Ecstatic Electricity


I pull the towel tightly around my body and step from the heated shower onto the cool tiles of the steam filled bathroom. I tie the ends of the towel under my 36D breasts. After using another towel to dry my hair I wrap it around my long crimson locks and toss it back over my head. The feint whirring of the exhaust fan overhead as it fights to overcome a thick blanket of steam is the loudest sound in the room, but even that is partially drowned out by the sounds of Sade piping in from the stereo system in the living room and filling the house with the soft, laconic sounds of music that simply drips sexuality from every octave. I smile, knowing that you’ve come home while I was in the shower. I reach for my favorite hair brush to brush out my hair while it is still wet. The bathroom lights go out. I hear you approaching me; moving in behind me and taking the brush from my hand.

I drop my hands to the sink and look at our reflections in the mirror; dark silhouettes pressed close together; shadows making shadows. Your hands are gentle; your touch loving as you take the brush and carefully brush out my hair. I close my eyes as I succumb to the bliss of being in your arms and having you sharing with me even this small intimacy. You body presses against mine. I can feel by the pressure against my rump that you’re glad to find me undressed. The flickering of candlelight in connecting rooms assures me that your intentions for my body are strictly physical.

You finish brushing my hair and then pull it to one side, baring my neck. As your mouth presses to the back of my neck your kiss sends shivers through my body. I can feel goose bumps forming, even though I’m not cold. Your arms encircle me and you pull me close. As you hold my body tightly to yours, your hands loosen the towel from around me. You step back and let it drop to the floor. I turn to you and our lips meet. Our tongues dance together, in a slow waltz of intimate affection. I can feel the hardness of your arousal pressing against that part of me which so much desires your attentions. My hands grip your shoulders. You slide your hands under me, caressing over my back as you reach under my rump and lift. My legs go around your waist. We do not break the kiss as you begin to carry toward the bedroom.

As we walk I begin to rub myself on you, parting my labia with your hard cock and coating it with my juices. I can feel you get harder as my juices slick the length of your shaft. I have no worries about you dropping me. Your fingers curl under my rump and lightly hold my labia against my thighs as I rub against you. My mouth waters for the taste of you. I can almost taste my juices now as I slowly lick them off your shaft before moving to the head and coating my lips with your pre-cum; my favorite lip balm. I feel my body shudder at the enticing thought of your cock being slowly devoured by my hungry mouth. However, with a glance into your eyes I know that my oral ecstasies will be forestalled. There is urgency in your passion that cannot be denied.

I rise up and reach down between us. My fingertips pull your hard cock back away from your body and into alignment with the dampened entrance to my love tunnel. Since I know I am wet enough and slick enough, I slide down on you and take you all the way inside me in a single motion. Your thickness takes my breath as it always does. My loud gasp and my sudden intense grip on your shoulders assure you that even though my body is no stranger to your thickness your hard cock still stretches against the muscles that grip it so firmly. My fingernails dig into your shoulders, though you say nothing of complaint. And now, with your hard cock firmly imbedded in my body and with my muscles gripping you as they become reacquainted with the familiar intrusion, I press my forehead to yours. My eyes lock onto yours. Tenderness has yielded to passion as I say the words I know you want to hear. “Fuck me.”

Your answer comes with actions, not words. You take a few steps down the hallway, turn and press me against the wall. Your hands grip under my thighs, cradling me gently as you press my body against the hard, unyielding wall and thrust into me violently. I can’t help but gasp as your pelvis slaps against mine. My natural juices slick your cock and each thrust slides more easily into me. Your thrusts ripple through my body making my pierced nipples rub against your firm chest muscles. In no time you have me squirming on you, getting hotter and hotter as the passion builds; threatening to ignite us both. Your thrusts lift me up, and then you pull back to let me drop slowly until you slam into me again. The impact resonates through my body and makes my breasts bounce wildly.

You Beylikdüzü Fetiş Escort slide your right hand under my ass and grip my hair with your left. I feel you pulling my hair as you drag my face to yours and command me in a firm voice, “Cum.” I have neither the willingness nor the ability to resist your command. I lose all of my ladylike dignity as I thrash wildly on you; screaming out your name and digging my nails into your shoulders as my passion ignites into an inferno of ecstasy. You press me to the wall and slam into me roughly, injecting unbridled passion into my frenzied body.

In the breathless moment that follows, you carry me to our bedroom and place me on our bed on all fours with my knees at the edge. I lower my chest to the mattress and rest my flushed cheek against the down filled comforter as gentle hands move my knees apart and expose my wet and hyper sensitive flesh to delicate exploration by the rough textured muscle so perfectly designed for the task. You slowly lick up the juices your body so masterfully extracted from my body. My body is yours. You claim your property with confidence and authority, and I melt to your passion.

You put my thighs on your shoulders and slide your hands under my shoulders, lifting me to a standing position. I tighten my thigh muscles as I hang from you, inverted, to take some of my weight off your arms. My hands grip your hips. My lips brush against the tip of your cock and I kiss it. My tongue slides gently over the dark red helmet and I feast on a dollop of pre-cum before parting my lips and sliding that hardened flesh into my mouth. At the same time I feel your tongue sliding into me, and I quiver at the sensation.

I slide my tongue along your cock, lovingly caressing it as I bob my mouth on the stiff shaft. I use my mouth only as my hands clutch your hips. Hanging upside down, I can feel my face becoming flushed. I try to concentrate on driving you crazy not on the erotic sensations you are causing with your mouth on my sensitive pussy. The tip of your cock presses against the back of my mouth. I swallow hard and push you into my throat; nearly gagging. It took me so long to learn to deep throat you, but your patience and perseverance paid off.

I gently caress your balls; lifting the heavy, cum laden orbs and warming them with my touch. I can feel you getting closer. You cock feels so hot, hard and engorged as you slowly fuck my throat. I pull back so that I can taste your pre-cum; warm on my tongue. Just when I feel you getting closer, you pull out of my mouth and carefully place me down on the bed. I look up at you as you lean over me and take two pillows from the head of our king sized bed. You stack them and place them sideways in the middle of the bed, then put me on them, face down with the pillows under my hips. Before I can even reach for a pillow for my head, you slide it under me. Is it any wonder I love you so deeply?

You climb up on the bed behind me. I let out a soft moan of anticipation as you move my legs apart and slowly push your hard cock inside me. I can feel the contours of your cock as my muscles grip you firmly in their moist embrace. You move over me, climbing up to change the angel of penetration. Your hands reach for my breasts. You cup them and lightly tease my nipple rings between your thumb and forefinger. I feel the warmth of your lips as they press against the base of my neck, sending shivers throughout my body.

You begin to thrust into me. Your withdrawal is slow. Your thrusts are sharp and firm. I can feel the tip of your cock against my G spot. I squirm under you in pleasure, but you hold me in place to receive the aggressive coupling my body so craves. I grip the blankets as you increase in speed and intensity. Your pelvis slaps against my upturned ass as your gentle and loving touch yields to your body’s animal instincts. The bed begins to squeak as you pound it into me harder. I love the sound of that squeak. I gives my ears the same satisfaction of a body well fucked that other parts of me already enjoy. Since we are alone in the house, I’m free to unleash my own more animalistic passions. I cry out loudly and buck against you. The fury only increases, and with it the rhythmic singing of the bed springs serenades us and adds fuel to our flames of erotic desire. “Harder!” I squeak out, barely able to catch my breath. “Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!

You have no intention of doing anything else. This is no time for tenderness; but intense passion, and you are more than up to the job. You shift your hands to my wrists and pin them to the mattress as you thrust into me roughly. The pressure of your cock hitting my G spot has Beylikdüzü Gecelik Escort me crying out with each thrust like a B grade porn star. I take advantage of our privacy to release my inner slut and give in to my most base passions. I can’t hold back with you fucking me like this. I cry out as I begin to cum beneath you. My body bucks against yours in wild fury as waves of passion course through my body.

I can feel the intensity of your pending climax building beyond the point of no return. There will be no pulling out this time; no changing of positions. Your hands shift to grip my shoulders as you pull me as tightly to you as you can and slam furiously into me from behind. Your back arches. Your body tenses. I feel your body pumping hot semen into me as you hold me tightly to you to receive it. I smile with satisfaction as you climax deep inside me. Our bodies are heated from passion and are slick with sweat, but neither of us seems to mind in the least. Both of our hearts pound as the body rush slowly begins to fade.

You roll me over and slide the pillows from under me. I start to reach for the towel we keep by the bed stand to protect the sheets from moments such as this, but you have over plans. You lie beside me and part my legs, then reach a hand to my still hypersensitive flesh. A finger catches the seepage and you bring it to my mouth. I open up obediently and you feed me a fingerful of cum, painting it on my outstretched tongue. You return for more and continue to feed me your cum as you clean it from my ravished pussy. I hold it in my mouth until after five such feedings you tell me, “Swallow it.” I do as I am told.

You roll me back onto my stomach and slide the pillows again under my hips. You’re my big stud! It doesn’t take you much time to recharge after your first climax. I let you move me around as you wish. It feels so hot to be manipulated by your loving touch. The pillows put my rump in the air. I feel the tremors of anticipation as you slowly slide your finger again into me, gathering the secreted moisture and the remnants of your climax. You slowly pull your finger out, but just barely. You slide it up just slightly and then push it deep into my ass. I let out a whimper and squirm under you, trying somewhat to pull away. You place a sharp slap on my exposed left buttock and tell me, “Hold still.”

“Yes, Sir,” I respond, instantly submissive to your stern command. Your finger begins to move slowly back and forth, sliding mostly out and then all the way back into my ass. I can feel the slight burn from your slap and I want more. I’m nobody’s pain slut, but the heated burn of a well spanked ass is a turn on for everyone involved. I squirm again and suddenly I feel another hard, stinging slap applied to my other cheek. I whimper at my “punishment,” but it makes me so hot I nearly cum again right there.

When you add a second finger I squirm again and begin to moan. You lean over me and your words echo through the chambers of my spirit as you whisper to me. “My beloved. You are being a very naughty girl today.” I can only nod in agreement.

You pull your fingers out of my ass and reach for the single drawer of our bedside table. I intentionally turn away and close my eyes, wanting to feel what you have in mind before I see it. I hear you taking something out. I hear what I presume to be the opening of a plastic flip top to a bottle of KY lubricant that I know was in the drawer. An instant later I feel the cool tip of a plug being pushed against the center of my tightest opening. You insert it slowly, giving my muscles time to open up and take it. Your left hand slides under my hips and massages my clit as you insert the plug.

I lose it. The sensations overcome me. As you push the plug into my ass and your fingers work their magic over my clit, my body tenses and I begin to cum again. I cry out, screaming out your name mixed with profanities that can only be heard in the throws of sexual ecstasy. You guide me through my climax and slowly move your fingers away from my hypersensitive clit as the intensity fades. For a moment you just caress me. Your hands very gently slide over my thighs, my upturned rump and my lower back. You stop with your right hand resting on what I’m sure is a handprint on my left buttock.

“You know what happens to naughty girls, right?” you ask me. I know the answer that you want to hear.

“They get spanked,” I say, shuddering in anticipation of what I know is to come.

“And really naughty girls?” you ask again.

“They get fucked in the ass,” I whimper out.

“Good, I hear you say. “Then you know exactly what you have coming.”

The Beylikdüzü Genç Escort first swat comes immediately after you finish speaking. It is applied to the underside of my left buttock with enough force to make me cry out and jump. It is followed immediately with a swat to the other side. My hands grip the blankets and I whimper as your hand rains fire on my exposed ass. You know just how hard to spank me. Each hit is almost more than I can stand.

I can feel your left hand under me, caressing my pussy and rubbing over my clit. The combined sensations of pleasure and erotic pain have me squirming and whimpering like a puppy. The pain of your spanking burns into my ass as the pleasure of your touch has me nearly screaming with pleasure. I lose track of the number of swats as you spank me again and again. The plug has my anal muscles stretched tightly. My body seems to have become one large sex organ as every part of me tingles with ecstasy.

I don’t know how long you spank me or how many times. It seems to go on for hours, though I know it’s only a few minutes. My ass is on fire and every strike makes it burn hotter. I scream into my pillow as the sensations overwhelm me. I’ve never cum from a spanking in my life, but now I can’t stop. My body shudders as I cum over and over. I’ve heard about women becoming so aroused they come literally dozens; sometimes hundreds of times, but I’ve never experience multiple orgasms like this.

Finally the spanking stops. I feel you kneeling between my legs as you slowly work the plug almost out of my ass and then push it back. For a moment you use the plug to stretch my anal muscles. I know what comes next. You don’t disappoint me. I feel the tip of your now lubricated cock pressing against the muscles the plug had been stretching. Now they are stretched by something bigger and harder. I moan as I feel you pushing that thick cock deep into my ass. You push it in until the heat from your body adds to the fire emanating from my reddened ass.

Unlike most times, this time you don’t give me much time to get used to the intrusion. You lean forward and grip my wrists, pinning me to the mattress. This isn’t anal sex, this is an ass fucking. You drive that point home with physical eloquence as you slam into my ass roughly. Your body presses against mine. The hair of your chest greets the smooth, sweat slicked flesh of my back as your pelvis roughly spanks against my already burning ass. I can’t help but grunt each time you forcefully drive into me.

You pummel me for another ten minutes before you roll over on your back. It’s time for me to take over and work for the hot, sticky cum my body so desires. I start off on my knees, but that isn’t good enough for you. You move me to my feet and push my knees wide apart so you can watch your cock driving all the way into my ass. You have a perfect view of my pussy, dripping wet and exposed for you. The awkward position makes it hard for me to give a controlled “ride” and I end up crashing onto you full force. That was your intention all along.

You reach forward and begin to rub my clit. You’ve made me cum from the penetration of your cock in my pussy. You’ve made me cum from a spanking. Now you’re going to make me cum from an ass fucking. My hands grip your hips as I slam my body against yours. You help by thrusting up into me and jolting my body with each thrust. I squirm on you as I ride you. Your thumb continues to tease my clit as I ride your cock furiously. My anal muscles ache from the intrusion and my ass burns from the intensive spanking.

When I cum again it is so intense; so mind blowing and earth shattering that I nearly black out from the event. I scream out and buck against you wildly as my body pulses in a wild mixture of pleasure and erotic pain. I can feel the pain, though its intensity is almost entirely erased by the endorphins that I know are coursing through my veins. My hair is matted to my sweat soaked breasts and I know I must look like quite a site. Your cock throbs in my ass and I know that you are close also.

As I sink forward in a post orgasmic fog I feel you gently pushing me off you and sliding your thick cock out of my ravaged ass. You kneel above me and I feel your hot cum splashing over my face, my throat and them my breasts. I open my mouth and close my eyes, but only a portion of the cum finds my mouth. No matter. I know that in a matter of moments you will be scooping it up to feed it to me.

I lie on the bed and look up at you as the body rush fades away, leaving an exhausted, cum drenched redhead with a burning ass lying spent before you. My green eyes meet yours and nothing is spoken though volumes are said. I am in perfect bliss, so happy to be here with you. You scoop up your cum and feed it to me. I’ve leaned to love the taste of you. When it’s over you pull my body tightly to you. I close my eyes and let out a contented sigh. My ass is burning. My anal muscles throb. You hold me close and say, “I love you Baby.” That’s all I ever need to hear.

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