dick up my ass and in front of his half naked wife completely exhausted.

My eyes met Sharon’s again. “Tori, when is the next time that we can do this?”

I was in love with her.

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